The other day (night actually), while downloading pictures from a.b.p.e.teen, he discovered one that had pictures of three girls in it. It was labeled "George Washington Cheerleading Squad" and the three girls were each lying back, completely naked, and spreading their pussies.

While the girls each had nice bodies, what really aroused him was the impression the pictures gave. They looked like girls who, on a dare, had allowed themselves to be photographed naked. The painfully obvious amateurishness of the poses added to the allure. Because, while each of these girls thought that one or 2 boys would see them naked, their picture was now transmitted worldwide.

Paul had a job that was not terribly great. Not terribly bad either. It paid well, and left him with quite a bit of free time since it barely required his efforts 40 hours a week. The day after viewing the pictures, and fantasizing about the girls in the pictures, Paul was driving into work.

Shortly after leaving his house, Paul passed George Washington High School. While Paul was realistic enough to know that there were probably thousands of high schools named George Washington, in his fantasies the girls in the picture went to the GW (as the students referred to it) near his house. For the next week the girls in the picture remained center stage in his dreams.

But time moves on and even the most intense fantasies wither with age. A month later the picture had been replaced by other pictures more recently downloaded, although it remained on Paul's hard drive. And because of the passage of time, Paul almost missed it.

Paul went to check out a video at his local store. A new girl was working there and as she handed Paul his change he suddenly realized, she was one of the girls in the picture. At least he was pretty sure she was. He was so startled he dropped his change. After mumbling an apology, he raced home from the store, pulled up the picture, and looked.

He was sure it was her. But the nagging doubt came back - what were the odds of this girl being here, where he lived. He printed the picture out and drove back to the video store. Yes, it was her. He had found his fantasy girl.

Needless to say, she came back to center stage in Paul's fantasies. Over the next several weeks he became obsessed with her. Every day he would rent a video, usually from her. In the course of those weeks they became casual acquaintances as they would exchange small talk. Her name was Anne and Paul wanted her more than anything.

As an older man (Paul was all of 24 but that's ancient to a 17 year old), Anne showed absolutely no sexual interest in Paul. However, he did learn that she had no serious boyfriends. He also learned one evening that she had very strict parents, when he overheard her tell a friend that she was grounded for 2 weeks for swearing.

After a month Paul was desperate. He had to have Anne but it was also clear that she would never find him interesting. He wasn't ugly or uncouth. He was just too old to be someone she would become interested in. So, in desperation, Paul hatched a plan. A plan that would hopefully gain him Anne's body, although not her love.

In the early afternoon the video store business is exceedingly slow. Housewives are home waiting for their husbands and the working men and women are finishing up at work. Many days you won't see a single customer between 2:30 and 3:30, at least at this store.

So on Tuesday, Paul left work early. And with a clean color print of the picture of Anne laying back naked, spreading her pussy, went to the video store. As he had hoped, Anne was the only person in the store. He walked up to her, smiled, and asked her to look at the picture. Anne took one look, gasped, and looked at him horror stricken. "Where did you get this?" she asked.

"That's not important" he replied. "The important thing is to insure that your father never sees this."

Anne felt a cold knot of fear grab her stomach - so bad that she half fell to the floor. If her father saw this, her life would be over. This was so far beyond the things she had been punished harshly for there is no telling what he would do. She had to insure that her father never saw it. Paul was getting scared looking at Anne.

It almost looked like she might have to go to the hospital. To reassure her he said, "Don't worry Anne, you're father will never see this." She looked up at Paul with such a look of relief and thankfulness that he almost backed off from what he was going to do. Almost.

"Anne, I want you to go out with me this Friday" Paul said. This was the crucial moment - would Anne be willing to date him to keep the picture hidden from her father. Anne looked up at Paul stunned.

She suddenly realized that he was offering her a trade, a date for silence. "Isn't there some other way?" Anne asked Paul, pleading with tears in her eyes.

'God, am I that awful?' though Paul - well fuck her in that case. "Sure Anne, I'll just mail a copy of the picture to your Dad and another to the school principal."

At that Anne did start crying sobbing, "Ooh god no, please no, please, please no."

"So I take it we have a date?"

Anne just mutely nodded her head up and down.

"Where should I pick you up?"

Oh no, it couldn't be her house - her Dad would forbid her going out with a 24 year old man. And she couldn't let her friends see. "How about the Rose Tavern next to the mall" Anne asked.

"I'll see you there Friday night at 7:00."

With that Paul turned around and walked out. He was ecstatic; he had his first date with Anne. And Friday was only three days away. Needless to say, the next three nights were filled with visions of Anne fucking and sucking him in every way imaginable.


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