Victoria Applegate reported, as scheduled, for her army induction. She had volunteered for the service some time ago, and was looking forward to serving her country.

The sign at the induction center read "new recruits this way", so she followed it and ended up in a room with eight young males who were also waiting for instructions. After some small talk, they were quieted by a sergeant, who entered with some male nurses.

"OK, fall in!" he barked, as everyone lined up.

"First, the physical. Remove your shirt, shoes and pants and get ready for the examination" he ordered.

"What room do you want me to go to?" asked Victoria.

"You're in the room! Now keep quiet and do as you are told", the sergeant snapped.

"But, there are GUYS in here!" Victoria replied.

It didn't matter. This was the first week of the new, fully integrated armed forces, where there was now absolutely no special treatment for any reason.

Victoria blushed as she stood in bra, panties and socks in front of the other male recruits who were also in their underwear. The guys kept glancing over to her and smirking. Victoria tried to avert her eyes, but the temptation of looking at several hunks in their skivvies was just too much.

One by one, each recruit was called to the middle of the room, had their blood pressure taken, and had the usual eye, ear, nose and throat exam.

Next, everyone was marched down the hall to another room. Standing in a single line, each recruit was again called to the middle of the room one by one, so that arms and legs could be examined.

When it was Victoria's turn, the nurse made her put her arms out. "Good muscle tone," he said as he felt her arms and forearms. He examined her hands. "Gotta trim these fingernails," he said as he took out the nail clippers.

"Do you have to?" asked Victoria.

"Regulations," the nurse replied as he clipped each nail right down.

She was always proud of her long, sexy fingernails, but regulations were regulations.

Bending down, the nurse felt her legs and ankles. "Good muscle tone" he repeated to his assistant, as he lifted up Victoria's ankles and pulled off her socks. "No bunions or corns, but she's got three hammertoes. Normal arching. Slight foot odor."

Victoria was always a little shy about her feet, and now here they were being held up bare in front of everyone with the nurse describing them! She was totally embarrassed. The nurse reached for the nail clippers again. "Hey, not my toenails, too!" she complained.

"You're in the army now lady, not some fashion show," replied the sergeant as the nurse took Victoria's little foot in his hand, spread her toes and started clipping.

"Hey, you're cuttin' 'em too short!" Victoria protested.

"Regulations, lady," replied the nurse as he clipped away. Reaching her big toenail, he held it with his thumb and forefinger. "What the hell is this thing, a bayonet? You broads have been a pain in the ass all week," he complained as he clipped it short. The nurse did the same with her other foot.

Victoria looked at her now ultra-short finger and toenails, and sighed. She went back in line with the others.

Then, everyone marched to another room.

One by one, the new recruits were called to the middle of the room for a respiratory check. The men's t-shirts were removed and a male nurse tapped and listened with a stethoscope to back and then chest. When it was Victoria's turn, the nurse started to unclasp her bra.

"Hey, you can't do that!" she protested, but it was removed anyway. Victoria quickly put her arms across her tits. A couple of guys chuckled. Her backbone was examined and listened to with a stethoscope.

Then, she was turned around and her arms were pulled away from her chest. "Hold on! This isn't fair!" she protested as a couple of the guys whistled.

"Keep it down, you guys," ordered the Sergeant.

With her breasts and nipples in full view, the nurse listened to her chest with the stethoscope. "Normal" he remarked, as Victoria covered her boobs with her arms and went back in line. While in line, the sergeant looked at her and said, "Put those arms down lady, just like everyone else."

"Sergeant, this is embarrassing!" answered Victoria.

"Not my problem, lady. Down like the others," he replied.

Single file, the recruits marched again to another room, this time in just underpants--or in Victoria's case-- just panties.

Ordered to keep her hand by her sides in marching position, there was no way that Victoria could cover her tits, which were now completely bare with her hard nipples pointing straight out. Occasionally, a male solider would catch a glimpse and give a wolf-whistle, and Victoria would shoot back a dirty look.

Upon arrival, the first recruit stepped to the middle of the room, and turned his back. His shorts were pulled down in the rear, and he received a shot in the butt. Then, he was turned around. His shorts were pulled all the way down in front and removed.

Victoria was shocked at the casual way that the soldier was stripped nude right in front of everybody! She wondered what would happen when it was her turn. Certainly they would take her to another room, wouldn't they?

"Spread 'em, solider," the nurse ordered, as his penis and balls were examined. Then he was turned around again. His buttcheeks were spread, and his butthole was lubed up. The nurse put his hand in a rubber glove, lubed it up, and jammed a finger up the soldier's ass. He jumped a little.

Victoria braced herself. She was next. She walked to the center of the room. "C'mon, there are guys here! Can't we do this in another room. I mean, I don't think....." she began, but the nurses paid no attention.

It was business as usual as she was turned around in mid-sentence, her panties pulled down in the rear, and was given a shot. Then Victoria was turned around facing forward. The nurse grabbed the elastic on her panties and started to pull them down.

"Hey! Wait a minute! Can't you at least leave THESE on?!?" she exclaimed. Her protest was ignored. Her panties were pulled all the way down, removed and taken away. She quickly put her hand over her private area for modesty.

"Come on lady, quit bein' a baby," the male nurse said, as he yanked her hand away, revealing Victoria's little, curly bush.

Now fully nude from head to toe in a room full of guys, she blushed deeply with embarrassment. A couple of more whistles from the guys.

The sergeant barked, "Settle down!"

Victoria couldn't believe what was happening. Full integration of the army had finally happened... right down to the physical.

"Spread 'em, soldier," the nurse ordered.

"But..." she began but was interrupted by the sergeant who barked, "That's an order!"

Victoria reluctantly complied, as the nurse stuck his two fingers inside of her cunt and felt around. "Oh! Ouch! Take it easy!" Victoria complained, as the nurse kept feelin around inside.

The whole scene was strangely erotic, and she started to get wet. Victoria thought to herself "Oh man, I hope I don't have an orgasm and cum right in front of everybody." The squishing sounds from the examination were embarrassing.

"I still can't get used to doin' an exam on broads," the male nurse muttered. Then, just like the others, Victoria was turned around, he butt cheeks were spread wide, and her butthole was lubed up right in full view of everyone, much to her complete humiliation. A gloved finger went up her butt.

"Yeeeoooow!" she squealed and gasped as the nurse felt around.

Examination over, Victoria got back in line. Again, she tried to cover up by placing her arms across her boobs and her hand over her cunt, but the nurse pulled her arms away. "The sergeant said 'attention'," the nurse yelled.

"This is NOT FAIR!" Victoria shot back. "I'm a girl, for Christ sake!"

"Look," the nurse began. "You broads wanted equal treatment in the armed forces. The only way is to treat you the same in every, single way."

He was right. There was nothing Victoria could do. She would have to come to grips with the fact that men and women's modesty was now a thing of the past.

When all the other recruits were finished, the sergeant ordered everyone to fall in. Poor Victoria stood in line totally naked with all of the male recruits, who were also completely nude. The guy next to her glanced over, took at look at Victoria, and got turned on. His dick rose to an erection.

"What's the matter soldier?" asked the sergeant, "Never seen a naked chick before?"

"Sorry Sarge, I can't help it," he replied sheepishly as he looked toward Victoria. "I mean... she ain't got nothin' on!"

Victoria shot a look at the guy's dick and chuckled to herself. She was a little turned on too, but could keep it to herself. When you are a guy there is no hiding it!

"Hold still, soldier," the sergeant ordered, as he grabbed the guy's dick and started yanking it up and down.

Victoria was horrified! Suddenly, the soldier came in several spurts. "Oh my God!" Victoria whispered, as the sergeant wiped his hands with a paper towel.

"There, you guys better get used to having naked female soldiers around, so you better get your minds off of sex, and keep your dicks under control," he lectured.

Victoria wondered what on earth could be next. She soon found out.

"Next is complete shaving and de-lousing," said the sergeant, as the nurses were handed electric shavers.

"No No No! Not my hair!" Victoria exclaimed, as she was shaved right down to the skull just like her male counterparts.

"Allright, soldiers, spread your legs," the sergeant ordered, as the men had their pubic hair carefully shaved. When the male nurse got to Victoria, he looked at her snatch and remarked to his assistant "broads are easy," Zip zip zip. Three quick strokes, and her cunt was hairless.

"I guess being a girl has its advantages," remarked Victoria to the other soldiers.

Everyone laughed.

Then everyone, including Victoria, marched naked into the locker room and dressed in their fatigues. By now, all sexuality was eliminated. Victoria was just another grunt.



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