My story involves another couple that lives around the corner from me. Their names are Dennis and Jenny. Both work for a major airline company and they are happily married. I had been divorced for 4 years, but we found time to stay involved with each other whenever possible.

One day, I came home to the phone ringing. It was Dennis. He told me to come over quickly. I thought something was wrong because of the tone of his voice, so I hurried over there as quickly as I could. The back door was cracked open, so I let myself in and yelled hello.

Dennis called me back to his bedroom and I scurried back there as fast as I could. As I opened the door, I was totally surprised when I saw Dennis and Jenny on the bed naked fucking each other.

First of all, let me say that Jenny is one very attractive woman. She is a match for Shania Twain, if I'd ever seen one. Looks, body, and all... and to see her naked there, well, my mouth dropped. I was in awe.

Next thing I heard was Dennis saying to me, "Hey buddy, like what you see?"

I just nodded yes. Jenny had firm C-cup breasts, and a flat stomach. Her body was perfect. Dennis then asked me if I wanted to join. I looked in amazement, because Jenny was, by far, the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen in person. Again, I just nodded yes.

Dennis looked at his wife and said, "I think that means yes."

Jenny looked at me and asked me to take my clothes off. I wasn't too discouraged after looking at Dennis' body. We both have about the same build and judging by the length of his dick, I'd say we were about an even match at 8 inches.

I stood there beside the bed with a rock hard dick hoping that this was not a dream. Then Dennis pulled away from his wife and said, "Go ahead and fuck that pussy, see if I liked it."

Jenny looked up at me and smiled, "I've been waiting for this day for a long time."

Then I knew it was okay. I climbed on the bed and got in between her legs and slowly inserted my dick into her warm wet pussy. It was awesome. She was hot and tight and sexy as hell.

As I shoved all I had in to her and she let out a moan with delight, I thought to myself, 'there is no way I'm going to cum too fast. I have got to make this last.'

As I slowly began thrusting deeply into Jenny with all of my might, I noticed that Dennis had moved to our side. His cock was still sporting a hard on. I noticed that the way he was sitting up, he had his dick near my face.

He this look on his face saying, "C'mon man, please suck my cock."

I looked down at Jenny, and she gave me that same kind of look. I looked back up at Dennis as he nudged his dick closer to my mouth. I don't know what came over me, but I opened my mouth to let his dick enter. I don't know why, but I just wanted to do it. Maybe it was the total exoticness of being offered this beautiful woman, or the excitement of the moment, but I did it willingly.

Dennis moaned in delight and Jenny shouted out, "Yes," with authority.

There I was, fucking the most attractive looking woman ever, while sucking her husband's dick. And I was so turned on. I had never been with a man, but it felt right for some reason.

This went on for a several minutes, with all of us moaning and groaning in total pleasure. Then suddenly I started thinking about Dennis cumming. Did I want him to shoot his load in my mouth or what? I had actually tasted my own cum before after I had shot a load on my then wife's tits. She asked me to lick it off and I had. It wasn't that bad.

Then, Jenny pulled away from me and said she'd had enough. I thought it was all about to end, but no, she pulled my dick to her mouth and said, "Come on big man, give me everything you got!" and pulled my cock into her mouth.

Man, I was ready to blow, and apparently that got Dennis off to, because I could feel his dick throbbing. I knew it was time to swallow what he was about to do.

As soon as I began to cum in Jenny's mouth, Dennis flooded mine. He came a lot too. But I didn't care, it was delicious.

Meanwhile, Jenny was swallowing my load like a pro. She gulped it down with ease. Finally we were sated, and as we all pulled away from each other Jenny said she was glad that we had, had sex together.

Dennis looked at me and smiled, "Me too," then to my shock he reached down and pulled my limp dick to his mouth and sucked on my cock for a few seconds, then he looked up at me and said, "Hey man, I just didn't want you to think it was all one way."

I was blown away. Sex with them had been the best I'd ever encountered.

Oh yeah, as of today, Jenny and Dennis come by the house whenever the other is on a flight, and we have great sex together. Jenny fucks me every which way when Dennis is gone. And when Jenny is away, Dennis and I suck each other off with delight. By the way, Dennis is a swallower too.



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