When my teenage son Danny moved his girlfriend Lisa in to live with us, I knew there would be problems. Problems like now I'm supporting two teenage dropouts and continuously running off mobs of kids with armfuls of beer.

Lisa just turned eighteen now and feels so at home here in my house that at least once a week the household is turned upside down by one of her psychotic episodes. Episodes she justifies by repeating "no one understands what it is like to have been raped by your own Dad at ten years old!!"

I'm sure the neighbors wish she would get some therapy. To top it off the little tramp has had two miscarriages since living here, as if I were going to support my nineteen-year-old son and his entire family forever!

Last month Danny went to jail. One day, while Lisa and my wife were home alone, Lisa threatened to hurt my wife; because it was "her turn to do laundry," I decided it was time this ungrateful whore be taught a lesson.

I calmed my wife the best I could. My wife works nights, so she had little time to deal with her anger before stomping off the work. I, on the other hand, was about to lay down the law in my own house once and for all.

First I called a couple of buddies to come over for "a little surprise," then I marched right into my son's room where Lisa was sitting on the bed lighting an incense. "Oh hi Steve, sorry for getting a little carried away earlier."

Her tits were hanging out of her tank top and she flashed me her usual, sweet, "I know you've always wanted to fuck me smile" on her face.

I walked right up to the edge of the bed and grabbed a big handful of her teenage boob and squeezed HARD, my other hand slapping her face HARD.

I grabbed her ponytail and shoved her head against my crotch saying, "Time for some of DADDY'S BIG COCK, Lisa! My friends will be here soon and I want them to see your butt bouncing in the air when they walk in. Can you do that for Daddy, you fucking Bitch. Can you to stick your butt way up in the air Bitch? Yes, you can bounce that round ass while you suck Daddy's Dick, right Tramp?!"

With her hair in my fist I made her nod yes, then I dropped my pants and laid on the bed never letting go of her hair. I love the way her young face twisted in pain. I felt like a caveman pulling her hair like that; and my club was getting harder by the minute.

The adrenaline was skyrocketing and I used my free hand to savagely rip off the jogging shorts she had planned on sleeping in. Ah yes, what a big white round ass this young bitch had.

"Lisa," I said, "your ass is so big and round! Your dad must have loved grabbing your ass that day he pounded his cock into you. Lets see... You were ten, right? What a little slut you must have been to be getting a man's attention at that age! And you're still a little slut, aren't you Lisa? I SAID, AREN'T YOU, LISA?"

And with that I brought my closed fist down as hard as I could on her ass, making her stammer out the words, "Yes a little ssssslut! Please don't hurt me again!" She began to cry. This was going even better than I'd predicted.

"Well, hurry up now. Come on, its time. I mean, surely you didn't plan on living in my house rent-free forever did you? Naw, you're getting a little too at home here you good-for-nothing girl. We can't even get you to help with the dishes, huh? Think you are special huh Brat?"

I slapped her face, bringing tears to her eyes, then continued, "Well, you are special. You're Daddy's special bitch now. Now suck this cock good and bounce that ass. That's it! Aim that ass right toward the door there. Now suck. Suck it better bitch, suck it like a pro or I'm ramming it up your butt right now. Lick it. Now swallow it all." I forced her face down. The gagging was great. I could feel her vomit and swallow vomit and swallow. What's wrong slut, too much cock for you?"

Just then Tim and Frank walked in.

"How do you like this bubbly ass guys?"

Tim and Frank both agreed, smiling and nodding. Both wasted no time with their flys - this was a fantasy come true and no one had to be told what to do.

Lisa fell blue and coughing from her new "Daddy's" lap. She lay there limp, still gasping when Steve sprang up to get the show started.

"See here fellas," he said, this little slut has a real toilet mouth and it's always getting her into trouble. Ain't it, bitch?" His angry words shot through clenched teeth as he pulled the girl up on ready knees, by the hair, making her scalp start to bleed again.

Why don't you show this little dirty mouth how they deal with disrespectful talk at your house, Tim? With that, Tim pulled out his long cock and Lisa felt it rub her lower lip. "Open wide little girl. Daddy's doing the pody trainin!"

Without effort his strong hands held her jaw open to a maximum hinge. And without any nudging, Tim gladly demonstrated his best racehorse piss straight down Lisa's throat. They all laughed, Steve the loudest, as he braced against her convulsions, keeping her tightly in place to swallow every bit of urine. Like a pro, he tilted her head back until every last drop went down the hatch, only losing a little up her nose.

"Dammit!" I fucking forgot pics. Frank, piss in her mouth again. I got the recorder."

After the second round of piss guzzling, Lisa puked all over the carpet beside my son's bed. The puking got the attention of our Rotwieller in the next room and the nasty bastard pushed his way into the room. I shoved that dirty Bitches face so hard in that vomit! She struggled and her ass went foolishly into the air. Foolish of her because that's when I shoved the handle of the tennis racket far up her asshole. She screamed so loud that the dog began to bark and then growl.

However it only took another second for the odor of piss vomit to set him in motion and he was all over Lisa and her puke puddle. Her naked body in the middle of the gross scene was enough to turn anyone on and with the Dog I knew this would be the best home video ever. My anger eased but I left the racket sticking from her ass checks; and occasionally knocked it out of spite.

I loved hearing her cry because I was torturing her ass with my tennis racket while she squirmed in pain and vomit under my determined Rotweiller. "My Dog is real happy about you puking piss all over my carpet, you little shit licker. But I'm a little fucking pissed off. Since you like making my dog happy bitch, suck his slimy dog dick. For motivation a gave the racket in her ass a great jolt.

She lunged in desperation at the dog.

"That's it you little four legged bitch, use your fingers. Jack that slimy pink wiener. There it is. How fucking gross. Nobody wants to see you touching that smelly dogs dick. Nice home video you gross spew hole. Put your filthy mouth on it. Get under that dog Lisa. Get under him NOW Stupid. How old will you be, eleven? You act like it. Now suck that dog dick like the pro you just proved you were."

Lisa did suck the dog off that day. Then she sucked Tim off. Then she sucked Frank off.

When my wife came home the next day, Lisa was completely moved out; but because of our home movies, she visits Daddy often!



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