"Oh this is so nice." Beth whispered to her boyfriend Marc as their lips separated following a prolonged kiss. The two little thirteen year olds were experiencing other feelings too, but they were both too young and inexperienced to know what they were.

Beth and Marc were alone in her grandmother's attic. There was a guest bedroom up there that was almost forgotten. Beth had discovered it recently and Marc and her had been going up there to make out. This was their third time alone in the attic.

However, today was a bit different. Beth's grandmother was not at home. She knew she was not to have visitors when her grandmother was out, but Beth really wanted to see Marc so she invited him over.

Marc and Beth were neighbors and eighth grade classmates. They had been going together since the Valentine's Day Dance. It was now spring break, and their relationship was still very G-rated. Kissing was as far as they had gone.

Today, Beth was dressed in jeans and a white blouse. She usually wore a bra, but today she had dressed quickly and had not put one on. That omission probably led to the loss of her virginity.

Usually when the kids would make out it was on the couch in the corner of the room. They would sit next to each other with very little body contact other than their mouths. Today, though, they were lying on the bed. Neither had given any thought to what could happen on a bed, it was just more comfortable and they knew Grandma would not disturb them.

They were deep kissing with their eyes closed facing each other with their heads on the pillow. It was then that Beth reached over and put her arm around Marc's back. Soon, she had pulled him close to her. It was then that her shirt pressed up against Marc's. He was wearing a white tee shirt and jeans.

It wasn't the shirt that caught Beth's attention. It was the sensation against her hardened nipples. Beth's thirteen-year-old breasts were little B cup mounds, but her nipples were very sensitive. Without the restriction of a bra, she felt for the first time what it was like to have her nipples stimulated during a romantic encounter.

Marc, too, noticed a new sensation pressing against his chest. He could feel Beth's breasts compress against him. For the first time, Marc was aware of the sensuality of his girlfriend's body. Marc also felt a stirring in his loins, as his hairless virgin boycock began to erect to its full five inches. Marc pushed himself closer to Beth, and shifted his leg so that it fell over hers.

Both kids' breathing became a little more intense as they continued their kiss amid the backdrop of new and exciting sensations. Beth's eyes were closed, and for the first time she saw herself in a sexual situation. She had never seen pornography, but she had read her older sister's trashy novels. The feelings she was now experiencing were described in graphic detail in their pages. She decided she liked this feeling, and she knew what she wanted to do next.

"Marc?" she asked.

"Yeah." the boy replied.

"Do you love me?"

"Of course I do."

"Then there's something I want to do." Beth said.

"What's that?

Beth then unbuttoned the blouse and slowly removed it, slipping it off her shoulders then down and off her arms. Marc watched in amazement as Beth bared her breasts right before his eyes.

"If we're in love then this should be okay." Beth said.

The boy was speechless.

"Here, let me take yours off, too." she said as she tugged at the bottom of his tee shirt. She lifted it up and pulled it over his head and arms. Marc helped her remove the shirt and now the thirteen-year-old boyfriend and girlfriend were topless together for the first time.

"Now let's go back where we were." Beth suggested as she laid her head back on the pillow. Marc joined her there. They engaged their lips together, but this time they wrapped their arms around each other's bare backs.

Both kids were keenly aware of the sensations against each other's chests. Marc couldn't believe what his girlfriend had just done, but he sure was enjoying it. Although Beth's breasts were small, they were nicely shaped. They could have been Dolly Parton's for all Marc cared at that moment. He had his girlfriend's bare breasts right up against his own chest.

The excitement was causing their two hearts to beat wildly against each other. Both were aware not only of the pounding in their own chests, but also in each other's. Their breathing, too, was also heavy as their mouths were passionately locked together.

Marc's hands began to wander first. He wanted to touch those soft mounds that were pressing against his bare chest. He moved his hand to cup Beth's breast. As his finger brushed her nipple, he felt it harden and Beth let out a contented sigh. Soon, he was kneading both bare breasts as the girl moaned her approval of what he was doing.

Beth couldn't explain the feelings she was having, but the more Marc rubbed her breasts and nipples, the warmer she was feeling between her legs.

"Marc, that feels so good." Beth said.

"Yeah, I like doing this." the boy replied.

Marc had seen his friend's Penthouse magazines and had read some of the erotic stories there, and now those images and words were coming back to him. He had never imagined himself to be in that position. Like most boys his age, he would masturbate to the pictures and fantasize, but real sex seemed like a long way off. Even as his relationship with Beth had heated up, he never had really considered the possibility of sex.

Both kids were considering it now.

Beth remembered from the trashy novels that girls loved for boys to play with their vaginas. She knew how much she enjoyed doing it to herself. She was sitting in the tub one day when she was washing herself between her legs. The sensation became very pleasurable. The more she rubbed herself, the better it felt.

When she went to bed that night, she began to play with herself again. Soon, she was experiencing her first orgasm. This soon became an almost nightly experience. However, her best sessions were in the tub.

Beth had been furiously masturbating in the tub when suddenly she poked her finger deep inside of her. Her sharp fingernail tore open her hymen. Beth almost screamed due to the pain but she didn't want her mom to come running to see what she had done. She stifled the scream, but then looked in horror as the bath water was becoming red with blood.

Beth didn't realize it then, but by popping her own cherry, she enabled her first time to be pain free. Now, that first time was getting closer and closer.

Holding Marc's shirtless body and having him play with her breasts was causing strong sensations between her legs, too. She was being sexually aroused for the first time with a boy, and nature was beginning to take its course.

Marc, too, was having new and pleasurable feelings. Foremost was the stiff erection between his legs. His boycock was a respectable five inches, and his groin was just beginning to sprout a few soft pubic hairs. Even though he had masturbated to Penthouses, real sex with Beth had never seemed like a possibility. Marc and Beth were both raised in strict homes where sex would not have been tolerated.

Despite being only thirteen and very na‹ve, Beth did love Marc as a boyfriend. To older people, it might seem like puppy love, but to Beth, her feelings toward Marc were very real. She looked into his deep blue eyes. His adolescent face was still smooth and blemish free. His dirty blond hair was falling onto his forehead, giving him a young boy appearance that Beth found so attractive.

Her eyes then moved downward, where she saw Marc in a whole new light. They had been dating since February and it was now April. The weather had been cool and she had never seen Marc with his shirt off. This was the first time she had seen his bare chest, and the sight excited her, Especially seeing it so close to her own bare breasts.

If Beth was excited, Marc was going absolutely crazy. He woke up that morning a young and na‹ve thirteen year old boy, whose main interests were skateboarding, PlayStation, basketball and spending time with his girlfriend, very innocent time up till now. Suddenly, he was touching that girlfriend's bare breasts, and she seemed to want even more.

Marc definitely wanted more, but he had no idea how to get it. He was beginning to fantasize about Beth being naked, then him being naked, then having her let him put it in her. After all, that's what he had always heard about, as much as a sheltered adolescent could be exposed to.

Beth's breasts felt so nice. He was able to cup them in his little boy-sized palm. He liked feeling her hard nipples protruding from her soft skin. Then Beth gave him another feeling that he liked. After gazing at his chest, she reached over to touch it. Her hand glided over his soft, smooth skin until it reached his relaxed nipples. Upon contact they hardened, and the boy immediately responded to this new and pleasurable sensation on his chest.

"Oh wow, that feels good to me too." Marc proclaimed. Happy that she was pleasing the boy she loved, she began to finger both his nipples the way he was doing to her. Both children loved the new sensations their chests were giving them.

Marc's erection was now straining at his jeans, and his desire was so strong he boldly made the next move. It seemed like the right thing to do, considering he was alone on a bed with his girlfriend and they were already half undressed and enjoying feeling he knew had to do with sex.

"Beth, do want us to get down to our underwear?" Marc asked. Beth had been thinking the same thing herself. She wanted to see Marc's bare legs then hopefully something more.

"Sure, that's a great idea!" Beth replied.

Immediately, both kids undid their pants and removed them. Beth was already barefoot, but Marc had to remove his shoes and socks to get his long pants off. Both kids immediately liked what they saw.

Marc was left wearing only a pair of small white cotton briefs. The outline of his erection was clearly visible and it fascinated her. She could also see that the front of his shorts were very wet. She wondered if he had peed his pants. She then looked down to his smooth legs and feet and reached her hand over to touch his inner thighs. This skin was even softer than his chest, she thought.

Beth was lying on her side, and the only clothing separating her from complete nudity was a pair of lacy panties. They were pink and very girl-like. The girl wearing them was more than enough for a thirteen year old boy to handle. Beth weighed about 90 pounds and stood about four feet, eight inches tall. (He was 5'2", 110 lbs.) However, her figure was already developing. The breasts that he had been fondling looked perfect with her soft brown hair falling on her bare shoulders. Her hips and thighs already had a nice sexy shape, the kind that drives boys wild. And that shape was totally bare, and Marc was the only one around to enjoy it.

By now Beth was tingling between her legs, and she was very wet down there, just like she got when she played with herself. Only nobody was touching her there.yet.

Marc lay down next to Beth, and quickly they were kissing and embracing again. But this time it was unlike any they had ever experienced before. Bare adolescent teenage flesh was being pressed tightly together as the kids kissed with a passion they had never felt. Marc was thrilled to feel Beth's bare breasts against his chest. In turn, the boy's soft chest skin was exciting her hardened nipples to no end.

Marc had also wrapped his leg over Beth's. This allowed him to press his cotton-clad erection right against his girlfriend, and they were both aware of that sensation. Although neither kid had ever come anywhere near having sex, the natural mating urges, combined with their near nudity, was pushing them closer to a wondrous discovery for both of them.

"Beth." Marc said in his still unchanged boy voice. "I never felt this good before."

"Me neither." the girl replied.

"Do you think we should do the stuff we're not supposed to do?" Marc asked.

"I think so." Beth said.

"Are you scared?" Marc said.

"A little." Beth replied. "But I think I really want to do it." As she spoke these words her juices were dripping from her virgin slit. She knew what she wanted, and she was glad to hear that Marc was willing too.

Marc then asked, "what about having a baby?"

Beth hesitated for a moment, since she had never considered this. Then she smiled when she remembered something.

"In school they said you're safe right after you have your period. Mine was over yesterday."

"Then it's okay if we do it?" Marc asked.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure." Beth said.

Marc was aching the way only a virgin teenage boy can ache. He gasped, "let's do it now."

"Oh, yes!" she cried as she reached down and stripped off her soaked panties. Marc watched his girlfriend get naked then quickly discarded his own briefs.

"Oh, wow!" he exclaimed as his erect boycock poked against Beth's bare thigh. He then got another thrill as Beth reached down and touched him where a girl had never touched before. Marc was panting with anticipation.

"That feels nice." Beth said as she stroked Marc's penis for the first time. She then looked at him and said, "Go ahead and put it in me." She then lay on her back and opened her legs.

Marc had never even practiced this moment in his mind, but his instincts were now guiding him. He crawled between his girlfriend's legs and lowered his crotch toward hers. Like most anxious virgin teenagers, he had a difficult time lining himself up for penetration. Beth then reached down to assist him.

Marc's mushroom tip penetrated Beth's young pussy lips, causing both kids to shake with enjoyment at this new and wonderful feeling. Marc pushed in further, savoring the tight, moist tunnel he was intruding. Beth shivered with excitement as her boyfriend gave her a very special part of his body. Marc stopped when he could push no further. Their nearly hairless groins were now touching for the first time ever. Marc's balls were also firmly planted against his young girlfriend's vaginal area.

"Oh Marc, I can't believe this. It's so nice." Beth said.

"Yeah." the boy replied. "I'm gonna start moving. That's what you're supposed to do."

He then pulled back, and the first time it was too far. He accidentally pulled out and Beth had to help him back in. It was then that the thirteen-year-old boy finally got the hang of thrusting. He worked himself into a comfortable rhythm, and that rhythm was also very pleasurable for Beth.

Thirteen-year-old boys don't have much staying power, and Marc was no exception. He quickly felt a strong rush of pleasure, and that is when cum began to erupt from his cock and flood inside his girlfriend.

"Oh Marc, you're cumming!" Beth said, but the boy was lost in the sheer pleasure he was experiencing. Beth was also excited, and wrapped her arms around her boy's back, pulling him closer to her.

Although Marc fucked her no more than a minute, Beth's body was also ready to explode. As the last spurts of Marc's semen entered her, Beth began to release wetness of her own. She grabbed Marc even harder, pulling his chest against her breasts. As her nipples again touched his smooth skin, her entire erogenous zones were at full stimulation. She clamped her thighs against Marc as she came with a force she could never have imagined.

After their orgasms subsided, Marc continued to lie on top of Beth. Her arms were still wrapped around him, and she was gently stroking his back. They didn't say a word for a long time.

Finally, Beth said, "Marc, I think we did it right."

The boy responded, "Yeah, we did."

"Marc?" she asked.

"Yeah." Marc replied.

"Let's do it again."


And young teenage love was born.


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