I'm in the Army Reserve and every year we go to Death Valley, California for desert training. This year I was in charge of my Section. I took four soldiers with me, two male, two female. One of the females was a sexy, flirtatious black woman, name of Pvt. Terron. She's always making suggestive comments and showing off her body to us guys.

One afternoon I sent two of my soldiers on a mission that would take all day. That left me with my second it command Spec. Penzo and my little flirt Pvt. Terron.

During the day, if you're not on mission, you take care of the showers, laundry and shit like that. Our office in the field is a truck with a big air- conditioned box on the back.

Penzo and I were chillin in the office when Pvt. Terron came in from having taken a shower outside. All she had on was a towel; shower shoes and the air- conditioning had her nipples pushing through the towel.

I said, "You better put those things away before you poke someone's eye out." Kidding like.

She responded by flashing us.

I told her to get dressed but she said, "Not until you guys get out the truck."

I asked her why she thought we should go out into the sweltering sun since she had just flashed us. I added that over the past few months we'd seen just about all she had. (The little exhibitionist.)

As she bent over to get her clothes out of her duffel bag she said, "I don't want you two to get any ideas, now get the fuck outa here."

Still to this day I don't know what made me have the balls to do this but, I jumped up behind her and grabbed her around the waist and ground my cock against her black ass while I squeezed her tits with both hands.

I said, "What ideas, you mean like this?" And I squeezed her tits really hard. Then I said, "Or maybe Jerry and I should take a little pussy from you too." After a little squeal of indignation, she said, "You don't have the nuts to do it, white boy!"

She looked so fucking good with that dark skin and white towel; I just threw her to the floor of the truck and told Penzo to hold her down.

He jumped up and pinned her shoulders. I could tell by the way he had jumped into it; his enthusiasm was up for the game. So looking into her eyes I unbuckled my pants. Seeing me do that made her really started to struggle against Penzo's grip.

I pulled out my dick and she started yelling at us, "Stop it! Stop god dammit you fuckers, let me up."

Penzo and I just laughed at her until she almost kicked me in the nuts and had Penzo's wrist and leg bleeding. I got mad and pushed her legs to the floor with her ass in the air and smacked her so hard it stung my hand. When she cried out in pain Penzo shoved a sock in her mouth and pinned her arms down with his knees. I smacked her on her ass again several times before I noticed tears in her eyes.

I told her that she shouldn't be such a tease that if you tease guys all the time someone might take what she kept flaunting. Then Penzo whipped her ass three or four times just to watch her squirm.

When she stopped fighting so hard Penzo buried his middle finger in her ass. She went crazy and you could tell that she was getting frantic, but with the sock in her mouth, and two big strong guys holding her down, there wasn't much chance of her breaking free. She pushed her ass back and let out a sob as Penzo started to work his finger in and out of her.

In front of me was this most beautiful sight, with my big fat white cock rubbing against her thick caramel colored ass. She was face down ass up, when I stuck my hand between her smooth legs and felt her pussy for the first time. "Damn, she's wet.... So wet in fact I think she kinda liking this."

I told her that I'd take the sock out of her mouth if she promised not to scream. She nodded her head and I could see tears still welling up and tearing down her cheeks. I took the sock out and she sobbed, "Why are ya'll doing this to me?"

I told her that we were tired of getting teased and today we were going to get some of that pussy today. I'd been without for too long, and she was convenient. I started pushing two fingers in her pussy and squeezed one of her tits and Penzo was up to two fingers in her ass.

Pvt. Terron had nice firm tits with dark eraser size nipples. They were a pleasure to feel, and I took full advantage of my position of power over her. Then I watch in fascination as Penzo took the two fingers that he'd had buried in her asshole and rubbed them on her lips, she was giving in to us, she wasn't fighting his nasty fingers.

I bent down and started to tongue her asshole, lightly flicking it around the rosebud-hole. I could still smell the soap from her shower. She started to move her ass around and moaned a little bit, I could tell that she liked the sensation of my tongue lapping at her backside, even if she wouldn't admit it.

After a few minutes of this I signaled Penzo to let her go. She tried to Bail immediately, but Penzo grabbed her and I smacked her so hard my hand hurt again. I shoved her back down on the floor and jammed two fingers in her asshole again-- hard.

She gasped like she lost her breath or something and tears welled up in her eyes again. I said, "If you do what we want and don't tell anyone, we'll make this quick. And who knows, maybe you won't get all the shit details from now on."

She finally agreed not to try and get away. So I let of her ass and told her to flip over on her back, which she did. I lifted her legs, bent down, and buried my face between her legs, grabbing hold of her clit with my lips. I started flicking my tongue against her hard clit and she started to jerk around on the floor.

Then I sucked her clit into my mouth and that sent her over. She bucked her pussy against my mouth and flooded my face with juice. I could tell that she liked it this way, against her will. I could tell right then that she turned on when a man overpowered her. She was mine.

After I milked my little black female I sat up on my knees and started to rub my prick against her dripping snatch. She looked at me and said, "Come on you guys, this has got to stop, please." But Penzo got up and took off his pants and squatted over her face. He told her to lick his asshole.

She knew that we were serious when I bit a nipple- hard. When her tongue came out and touched his ass my dick swelled into the hardest boner I think I've ever had. The sight of this black female liking a white guy's asshole got me so hard I just pushed my cock into her soaked pussy. And god was it hot.

I started ramming her, slamming my nuts against her ass. She was screaming into his ass and flicking her tongue on him like a blur as I fucked her like a mad man.

Penzo was jacking on his dick and slapping it against her tits. I was about to come when I told Penzo to swap with me. He jumped at the chance to nail Pvt. Terron, and started wildly humping her. When I squatted over her mouth and her tongue touched my asshole it felt like I got shocked. She started to squeal again but it was different this time.

I looked down and Penzo was shoving his prick in her ass. She had her hand on his chest trying to push him back or slow him down but he ignored her. He just kept slamming his dick into her abused asshole.

I reached back and grabbed her hair and shove her face into my balls. She wrapped her lips around them and started to suck. That made me lose it. I jumped off her face and rubbed my cock against her lips and started to spew.

I covered her lips with my come, and splattered more on her nose and cheek. It was amazing, my white come all over her dark skin. I spread it around with my dick then told her to open her mouth and suck me.

When she started to do that Penzo told me to move. He pulled out of her ass and straddled her face again. I watched as he shoving his cock in and out of her mouth and in no time he started to come. He grabbed the back of her head and tried to bury his cock in her throat. She gagged as she tried to take it and she come drooled down her chin.

He pulled out of her mouth and shot a few more spurts onto her upturned face. When he was done coming he stood up-- he still had come dripping from his cock onto her tits. He shook his dick, slinging the last of his come on to her belly. I was leaning back on my cot smoking a cigarette. Penzo plopped down on his cot and I threw him a smoke. I told her that we greatly appreciated what she had done for us and that she should go clean up because she had guard duty in an hour and a half. She got up, picked up her towel, got her clothes and went outside. I heard some noise in the shower area and smiled at Penzo. We kept talking about how we couldn't believe she'd fucked us like that and how fucking cool it had been. After that day, Pvt. Terron was ours, she never did complain. I think that she grew to like white cock, and I know that I have become very fond of black pussy.


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