The goddamn hippies were at it again.

They disgusted and amused Sergeant Cobb of the United States Army, the barrel-chested officer who stood at the window of his Army recruitment office, watching the scene play out before him on the street outside.

About a hundred or so wild-haired pinko Commie college students from the nearby university, along with a few scruffy troublemakers out looking for thrills or flower girl pussy, were chanting and waving placards with 'US OUT OF VIETNAM.' LBJ BABY KILLER, and the ubiquitous, 'HELL NO WE WON'T GO.'

Like clockwork, from one end of the street, a menacing row of riot police appeared with their gas masks and shields, stopping and standing at stern attention, just waiting for their orders to move in. The hippies screamed and taunted with bullhorns, and of course all it took was one thrown bottle and all of a sudden here comes the fuzz in military lockstep, their black boots tromping in unison.

It was only a matter of seconds when the first canister of teargas arched over with a trailing plume of smoke, bounced and skittered within the crowd, and chaos erupted. Suddenly students were either running away or flailing full force into the baton-swinging melee.

The sergeant chuckled when one skinny kid with a huge Afro haircut met the business end of a burly cops baton with his face and reeled backwards, knocking down another hippie. The cops were on them like vultures, wrestling and sitting on them until they were cuffed hand and foot.

Out of the corner of his eye, Cobb saw a pretty young girl who couldn't have been older than eighteen fleeing from an angry policeman. She was wearing sandals, a billowy white blouse with puffy sleeves and ultra tight faded bellbottom jeans that laced up in the crotch. Cobb got an erection just looking at her ass and the way her tits jiggled under her blouse. The cop cornered her between two cars, grabbed her by her waist length strawberry blonde hair and yanked her backwards and then slung her over the hood of a Buick.

"You fucking pig!" She was screaming at the top of her lungs. "Police Brutality!"

Cobb stepped out of his storefront office in the strip center and strolled over to where the cop was now manhandling the teenager and struggling to grip her flailing wrists so he could handcuff the wild cat.

Cobb was used to the tear gas, and ignored it as it stung his steel gray eyes. He grabbed the girl's arms in his vice-like grip to allow the cop to handcuff her.

"Hold still you little cunt." The officer cursed behind his gas mask.

"Ooooooowwww! You fucking asshole! That hurts!" The girl squealed as the officer pressed his crotch against her ass to hold her still and snapped the cuffs on tight, angry and frustrated with her struggling.

From out of nowhere, a black student came and jumped on the officer's back. As other police officers rushed over to assist, Cobb yanked the girl away and said, "I'll take care of this one."

Cobb took the girl firmly by the arm, and led her to the recruitment office as she winced and grunted from his steel grip, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks from the after effects of the gas burning her eyes. Cobb locked the door behind him and then led the girl to the restroom, where he filled glass after glass of water and used them to douse her face and eyes. Much of the water spilled over her blouse and caused it to become transparent, Cobb could now see that the pretty young girl was without a bra, her pink nipple buds poking through the sheer wet cotton material. His erection was harder than ever.

"Stop it! That's enough!" The girl cried.

Cobb paused to look at the girl, who was about the same age as his own daughter. "Are you all right?"

"I was until that pig caught me." She said angrily. "Thanks to you."

"Come over here and sit. What's your name sweet cheeks?" Cobb asked as he led the girl to a plastic chair in his office.

"None of your fucking business. And don't call me 'sweet cheeks' you male chauvinist asshole!"

"Does your mother know you talk like that?"

"What's it to you?" The girl sassed.

Cobb felt an urge to slap the insolent teen, but he never hit a woman in his life. He was raised better than that. Cobb kept his cool instead and continued.

"What are you going to do, hold me here until the cops come and get me?" The girl blustered.

"Well, that depends." Cobb answered.

"On what?"

"On how well you cooperate with me."

"What's that supposed to mean?" The girl asked suspiciously. "You want me to get on my knees and give you a blow job to let me go or something? You fucking pervert! You and those cops are all alike."

"Just tell me your name." Cobb said calmly.

The girl stared harshly at Cobb, then sighed and uttered defiantly with a raised eyebrow, "Christine."

"Good. That's a start." Cobb smiled. "My name is Sergeant Cobb. U.S. Army."

"Big fucking deal." Christine spat back.

"You got a big chip on your shoulder their young lady." Cobb said calmly. "Want to tell me about it?"

"Screw you and the army. Screw your recruiting office too." Christine hissed with venom. "How can you send teenagers over there to die for this stupid war. You're turning them into butchers. They're killing and murdering innocent people over there!"

"Is that right?"

"Hell, yes!"

"Well, I guess I'm in the wrong business, then." Cobb said sarcastically.

"Get these cuffs off me. They hurt like hell."

"I'll take them off if you promise me one thing."

"I'm not gonna suck your dick, if that's what you're thinking." Christine assured him vehemently.

"You know that's the second time you've brought that up. If I didn't know better, I'd swear you really wanted to." Cobb smirked.

Christine gasped with shock. "What? In your dreams! Fuck you!"

Cobb was amused by her attitude. He liked her spunk. "Listen up Christine. I'll take the cuffs off, and all you have to do is watch a little film."

"Are you serious? What kind of film? Some sort of porno movie?"

"Jeezuz, kid, is that all you think about?"

"No!" Christine said quickly when she realized that she was indeed making overtly sexual remarks.

"It's just a film about the army." Cobb told her. "It was made especially for young women... like you."

"Why would I want to watch that?"

"It might change your mind about the war."

"Are you serious? Nothing could change my mind!"

"Then let's watch it."

"No! I'm not going to listen to your bullshit military industrial complex propaganda!"

"What are you afraid of?" Cobb challenged subtly.

"I'm not afraid of anything!" Christine said with defiance. After a long pause, and feeling her ideology challenged, she finally said, "Okay, I'll watch your stupid film. Now take these damn handcuffs off."

Cobb went to his drawer and grabbed a huge set of keys. He took a spare handcuff key and released Christine's hands from behind her back. She sighed with relief and began rubbing her reddened and sore wrists. In a heavily sarcastic manner, she muttered, "Thank you."

"All right, then. Let me just set up my little audio visual presentation." Cobb said as he opened a storage closet and rolled out a huge projector and screen box that reminded Christine of her old high school film presentations.

'This should be good for a few laughs.' Christine thought as she crossed her arms in front of her. 'If he thinks he can recruit me, he has another thing coming.'

Cobb turned on the projector, and then stepped over to a wall switch to turn out the lights. The projector began to rattle as the film stock fed through the multiple wheels of the projector. The light box lit up and soon the pre-film countdown numbers rolled by, followed by a blackout, and then the film began.


Followed by:


Christine mockingly guffawed and slouched in the plastic chair as military marching music and an image of a billowing U.S. flag followed. A voiceover began:

"The United States Army is not just for men anymore." Came the deep sounding voice of the narrator as the scene of a girl in stiff army fatigues flashed on the screen. "Young women are also needed to help protect this great land of ours, as well as the rest of the world, from the threat of Communist aggression."

"This is such bullshit." Christine whispered to herself.

More scenes followed of uniformed girls sitting at radar control centers, radio consoles, mapping tables and official looking military meetings. The narrator continually pointed out how very important women were to the military in this day and time.

Gone were the days of Rosie the Riveter and wives staying back home to kick in and help with the war effort there. Now, women were just as important to the Army as anyone else, and the Army understood the importance of equal opportunities for those of the fairer sex.

'This is so condescending.' Christine thought at first, but the longer the film went on about women in the military, the more uncomfortable she became, shifting around in her chair. The reason for the disturbing feeling she was getting was the underlying sense that she was beginning to agree with some of the more compelling things about the film, as well as many of the interesting points it made.

'I can't believe I'm falling for this crap.' Christine thought after a few minutes. 'But...it's really...'

Christine closed her eyes for a moment and shook her head, as if something was crawling across her brain. 'This is so... strange.'

After several more minutes, something on the screen caught her eye, and then it was gone. Then her attention was captured by some footage of shirtless Army troops working at piling sandbags, their shiny muscle and sinew straining and moving as they worked. One soldier in particular captured her attention.

'Gosh. He's kind of... groovy... and... sexy.' Christine thought for a fraction of a second, and then caught herself. 'Jeez, what am I thinking?'

More footage of men marching, and for a second, Christine could swear they all had stiff erections under their starched uniforms, but she blinked and they were gone. Christine got a prickly feeling on her arms, neck and back, and soon she began to breath heavily through her nose, her temperature rising imperceptibly as she watched the film now with rapt attention, slowly being seduced and taken in by the overt as well as covert messages.

Her eyes began to glaze over, and every single one of the subliminal themes and images were now captured by her mind's eye like a camera, imbedding themselves in her vulnerable psyche. Slowly she began to feel very... funny... sort of... aroused.

'Oh wow. What in the world is this? What's happening to me?' Christine thought as she tried to clear her pretty blonde head. She could have sworn she saw a picture of a girl getting fucked by one soldier between her legs while another was stuffing his cock down her throat. It made her gasp and gave her a strong feeling of arousal.

Despite her inherent resistance to the pro-Army themes of the film, she couldn't help but feel strangely compelled by them. Every time she saw a male soldier in uniform, she felt a pleasant stirring in her crotch, which was warming and tingling more and more as the film went on.

Sergeant Cobb sat relaxed and rocking quietly behind his desk in the dark, watching Christine intently with a grin on his face. The specially crafted recruitment film was slowly taking in the once radical and defiant little flower girl that fearlessly mouthed off to him earlier. It was thrilling to know that once the film was over, Christine would be totally entranced by the thought of Army life.

Christine was now making barely audible sighing and moaning sounds as she continued squirming around in her chair, crossing and uncrossing her legs, and rubbing her thighs, trying desperately to keep her hands from wondering in between to her warmed up and pleasantly itching crotch. She was really starting to dig this whole Army scene now. The uniforms were so groovy, and the soldiers were like out of sight, man.

The narrator wrapped up his patriotic speech, and then the screen faded to black with the words 'THE END' as the music quieted into the background. Cobb had already gotten up and flicked the lights back on. Christine's eyes blinked from the sudden brightness, and she waited for them to adjust to the light.

"So, what did you think?" Cobb asked with a smile.

"Far out, man!" Christine replied excitedly as she jumped out of her chair, her pert breasts bouncing under her shirt. "I never knew the Army was so...cool!"

"I thought it might change your mind." Cobb said.

"Totally man!" Christine said. "And all that stuff I said before..."

"Oh, never mind all that." Cobb chuckled.

"Wow!" Christine said, her mind totally blown by the experience. Her blood was pumping and she couldn't get over the still lingering feelings of arousal in her nubile teenage body. Her nipples were fully erect and her pussy felt all warm and oily. When she looked at Cobb for what seemed like really the first time, she could not get over how really handsome and his uniform made him look so... sexy. Her mind reeled by the sudden urge to drop to her knees right in front of him and give him a blowjob.

Sergeant Cobb looked out the door of his office and through the front window. It seemed like things had calmed down outside. "Well, it looks like it's settled a bit out there."

"Yea, I guess..." Christine hardly heard his words. All she could do was look up at him like a love struck teenybopper staring at a Bobby Sherman poster, admiring his large build and profile.

"I guess you'd want to be getting on home now." Cobb said.

"Um, well..." Christine began, as panic set in when she realized Cobb was dismissing her.

"Is there something else you wanted to say?" Cobb asked, giggling in his mind.

"I... I'd like... to..." Christine words spilled forth.


"I'd like to... join the Army." She said, and couldn't believe the words as she said them. Not an hour ago, she was fully bound and determined to let the government know in no uncertain terms what she thought of the U.S. Army as well as the Vietnam War. What was happening to her? Was she going insane? Maybe she was having and acid flashback from the LSD she took last week in her dorm room.

Sergeant Cobb arched a bushy eyebrow and said, "Is that right?"

"Yes!" Christine assured him, as if there were any doubt.

"You think you have the right stuff for the U.S. Army young lady?"

"Yes, sir!" Christine exclaimed, stunned by her quick outburst. Did she really just call him 'sir'? If her friends from the National Organization of Women would've heard that, they would have despised her.

"Well, I hope you're serious about this." Cobb said. "It's a very important decision to make."

"Absolutely!" Christine assured the sergeant.

"In that case..." Cobb said as he headed to the front window and pulled the blinds closed. He then checked to make sure the front door was locked and flipped the sign over to read 'BE BACK SOON.' "...We have a few things we need to go over."

Christine followed him like an obedient puppy, her eyes wide and nodding eagerly, unable to wait for what Sergeant Cobb had in mind, so that she could show him just how serious she was about her decision.

"First, I need to give you a little physical exam, just to make sure you're fit for the United States Army." Cobb said.

"Um. Okay."

"Take your top off." Cobb ordered.

"What?" Christine asked, utterly shocked by what she had just heard.

"Normally we have a nurse that does this, but she didn't come in today." Cobb informed the stunned teen.

"I... I don't know... are you sure?" Christine stammered in confusion.

"Do you have a problem with that?" Cobb questioned her, as if to challenge her doubts.

"I... guess not." Christine said, after deciding she didn't want to blow this opportunity, and then slowly slipped her billowy white shirt up and over her head, allowing her firm mounds to spill and bounce free.

"Don't worry, I've done this a hundred times to girls just like you." Cobb said. "You'll get used to this when you get to basic training. Of course, that is, if you make it past me."

Christine took that as a challenge and said with bright eagerness, "Okay, what do I do first?"

Cobb admired the smoothness and shape of her perfect teardrop shaped tits, her pink nubs erect and extended in all their glory. He'd seen a few young hippie chicks in his day, but nothing as nice and well built as this one. He walked over behind Christine and told her, "Place your hands behind your head, and take a deep breath, and hold it as long as you can. On the count of three... one... two... three..."

On 'three' Christine sucked in air into her ample lungs and held it, her chest extended outwards. Sergeant Cobb then reached around on either side of her torso and placed his hands over her breasts, palming them firmly. Christine jumped at his touch, but her only thought was to hold her breath for as long as she could. She was going to pass this exam no matter what.

"I'm testing your lung capacity." Cobb informed the puzzled girl, who was blushing pink with Cobb's vigorous fondling. His fingers kneaded her soft pillows while Christine continued holding her breath.

It wasn't something Christine would normally have let a stranger do to her, but it sure felt good when Sergeant Cobb touched her boobs. It felt real good actually. So good she felt like she was wetting her jeans. She was glad he was behind her, so he couldn't see how horny she was getting, and the thin smile across her face. What was wrong with her? This guy was old enough to be her father.

Christine finally let her breath out in a heavy gasp. Cobb gave her one last squeeze and said, "Very good."

That made the pretty teen smile as she tried to stifle a silly giggle of pride. She turned around without any embarrassment now and asked, "Okay, what next?"

"Take your jeans off." Cobb said with cool authority, as if he had done this a million times.

Christine hesitated at first, her mind still trying to fathom what was happening, and why she was so eager and willing to go along with all this, when her normal radical idealism would normally have prevented it. It just seemed to be the right thing to do, and so she began quickly untying the laces at the front of her faded bell-bottom jeans with the flower, peace sign and smiley face patches.

Cobb took a deep breath when she bent over to peel the jeans down over her milky thighs, and then step out of them, now wearing only a pair of white cotton panties and sandals that strapped up her shapely calves. She kicked them aside and then stood at nervous attention, as Cobb looked her over.

"Spread your legs just a bit." Cobb instructed the bashful teen. When she did so after a reluctant pause, Cobb reached into her panties, cupped her pussy and said, "Turn your head and cough."

Christine, blushing like crazy, did as she was told, and gulped, as Cobb's hand seemed to squeeze and massage her most intimate area. She was in a near panic state when she realized that her arousal-induced juices had probably soaked her panties. Her ass cheeks clenched and she couldn't help but moan as Cobb continued his fondling. She had her eyes closed, and her body was quivering with Cobb's touch. She couldn't take it any more, and let out a long sigh.

"Are you alright, Christine?"

"Uh...Yes...I...um..." was all the shaken Christine could utter.

"Okay, let's take your pulse and temperature."

Christine was altogether relieved and regretful when Cobb removed his hand from her panties. She looked at him with awe and wonder. How could this person make her feel this way? For a moment she thought of her boyfriend Jeff, a student at the college and member of a radical campus group. What would he say if he saw her now? Suddenly she didn't care. Jeff was a loser who didn't understand how cool the Army was.

"I need you to bend over this table, Christine."

"Yes, sir." Christine said dutifully. She felt a growing euphoria following orders, and also knowing she was that much closer to realizing her wonderful new dream. If this was what the Army was like, she was going to love it. She bent over slightly placed her hands on the nearby table just as she was told.

Cobb told Christine, "Don't be alarmed, but since the nurse is out and we don't have the usual medical instruments, I'm going to have to do this the old fashioned Army way. So spread you legs just a little bit."

Christine turned her head when she heard Cobb unzip his pants, wondering exactly what he was going to do. "Uh... what...?"

"Just relax and look straight ahead. I'm going to pull your panties down now."


"So I can take your temperature."

"Oh." Christine said nervously. This was scary and exciting at the same time. Is this really how they took a woman's temperature? It sure was a strange way to do it.

Christine gasped when she felt Cobb spread her ass apart just a bit so that he could get better access to her sopping wet vagina. As he fingered and spread her pink pussy lips apart with one set of fingers, he guided the head of his thick cock to her opening with the other. He slipped in easily at first, and then Christine gasped and clenched her twat around Cobb's member as he slowly pushed it in with a low grunt.

"I...I've never heard of... ummmm... taking someone's... ooooh... temperature like... unnnh... this." Christine moaned as she braced herself against the table.

"You'll learn a lot of things like this in the Army." Cobb grunted back.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Christine sighed loudly as Cobb filled her. She blushed quickly, embarrassed by her ecstatic outburst, but she couldn't help how she felt. It felt just like he was fucking her, and that made her feel totally...well, she just couldn't explain it. She only hoped that this didn't hurt her chances of making it into the Army. She just couldn't wait to wear that uniform, and meet all those other groovy soldiers.

Sergeant Cobb placed a hand on Christine's wrist to find her pulse while he slowly pumped his cock in and out of her warm pussy. He loved eighteen year olds. They were always so tight and wet after they watched his recruiting film.

After twenty minutes or so, Christine was on the verge of orgasm, but she hesitated giving in since she didn't want to scream out like she usually did when she had sex. She couldn't help it though, and finally shivered with a long intense orgasm that shook through her lithe body. "Um... Sergeant Cobb... are you almost... umm... through taking my... unh...temperature?"

Cobb was so into his thrusting that he barely heard Christine's question. "Oh... yeah! I'm almost done."

Christine groaned when Cobb pulled out, extremely disappointed by the empty feeling in her pussy now.

"Okay, one more thing I have to do, and your exam is done." Cobb said as he gave Christine a light tap on her firm ass. "Turn around and get down on your knees."

"On my knees?"


Christine hesitated. This seemed awfully familiar territory, but if it was what Sergeant Cobb wanted...

"Okay." Christine said as she dropped down to the carpet on her knees before Cobb, whose cock was still out of his uniform and glistening wet with the teenager's sweet pussy juice.

"Open your mouth and say, 'Ah.'" Cobb instructed.

Christine swallowed and licked her lips instinctively. Was he really going to do what she thought he was going to do? "Um, Sergeant Cobb?"


"Why am I doing this?" The young blonde asked suspiciously.

"So I can check your tonsils." Cobb answered.

That made sense, and Christine suddenly brightened and gushed, "Oh! Okay!"

When the nubile young teen turned her face up at Cobb and opened her mouth wide, Cobb used his cock like a tongue depressor, and then shoved the entire length into her mouth. "That's good, now roll your tongue around it so I can get a good feel for your tonsils. Try to get it as far in as you can."

Christine eagerly did as she was told, almost gagging as she took Cobb's prick as deep down her throat as possible. This was strange, but it was just like the time she tried deep-throating Jeff, her now ex- boyfriend.

She hoped Sergeant Cobb didn't know how much she was starting to like this. She didn't want him to think she was getting some kind of sexual pleasure out of it, even though she really was. Christine closed her eyes and soon began to instinctively suck off the groaning Army sergeant.

Cobb looked down at the pretty blonde teen as her head went back and forth, her lips wrapped tight around his tool. His balls were about to explode, and he told Christine, "Don't panic, but I'm about to ejaculate in your mouth. All you need to do is swallow. It's full of vitamins, so it'll be very good for you. When you get into the Army, I recommend you get at least one dose of spunk every day. Okay?"

Christine nodded and mumbled affirmatively. She never knew that semen was full of vitamins, but if Sergeant Cobb said so, he must know what he was talking about. All of a sudden, she couldn't wait to swallow the milky liquid that she knew was about to spill down her throat. She began to suck enthusiastically so she could make him come faster.

Cobb groaned loudly and began to unload in Christine's waiting mouth. He watched as she slurped and swallowed down every bit like she couldn't get it fast enough. He patted her softly on the cheek and told her, "That's very good Christine. You're gonna make a hell of a soldier with that kind of enthusiasm."

His words only served to egg Christine on, and she continued to give him a sumptuous blowjob. She was very proud of herself, and knowing that she was pleasing Sergeant Cobb made her feel very special... and so fucking horny she couldn't stand it.

After he let Christine lick him off, Cobb zipped up as he instructed her to get dressed. "When you're done, come into my office and we'll start your paperwork. We'll have you shipped out to basic training in no time. I think you've go the right stuff after all, young lady."

Cobb left Christine alone with a huge smile on her smooth cheeked face, her body erect with pride as she pulled on her jeans and shirt. Sergeant Cobb made her feel so good. Better than anything.

Now she was very eager to learn things like marching, saluting and following orders, and the tougher the better too. She just couldn't contain herself at the thought of becoming a member of the United States Army. She only wished Sergeant Cobb could be her Drill Instructor.

As Christine finally headed to Cobb's office, she giggled at the little double entendre she made.



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