I was in a pretty pickle. Until a few weeks before this began, I'd been a carefree, though overworked manager at a Dot-com start up. I had a salary I didn't have time to spend and girlfriend wannabes falling all over me. My downfall, if that's what it was, began after I bought a house only to realize I didn't have time to take care of it.

The solution was obvious: hire a housekeeper; I had the money. Maria was so pretty, I didn't even ask if she could cook. (She could!) Before I knew it, she was in my bed every night, fucking me as I'd never been fucked before. I did not understand how, but suddenly, my life revolved around Maria.

Today, however, for the first time since Maria had come to work (ha!) for me, I was on my own. After a really hot night making me insanely horny by letting me eat her for hours and then pleading with me while giving me a hand job, Maria got me to pay her ticket back to Central America where her little sister was having another baby. Coming out of the supermarket with coffee, beer, chips and bean dip (the four essential food groups, right?), I heard a horn.

"David," a feminine voice called out. "David Jackson!" Still carrying my shopping bag, I walked over to a familiar looking car. "Hi. Have a minute to talk?" The voice belonged to Dawn, a high powered doctor who lived in the neighborhood with her boyfriend. I set my bag in her back seat and slid in, but not before she made a quick inspection of the bag's contents.

"I see you're eating right while Maria is away," she teased.

I could hardly complain. In her mid thirties, Dawn was several years older than I, but easy to look at, tall and generously proportioned with long red hair, more striking than "pretty" in the Meg Ryan mold, a Goth chick if she had ever been into that sort of thing.

She was dressed pretty hot for a trip to buy groceries: large gold earrings, bangles, and a short green skirt with high-heel sandals that showed sexy feet with painted red toes. We had been making small talk for a few minutes, me growing more uncomfortable being so close to this attractive older woman, when she hit me from out of the blue. "So how long has she been screwing you?"


"You know what," she sniffed. "That hot little Latina that's moved in with you, she's keeping you screwed silly."

"Maria is just my housekeeper." I replied, trying to sound offended.

Dawn grinned. "Don't give me that. It's been over three weeks. She has you in her bed every night."

Embarrassed that my secret was out, I nodded. "How did you know? Did she brag?" I asked, annoyed at the thought.

"She doesn't need to. Those minis she wears when she goes out shopping don't look like the uniform of a domestic. And one afternoon last week I went down for something and found her in heels and a housecoat. But under it, I could see she had on nothing but panties and high-top stockings. She looked ready to pounce as soon as you arrived."

"I had no idea she was so brazen." My face burned with shame.

"Oh, it's written all over you, too," Dawn smirked. "I haven't seen you bringing home any of those babes you used to and when you leave the house in the morning, you have a dopey smile that practically blinks on and off, 'Just fucked.'"

"It's that obvious?"

Dawn chuckled, "Patently obvious, and no surprise to any woman in the neighborhood that a woman with a body like Maria's didn't take a job cleaning house for a handsome, single yuppie, just for the money. Let me guess, the first time was after she got you to watch 'Pearls Before Wine?'" [1]

"How did you know that?" I asked, amazed.

"Since the video came out, all the women of the neighborhood are using it on their husbands or boyfriends. Suzie Sparks used it on both her husband AND her boyfriend," Dawn giggled. "Watching the Emperor succumb to that beautiful black woman again, and again, and again really revs the guys up."

"Doesn't it! I was on my knees with my tongue in her pussy before it finished," I admitted. "And I'd never gone down on a woman."

"Yeah, and then?" Dawn leered.

"Well, she took me to bed and fucked me silly that night, I guess. I hardly remember the details."

"I'm not surprised. When men watch it they go into a kind of trance. Their brains turn into a lust-soaked mush and they become very 'manageable.'" I shivered a bit at the way she said it.

"Margie Kirk told me that before, her husband would NEVER go down on her; now she wakes up every morning with fresh-squeezed orange juice by her bed and her husband's head between her legs, searching her jungle for the secret temple where he loves to worship. And you know the McKinnons, the couple whose youngest just left for college? Sarah told me that after Ralph watched it with her, she got him to make her pregnant, She says seeing her with a belly again makes him fuck her so good, she may have a whole 'second crop'"

"You always use a condom?"

I was so stunned, I could hardly answer. "Er, yeah. Maria can't..."

"Take the pill?" Dawn asked sarcastically. "At least not if she wants to get knocked up with a little Jackson and promote herself from houseKEEPER to houseWIFE!"

I just starred back at Dawn, the realization of Maria's manipulation of me growing.

"If she isn't pregnant already, it's only because she hasn't been off the pill long enough. When she's fertile, I'll bet she intends to get you a little drunk and come onto you strong. She'll be 'so hot' she 'can't wait' while you put on a condom. Once you're fucking her, she'll beg you to come in her and knock her up. A large amount of semen will be deposited into an unprotected fertile pussy. When she starts to show, she'll make you marry her."

"My god, she could!" I admitted.

"Could?" Dawn taunted. "You might as well start shopping for an engagement ring, unless..."


"Unless you let me invite you for lunch so we can ... talk." Dawn grinned and drew the hem of her already short skirt farther toward her crotch.

"Oh, no, Dawn, I'm already in enough trouble."

"Oh, David," she laughed, "you have no idea how much 'trouble' you're going to help you get into."

The northward journey of the hem continued unabated. "Are you horny, sweetheart? Maria's been gone, what, three days now? Three days our friend hasn't been in a warm wet pussy! Look what's here waiting for you, Baby." She shifted a little to allow the skirt to hike further up those beautiful thighs. The tinted windows prevented anyone seeing in, but there was plenty of light for me to see Dawn wasn't wearing panties.

"But ... but, Maria?" I stammered.

"Your little hottie is a long way away, darling, and you're so easily turned on. Perhaps she doesn't realize that she has trained you to be submit to women, not just to herself. Now, get your mouth down here, Sweetheart, where it belongs." I hesitated, but could not resist. Not only was I enflamed by the sight of Dawn's abundant bush, I could smell her arousal! Thank God for bench seats and gearshifts on the steering column was my last thought before burying myself between her legs.

I was in a daze, lapping Dawn's oozing pussy as she drove us home. You can guess that the only lunch I ate that day was Dawn's juicy snatch; though after having me get her off more times than I could count, she finally laid me back, mounted me, and rode me to an amazing orgasm. Then she cradled me in her arms and let me suckle her abundant tits until I fell asleep.

When I awoke in Dawn's arms, still in a post coital daze, still sucking her amazing tits, she began to tell me about Ken. I knew her boyfriend was several years younger than Dawn and quite the "macho" type and. I'd thought the relationship between this brainy neurosurgeon and a construction worker strange. It was easily explained: the burly laborer totally dominated Dawn sexually. He was crude (though never violent) and Dawn sometimes hated him, but she could not resist letting him screw her silly.

"I never though it could happen to me, of course. I had been on duty for two days at the hospital and came home to find no lights in my house. Ken was the only electrician who could come on short notice. The repair didn't take long and as I watched Ken's muscled body gliding around my house, I realize just how horny I was. I had a doctor whom I was letting serve my needs, but I hadn't had time for him in a week. Ken was young, hunky and here! I came on to him a little; that was all the invitation he needed. In minutes he had me stripped and braying in need before he fucked my lights out."

Ken, of course, was delighted to find a woman as hot and rich as Dawn and soon she let him move in. "We're totally incompatible and argue like cats and dogs, but he always wins," she complained. "All he has to do is fondle a breast or pat my backside and all I can think about is his hard cock in me. After he fucks me for an hour or so, I'll do anything he wants, make his car payments, give him money for other women. One time he dressed me in some ridiculous heels and a little hussy skirt and sent me to a hotel where a medical convention was meeting, telling me to come onto some of the delegates in the bar. When Ken came in and "caught" me with a fat old medic's hand down my blouse and threatened him for touching 'his woman.' Then he berated me, asking if I couldn't go 'even one night without 'getting fucked?' Fortunately, no one recognized me, but I was terribly humiliated -- and tremendously turned on. When he fucked me that night, I nearly went crazy. I can't refuse the bastard anything!" She was almost crying. "Like you and with Maria," she said.

"Is he going to make you pregnant?" I asked with concern for this beautiful woman, now almost sobbing in my arms.

"Oh, God! He could, if he wanted to. In a heartbeat, if he made it a condition of my getting his cock in me. Maybe he thinks pregnant women don't fuck. Or maybe he just hasn't thought about it. That would be the end of everything," she wailed. "He could make me give up medicine and stay home making babies for him in a fucking trailer, if he wanted to. When his cock is in me, I'm totally in his control."

I had always dreamed about a woman so hot for sex that she was helpless. Now I'd actually encountered one. It wasn't me that drove her insane, but it was exciting to hear about just the same.

Her voice brought me back to reality. "So you see, we are both in the same boat, in a way. But with your help, I have a plan to free both me from Ken and you from Maria."

"Tell me," I said, still struggling to comprehend what she was saying.

"Easy, we will get Ken and Maria together. With luck, Maria will dominate Ken and keep him so busy, he won't have time for me. And keeping Ken nailed down should have Maria so fully occupied, she won't have time for you!"

"I guess it could work," agreed. "How do we do get them together?"

"I don't believe Ken and I have ever had our new neighbors over for dinner. What do you say the Friday after Maria returns?"

"Dinner is fine, but how do we make sure they go for each other, much less that Maria 'comes out on top?'"

"Ken is always on the lookout for new conquests, the s. o. b. and I think Maria will see Ken as a challenge, especially if you plant the seed. I'll try to provoke Ken without satisfying him, while you to see that Maria is well fucked when she arrives." I must have looked puzzled. "So Ken will be horny and vulnerable and Maria will be satisfied and in control of herself," Dawn explained.

Dawn and I continued to fuck whenever Ken was gone until Maria returned. No longer being so completely in Maria's thrall made me a more vigorous lover and she appreciated it, though she wondered why the change. "Because I missed you so much," I lied.

Several days after Maria and I got Dawn's invitation, I began to feign concern. "Are you sure we ought to go, Honey? I hear Ken is a real pig; I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to seduce you that night. What if he wants to make you into a sex pet like Dawn?"

"You know about Ken and Dawn?" Maria laughed. "Don't worry, amorcito, I'm not so easily dominated as that oversexed cow. I prefer having men serving ME, remember! Now come here and fuck me, Sweetie."

Maybe we both had the same thing in mind, but the afternoon before the dinner Maria fucked me long and hard, satiating herself with my tongue and cock before getting dressed.

Dawn met us at the door in a short green cocktail dress, matching green elbow-length gloves, and three-inch heels that made her taller than I. Maria had chosen an even shorter red miniskirt and five-inch heels. The word "firecracker" came to mind. Ken's eyes lit up when he saw her. Dawn and I sat back to watch the battle of wills as Maria and Ken flirted and sparred during the light dinner. "I need some help cleaning up and those two are having too much fun. You're volunteered, David," Dawn said as she ushered Ken and Maria into the living room for liqueurs. Of course we withdrew only to watch.

After several rounds of drinks, Ken had his arms around Maria and his tongue down her throat. Too late we realized that wine and after-dinner aperitifs had been a mistake. The alcohol affected Maria's smaller body more than it did Ken's. There was nothing feigned about Maria's giggling arousal as Ken kissed the hot little woman and fondled her tits. Then, sooner than we could have imagined Maria stopped giggling and started moaning. Ken's hand was up her skirt and I knew there was nothing between his intrusive fingers and her warm slick pussy.

Almost instantly Dawn's macho lover had the tipsy woman panting, seconds away form an orgasm that would obliterate any chance of getting Ken under her control. His fingers in Maria's snatch were whipping her up into headlong rut. "Ken, oh Ken, Baby! Oh Ken," she was gasping. He had her blouse off and was playing with her boobs like a maniacal engineer, turning up the controls of a boiler that was already about to burst. "OH, Ken, that feels so good. My titties! Ken, suck my titties. Suck me, baby!"

Ken fell on her breasts like a wolf on a lamb's neck. Maria flinched with the additional jolt of pleasure, but somehow held onto her sanity. She moaned and pulled his face tighter against her breasts. "Yes, Ken, suck me, suck me good. It feels so wonderful ... sucking me."

Suddenly, Dawn squeezed my hand. We realized that Ken had all but stopped fingering Maria. His eyes were closed and his face was growing more peaceful than predatory by the second as Maria cooed in his ear. "That's good, Kenny Baby, suck my titties. It feels so good, so relaxing."

"She's hypnotizing him and he going under," Dawn exclaimed with admiration under her breath. Much later we learned that Maria had rubbed her tits with scopolamine she'd brought back from her home country. "It's a powerful narcotic," Dawn explained, "that makes the victim very susceptible to suggestion."

"Are you tired, Sweetie?" she whispered. "Is nursing from Maria's big soft breasts making little Kenny sleepy? That's OK, Kenny, Baby. You just suck my breasts and I'll help you go to sleep." Deftly Maria unzipped Ken's chinos and opened his pants. Out popped the largest, most erect penis I'd ever seen. No wonder Dawn went crazy when that monster attacked. Now, however, it was not attacking, but wobbling about, blind and vulnerable.

Maria took his prick in her small hand. Ken moaned but continued sucking peacefully. "Poor baby, you can't sleep with a big hard-on like this. Let Maria make you soft, Baby." Maria looked up and saw us watching and winked in triumph. "You need a good come to make you sleep, don't you Kenny? You want Maria to make you come so her poor baby can go to sleep." Ken was moaning louder - could it have been a futile protest? - but he continued to cling to Maria's narrow waist and to nurse as she began masturbating him faster. "Come for Maria, Kenny. COME!"

Suddenly Ken's prick erupted, firing globs of jism in all directions. Some landed on Maria's face, which she licked up, but most she directed at her boobs and Ken's sucking mouth. Unknowing or uncaring, he let her push his own come into his mouth.

I supposed that was the end, but the grinning Maria was not through with the large man who now lay spent in happy defeat on her knees. "Ken, Baby," she whispered in his ear. "Don't sleep yet. I've got something else to give you." Maria had unsnapped her skirt and wiggled out of it so Ken's head lay just inches from her dark bush. "My pussy, Honey, my pussy wants you to drink her juice."

It was hard to tell if Ken was asleep or just dazed, but he didn't resist as Maria gently pushed his head between her legs. "That's it Baby, kiss my pussy. You love my pussy, Kenny. You love the taste of me. That's a good Baby ...yes." Ken must have been awake by now, though entranced, because he was vigorously lapping and kissing Maria's flowing box. "Yes, Baby, eat me. Make me come and I'll give you a big reward."

The reward wasn't long in coming. Ken must have found her clit, because Maria suddenly spasmed and shrieked as she jammed Ken's face hard against her crotch. "Yes, Baby! Eat my come, Kenny. Eat me!" Maria herself closed her eyes and leaned back allowing Ken to continue servicing her.

I was in the kitchen door with my arms around Dawn's voluptuous body, kissing her neck and fondling her boobs. "It worked, darling. She has him!"

Dawn laughed. "No doubt about that! After a night of sleepy sex with Maria, Ken will be her puppy dog. He may be already; I've never been able to get him to go down on ME. God she's a sexy witch. No wonder you didn't have a chance, darling. That was so hot, seeing him seduce and hypnotize him, I need to fuck! Come on, sweetheart; she'll find the guestroom on her own. I want you in MY bed."

I was horny, too, even though Maria had fucked me just a few hours ago, so I didn't object. God it was nice to be following Dawn's sexy swaying ass, letting her lead me to her bedroom again, knowing we had all the time in the world to make love. She turned to me by the bed and kissed me sweetly. "Get me ready lover." I knew what she meant. I licked her ears and kissed her lovely shoulders and slipped the straps of her cocktail dress off. The flimsy garment fell to the floor and Dawn smiled, having on neither panties nor bra beneath it. She was still in her stockings and heels, however, so I didn't have to lean down much to take a nipple, stiff with her lust, into my mouth.

Much as we both enjoyed my kissing her breasts, I didn't tarry, but continued south, my tongue tracing its way down her tummy, pausing to ream her navel and proceed to her moist furry cunt. I had dropped to my knees now and Dawn spread her legs to receive the worship of my lips. She came twice, filling my mouth with her copious spend before pulling me to my feet and starting to undress me urgently. "I'm going to fuck you so good, David. So good!" she promised.

She didn't lie. In seconds I was stripped and mounted, but Dawn took her time with me. (Two hard comes on my tongue had taken a bit of the edge off for her, but not me.) She was fucking me slowly, not letting me come, just making it nice. "Are you happy the way things worked out, darling," she asked, some loving mischief in her eye.

"Of course, Love, being in bed with you, both of us free at last; I couldn't be happier."

"You don't mind having an older woman fuck you?" she asked.

"I LOVE having YOU fuck me," I responded.

It seemed to be the right answer, for her smile brightened. "Well that's good, because I have a little confession, David." The pleasure of her warm pussy engulfing me slowly riding up and down made worry impossible, but I opened my eyes inquiringly. "You said WE were free, but that's not quite true, sweetie. YOU still need a sexy woman to dominate you, David. You can't give this up." She squeezed my prick with her cunt muscles, bringing me to the brink. "Some woman will do that and make you her slave, David. *I* intend to be the woman who receives your sweet, submissive love. I want you for my lover and my toy and..." she accelerated her fucking just slightly. "I want you to make me pregnant."

"Oh, Dawn," I croaked. I don't know if it was surprise, or protest, or helpless joy. Her slick pussy grasping, massaging my prick made it impossible to think.

"Did you forget the condom, David?" she grinned down at me. "Were you so eager to let me take you to bed, you didn't take precautions? Or maybe not, darling," she went on, smirking. "Maybe you sensed I'm fertile tonight. Don't you want to knock me up, David? Make a baby with me? Make my tummy swell with your child? Drink from my milky tits? All you have to do is come in me, darling. Come!"

The ecstasy of Dawn riding me closer, ever closer to orgasm and the invitation to put a baby into this magnificent, sexy woman were too much. I exploded into her womb and felt her orgasm in response. She collapsed into my arms, sobbing for joy. "Yes, darling, yes. Give me a baby, a baby, your baby."

We fucked several more times that night and again when we awoke the next morning. Even as we listened to the commotion of Ken and Maria going at it in the next room, Dawn and I began making plans for the wedding.

It took me longer than I'd hoped, partly because Dawn was busy working and she Maria decided to make it a double ceremony. Then, too, it took time to bring Maria's mother and sisters and countless girl cousins to the States. Both brides wore white, but I don't think anyone could ignore the definite bulge under Dawn's wedding gown or perhaps the smaller one under Maria's.

The highpoint of the reception was a showing of "Pearls Before Wine," which everyone really enjoyed, especially those men who had never eaten pussy before. Several of Dawn's professional girlfriends found sweet, docile mates among David's friends and were soon sporting large bellies of their own. Maria's sisters and cousins all acquired clever-tongued boyfriends among the doctors and interns that night and within weeks one after another was turning up pregnant. Dr. Morton, the head of surgery at the hospital was quite taken by Maria's mother. His ex- wife had never let him eat her and Teresa had the hairiest, juiciest cunt he's ever tasted. He proposed even before the forty-five year old woman told him they were going to have a "bebecito." Soon we were flooded with announcements of weddings and baby showers, though usually the other way around.


Well, I guess everything has worked out for the best. Dawn, though just a shade less demanding than Maria, is plenty hot enough to keep me fucked out of my mind. I never have to beg her for sex, to wear sexy lingerie or none at all, to try new positions, to do it in the daytime, or with the lights on. And when she's pregnant, she likes to play even more. Once when she was already huge with our third, she called me to come down to the hospital and had me "give her some relief" bent over a laundry cart. She also loves the way I relax her when she arrives tired from a long day of surgery, worshiping her pussy through several soft orgasms.

Also, I have more in common with Dawn than I had with Maria. Dawn, being a romantic domme, likes to dress up and go out ballroom dancing or to plays or theater or ballet. We hold hands and gaze into each other's eyes over candlelit dinners and read sexy stories aloud in bed; Homer Vargas is one of our favorites. [2] She's continued with her career, taking over from Dr. Morton when he retired to play Daddy for his and Teresa's growing family. The additional money makes it easy for Dawn to support us, as my job disappeared in the dot-com bust. Dawn is happy for me to stay home, anyway, and take care of the babies she has been giving me every year.

We have remained friends with Ken and Maria and even Ken would have to admit he's better off as Maria's pet than as Dawn's dom. Maria took him in hand and really smoothed out the rough spots. With her discipline, Ken turned his electrician's job into a small but very successful electrical contracting firm. On the outside Ken and Maria look like the typical, happy young couple. Ken goes out and makes lots of money while Maria stays home and makes lots of little brown babies. Of course Dawn and I know that every so often Maria likes to tie Ken up and play "evil dominatrix" games with him. She evidently plans these events carefully and Ken must enjoy them, too: several of their children were conceived that way.

Oh, well, I'd better stop to get dinner ready. Dawn told me she wants it to be "special" tonight. I know what time of her cycle it is, so I guess in about nine months, we'll be having another baby for me to take care of.

I love my life.

The End


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