In the tiny room behind the stage, a young girl sat. Her bare legs were tightly crossed; she flicked her free foot nervously. A black pump tottered from her toes. Now and then she flexed her foot and the shoe like an obedient dog snapped to her heel. She would hold it like that for a moment or two before relaxing again, the pump dropping only to sway at the end of her foot.

Such an obedient shoe, Mr. Bixly thought. So lucky. To be summoned by her feet. To service her toes. To look up past miles of leg to that most holy of triangles... Mr. Bixly felt himself stir, bounding to life in his pants. He re-crossed his legs.

"Stop that. Take it off right now, young lady."

It was an order but still there was something distinctly alluring in the way that the teenager so very smoothly without the slightest hint of hesitation or question reached down and slid off the offending shoe. Slowly it dawned on Mr. Bixly, it must be. A submissive. A true submissive. By nature. It had to be. The way she took it off. Just handed her last piece of clothing to him.

All his life he had dreamed of meeting a true sub, and now the most fragile of beauties sat before him. Nude, barely covered by the remnants of a gown. Ashley held the shoes by two fingers at the back and handed the satin heels to her principal.

Mr. Bixly took the pumps in a soft fleshy hand. Tiny shoes the pair barely filling his hand, light as a feather, he read the name, Candy, made in Italy. Size six, printed in gold. The heels so thin and long. Barely worn but still warm. From her. God, he was going to burst.

It was impossible to think of Ashley as a senior anymore. It never was easy. But especially not now. Not after what he had just seen. The thought of her completely nude under that white sequined cloth was too much. He was bone hard now, swollen in his Sears trousers with no desk to hide behind. Still growing, obvious to all. She was looking at him.

"Act your age, young lady. You are in a very serious predicament. Your entire future, not to mention your reputation, or what's left of it, is in jeopardy. You have completely ruined one of the most important days of the entire graduation class at Point Hope High." Miss Grundy stood and deliberately stepped in front of the principal.

Thank God for Miss Grundy. The assistant principal had bailed him out again and gotten the meeting back on track. Mr. Bixly was sure that Miss Grundy had seen him growing, knew that he was getting his jollies. He would have to pay her back. Maybe he would humiliate one of the young football jocks in front of her. Perhaps a strip search, a spinster like her should like that.

Miss Grundy continued, "Not only ruined it for your classmates but for their parents, ruined it for the faculty and ruined it for Mr. Bixly and I. The local TV station was there for Christ sake! Your parents are on the way over. I will have to explain what happened to them!"

Mr. Bixly, trying to regain control of the situation, stood and walked in front of the seated Ashley. He looked down on her blond head. Silky hair, so long, cute little nose, mouth done hot red, round heart shaped open a little, just the right height for his ... He fought to remain focused, "Umm," cleared his throat. "Young lady, suppose you tell us, exactly what happened? From the beginning, in your own words, Ashley."


"OK. Ok. You are probably going, `is she like a slut? Or what?' But hey, I actually got like a way normal life for a sixteen year old HPV girl."


"Oh sorry. Hope Point valley."

"I go to school. Work a few hours at the Taco stand. And do homework. Like, I have absolutely no social life. None. Daddy wants so much for me to have like good grades and all. He wants me to be so Stepford, you know. So like all year, you know, I have been doing this book thing. Like trying to keep a C average. Its not easy you know."

"Anyway its like pure guava. I am happy, kind of in a sort of bored way, you know? Then like, this semester, you know, Becca came to the stand and like actually talked to me.

"Becca?" Miss Gurndy asked.

"HELLO? Rebecca. Totally Betty, energizer bunny Becca. Oh my God, she is like WAY popular."

"Rebecca Morison, in Mrs. Schnider's home room," Mr. Bixly explained. "Jet black hair, big.... I mean, well developed."

"Anyway we talked, I mean not just tacos and diet coke stuff but like girlfriend talk. I could have died. I never had like a Guess Girl, to hang with before. She was so neatospiffywow! She hung with those German mafia guys, you know the Bimmer crowd. You got to drive a German sports car to hang with them. Brad was there too. Ohhh. His parents must be rich but he won't talk `bout them.."

"Well, like in no time, Brad was goofing on me. He is so Barbie dream! Jeepers! I was hanging with Becca, sounding with Brad, it was so dreamy. Only Brad and Becca were kind of like that Tasters Choice couple on the tube. You know, always exchanging glances and such. Well, we were crusing the mall, my girlie friend and I when Becca suggested a makeover. For me. I was totally paused.


"Girls get together to do their hair and face," Miss Grundy explained.

"Becca said that Brad was interested in me, but I had to look more Octopussy. She did a complete redo, then we went to the mall. Becca was like TOTALLY mommie dearest. She like insisted that my fashion taste was in the toilet. I just had to wear this or that. I said `whatever'. There is this shop in the mall called Frederick's, Becca just went totally ape shit charging everything in sight on my parent's plastic. She said that is what Brad liked. Well you know Becca is not EXACTLY a virgin. So I said `whatever'. I thought I looked like a slut when she had me wear the outfits to class, but the German mafia hung with me. No one would give me any shit with those guys around. They are like SO popular. So I wore their outrageous outfits. Whatever."

"They would take me with them to the coolest clubs and stuff. It was so nifty. It was like I was their mascot or something. I would have to ride with other guys when Brad wanted me too, but I didn't mind, it was major fun. All the guys would look at me when I walked in. Tiny leather skirt, thigh highs, platforms, rib ticklers. Brad and Becca kept cutting my tops, higher and higher until they just barely covered my pink. The girls would all whisper and stuff. Becca said they were just jealous and stuff. That's why I got the belly and nose ring. To drive them wild. I went everywhere in their Bimmers. Brad let me drive once! Me driving a BMW!"

"Do you have your license, young lady?" Mr. Bixly asked.

"Er, no?"

"I have heard a lot of complaints about those boys," Miss Grundy stated. Ashley, did those bad boys try to take advantage of you? Tell the truth. I can tell if you are lying."

"No Miss Grundy."


"No. Honest. We would go to the beach at night, you know, under the pier, but nothing happened."


"We just played suck and blow. That's all."

"You blew Brad?" Mr. Bixly's voice sounded almost envious.

"It is just a game that the kids play. They pass a credit card from mouth to mouth without using their hands by sucking on it," Miss Grundy explained. "Ashley, that usually leads to something more. Do you remember what I taught you in Sex Ed. Class?"

"Yes Ma'am. We just kissed a little and the boys wanted to play touchy feely. I didn't enjoy it. Honest, Miss Grundy. When they finally got my clothes off they found that I was serving the crimson wave. I had to haul ass to the ladies. When Becca saw that I used tampons she insisted that I change to bulky pads. So Flintstone, but it shut her trap. Whatever. Going to beach with them wasn't too bad. I did some things for them and they let me hang with them all week. No one bothered me at school, `cause I was with them."

"Well graduation was coming up. I am not a slacker or a loadie, you know, but my grades had gone to hell. I was toast. But the greatest thing about being a senior is that the teachers all want to get rid of you, to send you off to Jr. College or whatever. So I passed. Totally freaked me out. That's when it started. Becca, was first."

"I was in the back seat of Brad's car. I had quit that lamer of a job. Who has time? We were jawing about the prom when Becca suggested that she pick out my prom dress. Said that she knew this dressmaker in the city that could do something special. I guess, she made costumes for Becca's step mom. You know, she dances professionally.

"Yes, I am familiar with her dancing. Er, I mean I have heard about it," Mr. Bixly quickly corrected himself.

"Well I tried, Miss Grundy. I really did. But, you see, Becca and Brad really had my ride ticket. They could and did make me do anything. Totally. I just couldn't say shit to them. Well actually I did say no but it never did any good. I was so afraid that the dress would be something trashy. My parents would see it and I would be charbroiled. But it actually turned out to be totally awesome.

Ashley moved to show the dress, forgetting for a moment that feathery fabric was the only covering for her bare body. She quickly pulled the dress to her breast, carefully positioning the bunched cloth in her lap.

"Dreamy Brad picked me up with the BMW. Daddy acted like he wasn't impressed but he was really ga ga. He took like a zillion pictures and stuff. Brad was all Nutrasweet, kissing up and stuff. But like at the first gas station he like pulled over. He had like felt my bra. Bummer. He likes to touch me. Nothing bad, its just that he says that's what I am for. Like anyway he stops the Bimmer at the gas station and like tells me to take it off. Tells me. Whatever. He wants me to take my panties off too. I am like in a womanly way, you know. So he asks if I am wearing a pad like Becca told me too. I tell him yeah. Dick Tracy has to raise my dress to check. I am of course, cause Becca and Brad well they like to check me out, you know. I don't want a soap opera or anything so I go the ladies and take it off, throwing them in his lap. After that, he is cool, all sweet and lovey-dovey and we are off to the prom."

"Totally awesome. Pure guava, it was great. Dreamboat was the envy of all the bitches. We danced. It was like a Hallmark card commercial or something. Definitely a Kodak moment. You saw me Miss Grundy. Wasn't I the loveliest girl there. Wasn't I?"

Ashley looked up at the principals. For the first time, tears stained that pretty face.

"You were lovely, dear."

"I was totally clueless. When the music stopped and Brad lead me to the steps, I went up on the stage. I didn't know what to expect, but I thought it was all planned out. I guess it was. All alone on stage the whole school was looking at me. The TV lights were on me, I felt so dorky. Then I saw that beautiful corsage on the stool. The note said to pin it above my heart. I saw the fishing line tied to it, but didn't think anything of it. I had to do something, everybody was looking. Becca was out there. I saw her. She nodded her head, and I pinned the corsage to the dress. Then yank, just like that and that damn dress just flew apart, leaving me standing bare ass naked in front of everyone. God I was even wearing that God-awful pad. I wish I were dead!"

"Honey, the dress was made to tear away. Made for a stripper." Miss Grundy lifted the seam of the dress. "See how weak the stitching is."

"What was left of the dress was hanging over your head. You tried to jump for it, but it was just beyond your reach," Mr. Bixly said.

"The whole school was laughing. There was nothing to cover myself with. I had to jump naked for it, like a trained porpoise at Seaworld. The more I jumped the more they laughed. No one would help me. So I jumped again and again. Eventually I climbed up on the stool and pulled it down."

"Everyone was taken by surprise, dear."

"Brad claims he doesn't know anything about it. He says he was with you all afternoon. He has a airtight alibi. I think we should just let this incident drop," Mr. Bixly said. "After all, there is no reason to believe that my son had anything to do with this unfortunate situation."



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