I let my cock slide up the crack of her ass, rubbing against the delicate material of her panties.

I took a deep breath of the smoky air. The bar was foggy in the dim light from the haze of a few dozen still burning cigarettes. But even the sticky, steamy air of the bar seemed to feel cool against the monster that I had long ago released to play from behind his zippered cage.

Just an hour ago this little bitch had been teasing my cock all over the dance floor of this dive.

My eyes lingered over the flesh of the slut's ass, so firm, tight, and round. My aching cock twitched when I rubbed it against the warm, silky surface of her backside.

She was one of those fine little Latin mammas, standing about shoulder high against my six-foot frame. She had on this little mini skirt and her blouse was so tight that her dark olive tits stood straight ahead, creating enough cleavage for a man to drown in.

With one hand I massaged the one smooth cheek of her ass, while making sure that she remained firmly in place - bent over a barstool. This hot mama's skirt had been ripped off her fine little body, along with her blouse and bra. All that was left were stockings and panties, and if I removed the panties now her ass and snatch would be well placed to offer up their wares to me.

While my left hand held her immobile - she had long since stopped struggling - I flicked open my pocketknife with my free hand and ran the cold steel of the blade over the curves of her ass. She flinched involuntarily when the blade connected with her flesh.

She had been looking to get fucked.

I moved the blade down to the bottom of her panties and quickly cut open the connecting fabric. Lifting away the loose material I revealed her clean-shaven pussy to my sight. It looked to me like it was begging to be fucked, all nice and puffy, with its little pouting lips. The fabric was damp.

The assembled throng of twenty or so Marines around me whooped and clapped, indicating their approval when they caught sight of the honey's exposed cunt.

None of us had seen a woman in three month - we were all horny as hell.

The strangeness of the situation ran through my mind - I thought about how a few minutes before I had forcefully dragged her over to me, slapping her face, calling her a "whore" and a "slut." Every other one of my companions had felt the same way, but hadn't dared more than dirty raunchy remarks while she flashed her tits in their faces.

She must've known better than to act that way in a bar full of sex-starved Marines.

She started to say something again, but I smacked her hard on the ass, "Shut the fuck up you fuckin' little tease," I yelled, "There'll be plenty of opportunity to scream later when I'm fucking your ass!"

The guys egged me on with cheers again.

"What do you think guys?" I called out to the over eager soldiers, "Do you think she wants it?"

My question was met with a cheerful enthusiastic chorus of agreement.

I reached my fingers down to her slit to test the proverbial waters. She was wet, no doubt about it.

I forcefully finger fucked her hole, priming her, while I spoke to the boys, "She's really wet. Do you think I should give it to her?" I asked them.

"Yeah, man," one guy shouted.

"Let's see if the cunt can handle Marine's cock," said another.

Most of the guys were shedding their pants and had taken their stiffening boners out, beginning to stroke them in anticipation.

I pulled my shirt off of my sweaty frame, and brought my aching boner back to where it really belonged.

Moving my throbbing prick back to the crack of her ass, I sought the opening of her pussy. I used my finger to locate the taut crack. She was so wet. I lifted my finger back to take a taste of her sweet juices.

Then I moved my dick into position and pushed myself between the lips of her slit, allowing her vaginal walls to adjust slowly to my girth. I could feel just in that first inch how snug her little Latin box was.

Slowly I moved in another few inches, indifferent to the cheers of the men around me, encouraging me in my exploration. All I cared about right then was the fantastic feeling I was getting from my hot little mama's wet cunt.

As though her pussy was a moist velvet glove, I slipped in deeper and deeper in steady thrusts, savoring the contractions of her muscles against my steel shaft.

On the last thrust my rock-solid member entered her to the hilt and I began rhythmically moving in and out, seeking maximum penetration on every thrust.

"Do you like it whore?" I asked her.

She had no opportunity to answer me back because Murphy had already moved to her head and grabbing her by the hair yanking her head back so that he could push himself inside her pouting mouth. His big prick moved in and out in long strokes - fucking her face.

It briefly occurred to me that maybe one of the women who had been in the bar before this started might try and make a fuss, but they had left alone or with a Marine. Even in my sexual stupor I knew that there was no one to help - we were the law in this little part of the third world country we were in and no one cared. As for the Marines, there were at least two MPs and maybe three officers in the bar waiting their turn at this girl. She didn't have a snowflake's chance in hell of help.

She had grabbed my hard-on at the bar and asked me if I was man enough to fuck her.

I felt her contracting around my pistoning shaft and her pussy juice dribbled down my cock and my balls, which slapped against her on each thrust.

I had told her that not only was I man enough to fuck her, but that every one in the room was.

Murphy gave a long groan, and then started his last few jagged thrusts into her mouth as he poured his cum down her throat.

"That's it whore," he managed to say through an orgasmic fog, "Swallow it all down bitch!"

I felt my own orgasm building up inside my balls, and I wanted desperately to get the most out of her, so I grabbed the tops of her lacy white stockings that still clung to her shapely legs and pulled her ass even higher, allowing me better access to her sloppy wet depths.

Smith replaced Murphy at the helm, seeking a gentler blowjob, coaxing her to suck him off. With no other real options to contemplate she obliged him, using her hands to grasp his shaft, teasing his prick with her tongue, and massaging his balls.

I knew this bitch was cumming around my cock, enjoying my ministrations inside her cunt. I felt a rush of moisture as her pussy contracted again, sending streams of her girl-cum to grease my dick and balls.

I consider myself to have good staying power, but finally I just couldn't stand anymore in the heat and excitement.

"I'm going to cum inside your pussy slut!" I told her.

I felt a great swelling in my cock and balls, growing bigger, as I shot off my load in deep thrusts up inside her womb, my cum oozing out between strokes, coating my dick.

When I finished I pulled out and stepped back to observe my handiwork. My cum was dripping out of her well-fucked pussy, and then it was no time at all until my buddy Peterson moved in to shove himself into the mess I had left behind.

I was spent for a moment, my cock softening to hang limply through my pants.

Peterson was giving her a good going over, pumping his rod into her hole. Smith dropped his load into her mouth with a loud groan of satisfaction and then moved away to be replaced by Jackson. This little fuck muffin must've been one hell of a cocksucker, man, 'cause it was no time at all before Jackson spurted down her throat like a teenage virgin at his first fuck. Hamilton stepped in behind him, giving Jackson a high five as he passed by on his way to her mouth.

Peterson was still in her pussy, when LaCrosse asked if he could get some of her ass.

Somewhat reluctantly Hamilton removed his tool from her mouth as Peterson pulled out of her cunt. The men lifted her up and dragged her over to a ragged old pool table on the other side of the bar.

The rest of the guys and I had removed our pants at this point so that there were about twenty buck-ass naked soldiers standing around beating their meat to the porn show going on.

"I want to bone her, bro," said LaCrosse, suddenly giving out instructions, "Dude, you get underneath her and you get up on the table." He made indications as to what he wanted to happen. Peterson got up on the table and lay down on top of it. Hamilton and LaCrosse hoisted her limp frame up, so that she straddled Peterson's cock, sinking down on top of it. Peterson muscled her body up and down with his big hands until she was in a position where he could thrust up and down inside of her.

LaCrosse eager to get in on the action, hocked a big wad of spit into his hand and smeared it over his big dick, getting it really slick for his entry. He explored her rosebud for a moment with his thumb and index finger, and then he began to force feed himself inch by inch inside her. She began screaming at his attack, begging him to stop.

Hamilton had climbed on the table by this point. When she started screaming at LaCrosse's backdoor penetration, Hamilton smacked her across the face, yanked her head back and again "offered" his tool back up to her waiting mouth to finish what he'd started before.

LaCrosse took his time in long slow strokes up her ass, savoring the tight aperture.

Pretty soon Hamilton came in her mouth and watching her swallowing Hamilton's sperm set off Peterson who, after a very few stokes, began to wildly piston inside her, his dick creating a chain reaction in LaCrosse who came soon after.

As those guys pulled their softening cocks out of her mouth, pussy, and ass, Campbell flipped her over and pulled her over to the edge of the table, lifting her legs over his shoulder as he slid between the sloppy cunt lips, piercing her.

Her big swollen tits rolled around on her chest, and Fredendall and Nelson took one of her melons each and began to suck her nipples, working the fleshy mounds delicately with their fingers. When Campbell wrapped up his turn Grant, Mitchell, Stephens, O'Neill, Simpson, Rogers, Harrison, Fredendall, Nelson, and Michaels each replaced him in turn depositing their own load in the sperm bank. Even the bartender, a slovenly looking old man took a turn.

The last man who hadn't had a go at her was Bronx. Bronx wasn't his real name of course; it was a where he was from. He was one badass motherfucker, and he was a huge big bear of a man.

He sat down in a chair and told the guys to bring her over.

Limp as a dishrag, the two MPs, Grant and Campbell, both big men themselves, brought her over and set her down on his lap. He positioned her over his mammoth erect cock. He is the only man I ever met who makes me feel inadequate, and my nine inch soda can size dick wasn't built for pansies either, but his cock was a genetic freak of nature in size and length. He slid her up and down his length, rending asunder her pussy around him with each mighty thrust.

As if that overworked pussy wasn't enough for him either, he slid in and out of her pussy and then moved his behemoth cock to her asshole and pressed it firmly inside, compelling her body down onto him, oblivious to her moans of agony. Once he had made it into her bowels, he lifted her up and down only a couple times until his face screwed up in the pleasure of the act and everything he had in that thing was poured out far up her ass.

By this time my cock was hard again. I walked over to Bronx and I lifted her off of him and carried her over to the pool table. I had gotten so horny watching them that I hurriedly flipped her onto her back and mounted her missionary style. My burning johnson easily slid deep into her steamy cunt after the workout it had just taken. As if coming out of a daze or something, this finally seemed to set her off.

She looked like she might have wanted to pass out earlier with Bronx. Then with my repeated hammering of her pussy with my engorged monster cock, big enough, but not too big apparently, she squealed with delight for the first time getting her second wind. She moaned as I moved my mouth over her neck and breasts, licking, nibbling and sucking the tender flesh.

She made some movement to bring her hands up behind my back to stroke my traps and back muscles, while I worked my other hand down around her clit, stimulating her needs for the first time that night. Her pussy juice was again dripping down the base of my cock, greasy, to my balls as they slapped against her slimy messy asshole.

My passion built inside me, my desire and ache to have this bitch totally. I didn't want to finish. After flipping the cunt over onto her stomach I climbed up over her spread-eagle legs and mounted her from behind to the cheers of my fellow Marines.

Within seconds of flesh-to-flesh contact my cock quickly found its mark and soon my nine-inches was deep inside her hot cunt again. The bitch actually started moaning again, although somewhat groggily, and I wasn't sure if it was pleasure or pain, but soon I had a rhythm going, thrusting her ass back into me every time I shoved my cock deep up her cunt. I pulled out again and flipped her over on top of me, this time she working slowly riding up and down on my python.

I lifted her up until the tip of my cock was barely in her, then I slammed her back down on me. Even as well used as she was, her pussy held me deep inside her tight cunt. I dug my fingers into the cheeks of her ass, which were slimy with the cum from her, the guys, and me. She started playing with her tits as I made her ride me. I felt that she might have been near another orgasm as we forced her to experience hard cock after hard cock.

I knew I was getting ready to explode again and I rapidly began to thrust up into her. I was so close. I smashed up hard into her several times. My cock swelled just before it began flooding her cunt with my seed for the second time.

I felt someone's cock brush against my leg as she was pulled off me. I saw Jackson stroking his cock in one hand as I rolled away. Suddenly, in one quick jab he had pushed his cock in deep. She gasped in response, her back arched and her beasts rose up towards the waiting hands of the men. Jackson's strokes grew long and hard into her. Campbell moved his mouth over to her nipple. Murphy meanwhile brought his hand down towards her slit to play with her clit not caring about Jackson's thrusting cock. Campbell sucked and nibbled away at her like a hungry baby.

Jackson continued ramming into her pussy, not mindful of his battering strokes. Almost unbelievably Smith climbed up onto the table above the crowd and makes her take his cock in her lips. Not expecting him, she gagged at him, but like earlier, she had no choice as his fingers, tangled into her hair, hold her head in place as he fucked her mouth.

Then suddenly Jackson rolled her over where she was sitting on the edge of the table, so that she was now underneath him. Smith repositioned himself so that he could reenter her mouth. Campbell forced his way into her torn asshole.

Smith pulls out after he cums, leaving a long trail of saliva behind him to her mouth.

Campbell finished his business up her ass and pulled his dirty cock from her hole.

Jackson again eagerly rolled her over still buried in her cunt. Excited to satisfy his needs, her overly lubricated cunt is too wet for his modest cock, so he pressed his mushroom tip to her ass and planted his engorged member deep into her ass. He began to wildly pump the torn, bloody orifice, driving his cum far inside her along with the others.

For maybe the first time all night she had a breather get a little air and rest.

Peterson, Hamilton, and LaCrosse had other ideas though. Peterson presents her with his package and surprisingly she pounced on it. Almost robotic at first she began to loosen up, perhaps enjoying this blowjob for the first time all evening. He let out a long low groan, as she wrapped her hands around his shaft gently twisting and massaging it. I feel a maddeningly powerful sensation in my own cock as I watch her. Peterson cums in her mouth.

Hamilton pushed her back onto the table, spreading her legs. He fingered her wet hole and with a rag from the bar, tried to mop up the cum that was all over. He set the rag aside and fingered the wet hole. Then he slipped his prick inside. He pulled out for a minute and stuck the rag up her cunt trying to dry her out some more. Using his prick he pushed it way up inside her, fucking into the towel like it was a makeshift condom. Then he pulled the cum soaked towel out and set back to work pumping harder and harder inside her now dryer pussy. He was terribly hard, lifting her off the ground with each thrust.

"Yeah, that's it," he says, "Go with it. Fuck me, whore, FUCK ME!"

He pulled out of her moist pussy and blew his load all over her smooth stomach. At the same time LaCrosse came up and shoved himself first down her throat. Fredendall took advantage of the empty pussy to oil his cock in her hole. LaCrosse cums down her throat, as she has to gulp his semen like drinking water. Nelson climbs up to have a go in her mouth too. She fucks them both together as she has so often that evening. Both pull their cocks out to spray their cum over her face and body.

We eagerly grin over this awesome fuck festival, our smiles the biggest we've ever had, so turned on by the illicit nature of our conduct.

Mitchell, Grant, Michaels, Stephens, and Bronx were ready for their next round by then also. Grant and Mitchell went after her tits, squeezing them. Michaels went after her clit, sucking it and nibbling it. Bronx pushed her legs apart and used his fingers to spread her pussy lips as far as he could.

One of them said, "Move the bitch down."

She was moaning and sobbing again when Bronx started to mess with her. Soon the sounds were muffled when Stephens shoved his cock down her throat. Bronx was in a position to enter her and shoved that overwhelmingly mighty cock up her cunt for the second time. The guys decided to move her over to the bar, though, where tall Bronx could fuck her standing up. He picked her up swiftly as the other guys rearranged themselves to the new location.

Bronx stepped to where she was located on the edge of the bar and guided the huge cock to the entrance of her once again dripping pussy and shoved it all the way in on one stroke. His massive length ripped through her tight little cunt. She jerked her head back off of Stephen's dick and screamed in pain, but the guys paid no more heed than the rest of us. Stephen finished off his second time jerking off all over her face.

Michaels yanked her hands up over her head 'cause it looked like she was trying to scratch him as he came at her, while Bronx plowed new fields into her pussy. He pounded her for a good ten minutes as she cried in tears of shame and fear, finally he came deep inside.

Michaels leaned down, scooting his body into place, stroking her aching fucked cunt. She wriggled as he touched the tender skin. He pulled her up and then sat down on a barstool, dragging her astride him, plunging his dick into the sensitive cunt. As her pumped into her with powerful thrusts, Grant's hands reached around to grope her hooters, his chest pushing her forward into Michaels. Then his steely cock rubbed up and down her ass before pushing on inside the sphincter. She begged for it all to end, but heedless Grant and Michaels fucked her senseless.

When Grant finished in her ass, Mitchell quickly deposited his second load up there as Michaels finished off in her pussy.

"Please, no more," she begged, "I can't take anymore."

"That'll teach you to tease Marines," someone said, which was followed by an enthusiastic chorus of agreement.

She passed out then, shuddering. The guys weren't done by a long shot though. We all hadn't been seen any women before that night for over three months let alone fucked anyone - so we each got it up again and again depositing several more loads of sperm each into her unconscious body. I for one fucked her ass at least twice more, as well as that sloppy good pussy.

She recovered in the early morning light, and torn clothing in hand went off, bloody, bruised, and broken.

As the sun started rose over the mountains, we made our exhausted way back to the base encampment having sucked and fucked for over eight hours.

I don't make apologies for my behavior that night. What I did was wrong - no two ways about it. I was drunk and horny. I had been hardened by the service and months of special ops. That night stands as a reminder to every one of my fellow Marines that night of what happens to a man. Let it serve as a reminder to you when a man's blood is up, he can't always resist the smell of sex that's in the air.



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