Blindfolded, Kellie stood, precariously balanced. Her legs were spread-eagled by a stainless steel bar strapped between her ankles. Her arms were pinioned behind her back, bound together at her wrists and elbows; her breasts thrust comically forward. A small silver spring-loaded clamp tipped each of her nipples and a black dildo secured by a thick leather strap gagged her mouth. Long blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders to the small of her back. She was completely nude.

Trying to remain absolutely still (impossible in her situation) Kellie waited in terror. Terror of the next shock. For each of the spring-loaded clamps attached to her nipples was connected via a thin silver chain, itself connected to a heavier silver chain in the center. This chain in turn went up and over a pulley attached to a rafter in the ceiling, coming down in front of Kellie a few feet away. At the other end of the chain, held in position above a square metal plate, dangled a silver metal weight. It rested a scant half inch above the metal plate's surface

Kellie did not want the weight to touch.

Supporting the plate was a black wooden box. A wire issued from a hole in the side and attached to the metal weight. From a hole in the other side of the box, a cord ran to a shiny metal pole jutting upright from the floor. This pole was mounted directly between Kellie's trembling legs. It ended in a gold-plate dildo. The dildo was inside her vagina. The dildo was extremely large.

If Kellie slumped forward, even a tiny bit, the silver weight and the metal plate touched. This completed a circuit and voltage ran from a rheostat inside the box to the shiny metal pole, and up through the dildo.

Although a light shock at first, Kellie would convulsively jump. This, of course, made the weight touch down again, and again the voltage would flow, stronger this time. She would go on this way, until she either got herself under control, the metal weight happened not to touch, or a preprogrammed instruction gave her a break.

An insidiously nasty plan.

And it got worse.

The rheostat was computer controlled and never reacted the same way twice. Kellie might receive a series of small electric shocks when the weight touched down, a decidedly stronger but individual shock, or she might not get shocked at all. And arching her back to increase the distance between the silver weight and the cover plate was also fraught with danger. For directly behind Kellie, supported by a second metal pole, was a slender metal arm. It ended an inch from her back. Touching it activated a contact switch at the tip, again closing the circuit.

Able to move neither forward, nor back, Kellie was truly fucked.


Please! she begged. Please make him come!

It was forty minutes since her master had left and Kellie was bathed in sweat. Breath whistled in and out of her nose, and her lungs bellowed air. She had endured countless repeated shocks and was nearing her limits. Her nipples shrieked and her vagina screamed. She had urinated down her thighs. She had rumblings in her bowels--despite the humiliating enema given her earlier--and she mentally writhed and twisted and turned while her chest remained fixed. Her hair was absolutely soaked. Shocks hit her now with whip-lash intensity.

"Up on your toes!" a commanding voice ordered.

Kellie leapt upwards. She cried blessings against her dildo and began to weep. Her Master had returned!

Standing in the basement doorway, holding a whip, the man beheld his shameless bitch. Her flesh glistened with sweat, her muscles trembled and every tendon stood out. She filled the air with a pungent aroma.

The man slapped the whip against his thigh, considering perhaps if he should beat her with it. He must have decided not.

"How have you been?" he asked.

Kellie made desperate noises in her throat and nose. She struggled to see him through her pores. She begged for his indulgence. She shrieked when he slapped her rear end.

"Quiet, slut."

"Yeng, gasger!" she cried. (Yes, Master!)

The man circled behind her. He slapped her butt again, livid with welts. Livid with hand prints. Livid with holes from her paddle.

"You want off of this thing?" he taunted.

Kellie furiously bobbed her head. "Mmleeme?" (Please?)

The man only laughed.

Going to an old dresser, he rummaged through the drawers, coming up with two small silver cubes. Each had a long, dangling wire. Connecting those wires to outlets on the box, the man knelt between his submissive girl's legs, and positioned the cubes on the floor.

"Lift your heels," he commanded.

Kellie obeyed, arching onto her toes. Doing it stretched her nipples and she quietly moaned.

Slipping a cube beneath each heel, the man touched a button on the side which turned it on. Each box also had a small red button on top, a momentary switch: Coming down on it would depress the button.

"Better stay as you are," her Master warned. "If either heel touches a button, you know what happens."

Kellie bobbed her head. The voltage increased. The voltage increased a whole lot. And each time she depressed a button, the voltage increased even more. If not for her Master's belated assurance otherwise, she might shock herself to death.

"How long should I leave you?" her Master asked.

How long could she remain on her toes? How long before she cramped? Already she felt the strain in her insteps and calves. She felt herself flutter.

"It's ten o'clock now," her Master said. "Let's say until midnight?"

Desperately she shook her head. She bounced up and down. "Ngo, gasger! mmleeme!" she wailed. "Mmleeme?"

Her Master laughed. "Midnight it is," he said, slapping her on the rear. He slapped her again when she started. Then he slapped her again. This time she held still.

Crossing the room, the man adjusted the camera and the lights, and checked the supply of tape. There was not enough. Ejecting the cartridge, he replaced it with another one right out of its wrapper; he always taped fresh. Her audience deserved it. Returning to where she stood shaking in the middle of the floor, he rattled the tape beside her right ear. He laughed when she flinched. Already, she had shocked herself twice.

"I'm showing this to your brothers," he said.

Kellie spasmed and convulsively shook her head. "Ngo, mmleeme!" she wailed in horror--and got a whack on the can.

"No, please, Master!" he warned.

"Ngo, mmleeme, gasger!" she corrected.

"That's better. And you have no say in the matter. I do what I want. And what I want is for your brothers to see you getting spanked."

Agonized and defeated, Kellie could only stand there and moan. Four times now she had been flayed before the camera; four times now the tape was seen by her brothers. Which of course, her brothers loved. Especially fourteen year old Josh, who made no secret of telling his friends all about her kicking and screaming over her Master's knee as she got what she deserved.

Kellie knew better than to plead.

Placing the tape in his gym bag, and zipping the gym bag closed, her master reminded Kellie of the time, then left the room. She heard him climb the basement stairs to the first floor level, then cross the living room to the door. She heard the front door open. She heard the front door close

Tonight, she thought miserably. They'll see it tonight.

She settled in for another two hours of fun.

The End


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