If you have never visited Amish Country, you have missed a real treat. You seem to go back in time, but at the same time everything seems to blended with the 20th Century.

My wife and I had moved to a portion of Ohio that was right on the border of some Amish Farms. As you drive down the rural highways, you are confronted with the traditional Amish buggies pulled by those magnificent horses that the Amish take such pride in owning.

They are a hard working people that live a very simple life, with no amenities, such as indoor plumbing, electricity or television. The families are very disciplined, with the father ruling the family and making all decisions for the woman and children, the traditional setting of father as the head of the house.

I am always intrigued by the way the woman can drive those buggies and keep the high-spirited horses under their control. The women wear those long cotton dresses that are made of a very simple colored pattern printed fabric.

It was on one of these mornings that I had stopped at the general store, when in came this young Amish woman to make a purchase. She was truly a delight to behold. A very pretty face with hair tucked up under the traditional Amish bonnet that covers the entire head and ears and is tied with a bow under the chin.

I could tell that she had a very healthy but petite body, which was revealed when the sun came through the window and she stood there between the window and me. The light silhouetting her figure through the material of her dress. I savored the moment as my eyes followed the outline of her legs and thighs ending at the vee between her legs. I could imagine what that soft flesh would feel like as I ran my hands up those legs to her crotch.

She than turned and small but perfect breasts came into view, held in place by a white cotton bra. The material of her well warn dress was so thin that I could see her underwear through the material. Needless to say, seeing that much of this young woman had an effect on me. I was becoming aroused as I fantasized about undressing that perfect young body, suddenly I realized that a bulge was forming between my legs.

Now my wife and I have been looking for someone to do the housework and I am told that some of these people take on that sort of work to supplement their farm income. I certainly wouldn't mind having this young woman around the house doing my list of chores. I decided to take a chance and approach the young woman on the subject.

I walked up and introduced myself and found out her name was Beth. She was quite shy but when I told her what I was looking for, she said I would talk to her father, since he made all the decisions.

After getting directions to their farm and finding out when it was acceptable for me to come out, I went outside and waited. Young Beth soon came out and climbed into her buggy and with all that Amish confidence trotted down the highway. I was told that her father would want to get to know me, before I would be approved of his daughter working for me.

It was several days later when I made my way out to the farm. I found the place and drove into the narrow driveway that was rutted by the constant wear and tear of buggy wheels.

A couple of younger children who were playing outside greeted me. They followed me to the door and waited as I knocked. An older woman came to the door, which I assumed was the mother. She smiled and led me into a very basic room with simple furniture and chairs. She then left and I sat there by myself for sometime.

Finally I heard the back door open then slam and in came this very rugged looking man, very strong looking with a full beard and again the traditional Amish farm clothes with black hat. I stood and introduced myself.

I learned that he indeed was the father and that his name was Amon. I told Amon my purpose in hiring his daughter to do cleaning and household chores. Amon told me he was intrigued with the idea of his daughter being able to make some money to supplement the farm income, but he wanted to think about it and for me to come back in a week. As I left I wondered if I was just wasting my time.

On my way back through the community, I stopped at the general store to pick up a cold beer. As I was paying for the beer, I began visiting with the guy behind the counter. One thing led to another and I finally told him my purpose for being in the area.

He laughed and said if I really wanted to get Amon on my side, that I should take him a pint of whiskey. I left with new enthusiasm for getting this pretty young Amish woman into my house.

The following week dragged by slowly, but the day finally came and I purchased a pint of good whiskey to take as a friendship gift. My heart was beating fast as I approached the farm, wondering if I would see Beth or just her father. When I arrived I went to the door and was led back to the same chair at the same table.

This time though, I had the gift for Amon. It was another few minutes and once more I heard the rear door opening and banging shut again. In walked Amon looking as determined as ever. We stood shook hands and I placed the pint of whiskey in his hands. Seeing the whiskey he broke out into a broad grin and slapped me on the back, which almost knocked me across the room.

Amon told me to sit down, and that we needed to sample the whiskey. He got two glasses and filled them about half full. I could now tell that I was no longer a stranger to this house. We talked about the farm and the life there, the fine horses and the cows and chickens he raised. I could feel the effects of the whiskey and was getting quite mellow.

It was than that the door banged open and Beth came running through with a scared look on her face. Immediately Amon became angry and yelled at the girl. He wanted to where she had been and why she was almost 2 hours late in doing her chores.

With very little comment Beth just hung her head and I could tell she was on the verge of tears. Amon roared again, "Woman you have displeased me and need to be disciplined!!"

Beth said, "Father not now, please." She looked at me worriedly.

"Now!!" Amon roared.

I just sat there with my heart beating faster, wondering what this meant. I was soon to find out.

Amon again shouted, "Woman get that strap now!"

Young Beth ran from the room, tears streaming down her face. She quickly returned with a thick 3" leather strap that was about 10" long and ended with a hard maple handle.

Amon yelled, "Come hear girl and be quick about it, you don't want my anger to increase."

Beth quickly crossed the room as Amon pushed his chair away from the table. As he stood he grabbed the strap out of Beth's hand. "Bend over the table," Amon demanded.

Beth was now breathing very hard and sobbing at the same time. She did as she was told and bent over the table right in front of me. Then I couldn't believe my eyes as Amon proceeded as if this was a ritual.

He very slowly lifted the young woman's dress up over her back and folded it very carefully, so it wouldn't slide back down and cover her now naked thighs and legs. Those perfect legs, those strong thighs now exposed right in front of my gaze.

My eyes widened in surprise as Amon proceeded to reach under her stomach and tugged those white cotton panties down until they were about knee level. Once again her young flesh was now clearly in view of the father and myself.

Amon reached out with his rough hand and caressed those two perfect orbs just like perfect peaches and than he pushed his hands between her legs, making her spread her legs until he felt things were just right.

I could now see the backside of her cunt peeking out between her legs, with that deep brown hair peeking through. Beth was now sobbing deeply and I was sure, mostly from the embarrassment of being exposed to this almost complete stranger.

Before I could reason as to all that was happening, there was this loud crack and I realized the strap had landed on the girl's bare bottom. Beth let out a sharp cry and than I saw it land again and again.

After about ten licks Amon had vented his anger and stopped. As I looked at her bottom the surface was fiery red from the strap doing its job. Beth was now sobbing quietly as she lay across the table. Amon than laid the strap down and placed his hand on Beth's fiery red bottom.

Beth let out a gasp as his hands started to massage her bottom, than I thought I detected a slight moan as he let his hands explore up and down the surface of her cunt from the backside. As he performed this erotic ritual on his daughter, I could feel my cock start to strain against the confines of my pants.

Then to my shock I noticed a large bulge in Amon's pants and wondered how much he had enjoyed this. Then Amon told his daughter to get her things and go to her room. Beth quickly found her panties, which by now had fallen clear down between her legs to the floor. She quickly took them off, let her dress drop down and left the room.

Amon picked up his whisky as if nothing had happened. He proceeded to tell me that he had to have strict discipline with high-spirited women. He laughed and said there just like the young mares.

I wondered what he meant by that. In the next instant, he wanted to know when Beth could start working for us. He also said that it was up to me to make sure that she obeyed all the rules we set down.

I felt up to that responsibility, oh yes I did...



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