It was Halloween night and I was 16 years old. Too old to go trick-or-treating, but young enough to wish I could. Anyway, I was bored and just hanging around the house watching my family handing out candy to the kids that came by.

We lived in Northern California and the weather at that time of year offered up crisp clear evenings with just a hint of a chill in the air. I still remember the moon was intensely bright that night and everything felt so alive and mysterious.

After hanging around for as long as I could stand it I grabbed a jacket and headed outside. (I don't know why I picked this particular jacket but it was a black suit jacket that my folks bought me for 8th grade graduation. That was significant to what happened later; something I could never have imagined.)

We lived on a quiet sort of street that was a loop off a main through street. You know the kind that no one goes down unless they live there. I had it in my mind to walk over a street or two to see if any of my friends might be hanging out.

So there I was, dressed in my black wool suit jacket, a white t-shirt and faded Levis, walking down the street. As I rounded the corner onto the next street I almost jumped out of my skin when, from out of the dark I heard a voice. "Hi Michael!" The voice wasn't all that loud; it was just that I hadn't expected anyone to be there in the dark.

As it turned out I was walking by the Guest's house. I went to school with Troy Guest, who was half Philippino. Although he was a small guy, he was a good athlete and we'd been pretty good friends for a while. His dad was born somewhere back east and he'd met Trot's mom in Manila when he was stationed there in the Navy. They'd had both Troy and his sister Bonny before being reassigned to Moffit Field Navel base out by the bay.

I stopped and looked into the dark, that's when saw it was Troy's sister calling my name. I didn't really know Bonny Guest all that well because she was two years older than me and one of the more popular girls in school. And as a member of the cheerleading squad and a senior, she was way out of my league.

Bonny came over to me and asked where I was going. I remember being surprised when she grabbed my arm and held it while she looked up into my eyes. It felt great to have this pretty girl so close and hanging on to me like she liked me.

I told her that I was just walking around, that I was bored and not really doing anywhere in particular. She asked if she could walk with me and of course I said yes, I was flattered.

As we walked down the dark street with little ghouls and goblins and their parents flitting here and there I felt like a million dollars. Here I was with a pretty girl hanging on my arm and asking me questions about myself. She kept squeezing my arm and commenting on how nice I looked in my jacket.

Then about 20-minutes later Bonny blew my mind. She said, (And I remember this vividly) "Michael, have you ever made love to a girl before?"

Well let me tell you, I was speechless, and the palms of my hands became wet, and I could feel sweat trickling down my back. It was a moment that seemed to stretch out forever. Then Bonny asked again, "Well, have you?"

I fumbled and fidgeted and then mumbled, "Yeah, sure." Knowing that she knew I was lying.

And to prove the fact she knew I was lying, Bonny said, "Will you make love to me?"

She was teasing me, trying to make me nervous, and I didn't know how to react, all I could do was start to walk again and ignore the question. But Bonny was having none of that.

She kept giggling and "asking" me to make love to her, "Let's do it over there, it's dark and no one will see us." Or we'd pass some bushes and she'd suggest that we could go behind them and do it.

Even to this day I'm not sure what she was trying to do, but what was happening was that she was making me crazy. Yes I was a virgin. I'd only had two girlfriends in my life and had never done more than kiss them closed mouthed. And here she was teasing me about fucking her.

My heart was pounding and I was sweating up a storm, I think all I really wanted to do at that moment was get away from her. My Presbyterian white-bread background hadn't prepared me for anything like this. And I wasn't a great physical specimen, or very popular in the broad since of things, so I sure she was just teasing me. At least that's what I thought.

Finally, after a while, I got mad. How dare she do this to me? Why couldn't she just be nice to me and let me enjoy her company. That's when I bucked up my nerve and decided to call her bluff. I had no intention of really making love to her or doing anything else for that matter, but I was determined to turn this around on her and make her shut up.

So when she said, "Look Michael, there's a great place in that group of trees. It even looks like there's a freshly cut lawn that we could lie on. C'mon Michael, take me there."

I said, "Okay," and grabbed her hand and tugged her into the darkness of the trees. Without saying anything I pushed Bonny up against a tree and planted my mouth over hers. It was a deep kiss that I held, just like I'd seen in the movies.

My eyes bulged when I felt Bonny's fingers rubbing my dick through my Levis. But I was determined and I held my kiss, even pushing my tongue between her lips to french her, which I'd never done before, but since it didn't take a rocket science to figure how to do it, I decided this was the moment to try it out. I wanted to prove to Bonny that she couldn't tease me and get away with it.

But instead of frightening my kissing and shoving myself against her it only made her small brown hands work faster at my crotch. I was beginning to tremble with anxiety and a strange kind of lusty feeling. Bonny had made me hard with her hand massage and I was more excited than I'd ever been before in my life.

When she fumbled with my jeans-fly I thought I was going to die of a heart attack. When she pushed her hand into my pants and I felt the skin of her hand against the skin of my dick I came in gushes all over her hand. I just groaned and shivered and pumped my cum out all over my underwear and her hand.

As I was still pumping my cum out I looked into Bonny's upturned face and saw the triumph in her eyes. She had this shit eating grin on her face like, 'I knew you'd cum for me. I knew you couldn't fuck me you wimp.'

I don't know if she was really thinking that, but it looked like that kind of expression to me. I was furious with her. Besides the uncomfortable feeling of the sticky cum in my shorts, I'd just had the most intense orgasm of my life and she was sneering at me.

Obviously with the advantage of time, I realize that what I did next was foolhardy to say the least, but I wasn't going to let this little bitch make a fool of me. I shoved her sticky hand away and pulled her down to the grass with me.

I struggled with her to open her legs and pulled her panties to one side as I shoved her skirt up. All the while we said nothing, she never asked me to stop, and I never thought about the consequences of what I was doing.

I don't remember Bonny saying anything as I found her pussy slit with the head of my dick. And when I shoved into her - Oh, I can still remember the wonderful feeling of sinking into her hot moist cunt as it wrapped around my stiff dick.

Looking back she must have been just as aroused as I was and ready for me, but I had no clue back then. All I knew was that she felt fantastically good and I started pumping and she started moaning.

I couldn't believe how this had happened, but I wasn't thinking about how, or why, all I was doing was becoming more and more excited as I realized I was actually fucking a girl for the very first time. I was really and truly fucking a girl and a hot looking one at that.

When Bonny started to moan and then wrapped her great looking legs around my humping butt I lost it. My body jerked then tensed through another long and just as satisfying orgasm as, this time, I emptied myself into her.

We stayed like that for a while afterwards. I didn't want to pull out; I didn't want this moment to end. But soon enough the cold night air made it too uncomfortable to have our body parts bared to the night and he pulled apart.

As my dick slipped out of Bonny's pussy I saw by the light of the moon some of my cum sliding out with my dick and I realized what I'd done. What if I had made her pregnant? What if she accused me of raping her? OH MY GOD! What had I done?

But Bonny didn't seem to mind what I'd just done to her. In fact she reached over and pulled me to her and gave me one more long passionate kiss. Then she stood and straightened her clothing and said, "Thanks Michael, I needed that," and walked away toward her house.


The next day I went over to the Guest's house to see Bonny, but she'd already gone out so I hung out with her brother Troy. I wanted to tell him about my conquest but how could I? After all it had been his sister. So although I felt pretty awkward I stayed there until Bonny came home.

To my surprise when she got home she pretended to hardly know me, and even later when I got her alone she told me that it hadn't been that big of a thing and she wanted me to stop bugging her about it. She told me that she'd only gone with me because I looked cool in my suit jacket and levis and she was feeling horny.

We never did it again, in fact Bonny never again acknowledged what had happened between us. My life went on pretty much as before, except I had that strange and erotic memory to think back on for the rest of my life.

I didn't get to have sex with another girl until I was out of high school. I did have sex with another guy once, er, well, maybe two different guys actually. But when I finally had access to a woman full time, I never looked back. There's nothing quite like a wet willing cunt, and the lovely creature attached to it.

This was a True Story...


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