I've always been an exhibitionist. Always the one with the too small bikini or the shortest skirt or the see through tops, the one all the guys like to flirt with, and I love it.

From my days growing up and going to school wearing the shortest skirts and teasing the boys and teasing the male teachers, I have always loved to show off my body. I am 5'6" tall, blonde, about 130lbs with a nice set of 34C tits that still stand firm. I'm 22 and married to a guy 47 so yeah I dig older guys.

We've been married since I was 16 and we're still very much in love and he loves it when I dress sexy too, as much as I love dressing sex. I also love to fuck strange guys and my husband loves to watch me fuck them, and oh yeah, women too.

One night he came home from work and he let me know about a party the up coming weekend. He told me it was a Halloween party for the company bigwigs and neither of us would know anyone there so I was free to select an outfit of my choice and have some fun. I knew what that meant.

I went to the costume store the next day and was looking for a getup, but couldn't decide really what I wanted, then I saw it in the back. It was a little red-riding- hood outfit built more for a girl of like 12 or 13, but for me it was almost perfect.

I tried it on and liked it and on the way home with my purchase I stopped at a lingerie shop and bought a very tight little red corset to wear with it.

The night of the party I put it on and modeled it for my husband. The red corset cinched my waist tight and it had half cups for the bra-support, which meant most of my tits were exposed on top, my nipples barely covered at all!

I had taken off the red panties that came with the outfit and put on a red g-string instead. The black thigh high boots matched perfectly with the black cape and around my neck I had on a red choker. I looked delicious! My husband dressed as Zorro complete with a mask and we left for the party.

When we got there, there were a lot people at the place. As we made the rounds I felt hands under my little cape copping feels here and there and I pretended not to notice but I was pleased inside just the same. My husband and I soon separated and mingled with others.

I had some guys surrounding me and we talked and drank and had a good time. By now too, a lot of guys had been getting very handsy reaching under my cape and feeling my almost naked ass. I got maneuvered into a corner by some of the more adventurous guys, one of which was a large black gentlemen who I soon found out was no gentlemen.

As I stood there mostly hidden from everyone else except my little group, he leaned against me and whispered, "Why don't you slip that g-string off baby?"

I looked at him and said, "I'll be right back." I walked to the bathroom and slipped it off and thought if no one looks very carefully, I can get away with this. With that thought in mind I walked back across the room and rejoined my group of lecherous men.

All I had on now was the corset and the cape and the black thigh high boots and the choker!

As I stood there talking to them, I realized that the black guy had told everyone what I'd done, they all knew I had removed the g-string and stood there with my shaven pussy on display for the observant.

The black guy stood beside me and soon had his fingers at my asshole and then my pussy! I loved it, I really did! It was so naughty, so perverted! Then he reached over and just barely had to tug on my top to make my nipples peak over the top of the bra support. They were easily seen too, some of the guests noticed this change in my costume right away.

My group decided it was too hot in the room and led me outside on the darker patio out back. In no time at all, I had hands from 5 different guys all over me, fondling my tits and wrestling each other to finger my hot box. Then I was then led unresisting down some steps to the huge lawn out back and here things got really exciting.

As one guy kissed me, I felt the cape being pulled away and then the stays of my corset were loosened and then my corset was pulled off and I stood there in my black thigh boots only. Hands all over my body, bringing me to orgasm over and over as the thrill of these strange physical contacts rushed through my brain.

Then the handsome black guy lowered me down onto the grass and climbed on top of me. We wrestled around on the grass as he tried to stick it to me. I wanted to make it a little hard for him and give the other guys a little show so I swung my body from side to side to mess with his aim.

But he was bigger and stronger than me and finally held me in place and shoved his big dark cock deep into me. He began pumping furiously for about ten minutes, grunting each time he bottomed out in my cunt, then finally he came in me.

I lay there as he rolled off me and looked at the other men ranged around us. Another guy step up and lowered himself on top of me and did the same. He hugged me and fucked my brains out, it was fantastic, and he was really good.

They all fucked me, covering me in cum. Some did it inside of my pussy and some I swallowed, and some came on my face and tits. As everything does, all good things come to an end. By studs finally ran out of spunk and couldn't get it up anymore, so we all eventually dressed and rejoined the party inside.

After I cleaned up, I went into the party again and I saw my black hunk talking to some other male guests and they all looked at me as one man. He motioned me over and told the four guys with him that I was the girl that had taken on 5 men outside. Again I was led away by me new group of swains. But this time I was led upstairs and into a bedroom and bam, I was naked, legs spread wide and getting fucked again by everyone in the room.

I guess the word has passed around the party because soon the hallway outside the bedroom had guys and some girls too peering in, watching me getting fucked. I was in slut heaven at this wanton display. I even saw my husband check in on me, watching and smiling behind his mask.

One of my visitors was the host and owner of the company and he banged the fuck out of me, for an older guy he did a great job of it. As the party went on downstairs I was the party-fuck upstairs, and I loved it.

Later that night my husband told me he had an interview with the boss for next Monday about an open VP position. And oh yeah he asked my husband to bring me along. My honey told me I had made a great impression on his boss and he had a feeling his new promotion included me somehow.

I let the black guy fuck me one more time that night and he told me he had told the boss I would be a great asset to the company and he suggested I should do this for the company party next time. He asked me if I thought I could handle it?

I looked at him and smiled, "You ain't seen nothing yet sweetie!"



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