My parents named me Poppy in honor of the poppy plant that produces opium. Actually, they didn't get around to naming me until I was three years old, and my dad was so zipped that he came up with the name when someone asked what their little girl's name was.

Needless to say my parents were druggies and I became one before I could walk. I don't remember a time when I wasn't plied with one drug or another. My earliest memory of my parents was them leaning over me in my crib and blowing pot smoke in my face. I couldn't have been more than four.

We lived in a studio bedroom apartment and my parents slept in a foldout couch and until I was six I slept in the old wooden crib someone had given us when I was born.

After the age six I was too tall to continue sleeping in the crib so I graduated to my parent's bed. I had seen them screwing since I was an infant so being in their bed while they did it was really no different. The only problem was that sometimes there wasn't enough room and I ended up getting knocked out of bed.

By the time I was eight I was sexually active. My first time seemed to be a natural progression of events. All of the adults were lying around screwing and eating and talking and screwing some more while us kids played out in the back yard.

Joel was thirteen and I liked him. When he told me that he wanted to fuck me I just said okay and we went farther into the yard by the garage and did it. I knew everything there was to know by then without actually doing it. I knew how it all worked and frankly I was getting curious by then anyway.

There was a dirty old mattress lying behind some trees in the corner of the yard and Joel told me to strip and lie down there. I did as he said and it wasn't more than two minutes before he was shooting off in me.

I remember lying there under him wondering what the big deal was.

One of the other boys had seen us and he wanted to do it too, but it had hurt and I felt hot and sweaty from Joel so I told the other boy to go fuck himself.


That first time wasn't so great, but I told my parents about it anyway. Dad seemed interested but my Mom scolded me, telling me that I'd get pregnant if I wasn't careful. She threw a flat round plastic container at me and told me to take one of the pills inside every day or I'd get pregnant and have to be sent away.

Of course they were birth control pills that Mom had piles of. My parents were into anything that made them some money and one of their little enterprises was selling pills, which included birth control pills to kids at school. That meant that I had a limitless supply of pills so having lots of street smarts I never did get pregnant. (Which was probably good for any kid I would have had.)

Joel kept trying to get me to let him fuck me again, but I really didn't want too. It hadn't been very enjoyable and I had no reason to put myself through that again. That is until he offered to give me money.

Yeah, you're right. I became an eight-year-old prostitute! Hard to fathom looking back, but he offered to pay me $5 if I let him cum in me again. I was on the pill by then so I said sure, but made him pay me first.

After that I realized how easy it was to make money, and with the drugs that I stole from my folks and resold, and letting boys fuck me I began raking in the cash.

I left home at the age of twelve when I met a nice older man who wanted to film me naked. I think he thought I was innocent or something. I pretended to be Innocent and I let him take pictures of me naked on a bed playing with myself. He paid me $50 dollars a session.

I soon graduated to doing simulated sex for the Internet. All I had to do was pretend I was about to blow some guy, or "look" like I was about to be fucked by a man, or another kid. I guess they thought I was some kind of virgin or something. Looking back at some of those pictures I can see why they thought that, I did look like a little kid.

The man finally propositioned me. He did it right after a filming session one day when I was still naked. Knowing the score quite a bit better by then I told him that taking pictures was one thing but actually having sex with someone was quite another. I told him that I hadn't had sex with anyone before and that I didn't think I wanted to do it.

While I was telling him that I spread my legs a little as if I wasn't thinking about what I was doing. I could see that he was hard from the tent in his pants and the look on his face. Finally I told him that I would do it if he paid me $500. He agreed immediately. I made him fork over the money in advance.

By then I'd probably had sex a hundred times, but it was easy to pretend that I was a virgin kid. After all I was still only twelve-years-old and he was a full groan adult. I pretended that he was hurting me when he started to penetrate me. I clung to him as he began thrusting wildly in me and pretended that I was scared. I even pretended to cry.

Actually he was a pretty good fuck. He kept it up long enough to make me cum. Yeah I know, but believe me when I say that with enough experience even a twelve-year- old girl can cum. Especially when you have an experienced adult doing the fucking. He certainly knew what he was doing.

I stayed working for that man for two years. I gave him a discount after a while and only charged him $100 each time we had sex. I kind of liked him and was sorry to leave him, but opportunity was knocking and I had to answer it.


At fourteen I met a fifty-year-old guy with a wife and daughter who was also a pornographer. That was unusual because from my experience guys that made their living filming sex always sampled the goods.

This guy's name was Doug and he actually had a studio. That's when I started into the big time. It's funny that most of my stuff went overseas, especially to England and Germany, but back then underage stuff was dangerous in the US.

Doug gave me the name "Anna" and started me out on stills. I did boys my age, and older men, and women too. It was fun and I soon found that I liked the life style. Most of the partners I had during that period of my life wanted only one thing from me. Sex. That was okay because to get it they had to pay me. Even if it was only pictures they wanted, I still got paid.

Then one day the inevitable happened. Doug propositioned me. He told me that his wife didn't understand him, that he was a sexual animal and since she'd hit menopause he hadn't had any pussy at all.

Of course I'd heard so many lines by then that I was cynical, but Doug was my boss and he'd seen me doing it so many times on film that I couldn't really tell him that I didn't do that kind of thing.

I stalled for a while but finally gave in and let him fuck me.

That was a mistake. He was like some kind of sex addict; he could never seem get enough of my body. It was like he had some kind of fantasy about screwing a particular "type" of teenage girl and I fit that ideal.

I think I'm good looking. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and a good body, but I don't think that I'm all that unusual, so his obsession with my body kind of freaked me. And I didn't really want to make it a regular thing with him. I mean I was not quite fifteen and he was fifty-three, you can imagine how I felt.

By this time I had moved into Doug's house and had been living there for around six months. His excuse for having me there was that I was his business partner's daughter and when he'd died the year before I'd been moved around from one foster home to another until he couldn't allow it any longer.

His wife Ruth accepted her perverted husband's word for it and I became Doug's little fuck toy whenever he thought he could get away with it without being caught.

Doug's daughter and I became friends. We shared a room, and in fact had been having somewhat of an affair with each other. We went to the same high school, and very shortly after moving in I had seduced her. It hadn't taken all that much effort because Doug's daughter was quite a little slut deep down. All it took was bringing it out.


Mary was a year younger than me with dark hair and an olive completion like her mom's. She was pretty enough is a simple way, but she had an attitude that needed adjusting when I moved in. It seems that daughter dearest didn't really want a roommate, and she had no compulsion in letting me know that.

I took her crap for about a week then one night I decided to initiate her into her Daddy's and my world. When she'd gone to sleep I snuck over to the closet and rummaged through my "work" backpack and pulled out a nice big "jell" dildo and then quickly stepped over to Mary's bed.

Looking down at Mary's sleeping form I thought to myself, "You'll never be the same after this night. Now you'll get a taste of your father's world."

I lowered myself down onto her bed and rolled on top of her. Mary's eyes opened and I leaned in and kissed her. She struggled but I held her head with both hands and pressed my lips to hers. She tried to yell but I just clamped a hand over her mouth and looked into her frightened eyes.

"Mary," I said, "You've been fucking with me all week. I think your problem is that you're just a bitchy prude that needs to loosen up." And I ran my free hand down between her legs and began to rub her crotch up and down.

Mary tried to buck me off, but I held firm. I hoped that if the family genes held true, that the daughter might be like the father and I could get control over her. Even at the tender age of fourteen I knew how to pleasure another girl. I knew that if I could keep her quieted down and under control long enough I'd have her.

I kept moving my hand between her legs, up and down, up and down, never taking it away. At the same time I squirmed my body against hers, feeling my tits pressing against hers. I don't know about Mary, but I was definitely getting hot.

And sure enough so was Mary. Suddenly my fingers felt moisture and I was able to slip a finger into her cunt. Mary's body jerked and she struggled in earnest, but I just held her down and continued to finger her and kiss her.

In a very short time I had Mary's nightie off and we were both naked and breathing hard. Once she realized what I was doing and once she started to get turned on, Mary stopped fighting me.

I didn't use the dildo on her that first night. It turned out that daddy's little daughter was a virgin. Go figure a pornographer had a sixteen-year-old virgin daughter. The fucker didn't mind filming me, who was only a year older, he didn't mind shoving his big dick up my cunt either.

Anyway, I let Mary fuck me with the dildo and I cummed for her. I figured I would let her see how much fun a big old dildo could be so she wouldn't be frightened when it was her turn.

After I let my little virgin fuck me with the dildo and I eat her cunt out, (I always like eating another girl.) Mary was unable to resist my talents and she cummed like a bitch in heat for me. And I knew then and there that I had myself a playmate anytime I wanted one.


Even though I enjoyed sex with his daughter, I was getting tired of having to have sex with Doug. Finally I decided that Doug was becoming too much of a pest and I wanted to move on. That's when he slammed me with the fact that my money wouldn't be going with me if I left him.

Call me stupid, but up until then I'd been letting Doug bank my money for me. He was kind of my financial manager. I was making all kinds of money and not spending all that much of it.

Apparently to withdraw any money from my account I had to have a co-signer. Doug! And the account would stay that way until I was twenty-one.

I was pissed off. How dare the bastard fuck with me like that.

That was when I made up my mind to fuck him over like he was trying to do me. I would make him sorry and get my money.

Doug though, had no clue what was going on in my mind. As far as he was concerned I backed off the idea of leaving. In fact to show him that there were no hard feelings I made him hard and then gave him a great blowjob while his wife was napping in the next room.

I can't tell you how many times I've used a blowjob since then to distract an enemy. I'll suck off any man to get what I want, I don't care, a dick is a tool, it's just like using a straw to drink a milk shake as far as I'm concerned. Sometimes I think men are pathetic, they let their dicks run their lives.

That's exactly what ended up happening to Doug. He got such good sex from me that when I threatened to cut him off he gave in. I got him to sign over my money to me. You might have thought that would be enough for me, but it wasn't. I wanted to put the world of hurt on him just like he'd done to me.

I'd had to be nice to him and let him fuck me over and over again, and even pretend like I liked it. So now I wanted to really fuck-over Doug before I moved on. (My only excuse for this kind of attitude was that I was very young (17 by then) and hadn't had a great upbringing.

I picked a weekend when Doug's wife had gone to her sister's house due to an illness in the family. Right after she left I went into the living room and climbed into Doug's lap. I started kissing him and massaging his dick through the material of his pants until he was hard. He kept halfheartedly trying to stop me saying, "Mary's home, we can't do this now. C'mon baby, not here, lets go into the bedroom, I don't want my daughter to catch us..."

But I was having none of it. I wanted Mary to catch us; I wanted her to see what a pervert her old man was, so I just kept playing with him and kissing him and telling him how hot he was and how horny I was.

I don't know if the reader can really imagine this but having lived through it I can tell you it is really huge feeling of power when a young teenage girl seduces a fifty-three year old man. It's so great to be in charge of this adult male, like he's putty in my hands. It's really cool.

And Doug was like putty in my hands. I unzipped him and pulled his dick out and crouched down, pushing his Lazyboy chair into a prone position so he was facing the ceiling. Then I began to jack him off with both hands. I had my mouth teasingly close to his shiny hard-on and he was soon moaning to me, "Suck it, please suck me baby, c'mon, do it."

And I did. Just as Mary walked in seeking out the strange noises coming from the living room, I sank my mouth down over Doug's pulsing cock. He almost sat up as his dick slid back to the back of my throat. He groaned, "Oh fuck!" as I swallowed several times to give him an extra thrill.

All the while Mary was standing in the archway looking at us in shock. I watched her expression as I bobbed up and down on her father's jutting prick. First I saw surprise and then uncomprehending shock in her face. That was soon replaced with a look of disgust as her father began to urge me on with, "Oh yeah, oh yeah you little fucking whore. Take it all, oh yeah, you're so fucking good."

Then he moaned out, "Oh god, oh god, I'm gonna cum!"

I pulled my mouth of him and swiveled his Lazyboy chair around so he was facing his daughter. His eyes opened wide as the first string of thick white sperm flew into the air to land with a splat between his legs against the material of the chair. Doug groaned as a second blast shot up into the air.

Father and daughter where staring at each other in shock. Daughter was seeing something she'd never in a million years have imagined, and I notice that just before Doug jumped up to cover his still spurting cock he had this strange satisfied look on his face. That made me wonder.

There was hell to pay after my little performance. Doug jumped from the chair and bellowed at Mary to go to her room. When she ran out he turned to me and started calling me every name under the sun.

I didn't care, I knew that he'd get over it and I wasn't done with him yet. As a matter of fact his yelling obscenities at me only made me more determined to make him pay. And I decided that that night would be the night.


Dinner was a forced affair that night. We all eat in silence with father and daughter darting embarrassed glances at each other. Finally it was over and Mary scurried to her room, but I stayed there.

Looking into Doug's eyes I said, "You know you liked it Doug."

"What the hell are you talking about?" he said gruffly.

"You know you liked cumming in front of your pretty little daughter."

"Shut up you little whore, I don't know why I don't throw you out of my house right now."

I gave him my sexiest look, with pouty lips and said, "Cause you like fucking me Dougie. You like it when I eat your cum and suck you dick, don't you Dougie?"

"What you did to me I can't forgive." He said sternly.

I smiled and said, "But Doug, it's not like Mary doesn't know what's been going on between us." I lied. "And besides Mary and I have been having sex ever since I moved in. I've even let her eat me out right after you've fucked me. She's always commented on how good I taste on those occasions."

Doug just stared at me. For a moment I was afraid that he would hit me, but it passed and he asked in a shaky voice, "You mean that my daughter knew that she was licking my sperm out of you?"

"Now that's interesting. All you want to know is did your daughter like eating your cum. Yes Dougie, that is very telling," I giggled. Even though I was only a teenager I knew many of the perversions of men by then, and I knew with certainty that Doug was lusting after his daughter.

Doug was appropriately disgusted with my suggestion and left the room to go to bed. Before he was in the hall to his bedroom, I said, "Listen carefully tonight Doug, I think Mary liked what she saw and I've a feeling we're gonna get it on."

That was my final test. If he was going to be straight about it he would have thrown me out then and there to protect his little sweetheart. But he didn't, he just stomped off to his bedroom and slammed the door.


I opened the door to our bedroom and looked in. Mary was laying stomach down across her bed with her chin in her hands with a far away look on her face. As I shut the door she looked up at me silently. She just stared at me like I was a stranger, then finally she said, "You and my Dad have been fucking for a long time haven't you?"

"Yeah, and your Dad likes it, he says that your Mom and him haven't had sex in years. The funny thing is that he's pretty good at it for not having had any for so long," I said looking at her and then walking toward her.

I knelt down in front of her on the carpet so that our faces were level. Leaned in I frenched her, holding her head with both hands. We kissed and played with each other's tongues for quite a while, then I pulled away and said, "Of course you know you've just been kissing the mouth that sucked your father's dick and drank his cum."

Mary's face flushed a bright pink and she looked at the floor, "Yes, I know."

I jumped up and sat on the bed next to her, "You little pervert, you like the idea, don't you!?"

Mary didn't respond, so I continued to taunt her, "You like the idea of sucking your old man's big dick, don't you? C'mon, admit it. Do you want to fuck him too? You know, he's a fine fuck, and I saw it in his eyes that we was interested."

Mary came to life, "Nuh uh, not my Dad, you're crazy, he's not like that, he'd never do anything like that!!

"Oh yeah, do you know what he does for a living? Do you know how I know him, why we fuck whenever we get the chance? He's a big time pornographer, he does porno movies and web sites and all that kind of stuff. Your Daddy's a pervert."

"NO, he's not, don't say that."

"Kiss me Mary," I said as I moved my face close to hers. She met me and we kissed again. And it wasn't long before we were both naked and I had my best jell dildo out and we were pleasuring each other.

I was rubbing in and out between Mary's wide-spread legs and loudly saying, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, pretend it's your Dad's big honker running you through, you know you want it. Mary hump it, it's your Daddy's naked spewing cock thrust deep in you, fuck it Mary, fuck it harder!"

I was a little surprised when she didn't even try to deny it, but started to fuck the dildo like a little slut. She lay there with her eyes closed fucking the dildo like crazy, when I notice the bedroom door opening silently.

As I saw Doug standing there in his bathrobe with his eyes locked onto his daughter's writhing body, I knew I had won. The bastard was going to go for it, and I was going to get even with him.

That's pretty much what happened too.

Doug with a sick expression on his face silently moved to the bed and I indicated that he should take the dildo which he did. I stood up and watched the scene unfold before me. Mary's eyes opened as she felt the shift of weight on the bed. She didn't move when she saw that it was her father.

I stopped breathing at that moment, what would happen next, I wondered. But I didn't have to wait long to see. To my utter amazement Doug moved closer to his daughter and rose up over her. I saw the dildo fall to the floor and heard Mary gasp as her father mounted her.

Fuck! I'd seen a lot of perverted things in my 17 years, but this beat them all. With a groan that sounded like a sob I watched as Doug thrust into his daughter and his body slapped against hers. He just lay there for a few moments breathing hard. Then I saw his butt rise and then fall, then rise again. He still had his bathrobe on so I couldn't see anything. That bugged me a little bit.

When Doug started fucking his daughter faster and faster, I grabbed his robe and pulled it away. It momentarily threw him off his rhythm and he looked up at me with this sick embarrassed expression on his face. I just smiled at him and leaned over and grabbed his balls from behind.

Doug's flabby old body shivered and I heard him groan as I squeezed his balls. Then he urgently began to pound his daughter's opened pussy like a madman. And all the while I held on to his balls and whispered things into his ear like, "Come on big man give it to her, give it all to he, plow her like the stud you are, you know she wants it."

And the really perverted thing was that Mary did want it. She could hear me and she started whimpering and finally her body stiffened under her Dad's and she screamed, "OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING! OH FUCK YES!"

And at that moment I felt a surge in Doug's balls and I knew that his whimper meant that he'd just cum in his daughter's unprotected cunt. Doug tried to pull out of his daughter, but she wrapped her legs around him, fucking him back frantically so that he could do nothing but pump his cum deep into her, groaning in despair mingled with lust.


I had gotten even with the bastard and had an incredibly hot show to boot. Now I could leave and let them stew in their own juices. I knew tomorrow in the light of day they would be ashamed of what they'd done. I also knew that Doug's thin veneer of respectability had just been stripped away.

As it turned out I wasn't really satisfied. What I really wanted to do was get him drunk or drugged and cut his dick off with a knife. I suspected that he'd enjoyed his punishment too much, although I'm sure he would deny that for the rest of his pathetic life.

But at that point I no longer cared one way or another. He'd fucked me over in more ways than one and now I'd done the same to him with the unwitting help of his sixteen-year-old daughter.

I was certain that their life would no longer be the stereotypical suburban family unit any longer. I'd exposed the hypocrite for what he was to his daughter. And if I knew my perverts he'd end up fucking his daughter again. And eventually he'd get caught by his wife, or someone else and get his just deserts.

I guess I had gotten even after all.

I grabbed my backpack and my clothes and slipped out the door. Monday morning I stopped by the bank and closed my account. Bought myself a motorcycle and took off for more fun and adventures.

I did regret not saying goodbye to Mary though.



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