The bus looked more crowded than usual as it pulled up to the curb outside of the office building that I worked in. I worked in the downtown business area and I took the bus home almost every day.

Usually it was a dull, uncomfortable experience that I was glad to get over; I would have bought a car if it had been even remotely feasible getting to my downtown work place. For the time being, the bus was the best way to get downtown.

The door hissed open in front of me and a surge of people crowded in with me at the rear of the bus. I seldom found an empty seat this time of day, and today was no exception. I grabbed onto a hand railing to balance myself as the bus lurched away from the curb. I was content to spend the time on this bus ride as I usually did; daydreaming and watching the city go by.

Ten or fifteen minutes went by and I was my usual day- dreaming self until my attention was drawn to something, or rather someone, inside the bus. Several people had gotten off at the last stop so the aisle of the bus wasn't completely full.

Not more than 5 feet away from me, sitting in the last seat of the bus was beautiful women dressed in a short skirt and a white blouse. She had long, silky brown hair and big brown eyes that just drew my attention like a magnet. What also drew my attention was her long, sleek legs.

She was looking out the window absentmindedly and her legs had parted enough to give me a wonderful view of her tiny, pink panties. She was bouncing her left knee back and forth and with every movement outward, her crotch was completely open to me.

She couldn't have known I was watching because her attention was still outside on the passing city. We traveled for several minutes like this and I was surprised that no one else had noticed this beautiful display. As the bus pulled up to the next stop, she suddenly turned her head and looked right at me.

My gaze was obviously focused between her legs and we both turned red in embarrassment. I quickly looked away and some attention was diverted away from me as several more passengers crowded into the rear of the bus.

Suddenly I realized that the new passengers were crowding me right toward the luscious woman I'd just been ogling. Now my embarrassment was growing as I realized she might confront me about my surreptitious peeking. I was pushed by the crowd toward the rear of the bus until I was just inches away from her. I held my breath and waited to see what was going to happen.

After a few more stops I started to breath a little easier, it seemed I was safe after all. She hadn't said a word and I was certain that she had known what I was doing. I tried to keep my gaze outside the bus and avoided eye contact with her. Although I was still embarrassed, apparently something about the situation was stimulating to me. I was developing a hardon and the bulge was starting to show in the front of my pants.

I sneaked a look down at my long haired girl and then it was my turn to realize that she was staring between my legs. My growing bulge was now obvious to her and I quickly covered my hardening cock with a newspaper and turned to face the front of the bus. My face was burning in embarrassment at the turn of the tables I had just experienced but my cock was still growing.

As the bus moved along the city streets, neither one of us moved or said a word. People entered and left the bus at each stop, with more starting get off as we moved toward the suburbs.

I looked around and realized that only a few people remained in the rear of the bus. And my long haired girl was the only one sitting on the back seat. I still had my back to her, leaning on one of the railings used for support when standing in the aisle.

I noticed my stop was only a few minutes away when I felt something move across the seat of my pants. Startled, I realized that the woman must have stroked my ass with her hands. No one else remained in the rear of the bus, and my body shielded her from the view of the rest of the passengers. Her hand became bolder as she cupped the cheeks of my ass, with one hand, and then with both of them.

I tried to act very nonchalant and kept the newspaper covering my crotch as my cock grew harder. she stroked and played with my ass for several minutes until I felt her hands leave my cheeks and slip between my legs. Her fingers found the bottom of my balls and pressed them tightly against my body. Her other hand now probed the crack of my ass through my pants and my cock was really starting to throb.

Not a single word had passed between us since our bus ride had started. I pressed my legs together and trapped her hand between them. She slowly withdrew from my grip and I was afraid that I had frightened her away. But only a few seconds had passed until I felt both her hands on my ass again. This time she was not stroking and playing with me, but gripped my ass tightly and tried to rotate me around. I weakly let her turn me, still carefully watching to see if we had drawn anyone's attention, no one moved even an eyebrow.

She kept pulling me around until I was facing her. I moved my newspaper so that it covered a lot of space in the aisle and provided some modest camouflage. My bulging cock was inches from her gaze and I held my breath waiting to see what would happen next. I leaned against the seat in front of her, trying to look nonchalant and maintain the appearance that we were just talking.

Words were definitely not needed as she reached up and cupped my cock and balls in one small hand. Her fingers slid between my legs as she gripped and kneaded my balls. Her other hand was pressing my hard cock against my body, moving it back and forth across my stomach. She played with my cock through my pants for several minutes, bringing me close to coming with just her hand.

After a quick glance to verify our solitude she reached up and unzipped my pants. Her hand snaked its way through the opening and gripped my cock through my jockey shorts. It was throbbing now and her hand felt great.

Her fingers worked up toward the band of my shorts and slowly pulled them down until the head of my cock popped out. Now her hand gripped my cock without any obstruction and she started to stroke in earnest now. She kept her other hand on my balls and was squeezing them in rhythm with the motion on my cock.

Now I was very close to coming. I was slowly moving hips back and forth as my long hair girl stroked my cock back and forth. I hoped the rocking of the bus disguised my movements but I was far from caring about being discovered at this point.

Just as I tensed to shoot my load, she looked up into my eyes, she was obviously enjoying the situation too. I closed my eyes and moaned silently in pleasure as my cock shot forth wad after wad of come into her hand. She milked my cock expertly and after I was completely spent, she drew my cum covered cock out of my pants and leaned forward and licked and sucked me clean.

Her face was flushed and her eyes were wide open as she pulled my cock from between her lips and placed it gingerly back inside my pants. One quick movement of her hand and my zipper was back into place. Not even a single string of cum remained outside my zipper to betray what had just happened. The inside of my pants was another story. I was coated with come and could feel it starting to drip down my leg.

We still had not spoken a word since the bus ride had begun. We remained silent until the bus pulled to the curb at the next stop. She stood up and suddenly we were face to face. I opened my mouth to ask her name but no words formed on my lips.

As I stuttered, groping for something to say she raised her finger to my lips and then quietly whispered, "Tomorrow." Then she swept past me and off the bus and disappeared around the corner.

I dropped into the seat she had vacated and realized I had missed my own stop several miles back. I wasn't too concerned about missing it though, after all, this was one bus ride I was definitely not going to forget.



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