The battered old twin-engine plane touched down on the dirt landing strip. The wheels kicked up billowing clouds of dust as the plane bounced toward the shack that served as the International Airport on the outskirts of Kigali. I had arrived in Rwanda.

I checked through customs and told the official I was in his country to study Gorillas in the Virunga Mountains. He gave me an angry look and I thought I was going to have trouble, but he stamped my passport and let me go.

I found a taxi outside and tried to get comfortable on the sticky plastic upholstery. I thought of my great adventure. I had just finished my undergraduate work in Zoology at Oxford and had traveled to Rwanda to follow my dream of fieldwork before I started my graduate studies.

My name is Jane Grover. I had just turned twenty-three and had no attachments to anyone except an aging and sickly Aunt back home in Wessex. My parents had died in an accident two years past, and with my inheritance I was a woman of means free to do what I pleased. I had just finished the finest education an upper class English woman could receive and I was sure I would find my life's work and passion in the jungle mountains that lay before me.

I purchased a battered old Rover the next day for a scandalously high price and purchased the remaining few items I needed to add to my kit as well. The next day I left hot and dirty Kigali behind me and headed West.

I was stopped by Army roadblocks repeatedly. At several I was told to turn back to the city where I would be safe. I was told that the mountains were dangerous, especially for a woman alone.

I was polite and smiled and lied about being expected at Karisoke Centre. They always let me go and no one really bothered me. I drove through several Hutu villages filled with squalid huts and surprisingly clean and attractive natives.

As I drove I started to get glimpses of two mountains which I believed were Mt. Karisimbi and Mt. Visoke. I knew that Karisoke Centre would be found on a high saddle between the two mountains. There was only one trail and it led me straight to Karisoke.

Several native men dressed only in baggy shorts surrounded my Rover as I got out and asked for the director. They told me the lady was not there in passable English. The lady was on the mountain. I sat in the shade of a tree and waited.

As evening approached a woman brought me some food and I thanked her. I was surprised that her only garment was a long wrap around skirt. Her upper body was bare, and her beautiful breasts glistened as though they had been oiled.

She smiled shyly and squatted down as I ate. She was very beautiful with high cheekbones and graceful nose. I tried to talk to her but she would only smile at me. It was growing dark and I thought of getting my sleeping roll from the Rover when a woman emerged from the trees and walked toward me.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" she asked in an unfriendly tone. She had an angry look on her thin face. I told her my name was Jane Grover and I had come in hope of working for her.

She glared at me and said, "I do not take help. I don't need you. Please leave now."

I told her I was trained in Zoology and wanted to help her in any way I could. I told her I would do anything for the chance to work for her. I went on and on about my dreams of becoming a Zoologist as she was, and about my dreams and my passion for the Mountain Gorillas. I got carried away, babbling like an adolescent till she shushed me. She gave me a long hard look that made me feel vulnerable and somehow exposed and afraid to say anything more.

Finally she said, "You can't leave tonight. It is unsafe to travel after dark. Poachers would have you before you got ten miles from here. You can sleep in that shed over there and we can talk in the morning."

I said, "Thank you Doctor."

She smiled for the first time and said, "My name is Dian. I'm tired and going to bed. Goodnight Jane Grover."

I said good night to her retreating back and took my sleeping things into the small shack. I lay awake thinking I didn't have a chance. She wouldn't accept me. I resolved to beg if I had to. I really would do anything to stay here with her.


The next morning Dian gave me tea and we sat on the steps of her cottage and talked. She asked me about myself and I told her my life's history. She told me she could use help but doubted I was tough enough to accept the life here.

I tried to object and tell her I could do anything, but she told me to listen to her. She gave me that hard look that had troubled me the night before and I shrank into silence. She told me that there were thirty Hutu at Karisoke. Twenty men and ten women. They stayed here to work because she paid them and have intercourse with them.

She saw the confused look on my face and told me she meant that she had sexual intercourse with them. All of them. "They stay because I am a white woman and they love fucking white women."

I was shocked beyond belief. This couldn't be true. She told me that if I stayed here I would be their plaything too. It was the only way they would allow me to remain in there territory. She told me that the men would protect me from outsiders as long as I took them as lovers. She asked me if I was willing to let twenty men fuck me in public bent over a rock or a fence to stay here.

The idea assaulted my brain it was not possible. I could not imagine an Englishwoman being capable of such acts. It was so disgusting and so primitive. Primitive. The thought sent a parallel thought through my mind. I wanted to experience a primitive life. That was one of the strongest aspects of my dream of Africa, but this way was shocking beyond anything I could ever imagine. I needed time to think. I asked her if she really did that with all the men here. She said, "Three or four a day."

As mind shattering as the idea was I believed her.

"And the women will have you too," she said. "If you want to stay here and work with me and the Gorillas take off your clothes right now and," she pulled a towel off the railing beside her and threw it in my lap, "walk through the compound down to the stream and bathe. If anyone, man or woman, touches you no matter how or where, let them. If they push you to the ground, open for them without a trace of resistance."

Tears ran from my eyes. This was impossible. I was so confused. It was as if reality had become suspended and I stood apart and watched myself stand and unbutton my shirt and remove it, and the camisole beneath it, and my shorts, and my drenched underpants. I bent to unlace my boots but she told me to leave them on. I stood there looking at her. The nipples on my breasts had grown hard.

Natural lubrication ran down my inner thighs. I was glued to her hard look. She lifted her seat from the step and pulled down her loose shorts and I looked into her wet open sex as she sat back. "Lick me," she said.

Not knowing what else to do I knelt down in the African sun and my tongue found her moist places and made them wetter. The strokes of my tongue grew longer and more demanding until I was probing from her clitoris to her brown flower. I was totally lost in a passion I had never dreamt of. She made a guttural sound and flooded my mouth with.

She reached down and pulled me up by my face and down on top of her and into her open lips. She licked my face clean of what she had put there.

I felt torn in half and strangely whole at the same time. The feeling between my legs felt like was buzzing bees trying to escape. She pushed me up and rose. She took my hand and we walked toward the group of men who had gathered to watch us. She didn't seem embarrassed that she was naked from the waist down.

She stopped in front of six men and told them my name was Jane and I would do anything they demanded of me to be allowed to stay here. She gave my hand to the biggest man and he lifted me high in the air, and many hands touched me and caressed me, and a hand even thrust between my legs and into me.

I was laid on the hot earth and the man knelt between my legs and shoved himself into me, and another entered my mouth, and fingers pushed open my flower and they settled into a steady pace of ravishment. Man after man filling me and driving me to orgasm after orgasm until my mind left my body.

I awoke to gentle touches by women's hands that explored my body and touched my light hair. There was an overwhelming scent in the air. The women lifted me and held me erect and propelled me through the compound and down to a small stream where they lowered me into a pool of clear water and caressed and cleaned me of the dust and the mud we had made, and the fluids that had crusted upon my skin. Then I was taken wet from the stream and into a hut in the compound and pushed down on a mat where I fell asleep.

I awoke in the night with a woman's tongue between my legs licking me as I had licked Dian, and mouths sucking at each of my breasts. I came again and again till I passed out or fell asleep I know not which.

The next morning the women fed me like a baby and rubbed oil into my raw flesh. They took me out into the bright hot sun and walked me through the compound introducing me to the inhabitants I had not met the day before. Many touched my naked flesh and my hair. They could not stop touching the blonde hair on my mound.

They were utterly fascinated by me. By the time we made our way to Dian's cottage my thighs were running wet again. Dian and a big man I had seen among the group who had used me the day before came out of her cottage. They were both naked below the waste and Dian's shirt was unbuttoned. There were red circles on her breasts and stomach. Her breasts were much smaller than mine and where mine were full and round hers were small and pointed. Her dark bush was matted with a grimy white crust and white fluid seeped from her labial lips. The men and women left us there and went about there duties.

Dian told me that during the day I would help the women with domestic duties. Washing clothes, cooking, tending the gardens. I would be taken during the day by many men and in the evening by many more. At night I would sleep with the women if ten women would let me sleep.

Dian would spend time with me teaching me about the Gorillas. Their mannerisms, how to approach them and move among them. It would be done slowly over time until it was ingrained in my mind. A wrong move, a sudden move could cause a charge from a male or a female if I got too close to her offspring.

She stopped and looked at me and asked me if I wanted this, if I could endure it to gain the knowledge in the same way she had. I knelt in front of her and cleaned the crust from her mound with my tongue and my teeth, and the secretions from her lips. When she was clean and after I had made her explode twice with my tongue I looked up at her and said, "I can do this."


The next two weeks were full of hard work. The sun had turned me red and the oil that was applied to my flesh kept me from blistering and soothed the tenderness from the repeated use I was put to. For those two weeks I kept count of the times they took me as a scientist will. It averaged twelve times a day by the men and ten times a night by the women. I had developed a constant craving that seemed insatiable. I was constantly wet and looking for the next person who would use me. I thought of it as ravishment.

I had no say in the matter. The fact that I was constantly aroused kept me from thinking it was rape. I don't know if I liked it or if I was happy. I did know that if I was left to work without attention for two hours It nearly drove me mad. At the end of those two weeks one of the men killed a large Antelope and the women prepared a feast.

As we were cooking two of the women pulled me by my wrists down to the stream and we bathed together. They laid me on a flat rock by the stream and one of the women laid on top of me and caressed my nipples, pinching them until they grew hard. The other woman held my hands above my head. A third woman came to the stream naked with her oiled breasts glistening in the sun. The sight of her made me run wet. She was my favorite, the most beautiful woman in our compound. She came to me and quickly ran a needle through my nipple.

I screamed and before the sound had stopped she ran a second needle through my other nipple. The women held me down tightly. I was panting for breath watching my blood run down my breasts. The woman removed the needle and threaded a gold ring through my nipple. It was about two inches in diameter.

She put a second one through the other nipple. My nipples were on fire and the rings stretched the openings. She stood back and smiled at me and told me to bathe. I plunged into the cold water and the fire went away. I looked up at the women and asked them why they had done this to me. They said for beauty, you are our sister. My favorite took a gold ring much larger than mine and pushed it through the hole in her own nipple. The ring was heavy enough to pull her nipple downward.

She smiled at me and entered the pool and embraced me. Our nipples and rings rubbing against each other. They took me back to our sleeping hut and one of them put some salve on my nipples. They told me to rest for tonight. I went in and laid down and they lay with me, everyone holding someone. I reached my hand to my breast and felt the ring. The nipple was very sensitive but there was no pain. I fell into sleep in their arms.

We awoke in the late afternoon and the women started to prepare themselves and me for the feast. They applied a vegetable dye to our breasts, our lips and our labial lips that left mine a fiery red and theirs a dark reddish brown. Oil was massaged into all our flesh deep inside us front and back. It felt very sensual to walk with that slippery sliding feeling the oil gave us.

Our eyes were darkened with kohl or something like it. My favorite came to me and told me that this feast was for the animals, for what they give us. You will be our offering to the animals. She saw the fear in my face and told me not to worry. You will not be harmed. You will for this night be changed into one of the animals one of us. I was not sure what she meant. She told me I must obey I must do all I must enter the passion of the animals. I was terrified.

Just before dark Dian entered the hut. She was naked like the rest of us with red breasts and labia, with black eyelids. She had no rings in her nipples but her breasts were bound around the base with a golden chord making them plump out like balls. She did have thick gold rings about three inches in diameter through each of her labial lips pulling them down about three inches. I felt there weight and let them fall.

She asked me if the women had told me about the sacrifice. I said I wasn't sure I understood it or what I would be made to do. She told me I would be all right if I did everything they made me do without question. If you refuse there is danger for you and for me. She smiled at me and bent to kiss my rings and told me to enjoy this evening. "It will be the most erotic evening of your life.

A drum beat. And again. And it built into a rhythm. It became a pulse like blood from the heart. It pumped it flowed. It sent shivers down my spine and had me running wet in an instant. It beckoned me. It terrified me. It was the beat of my heart.

My favorite pulled my hands behind me and bound my wrists, and my elbows. My breast were thrust forward. Dian returned with a length of golden chord and bound each of my breasts so tight the chord disappeared into my flesh. My breasts seemed to swell larger, the nipples stood out an inch. The beat.

A woman put a stick of ebony sideways between my teeth like a horse's bit. On each end of the stick a chord which joined each other forming a rope about six feet long. An ebony shaft about three feet long with a Y shaped notch at each end was placed between my thighs just above my knees and bound.

They helped me to walk, half dragging, half carrying me toward the large fire that burned in the centre of the compound. They stopped just behind the ring of people and pushed me to my knees. My favorite said do not drop the stick and she was gone. The beat increased. I could feel it. I was so open, so exposed, on fire wanting what I had never dreamed of. A man strode to me with a stone jar. Another pulled the stick from my mouth, and pulled my hair back tilting my face up. The man poured liquid into my open mouth. Not much, just a little. Then a little more. It burned my throat and my belly.

I peed on the ground between my legs. The man held his hand in my flow and then raised it over my mouth and poured it down my throat the rope was tied around my throat and the stick placed between my teeth and a man slowly pulled me forward. I tried to crawl on my knees but fell forward smashing my bound breasts.

Something lashed my ass and I crawled like a snake into the ring. The lash beating my ass until my body was in the center before the fire. I was lifted to my knees with my face held in the dirt by a bare foot. The stick was taken from my mouth and inserted slowly in my oiled rear opening. An orgasm washed over me making me moan loudly.

The stick was thrust deeper to the beat of the drum. I felt the sting of a lash on my ass repeated quickly and again two men, one on each side of me were whipping my ass to the beat of the drum. The stick never lost the pulse. It quickened. It ebbed. It quickened.

My eyes were shut tight to stop the spinning of all around me I could feel the shaft in my ass and the blows. And it stopped. Someone started a song in their language. An orgasm started deep in my belly and built to a screeching howling wail. I t would not stop the orgasm would not stop. It went on and on. I felt my insides on fire I was turning inside out. It never stopped... The stick was removed. I wanted it back.

I moaned over its loss and I continued my orgasm. Something was poured on my ass that dripped down the crack and filled my open sex. I heard a snarl and a bark, and a pack of dogs was on me sniffing, and licking, and nipping my thighs, my ass, my breasts, my arms. A tongue roughly liked my open sex and the cleft of my ass.

It nipped and licked and climbed on top of me. A blunt object pushed into my open lips and in one swift thrust was buried deep inside me. I tried to understand what was happening but my mind swirled given over to the rapid thrusting of something very large, very hot deep into my belly. I grew lightheaded. The never ending orgasm brought me back. There were dogs, I think they were dogs on either side of me chewing and licking my breasts. I felt something shoot inside me with terrible force.

The thing inside me was pulled out so fast I felt my insides go with it. Another animal mounted my back and thrust deep inside me. The drum beat and again. To the time of the animal fucking me. I thrust back to meet it in time with the pulse. I passed out and came to again and again.

I was always filled with something or someone fucking deep inside me. The orgasmic contractions never ceased. I became aware that nothing was touching me nothing was inside me. I was laying on a mat by the fire. I tried to sit up and a woman helped me. Cool water poured into my mouth. I was helped to stand. There was no stick between my thighs. My breasts and arms were not bound. People all around me were naked, glistening with oil in the fire light.

A voice, Dian's voice asked me if I needed anything. I heard a small voice, not my voice coming from inside me say I need to be fucked. A loud cheer went through the crowd I was lifted into the air by many hands and impaled on a thick cock. Another entered my ass and drove in to the hilt. I was lifted and pulled back again and again. I saw other women being lifted between two men as I was. All I could see were women fucked front and back.

I saw Dian between two men with her head thrown back roaring as she was fucked. Women were being passed between men to be fucked again and again by others. How many men. How many women. More than lived in our compound. Hot meat was thrust into my hands and I gnawed it with my teeth, spitting chunks into the mouths of the men fucking me. I voided myself while the rape went on. The night was ending.

Dawn was in the eastern sky. I was lifted off the cocks inside me and set on the ground. I fell on my back. All around me men and women were falling from exhaustion. I heard, "She's broken now she will do what I tell her to. She will be perfect for my research." Dian crawled over bodies until she was on top of me. She raised herself and sat on my upturned face. My tongue buried itself in her open ass. She laid over and licked my hungry sex till we came together and passed out.


I awoke in the women's hut amid a pile of naked sweaty bodies. The smell of sex permeated the air of the hut. My head was laying on the upturned ass of one of the women. I slowly began licking the length of the cleft of her ass. I licked the brown flower of her anus and pushed my tongue inside to lick her inner walls. The taste fired to my brain and from there to my cunt. I could feel the wetness bubbling out of me soaking my thighs and running down the crack of my ass. Someone behind me poured oil onto my ass and rubbed it into the welts gently.

My tongue ached but I could not stop the penetration of the perfect ass. The massaging hand rubbed oil into my swollen cunt. Fingers pushed the oil inside my open sex and sawed back and forth gently opening me further and deeper. Ahead inserted itself between my open legs and a tongue licked my clitoris lightly.

An orgasm started in my cunt and spread through my body. I started to quiver and the tongue on my clitoris was replaced with teeth that nibbled and bit the swollen, tender flesh forcing a moan from my throat into the ass I was feeding on. The stroking fingers in my cunt penetrated deeper until I felt the vaginal lips close on a wrist. My tongue was driving deeply into the stretched anus with growing fury as the hand formed a fist and pushed and pulled back and forth deep within me.

A sound like, "Gaw, gaw, gaw," came from my throat. I could feel the upper arm pushing against my ass as the entire forearm slid into me. The pace quickened and I was climbing toward an incredible orgasm when teeth bit each nipple and my clitoris at the same instant driving me to a screaming orgasm and unconsciousness.

When I regained consciousness the women helped me to my feet to walk to the stream to bathe.

Before I was half way there I bent double with another powerful orgasm. My mind was clouded by the passion that swept through me. I started toward the stream when I was able. Within ten feet I was doubled over again. I fell to the ground and peed on myself. The act of peeing caused me to orgasm again.

The women left me in my little mud puddle and went to the stream. Two men came to me. One pulled my mouth onto his organ, the other lifted my ass and impaled it in one fierce stroke. I could feel one member deep in my throat. The man's abdomen slapping my face. The other member as deep in my ass. An orgasm ripped through me and another. They never seemed to tire.

My frenzy grew until I was suffering a continuous orgasm. I could feel liquid shooting from my cunt and splashing my thighs and calves. I peed again enlarging my mud puddle. When the men shot inside me they backed off letting me sink into my mud. Two more men took their place. This went on continuously till well after the sun set.

Dian brought me water and some fruit which I satisfied my hunger with. I could feel her stroking my breasts and playing with my golden rings and this brought me another orgasm. I lay in the drying puddle. Men would walk around me as I lay there but they did not touch me. One of the dogs tried to mount me but a man drove it away with a kick.

I did not sleep. Every movement I made sent glorious shocks through my cunt. I only needed to rub my wet thighs together a few times to feel a small explosion inside me. As the sun rose over the mountain a man knelt at my feet, spread my legs and entered my cunt. The orgasms started again and continued all through the hot day as I was never without one or two men inside me somewhere.

As the sun set the men were by me protecting me. I begged them to fuck me but they only smiled. I called out to the women and two came to me. They washed the mud from my body and as I licked the cunt of the woman standing over me the other licked me in turn. The whole night was full of the lovely explosions I enjoyed.

In the morning a veil lifted from my senses. I found I could move without the continuous orgasms of the last two days. I went to the stream and bathed. I prepared a breakfast meal and took it to the men. I then served the women in their hut. Everyone smiled warmly at me as I silently served them. I took food up to Dian and served her in bed.

For two days I remained silent thinking of all that had happened to me. I knew I could never return to England. I could never leave this place, these people who had given me so much. I was no longer the aspiring zoology student I was someone else. I was not sure what I had become. Going back to school would be like living without breathing. The thoughts of not being naked, not being fucked constantly were thoughts of death.

Dian came out of her cabin and stood beside me on the steps, I turned to her and opened her shorts and let them fall. Then I spread her legs and started licking her.

She spoke softly of her plans for me. She wanted to teach me about the gorillas. I would learn to be comfortable with them and accepted by them. She wanted to enter me into a family of gorillas, to become one of the mates to the dominant male.

The idea of it seemed so right, so sane, so exciting I started to cry, I never stopped licking her. And I moistened her pubic hair with my tears.



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