Chapter 1


What happened to your face?" she asked almost crying. "Did they beat you up again?"

"Yes," I said sitting next to her, "I can't take much more of this. The guards won't help. They just stand there, some walk away when they start. Only 32 more days and I'm out of here, You have to help me baby."

"I don't think I can do it," she said sobbing.

"Whadaya talkin bout with your hot little pussy momma, Sanderson," the big black man said and sat on the other side of my wife putting his arm around her shoulder. "Got anymore pictures for us honey? I enjoyed jacking off to those big tits and especially that blond cunt of yours. Your hubby here couldn't wait to show us what he fucks."

Embarrassed Vicki tried to ignore him, but it was useless. His hand was around her shoulder and cupping her breast, massaging it.

Doing 180 days for a drunken driving charge, I sat there with my beautiful young wife. Vicki is 23, 5"8"; with natural blond waist length hair. Her skin is very light and fair. Her breasts are large, 34D, causing her to appear almost top heavy. Being a virgin when we married, I've been her only lover. We've been together since High School and have been very much in love.

It was Visitors day at the county jail and prisoner with visitors sat in the cafeteria, which had been rearranged for the day. The room was packed with over 100 friends and wives of the prisoners. Children were only allowed on special occasions, this was not one of those days.

The guards walk around making sure things don't get out of hand. Every once in awhile, a prisoner and his lover would get permission to enter a small adjacent room for a private "time" together. Though the county jail doesn't have an official conjugal visit policy, guards were told to allow semi-private visits. They were also told to never shut the door completely. So you never really had privacy.

Every now and then a female would go under the table to service their mate. People close by would try to ignore the sounds, but it was very difficult. The guards would watch and laugh at the humiliated wives. Each would come up from under the tables trying to hide cum on their chins and lips.

My beatings began several months ago when Vicki came to visit. Vicki had posed for several nude pictures and she was going to pass them to me during visiting hours. Her sister, Valerie, had taken them with a Polaroid camera a few days before. When she sat next to me smiling I knew something was up. All I knew was I wanted her very badly, I had my hand on her thigh and was moving it up toward her pussy when she handed me the pictures.

I fumbled with the pictures and put them away quickly, however, one of the guards had seen the transaction. He came over and made me show him what she had passed me. He was concerned about drugs, but was pleasantly surprised to see my beautiful wife naked in five pictures. Two were face and tit shots, one was an ass shot, but the last two were pussy shots, one of those with her spreading her pussy lips apart. All the pictures had Vicki smiling her sexy "Come and get it" smile. He actually laughed and put them in his pocket. Later, after making copies, he sold them to whoever wanted them.

The black bastard sitting next to Vicki feeling her tit, bought all five, and was trying to get Vicki to take some more pictures for him. He wanted some of her with his black girl friend, and several with his brother. But she wouldn't do it. This guy had been beating me almost daily to force her into it. He was also making her dress to please him when she came to visit me.

"Whoa Sanderson, your wife has big mamma tits! They're real too. Hard to find such big real tits," He said. "Love to fuck that blond cunt of yours baby," he said to Vicki as his other hand moved under her skirt up her thigh and dug into her fleshy pussy lips.

Clenching her legs together to try and stop his advance, Vicki screamed, "Don't Touch Me!"

The big black man rose and cursed at me, "You're gonna die you white pussy. Tonight I'm gonna fuck that tight ass of yours."

"Wait!" Vicki said and told him to sit down again. "Please don't hurt him. You're gonna kill him."

The big black man sat next to Vicki, one hand around her shoulder the other under the table. He placed his fat hand on her thigh, reaching up her leg for her pussy. "Mrs. I hope you did as you were told," he said as his fingers touched her naked pubic area. "Good baby. Now you get some real fingers in your pussy. Lay back some and spread your legs."

"There are too many people are watching. Stop! Please!" Vicki pleaded and slowly opened her legs.

Prisoners sitting across from us saw her spreading legs, and the big black man's hand against her creamy white skin. She was crying again. Ignoring her pleas he pushed into her moist pussy with his fat finger.

"Ow!" she said and her fingernails dug into my hand.

"Stop it Boone! Keep your hands off her or," I said.

"Or you'll what" You pussy!" he interrupted and pushed his finger farther into Vicki.

"Look cunt" he said to Vicki, "I play with your pussy now or I beat the shit out of your husband later, and fuck his ass. Your choice."

"Okay, go ahead," she said and continued crying. "Just leave him alone please."

Boone pushed his fat finger as far as he could into Vicki's pussy, while the arm around her shoulder pulled her closer into his body. He then lowered his hand down from her shoulder to her breast again and began to massage it.

"Unbutton your blouse and you better had done what I told you last week, and not be wearing a bra." He said unbuttoning blouse. "Good, bitch. You did as you were told."

Boone wasn't trying to hide his actions and even spoke loudly to get attention. He enjoyed having people watch him molest my wife. He said in a loud voice, "Damn these are nice tits. Mark! Mark! Come here a minute," you gotta feel these monster tits." Wives sitting close by were sympathetic, but glad it was happening to someone else.

Mark came to our table, pulled me up by the arm and sat down in my chair. Without trying to hide his actions, he took the other breast in his hand and began massaging it. "Damn she has big tits!" he said his cock hardening. "Anyway we can get you into that room over there and fuck you tight pussy," he said with an evil smile. "Don't look at your pussy husband" he can't help you here. I gotta better idea. Get under the table cunt and give me a blowjob."

Vicki froze. She looked at me and I shook my head "No" and she started screaming.

Even these asshole guards couldn't ignore her screams. They came to her aid and had the two large black men leave the area. As they left, they both turned and smiled at me. But their smiles were evil.

"Vicki," I said softly, "I want you to stop coming to visit me. I only have 32 more days. We can talk once a week on the phone. I don't want you here anymore. Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself. You have to promise me."

"I gotta go now!" she said and hugged me. "I'm sorry I couldn't do it. not in a room full of people. I can't promise you I will come on visiting day either. Please be careful, I love you," and she ran out of the room.

As Vicki ran down the hall, one of the guards, a fat sergeant, called after her to stop. He walked up to her and said, "We can protect your husband from these blacks if you like. But there is a price for you to pay."

Thru her sobs she said, "What can you do to help him? I know they're gonna kill him tonight. They said they'd kill him. Don't let them please! I'll do anything!"

"Look Mrs. Sanderson, I can move him to a safe secure area for the remainder of his stay here. What is that a month or two." Vicki nodded and he continued, "I saw what they were doing to you. How they had their hands on your breasts and what they were doing under the table" you know, touching you there."

Vicki stopped the fat sergeant and said, "They were almost raping me and none of you tried to stop them. You all just stood there and..."

"Wait now, Mrs. Sanderson. You've been coming here long enough to know the score. We're not supposed to interfere with the prisoners unless there's real trouble" those orders come right from the warden. We couldn't do anything until you screamed. Now here's the deal, we'll place your husband in solitary for the remainder of his term. He'll be safe there. I know he'll be alone, but no one will be able to hurt him anymore," and lowering his voice he said, "All you have to do is do what I say and when I say it. Deal?"

"We have no money. I'm working two jobs trying to make ends meet," Vicki said.

"It's not money I want. and I think you know it. I want your body once or twice a week for the next month. It's either that or your husband goes back into general population. It's your choice."

Vicki stood there trying not to cry. Her hands still holding her blouse closed. The two black men had torn the buttons off in their hurry to get her blouse open. Her skirt was disheveled and she felt violated. "Okay," she said, "but you have to move him today. Now! Not later today, now!"

"Okay Mrs. Sanderson," he said half smiling, "We'll move him right now. You wait in the visitor's room and I promise he'll be safe before you leave today."

"Not in there, I won't wait in there. Anywhere else," she pleaded.

"I'll have the guards keep an eye on you," and he left.

Vicki walked back into the visitor's room and stood against the wall. The room was now about half full, the two black men that had bothered her earlier were gone. Several prisoners tried to talk to her, but, the guards stopped them and ordered all the prisoners back to their cells.

The fat sergeant was keeping his word. He was having a guard move her husband to solitary. She looked up as several large guards entered the room. One of the guards spoke quietly to the fat sergeant and he said to Vicki, "Well, Mrs. Sanderson your husband is safe. Here, talk into this handset, he's on the other end."

"Baby is that you?" she cried softly.

"Yes, it's me. They've moved me into solitary. I think I'm safe now. I may have to be here for the next 32 days, but I can do that on my head. You okay Baby?"

"Better now that I know you're safe," she said relieved. "I gotta go baby, they're in a hurry to get back to work. I love you baby. I'll be back next Thursday to see you."

The fat sergeant grabbed the Handset out of her hand and asked the guards to secure their units and come back. They walked off and the fat sergeant said to Vicki, "Okay strip off those clothes it's time to pay your husband's bill. Remember, you say anything to anyone and I send him back to general population and he'll be ass-fucked by everyone. Now stop that blubbering now and get naked!"

Vicki opened and removed her blouse. Her 34D tits exposed to this stranger. Her skin was very light and her nipples were just a bit darker. Her nipples stood erect and hard as she unzipped her skirt. She let her skirt fall exposing her naked body.

The fat sergeant looked at this beautiful female and marveled at her blond hair and well endowed body. "Do you shave that pussy? Damn! You don't! Your pussy hair is so light I can barely see it. Let me touch that pussy of yours," he said and reached out.

Vicki jumped back and tried to cover herself. He picked up his Handset and said "Jimmy, Tom here," put Sanderson back into general population.

"No wait! I'll do what you say," she said and moved closer to him, dropping her hands to her side. "Do what you want. Just protect my husband."

"Never mind, Jimmy. Keep him where he is and get back here ASAP."

"Roger," was Jimmy's answer, and the fat sergeant put down the handset.

"Now Mrs. Sanderson," we're gonna have some fun okay? You can join in and enjoy yourself or not, I don't really care. You just do what I say when I tell you. Now get on your knees and suck my cock."

Shaking, the young beautiful female knelt before the fat bellied man. He told her to take it out herself and watched as she unzipped his pants. Opening his fly, she smelled rotting underwear, and gagged. She reached inside and tried to pull out his penis but was having problems. Frustrated, the fat sergeant unbuckled his belt, unhooked his pants and dropped his pants to the floor.

The smell was terrible. His underwear had urine stains and large holes. His belly hung low over his engorged cock, almost hiding it. He was a big man, but his penis was small in length, but very wide. He roughly grabbed Vicki's head and forced her face up against his smelly crotch. "Suck it bitch!" he said with wicked smile. "Take it in your mouth and suck, cunt."

Vicki pulled back from his crotch so she could take the tip of his fat cock into her mouth. Gagging openly, she panicked and tried to stand. The fat sergeant pushed her to the floor again and stuck his cock to her lips. Just then four guards came into the Visitors room. "Suck my cock now you whore!" he said loudly. The guards started laughing and sat down to wait their turn to violate this beautiful female.

She started down his shaft with her mouth and the fat sergeant took the sides of her head and pushed her all the way to his smelly pubic hair. His fat cock filled her mouth but the length barely hit the back of her throat. She started a rhythmic movement up and down his fat cock. She could tell the fat man wasn't used to pretty girls and she didn't expect him to last long.

But he surprised her. He lasted longer then she expected. She tried every trick she could think of to make him cum and get it over with. Nothing was working. She decided to do what she did to her husband. It always worked. She reached under his testicles with one hand and took one finger and inserted it into the fat man's smelly fat ass.

It worked! The fat man began to tremble and jerk as he started to squirt his cum into her mouth. He held the sides of her head and pulled her to his crotch. Squirt after squirt of his thick foul cum was being pumped into her mouth. She was swallowing some, but most was oozing out of the sides of her mouth. With one final squirt he took his cock in his hand and forced the last of his cum onto her tongue.

The guards began to cheer quietly and one of them told Vicki to stand. Vicki stood and allowed these horny men to stare at her naked body. "Big tits!" was most common. They also commented about the lightness of her pubic hair.

"Come here cunt," let me feel those puppies," the tall guard, Jimmy, said and Vicki walked to him. He took her 34D tits in his hands and started to massage them, his cock getting harder by the moment. "Damn, it's good to feel soft big tits again. Since my wife's had 5 babies her tits are flabby and lay flat on her, these are magnificent."

Jimmy added, "Does that pussy husband of yours ever tit- fuck you" I sure would if I had you at home. I'd fuck those titties and cum in your face. Lay down cunt, I'm gonna do just that!"

Vicki just stood there crying. He told her to lay on the floor and when she hesitated, he pushed her down to the cold, dirty floor. Lowered his pants and underwear to his ankles, stepped out of them, and sat straddling Vicki's stomach. He placed his large hardened cock between her tits and started fucking them. Her tits were dry so he reached behind himself and dipped his fingers into her moist pussy. He then took her wetness and rubbed it onto his cock. He did this three times until he felt the movement was slick and wet enough to begin his fucking.

Vicki lay on the cold floor, eyes closed, as this tall man used her breasts in a way she'd only heard about. Jimmy was tit-fucking her. She was being used in a degrading way. Used as meat. Her loving husband would never use her in any way, not even for a "quickie."

She opened her eyes long enough to see him holding her tits together and his cock sliding between them, touching her chin once in awhile as he got more excited. She felt him thrusting between her tits faster and faster and was feeling friction heat as the wetness dried. He started to jerk and she knew he was going to cum on her. Her eyes closed tightly again, as he started moaning. She felt his warm cum hit her chin, lips, nose and eyes. Some even hit as far up as her forehead and blond hair.

He started laughing and smeared his cum around her face and neck to humiliate her. He seemed to enjoy slopping it around her mouth.

"Open up that mouth cunt. Time to eat some desert," he said laughing.

Vicki kept her mouth shut, but he had already pushed some into her mouth while rubbing it around her face. Standing above her now, he took his almost limp cock and aimed it at her mouth. "Open up whore" I'm gonna drop some cum right in your mouth."

Vicki opened her mouth, but kept her eyes closed. She waited for a few seconds and opened her eyes. She saw him pushing cum to the tip of his cock and aiming it for her opened mouth. She saw cum begin to ball on his tip and start to drop. It fell right into her mouth and all the men cheered. She closed her mouth and started to spit.

"Swallow it cunt, don't spit anyone's cum out. You hear bitch?" the fat sergeant said, and she swallowed it down.

The next man pushed her legs open and got between them. He fingered her cunt trying to get it moist enough to fuck. "Hell with you guys, I'm fucking her pussy," and unzipped his pants. He lay down on top of her and pushed into her moist pussy. In one quick movement, he pushed himself into her until his balls hit her ass.

The guards watched hypnotized at the sight of his large cock slowly pulling out of her pussy. We were amazed and excited at how her pussy lips seemed to hold onto the sides of his cock and stretch out for several inches along his shaft, and then disappear inside as he pushed into her. With each thrust, the weight of the man on Vicki, and the hard floor caused her to grunt in beat with his thrusts. The affect was very exciting and the other guards were getting anxious for their turn with her.

The sergeant said, "Jimmy, go get Sanderson. Maybe he should watch this. What do you think," Jimmy smiled and left the room.

The man fucking Vicki was closed to cumming and he started jerking and squirting cum inside her fertile vagina. His final thrusts were hard and rough. He was pushing in as hard as he could to bury his cum far within her pussy.

* * *

Walking into the Visitor's room, I saw several guards sitting on tables, watching someone on the floor between them. As I got closer I saw it was Vicki. She was naked and her eyes were closed. Her legs spread and she had cum on her face. She also had cum leaking from her pussy. I walked up and kept quiet.

"Who's next," the fat sergeant said and an older man stepped forward.

"Me," he said and everyone started chanting "Gramps! Gramps! Gramps!"

Gramps pulled her up and rolled her over onto her hands and knees. "I haven't had a good butt-fuck since my wife died. Sanderson, you mind if I butt-fuck your wife."

With that Vicki's eye's opened and from her doggie position, she looked around the room until she found my eyes. She just stared at me. She didn't say a word. When she saw I wasn't going to help her, she put her head down and opened her legs farther to let Gramps between them.

Gramps put his hand inside her pussy and pulled out some cum from the last man. He pushed a glob into her butt with one finger. He left his finger deep inside her asshole until he felt Vicki relax her sphincter muscles. When she finally relaxed, he pulled his finger out and took some more cum and pushed two fingers into her tight asshole.

Vicki screamed in pain and tried to move forward. The other men joined them and held her still while the old man pushed the two fingers into her asshole. Someone slapped her face to quiet her and filled her mouth with a dirty rag someone had left on a table.

"Well young man, this is how you butt-fuck your wife. First you get her used to one finger. You always leave it there till she relaxes. Then you put two fingers in and wait till she relaxes again. Then you can put your cock in her. Two or three fingers are about how wide a man's cock is. So if she can take two she can take you," he finished laughing at his own joke.

The old man continued his training by saying, "Then, you make sure she can't move forward. I used to tie my wife to the bed with a pillow under her and fuck her ass. She hated it but she did it cause she knew I was the man of the house. If you want to be man of your house you have to butt-fuck your wife once a month. When's the last time you butt-fucked her?"

I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders, "Never."

Smiling, the old man said, "Come here young man. Get behind her and butt-fuck her now. You have to take charge of your household. Come on" get down behind her and do as I told you. She's your woman. You should be the first to butt-fuck her"

I hesitated and the fat sergeant said, "It's either gonna be you in her butt or Boone in yours, Sanderson. Take your pick."

Vicki looked back at me and said, "It's okay baby, I Love you."

I got down behind my beautiful wife and put my cock to the rim of her asshole. I hesitated again and the old man said, "Come on young man. Stick it in. Make her take you all the way inside."

I pushed ever so slowly into her butt and she whined loudly. I past the rim with the width of my cock and slowly pushed farther inside her. I felt hands on my back, as the old man pushed on my back and hips forcing me all the way inside her ass. He pushed me in until my balls rubbed against her blond pussy hair.

Vicki tensed up on my cock causing her muscles to hold me firmly inside her ass. "Relax," the old man told her as he got down close to her face. "The more you tense up the more it'll hurt you."

I felt Vicki relax and I began to move in and out slowly. She was taking it and not tensing up so I continued moving in and out of her tight ass.

The old man said, "You have to let her know you're the boss. You have to thrust hard so she knows you're in charge and you own her. If she gets hurt, don't worry she'll heal. Now you gotta really butt-fuck her hard."

I quickened my pace and felt her anal sphincter muscles easing up. As I began to thrust harder into her, her 34D tits began to bounce and jiggle with each thrust. Her tits would slap against her chest and then fly in the opposite direction and almost hit her shoulders. I had seen this many times in our bedroom closet mirror as I fucked her pussy. It always turned me on. These older men probably hadn't seen something like this in years. The sight was very arousing for all to watch.

I pushed into her ass and pulled out for several minutes. After which, I felt my sperm starting down my shaft towards her asshole. I started to shoot cum deep inside her tight ass while the old man began to applaud. "Good job! Keep it up! Don't stop now."

I began to grind myself into her ass and she started crying loudly, "That hurts! Please Stop!"

The old man quickly said, "Keep the hard thrusting going. This is where you break her. From now on that asshole will be yours when you want it."

I kept on grinding myself into her, disregarding her cries to stop. I emptied myself into her and pulled out in one movement. The old man then got behind her and in one movement, rammed his cock all the way into her ass. He started thrusting into her, and all were surprised when he went on for about 5 minutes. All the while, Vicki was crying softly. He finally started jerking and his old cock squirted what cum he had deep into her asshole.

The room went silent as Vicki tried to move her legs together. Before she could finish moving her legs, the last guard knelt down behind her and dropped his pants to his knees and entered her pussy with his cock. We all watched as cum dripped out of her asshole and onto his cock. As he pushed his cock into her, the cum that had been in her asshole was being forced into her cunt.

Her 34D tits were bouncing again with each thrust. He had watched this beautiful woman give his friends blowjobs, then get butt-fucked, and pussy fucked, he came almost immediately.

"Well, Sanderson. What do you think? You like watching other men fuck your wife? Guess not. Doesn't matter really. I want her here every week until your out. If she doesn't show up and service our needs, Boone has a new bitch to fuck, mainly, you."

The fat sergeant told the other guards to get to work and he sat as I helped my wife to her feet. She was crying and melted into my arms. "Ii hurts!" she said, "I love you, baby."

She started to dress and the fat sergeant stopped her. "Jimmy, where are you?" he asked into his handset.

"On my way," Jimmy responded.

"Sanderson, I owe someone a favor. He and I have been doing this to most all the pretty wives for the last few years. I always let him have the wives when we're done. He'll be here shortly. Now when he's done, he'll help protect you from those other men."

In walked Jimmy and Boone. I looked at the fat sergeant and said, "Not him! He's the one that's after me!"

"Strange isn't it? Well he's now your protector. That is as long as your wife does what I say. What do you want her to do Boone," the fat sergeant said smiling.

The big black man walked up to the naked blond female and sat next to me. Turning to me he said, "I get to fuck your wife. Jimmy told me you fucked her virgin ass for the first time. You like it Sanderson? I bet you did," he said not waiting for an answer. "Well it's my turn now. I'm gonna fuck your wife with the biggest cock she's ever had. She'll never be satisfied with your puny little cock again."

Standing up he dropped his pants and stepped out of them. "Come here cunt," he said, and reached to feel her 34D tits. "Damn these are magnificent, aren't they, Sanderson? Yeah you know they are. Look at those nipples. Where are they? I just about can't see them. Those nips are hard," he said pinching them, flinching, Vicki pulled back and the big black man pulled her to him by her long blond hair. "Don't you ever pull away from me again you cunt!" he said angrily, and Vicki trembled.

He took both her nipples in his fingers and pinched them again. This time Vicki closed her eyes and took the pain. He pinched until she started crying and begged him to stop. He released her nipples and began massaging her breasts.

"Damn, these are great. I could do this for hours," Boone said.

"You have 15 minutes and we're done here for the day. You always have next week," the fat sergeant said.

Boone stopped massaging her tits and took hold of her long blond hair. He lay down on the floor and pulled her down onto himself. Still holding her hair and forcing her tight against him, he told her to get on his cock. She fumbled around trying to find the tip of his monster cock, while this huge man held her close to his chest by her hair. Finally finding his enormous cock she tried to push it into her vagina.

Held down the way she was, her ass was sticking in the air and her tits were rubbing against Boone's chest. She tried and tried but couldn't get it started into her pussy. "I can't get it in," she said softly and stopped trying.

Boone released her hair and she sat up on him. She rose above it and froze just inches from his enormous cock. It had to be 12 inches long and as 4 inches thick.

He laid flat on his back and we watched her as she used her pussy to moist his cock. She wet him down with her juices by dragging her opened lips against him. She wasn't letting him enter her" she was running her pussy up and down his shaft On the outside. Other then her pussy lips, she wasn't touching any other part of his body.

Squatting above him, she ran her pussy lips up and down the length of his cock. She did this for several minutes. I walked around behind her and I could see her getting moist. It was amazing watching that snow-white ass, with blond-blond pussy hair move up and down that huge black cock. I was getting turned on just watching it.

Vicki then took his cock and ran it in next to her belly, causing her cunt to be on top of the full length of his cock. She still hadn't let him inside her vagina. she was teasing him and we all knew it. She did this until she could tell the Black man was close to cumming. She had been doing this to me for years and I loved it.

She sat up again and raised herself above his cock and took it in her hand. She placed it at her vaginal opening and began to push down hard. The enormous cock filled her pussy and she let out a low moan as she pushed herself father down his shaft. She moved down his cock smiling at him. She was teasing this man that had been beating me up almost daily for 2 months. I leaned down to get a better look and saw this huge black cock disappear inside my wife's fertile vagina.

She stopped when she thought she could go no farther and began to ride him like a horse. She was grinding quickly, she always gave me hair burn when she did this to me. I loved it when she did it, however, she couldn't get all the way down this black man's huge penis. He had her pussy opened to take the full four-inch width of his cock. But she couldn't get all the way down to his crotch.

He pumped her as she rode him, massaging her huge tits and lightly pinching her nipples every once in awhile. Vicki began to arch her back and let out a loud moaning, "Ooooohhhhhh!!!!" She was cumming with this stranger in her pussy. She had just fucked the man that had been beating me for months.

When Boone heard her climax starting, he began to cum also. He shot load after load into her fertile pussy. He pulled her down father on his cock until he felt her cervix. Again he pulled and this time he was able to pull down to his balls. He squirted the last of his cum inside her and told her not to move.

"Sanderson, get over here and let her suck you off while she's getting pussy fucked by a real man."

I stood up and walked to his side where she took me into her mouth. She and my antagonist had just fucked. Both had just cum in front of me. Now they wanted me to cum in her mouth while he was still stuffed into her blond pussy.

The fat sergeant said, "Come on guys the shows over. We gotta get you all back to your cells."

Boone gave him a dirty look and said, "My new friend here has to cum in his wife's mouth first."

I was getting close and I knew it. Boone was still quite hard and Vicki was sitting down on his huge cock. I thought about how these men had been using and abusing my beautiful innocent wife in front of me, and how I'd assisted in her rape. As the reality of what had just happened hit me, I started to cum in my wife's mouth. She swallowed every drop, as usual. I emptied myself into her mouth and withdrew.

Standing next to her, I helped Vicki pull herself off this monster cock. I had to pull up hard because she was impaled on his penis. I heard a "Pop!" sound and she was free. As she stood above him, her legs straddling him, some cum fell onto his chest from her pussy. I helped her balance and step to one side of him, more cum fell on the floor. He ordered her to lick it off him and the floor.

She got down next to him and started licking cum off his chest. The fat sergeant dropped his pants again and hobbled over behind her. She didn't see him move in behind her, and she leaned down farther to lick cum off the floor. As she was licking the pool of floor cum, she felt this fat sergeant pull her by the hips and enter her pussy again. After having such a huge cock in her, this man's fat cock would be nothing. She ignored his thrusts and finished licking up the pool of cum.

The fat man started jerking and let go his cum inside my wife with a groan. He stayed inside for just a few seconds afterwards. Stood, dressed and told Jimmy to get us back to our cells. Vicki came to me and kissed me goodbye and whispered she loved me and turned to dress. Boone said, "What about me? Do I get a kiss?"

Vicki half dressed tried to give him a peck on the cheek, but he moved his face towards her and pulled her close. He held her tight and tongue kissed her deep and long. Vicki kept her hands to her sides and let him have his way.

"See you soon baby," she said to me as Jimmy walked Boone and me back to our cells.

Boone said he would protect me for the rest of my time, but would need weekly fucks as a protection fee. "Either you, or your wife. One of you is gonna get my cock," he said as he walked into his cell.

Jimmy took me to me and said he enjoyed tit-fucking my wife. He also said, of all the wives he's fucked, mine had the biggest tits and was best for tit-fucking.

As I walked into my cell, he said, "Next week I'm gonna fuck that fine ass of hers, that okay with you, Sanderson?"

* * * The next day I talked to a few friends about the rape of my wife. I was surprised to hear that most of the guys there had had their wives raped in the same way. They had a scheme they pulled on the prisoners with halfway decent looking wives. They'd create a fictional problem, and blackmail the wives into selling their bodies for their husband's safety.

"Why can't we stop this? Doesn't anyone want to stop it," I said angrily.

"What can we do," one of them said, "We've thought of everything, but it all comes down to them believing us or them. Who do you think they'll believe" They've even gone to our houses and fucked our wives there. They threaten to put us in the population and tell everyone we're snitches."

"They go to your house," I said deeply troubled. "I didn't know that. Will they go to my house."

"You can count on it, I've seen your wife. I'd go to your house if I was them," he said truthfully.

"Damn," I said, "I gotta tell Vicki now! She's not expecting that." To myself I said, "I'm breaking this up. I swear I will."

"There's no way you can contact her until tomorrow. Then you have to get in the phone line." He said grimly, and added, "we haven't told you the rest of it either. They video your wife and what they do to her. Then they show it to most everyone here. Everyone gets to see your wife getting fucked. They jack-off during the video. Your wife is being raped and these men are jacking-off. Everyone's been very anxious to see your wife naked and getting raped."

* * *

Vicki finished her shower and stepped out to dry herself. It's been a few days since her rape and she was just now beginning to feel normal again. She wrapped the towel turban style around her head to cover her long blond hair, and pulled on her thong panties. She then picked up her bra and clasped it in front.

Spinning it around her body so the clasp was in the back, she loaded her huge tits into 34D cups. She pulled on her jeans and zipped them up. Lastly, she put on her blouse and buttoned it up. She then walked into her living room. With her husband gone, she had gotten lazy, or was it just depression, she didn't know. She turned and screamed when she saw the fat sergeant smiling at her, and Jimmy sitting next to him.

"Hello, Mrs. Sanderson, nice to see you again. We couldn't wait for Saturday so we thought we'd come and see you today. Good timing, right Jimmy?"

"Sure is boss, look at those beautiful tits. Damn I'm gonna tit-fuck her again. Or maybe fuck that tight ass of hers. Which one do you want Mrs. Sanderson," he said mocking her.

Vicki tried to run to the door, but the fat man grabbed her and held her tight. "Don't do anything stupid, cunt."

"What are you doing here? How'd you get in? Get out now or I'll call the police," she said trembling.

"We'll have no more mentioning police honey. If you call them your man will be dead by tonight. They won't just ass-fuck him. They'll kill him for stopping this fun we're all having. Let's see" ass-fucking your husband, cut his cock and balls off, then slit his throat. Sound like fun to you, Jimmy."

"Sure does, boss. But I heard they sometimes make them eat their own cock and balls before they kill them. Anyways, who the fuck cares what happens to that lucky bastard. Can we get to the fucking now," Jimmy said smiling, trying to frighten her into compliance.

Vicki tried to run again, but was stopped by the fat man. He dragged her by her long blond wet hair, into the bedroom and threw her on the bed. "Get my cameras, Jimmy, must take some video and pictures of this gorgeous female specimen."

Jimmy returned with the cameras and started the video. The fat man started asking Vicki questions. After awhile, he had her strip for them while Jimmy filmed it. Jimmy was also taking pictures with the digital camera. The fat man warned her again what would happen to her husband if she didn't do as she was told. She reluctantly agreed and started moving her body in different poses for these perverts. The fat man took the camera from Jimmy and took some stills.

"Okay Mrs. Sanderson, you're doing this of your own free will correct," he said.

"Yes," she said softly.

"Louder Mrs. Sanderson." He ordered.

"Yes!" she said in a loud voice.

"Okay, now on your back and spread your legs. Good, open those pussy lips, wider.. wider I said. Now put your finger inside your pussy. Good, now flick your clit and pretend like you're cumming. Come on, you can do better then that. You're a terrible actor. Arch that back... open your mouth and groan loud, make some noise. Pretend that Boone is fucking your pussy again, he will you know, in about 4 days. He's gonna want to see these pictures, so will the other guards. Okay now up on all fours and turn your face to the camera."

The camera was clicking away recording for posterity, "Give me a sexy look, good, arch your back, push that pussy out farther, farther, come on arch that butt into the air. Good that's right. Now pretend that Boone is ass-fucking you with that huge cock of his, you know he ass-fucks all the wives. I'm sure he'll want to fuck that tight ass of yours. Don't worry Mrs. Sanderson he'll use Vaseline. Now we're just about done, then we'll take some real porn shots." He said.

Changing positions with the cameras, he told her to stand and push her 34D tits together just for Jimmy. "You like that Jimmy? You like to tit-fuck? It's your favorite right? Push um together, good lift them up and let them drop. Look at them jiggle! Do it again, up, okay drop um. Damn that's sexy! Jimmy you gonna cum in your pants if she keeps this up? You better not. Okay let's do some real porn type shots. Give me that dildo Jimmy.

He grabbed the dildo and handed it to her, "Thanks. Now lay down again and spread open wide, good, farther, perfect! Grease this up honey and put it in your pussy. Good job, now move it in and out, pretend its Boone fucking you again. Get some close ups Jimmy. Okay honey, on all fours and don't let it fall out when you turn over. Good, see you have real pussy power, you kept that in while you got down like a doggie was gonna fuck you, we forgot to bring Mac, Jimmy. Your Mastiff, Damn, maybe next time. You ever fuck a dog honey? Well we might just make that one of your new experiences. Maybe next time huh Jimmy?"

Vicki was beside herself in fear. What were they going to make her do next, fuck a dog? Nothing would make me do that, she thought.

"Honey," you're not listening to me, arch that back while I put this dildo in the proper way, get this on film Jimmy, hubbies gotta see this tonight," he said and turned the strange dildo around so the butt plug portion was next to her asshole.

"Okay," he continued. "Push it in now, push it in, farther, take it in that tight ass of yours. Good. Perfect! now move it in and out, that looks like hell..." he said and put his camera down.

The fat man got behind her while Jimmy got into a better filming position. He started pushing the strange two headed dildo in and out of her pussy. Each time he pushed it in, the butt plug portion would invade her asshole. "This is great, perfect, getting good shots Jimmy? Good, now let's get that tit-fuck shot just for you Jimmy." He said roughly pulling the dildo out of her pussy and pushing her over onto her back.

Jimmy stripped naked and lay down on her chest with his cock between her 34D tits. Taking some Vaseline he greased up her tits and began thrusting while the fat man took stills and video of the action. Jimmy and pushed Vicki's tits together with his cock between them and started sliding his cock back and forth. The pain was unbearable but Vicki tried to stay silent.

The fat man told her to make cumming sounds as they videoed her. She started moaning and groaning like she was being fucked and Jimmy began to cum. He came on her chin, lips, cheeks and eyes as she yelled "OHHH!" in beat with his tit-fuck thrusts.

Jimmy then, sat on her tits and used his cock to slop his cum around her face. The fat man got close-ups of Jimmy's pushing his semi-hard cock all over her face" especially trying to get the cum in between her lips "Open up whore" he said and pushed it inside. "Suck it cunt." and Vicki complied. Jimmy added, "Hum you cunt, give me a vibrating hum-job," and she began to hum no special tune.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and began slapping her face with it. With each slap a small load of cum would shoot from his cock. The slaps were remarkably loud and the fat man got it all, sound included, on tape. These cock to face slaps were meant to humiliate her" nothing else.

Jimmy took the video camera and began filming as fat man had Vicki spread her legs open. Then he greased up his fingers with the Vaseline and sat next to Vicki. He began by inserting two fingers at once into her young blond pussy. Once in with the two fingers, he took them out and greased up three fingers and pushed all three into her pussy. This was close to the width of Boone's cock and she took it without arguing, all the while making cumming sounds for the video.

Again he pulled his fingers out and greased up four of them, smiling at Vicki as he did it. He pushed four fat fingers into her while Jimmy kept the video camera filming.

Four was too many and Vicki began to complain and cry. The fat man ignored her and took them out and greased up his whole hand. He was going to fist-fuck her. Vicki had no idea things like this even happened. Her loving husband had never done anything like this. Her husband always touched her with much love and compassion. She was afraid for her well being and she knew she was about to experience a new type of pain.

The fat man's greased hand stopped at her vaginal opening and he began to turn his wrist back and forth in a winding motion. Jimmy got close with the video, and filmed as the fat man's hand was turning back and forth. The fat man did this as if to slowly screw his hand into her pussy. He pushed harder and Vicki started whaling in pain. He couldn't get by her pussy lips. He used all his strength and Vicki started screaming, the pain almost knocked her out. The screams stopped and she fainted. That's all it took, the fat man pushed past her pussy lips deep into her vagina. He had his fat fist inside this female with 34" hips.

He tried to move his hand and it would barely move. Vicki woke up and started sobbing and pleading for him to take his hand out of her. "Shut up cunt. You don't like being "Fist-Fucked?"

"Just like child-birth lady, this is how it'll feel. Except this time it's just my hand. Getting this Jimmy" Good" now for some real fist-fucking." He said while getting in a better position next to her. He stabilized himself and began to see just how far he could get his hand inside her. Vicki was sobbing loudly and still pleading for him to get his hand out of her.

He push to the end and said, "Look Jimmy, I'm in a good foot wouldn't you say? Yup me too. Now honey to go along with this new experience here's a real fist-fucking for you."

With that he started pulling his fist out and pushing it in, there was no tenderness, no compassion or sympathy, just vicious, rough thrusting of his fat fist in and out of her vagina. As he pushed and pulled, he and jimmy were mesmerized by the way her pussy lips clung onto his arm. As he pulled out it held on as if to say, "You're not getting out of here that easily." When he would push in every bit of her very blond pussy hair would disappear inside with his hand. It was amazing to watch.

"Jimmy, you think her hobby's gonna like watching this," he said, mocking her. "I got an idea Jimmy, set that camera so it'll film us doing this. I want you to grease up your hand and slam as much of it as you can into her asshole. Vicki started screaming in terror and Jimmy stuff a hand towel into her mouth.

The fat man lifted her off her back and stood her up, still with his hand stuck up her pussy and said, "Get behind her Jimmy, and fuck the hand idea, grease up your cock and slam that in her asshole." Vicki was sobbing and screaming thru the towel stuffed in her mouth.

Jimmy greased up his cock and stood behind Vicki, "Bend her over some boss" and the fat man used his free hand to bend her over. Vicki was now to the point of sheer panic, waiting for his cock to touch her rectum. She felt Jimmy's hands on her hips and his cock at her asshole. In muffled tones she begged them to stop. She tried to use for her eyes to plead with the men raping her, but they weren't paying attention.

Jimmy started into her asshole and felt his boss" hand. He pushed harder and could feel the hand try to touch him thru the thin separating membrane. Farther and farther he pushed in and as he did he felt more resistance. The sound of her muffled screaming and begging was exciting both the men. He was finally all the way inside her asshole and his boss" hand was moving against his cock thru her skin.

The fat man said, "Ok, let's start moving together but not stay that way," and both men began to thrust into her. One man using his fat hand and the other man his long cock. They had no mercy on Vicki and she became man- meat for their sexual fulfillment.

The thrusts were hard and fast, and Jimmy couldn't take anymore and exploded his cum deep within her ass. The fat man just kept on thrusting his fist in and out. Jimmy pulled out and took the video camera again and continued filming. He noticed that the 8mm tape was about full so he removed the tape. He opened a small satchel and took out two tapes. He opened the wrapper of one and inserted it into the camera and resumed filming. He hadn't remembered to put the second tape back into the satchel.

Vicki was about to pass out again when she felt the fat man try to pull his hand out of her vagina. He was having problems and asked Jimmy for more Vaseline. Jimmy rubbed it in the best he could and the fat man tried again to pull his hand out. This time it popped out with a smacking sound. Vicki took the towel out of her mouth and relaxed the best she could. She was torn some and crying loudly. Her pussy lips were now stretched apart and it took several days for them to return to their normal closed position.

The fat man told Vicki he wanted a blow job and to get on her knees. The pain was excruciating, but she managed to get on her knees before him. He dropped his pants and underwear to the floor and slapped her in the face with his semi-hard cock "Come on bitch" get me hard and suck me off"

Vicki took his half hard cock into her mouth and began to run her lips up and down his fat cock. As the fat man got hard, she sensed he was ready to cum and started moving her tongue on him as she sucked. He started jerking and squirting his cum into her mouth and Vicki just swallowed" she didn't want a struggle" she just swallowed" she had a broken spirit and was ready satisfy any man's sexual fantasy.

The rape finished with the fat man taking more pictures of Vicki, clothed and naked. She did as she was told and didn't say a word, unless they wanted fucking or cumming sounds for the video. They left about 11 that night and drove to Jimmy's house. The fat man dropped him off, then drove to his house, where he spent several hours editing the pictures and video. Then finally went to sleep around 3am.

That same evening Vicki spent several hours in the emergency room having some repair work done. They wanted to keep her over night but she wouldn't have any part of it. The police were called but she would make no complaint and give no names. Vicki got into her car and drove to her sister's house to spend the night. She wanted to feel safe.

* * *

The next morning Vicki and her sister went to her house to get some clothes and personal items. Vicki was moving in with Valerie and her husband. After packing, Vicki double checked the doors and windows, and looked one last time in the living room. Only a few hours earlier, she had been brutally raped right there. She started for the door and something caught her eye. It was an 8mm video tape. The rapists had left it there by mistake. She quickly put it in her purse and left.

* * *

That same day, the fat man sat at his desk and prepared for another special night of videos with the prisoners. He invited the guards and video regulars. If they'd raped and videoed your wife, you could watch the rape of the next man's wife. Simple enough plan.

There would be 19 men at tonight's viewing, the 18 regulars and the new man, Sanderson. His wife would be the new video star. She would definitely be the prettiest girl they'd videoed being raped. So many of the men had desired to see her naked that there were several willing to pay big money to sit in for the viewing.

Boone had never been to a video showing before, however, he'd raped the wife of every prisoner in the viewing room. He was paying the fat man big money to fuck these women and he wanted to be there for tonight's viewing. He wanted to see Vicki Sanderson naked again. She was, after all, the prettiest and sexiest female these men had been around in a long time.

* * *

That evening I entered the room a bit confused. I had no idea why I'd been invited to watch a video. The room was filled with a few guards and lots of prisoners. Everyone looked at me as I entered and whispered and laughed. Boone called me over and made someone move so I could sit next to him. Some men were openly masturbating. This made me all the more nervous and I considered leaving, thinking maybe I was going to be gang-raped.

The fat man came in the viewing room and spoke, "Hello again. Tonight we have a special treat. I'm sure you've all seen Mr. Sanderson's beautiful wife Vicki. Well we put together a video of some fun we had with her the other night, and we're going to watch it tonight."

My heart sank as I heard these words. They had hurt and humiliated my loving wife and now they were going to show some video of that experience. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. What I saw shocked, angered and excited me all at the same time.

The fat man started the video on the large screen TV and I saw my young, blond, beautiful, loving wife standing there fully clothed, answering questions for the introduction.

"What are your measurements," he asked.

She answered, "34D-24-34."

"Are your tits real?" he asked again.

"Yes," she answered.

"How old were you when you lost your virginity?" he asked.

"15," she answered.

"Who was your first fuck?" he asked.

"My husband," she answered.

"Ever been in a threesome?" he asked.

"Not before last week," she answered. The room filled with laughter from the men. "Ever fuck an animal?" he asked.

"No," she answered.

"Would you if I ordered you to do it?" he asked.

"No!" she answered.

"We'll see about that won't we darlin?" he said with an evil smile, "Do you enjoy sex?"

"Yes," she answered and added, "with my husband, not with you pigs." Again the room filled with laughter.

"Do you swallow cum?" he asked.

"Normally yes," she answered.

"Do you enjoy anal sex?" he asked.

"Not the way I've had it so far," she answered. Once again, there was more laughter.

"Your husband was your first pussy and ass-fuck correct?" he asked.

"Yes he was," she answered.

The questions went on for several minutes and got more intimate as they went. Vicki seemed right at home discussing how she would like to give someone a blowjob while two men fucked her pussy and ass. I was surprised and excited at the same time. This normally shy girl would hardly discuss sex with me after so many years, now she's allowing herself to be videoed as she talks about having to men double fuck her in her pussy while a third fingers her asshole, and she sucks a forth man's cock.

She looked different to. The gleam in her eye wasn't there any longer and she seemed overly compliant. The fat man began to order her to remove her clothes. She asked him if she should do a striptease or just remove her clothing. He told her do whatever you like. She surprised me by saying, "Whatever you want is what I'll do. Just order me and watch," she started to dance to music that only she heard.

As she removed her blouse and the men saw her bulging bra, they made ugly comments about her cup size. When she unsnapped her bra and let it fall, there was a common gasp and everyone cheered. When she removed her jeans and danced in her thong panties, the room went nuts. But the loudest noise came when she turned around and pulled her panties down, bending at the waist, keeping her legs straight, she bent over and pulled them to her feet and stepped out of them. She moved her feet about 18 inches apart and, still bent at the waist, arched her back and pushed her pussy lips out as far as she could. The men who were masturbating came openly on their hands and, not stopping to clean themselves, continued jacking off.

Vicki stood up straight and turned around to face the camera. There was another gasp as the men looked at her 34D tits and ever so blond pubic hair. She stood straight and tall, and the men took in ever curve of her perfect body.

The video scene switched to her posing for pictures taken by the fat man or Jimmy the guard. These pictures had her with legs spread open wide and the fat man telling her to spread open her pussy lips.

She was told to hold up her tits and let them fall. When she did this the men went nuts again. They were so big and perfect, watching them being bounced and jiggled, and even thrown up and let fall was very exciting. I made a mental note to have her do that for me the next time we have sex.

There were shots of her with various toys, including dildos and butt-plugs. I'd never seen her using a dildo before. She really seemed to enjoy it. She even seemed to enjoy the butt-plug, or the dildos being inserted into her rectum.

They came to the shots of Jimmy tit-fucking her and everyone laughed at the sight. Jimmy's cock sliding between those two melons was very entertaining and very arousing. When Jimmy came on her face and rubbed it around with his cock the people were laughing and wishing it was them. When she was made to lick the cum off herself I really stared to get into it. She lifted her tit and started to lick them. She was told to suck her nipples and she turned her tit and licked her nipples, then sucked on each of them until told to stop.

Then she gave the fat man a blow-job and everyone laughed and applauded. When he came and she accepted it into her mouth so willingly, the room was quiet with passion. She was sexier then I'd ever seen her. The extra blowjobs and continuous her beautiful body had everyone cumming in their pants and on the floor.

When they started the fisting, the room went quiet. You could hear the sound of someone jacking off, and that was it. We all heard her pleading, crying and screaming as these two men violated every hole in her body. I was totally shocked when I saw his fat hand plunged into her small vagina. When he started thrusting it inside her, the men were jacking off again. As her husband and one who really loved her, watching her pleading eyes and hearing her cries had me in tears. I wanted to kill those bastards. I vowed I would see to their deaths, and they would suffer in similar manors.

Then Jimmy entered her asshole while the fat man fisted her vagina, and the room was dead quiet. Even the masturbator stopped and watched. With each unloving thrust into my wife's pussy I became angrier. I wanted to kill them where they sat.

It was then that Boone leaned over and said "Don't do it man. You'll get life and they'll fuck her and you won't. Besides that, I want to fuck her a few more times myself"

The video finally came to an end and we all just sat there. The fat man had the guards make the prisoners clean up the place, and then everyone was taken back to their cells.

I lay on my bed that night and just stared most of the night.

* * *

Vicki didn't come to visit that weekend and everyone was disappointed. It was two weeks later when she showed up. She was dressed in a sun dress and she looked beautiful. She had gotten her hair done and she was relaxed. She sat alone in the waiting room while other wives and husbands chatted. They finally got to me and I walked into the waiting room and sat next to her.

"Hello my love. I've missed you," she said and kissed me tenderly on the lips. She reached down and unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock and started rubbing it in her both hands. The room was crowded but that didn't stop her from hiking up her skirt so the men sitting opposite could see she wasn't wearing panties. I was curious as to how far Vicki would go now that she was so willing to please me, so I thought I would test her.

As I was thinking of what to do, Boone walked in with a few buddies and sat on her other side again. I told Vicki to get on her knees and suck my cock. Thinking she would go under the table like other wives do, I was surprised when she knelt next to the table, in the aisle, and put her face in my lap and started to suck me into her mouth.

People next to us were staring. Some wives were angry that she would do this so openly, others were curious and excited by the beautiful blond hair girl giving her husband a blowjob in front of everyone. I loved it. I loved that she was so beautiful and sexy, I loved that she was sucking me in front of everyone, and I loved that she would now do anything I told her to do. I tried to hold off, but I couldn't. I started cumming in her mouth almost immediately. She accepted every squirt and swallowed it all.

She stood up and sat next to me. Whispering in my ear she said, "We have them by the balls. They left one of their videos at our house and I took it to a lawyer."

"What do you mean, they left a video at our house? What video? I saw the one they took of you," I said, still hard and trying to recover from my recent blowjob.

"An older one. See that girl over there with that Mexican guy? They took videos of her rape," she said pointing across the room.

As I looked, I saw a young pretty Mexican girl smiling and waving back at me. She continued, "The lawyer was able to identify that girl and we're going to the district attorney later today at 2pm. There were four other girls on that tape we haven't been able to identify, but it shouldn't be hard."

Stunned, I said, "This is unreal! Make sure they get me moved out of here, I'm sure they'll try to kill me. By the way, why'd you give me a blowjob like that? If you knew this was almost over."

"You asked me to," was her answer, "I'm yours completely now. I'll do whatever you say, whenever you say."

"You mean it, really? Boone is gonna kill me over the lawyer thing." I said worriedly.

"Don't worry about Boone. He's alright. He's gonna be offered a deal if he testifies against the guards. Anyway, he likes me and he'll do what I ask him to do," she said confidently, and continued, "call him over."

"Boone!" I called out, waving him over, "Vicki wants to talk to you."

The big black man sat down next to Vicki and put his arm around her, cupping her breast. "Stop that!" she said laughing, and removed his hand from her breast. "Be nice. There's some stuff that's gonna happen today. It involves you and the amount of time you have left to serve. My lawyer has told me to tell you he can get you out sooner, if you help us. You interested?"

The big black man smiled and said, "Always interested in getting out of here. Who do I have to kill?" he said jokingly and continued, "really, what's up?"

"At 2PM today, I'm meeting with the District Attorney about the raping that's going on. We have proof enough to put these guards away for a long time, but we need your help. The video has several woman being blackmailed into sex by the guards, but we need someone on the inside to testify about it. My lawyer thinks he can get you out for your testimony, if you'll do it. He says you have 18 months left to go."

Boone sat back in the chair and thought out loud, "Hmmmmm, testify and get off . Never been a snitch. Never caved into the "Man." But I sure a fuck don't wanna spend another 18 months in this hole," looking at Vicki he said, "I'll do it. But I was also involved in the rapes. I paid money to that fat ass to fuck these women. Won't they get me for rape?"

"That'll be part of the deal. No one's gonna charge you with rape if you testify," she said reassuring him. "Now will you do it?"

Boone stood and walked to the drinking fountain and took a slow long drink of water. He returned and sat next to Vicki again, arm around her, hand on her breast, "Yeah, I'll do it. But I have one request from you. I saw what you just did for your husband, do that now for me and it's a deal."

Vicki smiled, looked at me and said, "You sure you want that now. If you're out in a few weeks we could take our time. You're call."

"Why do you do this to me, woman?" he said smiling, "just do it and later we can do it again." Looking at me he said, "Come on man, help me here."

I looked at Vicki and nodded toward him. She immediately got down between the black man's legs and unzipped he pants. Pulling out his monster, semi-hard, cock she kissed the tip of it. She then placed the monster head in her mouth. This was a real stretch for her tiny mouth, but she got her lips around it. Lifting her head up and staring in Boone's eyes she said, "You swear you'll protect my husband?"

Boone nodded and Vicki began again on the head of his cock. I could tell she was having problems getting it all in" at least enough to give him a good blowjob. Once she got used to it, she was able to take about 4 inches into her mouth. Which was his massive cock head and about 2 inches of shaft.

She got into a good rhythm while people around us just stared in unbelief. It didn't take long and the big black man started squirting huge amounts of cum into her throat. He tried to push her farther down his shaft, but she had reached her limit. She sucked out the remaining cum and kissed the tip of his cock and sat down between us again.

"Thanks, baby," he said, "What's next?"

Confused, Vicki asked, "You want more?"

"Yes I do, but not now," he said smiling, "I mean, what happens next?"

"We'll know today by 3PM or so. I'll let you know. Can one of you call me around 5 today."

Boone nodded and she continued, "I gotta go now. That okay with you baby," smiling at me.

"Yeah sure, babe. Be safe!" I said and Boone and I watched her walk out.

In the hall the fat guard stopped her. Vicki tried to get by, but the fat man grabbed her arm and smiled. Vicki tried to get lose, but he was too strong. "I have to go, now," she said. "I don't have time for anything now. Come by later tonight and I'll do whatever you say. Bring all your friends if you want."

Reluctantly, the fat man let her go. But knew it's be better later when they could take their time. He watched her shapely ass as she walked down the hall and got hard thinking about her tight asshole rapped around his hard cock. "Yeah," he thought to himself, "Tonight I fuck her ass and her pussy."

Vicki walked into the parking lot where she met her sister. They drove to a restaurant and had lunch. They talked about what was about to happen and the revenge all the women were going to get.

* * *

At exactly 1:45PM, Vicki met her lawyer in the District Attorneys waiting room. At exactly 2PM they were ushered into the office where they sat waiting for the DA to enter. The side door opened and in walked Elizabeth Duran, District Attorney, and her assistant DA. Smiling as she placed her briefcase on her desk Mrs. Duran said, "Okay. You have 30 minutes. Now what's this about the guards at county forcing prisoner's wives into sex."

For the next 30 minutes the tale of horrors were being told to a very angry District Attorney. As she watched the video she told her assistant to start action on warrants. She watched the entire tape. She saw four women of different ethnicity's and ages being forced to perform various sex acts. She saw each woman humiliated and violated by the same two men. "We have these men dead to right. Who are these woman,"

"It's not that simple," Vicki said and continued, "There're three, maybe more, other guards involved in these rapes. We're not sure. They're all coming to my house tonight to "Collect" their weekly payment, that's what they call it. We don't pay up and they have our husbands beaten."

"Tonight, huh?" the DA said, "Why don't we surprise them when they show up."

"That's okay, but you remember, you promised to help Boone too. He's been keeping my husband alive and safe," Vicki said and continued, "I'm not sure what time they'll be at my house tonight, but I asked him to bring all his friends. Is that still rape if I said that."

"Don't worry about that now. We'll sort all that out later." Turning to her assistant, "I want complete secrecy on this. No press involved. Call Captain Glenndenning and get him involved."

* * *

As Vicki sat nervously in her living room, she folded clothes. She knew everything depended upon her and the way she acted tonight. They needed proof that this was rape and not consensual. She had to fool them tonight. They had to be seen raping her. It was now 8pm and still nobody came. The cameras were ready, the house was wired, the agents were ready to charge in to arrest the men. She knew the men were there watching her on video and this excited her.

There was a knock at the door and Vicki rose and opened the door. There stood seven men of various ages and races. They pushed their way in carrying beer and pizza. They were going to have a party and Vicki was going to be the entertainment.

The fat man spoke, "Okay we're here. Get naked and spread those legs you cunt!"

"Wait," Vicki said, "Do I have to have sex with all of these men? Please, no! I can't do that. Please no, you'll hurt me again. I had to go to the emergency room after last time. I had three stitches to close up the tear in my vagina.

"Shut up, cunt and get those damn clothes off now or each of these men will fuck that tight ass of your," the fat man said and opened a beer. Sitting down he waited for her to start stripping. "What the fuck are you waiting for, cunt?"

Reluctantly, Vicki began to undress. She wondered why the police hadn't busted in yet. They heard her say she didn't want this. What else do they need" After pulling off her sweater, she unhooked her bra and let it fall.

The agents in the van outside were getting hard watching this beautiful female strip. They couldn't believe the size of her tits. They looked at each other and one of them said, "Whoa, she's nice. I'd love to fuck her too!"

Vicki unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor revealing her plain white full body panties. There was a groan as the men saw these very "old-lady-like" panties on such a beautiful young female.

"What the fuck are those?" the fat man said, "those are old lady panties. Get those the fuck off that beautiful body of yours and throw them away."

Vicki removed her panties and threw them at one of the guards playfully. The guard took them from his head and placed the crotch portion in his mouth to whoops and laughter from the guys. Then she surprised everyone when she asked, "Since you're forcing me to have sex with all of you, who's first? I just want you all to know, you can walk out of here now and leave me alone, you don't have to do this."

They laughed and the fat man told Jimmy to start the video. He then ordered all the men to get naked, after which, he ordered the youngest man to lay on the floor. Once the young man complied he told Vicki to mount him.

Vicki hesitated still waiting for the doors to be broken down. But after the fat man yelled at her, she lowered herself down on his young huge cock. "This wasn't so bad," she thought. Then she shivered when someone behind her pushed her forward so her chest was being smashed against the young this stranger. She then felt someone greasing up her asshole and she began to panic, "Where is everyone?" she thought, "what do they need?"

Impaled upon this young man's cock, her tits smashed against this man's chest, her asshole greased" she felt someone take her by the hips and something at the rim of her asshole. It was someone's cock. It was entering her slowly and she started crying loudly asking for help and screaming, "No, Stop don't do this!!"

It was then that someone stuffed a rag in her mouth to quiet her down. It was the fat man's rotten underwear. Trying not to gag, she tried to control herself. Her asshole was being violated slowly. The man hadn't gotten all the way in. He must be huge she thought. When will he reach the end.

Someone removed her gag and knelt next to her and forced her head down on his cock. She was being gang raped and no one was helping her. They had to have enough by now. What's keeping them? She felt the cock in her ass reach it's limit and along with the cock in her pussy, and the one if her mouth, she was totally defenseless and at their mercy.

The man in her ass began to thrust. The man underneath her had been thrusting since she impaled herself on him. He had great stamina. Slowly the two men got into a rhythm so both cocks were thrusting at the same time. With each thrust Vicki would move almost off the men. They changed their thrusting sequence so when one was thrusting in, the other was pulling out.

Vicki was getting constant pleasure on her clitoris from someone's cock. She began to cum wildly, her body jerking and letting out a long low moan while the man with his cock in her mouth began to squirt cum into her mouth. She swallowed it down and looked as another man took his place in front of her. She took this man's cock into her mouth and began to suck.

Someone took her left hand and someone else took her right. This forced her down completely onto the young man's chest. She had no support now. She then felt cocks being forced into her hands and the two men began to fuck her hands. She had a cock in her cunt, ass, mouth and both hands and still they didn't come to help.

She felt the cock in her asshole begin to jerk and she felt a warmness inside her. He shot his load deep in her asshole. He stood and the next man took his place. It was a while before the new guy got into a rhythm, but he finally did.

This went on for awhile and one by one the men entered all of Vicki's orifices. Each had fucked her mouth, pussy and ass. They all sat and drank warm beer and ate cold pizza. It was now 11pm.

The fat man told Vicki to stand up. Slowly Vicki stood, cum running down her legs. Some from her cunt and some from her ass. Her mouth was sore and raw. The fat man then spoke, "Smile, pretty one. The camera loves you. You know cunt, I'm gonna show this to the entire cell block. Maybe even put it on the internet. I gotta say of all the woman we raped, you were the best fuck of all. And let me just say, thank you sooo much."

The men in the van spoke into his headset and said, "We've got enough. Go!" Then both men sat there hard as a rock. The older said to the younger, "You gonna go home tonight and make love to your wife,? Yeah, me too. The old lady's gonna get a real surprise tonight."

The doors flew open and the police entered. Through the commotion, Vicki found her clothes and dressed. The men were handcuffed and read their rights. Vicki watched all the men leave and had a long cry. She then went to the same emergency room for help.

Three weeks later I was let out of jail and Vicki picked me up. She waited in the car as I was released through the gates. I saw her beautiful smiling face as I got closer to the door. "You wanna drive?" she said to me, "I'm tired of being the tough one. I just wanna be your lover and friend."

I noticed she had dressed to please me. She was naked. Completely naked. Her tits sticking out and nipples hard. Her pussy trimmed and neat. An evil smile on her face, as if to say. I'll do whatever you ask" just ask.

"I'll drive," I said, "Boone's getting out in two weeks. Says he's gonna stop by to collect what you owe him."

"Okay," Vicki said, "just this once more. But all I want is you for the rest of my life."

"Just me," I said, "you sure? I like the way you're dressed. I want you this way all the time. Feel like getting something to eat. Maybe stop someplace and take a walk, get used to being naked and get used to other men, but not too often."

Vicki just smiled and unzipped his pants, pulled out my cock and kissed the head. She was going to pleasure her husband. Because she wanted too. I started the car and started to drive us home. Vicki was running her mouth up and down my cock and I was just gonna enjoy her while drove us home.




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