Soft strains of a woman's voice filled the house. Candlelight flickered, causing a thousand shadows to dance to the unfamiliar blues accompanying the voice. There was no sign of Cori, just an armchair placed in the center of the room.

Donald approached the chair, the only piece of furniture not pressed to the walls. His gaze roamed from the mantle to the hurricane lamp on the television to the empty space where a table once stood, then back to the chair.

There was a note. Removing his coat, Donald laid it across the arm and picked up the scrap of paper. It read, "Sit here, please."


Cori was still shaking as Donald withdrew from her. Belly flat on the bed, arms bound together over her head and her legs bound far apart behind her, her body burned, both from the sex and from the wonderful spanking she had received. Cori felt naked and vulnerable as Donald ran his hand along her back.

Donald swept her long brown hair aside to kiss her where her neck met her scalp. Despite the afterglow from the exhausting sex they had, Cori felt a tingle of desire ripple through her pummeled sex.

"My Slut," Donald whispered in her ear. Cori shivered and her heart raced. The scene was still in effect. He would remain her "Master" and use her as he saw fit until he gave the word. She didn't know if she could handle any more sensations, but she would try.

"Yes?" Cori asked. She felt him shiver slightly. He always shivered when she responded to being called a slut. It was such a simple thing to do but it always aroused him further.

"Tomorrow, you'll dance and strip for me when I get home from work," he commanded.

Cori swallowed. "I don't know if I can do that."

Cori felt a touch of panic. The idea struck her with fear. She would gladly lie down, submit to a spanking, a fucking and enjoy being called his slut, but to dance?

"I'm not refusing," Cori amended. "I just think I would look silly."

Donald laughed. "That isn't your concern. Silly or not, tomorrow you dance."

He nipped her ear and her back arched.

"Tomorrow, you dance for me," he corrected.


Donald sat in the chair. The music faded, then after a moment a new one began. It was a slow and sensual, another one that he didn't recognize. He assumed it was from Cori's collection of blues singers. Whatever it was, he liked it.

At the same moment, Cori appeared from the hallway. She was nervous, but she was also smiling. Pausing by the doorway, she stood so that Donald could examine her outfit. A white t-shirt covered her top, tucked into tight black shorts.

The material of the shirt was stretched lewdly over her breasts, revealing the black bra underneath. Her arms and legs were glowing from the body oil she had applied earlier. It caused her limbs to faintly glow as the candlelight played off the liquid. Slowly, she ran her hands down her sides so that he could see the leather cuffs she had on each wrist. They weren't bound together, but were still an obvious reminder of her submission to him.

His eyes drank her body, and his nod of approval sent a visible shiver through her body. Donald's eyes returned to her face, and he smiled at her work there as well. Cori had pinned her long brown hair back in a tight braid, letting it fall on her back like a natural leash. Her cheeks were dusted with a small amount of silver glitter.

Leaving the doorway, she crossed the room.


When Cori opened her eyes that morning, her first sight was Donald's sleeping face. He was smiling. Cori wondered what he was dreaming of, and she hoped it was of her. That was when she remembered his last command.

Today, she would dance.

Cori slipped from the bed. Her legs were still a bit weak, but that was to be expected after the range of pleasures she endured last night. A smile came to her lips as she remembered the hours that he had executed his sensual art on her helpless body. She remembered the paintbrush, the flogger, and his knowing hands. She glanced back at the bed, and knew she would also be smiling all day thanks to his imagination and attention.

Opening the drawer, She found a pair of white panties and slipped them on. Then reaching for a bra, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

Cori left the drawer and walked to the floor length mirror as Donald continued to sleep. She knew Donald thought she was pretty, and Cori knew that men found her attractive, but she wondered if she was really pretty after all. Her breasts were large but they also sagged slightly from their weight. She knew her legs were muscular, but did Donald really like hard lines or was he just saying that?

It was her hair that worried her the most. It was brown, thick and refused to curl. Cori had tried perms, curlers and all sorts of remedies but she could never get it to do more than just hang around her face and shoulders. She wished she could be like those women who were always wearing a new style or reinventing themselves.

"Stay right there," Cori heard behind her. Through the mirror, she saw Donald sitting up on the bed. He was smiling and his eyes were full of pride.

"What did I do to earn you?" Donald asked.

Cori blushed. "What? This hair or my drooping tits?" Cori joked.

Donald frowned. He shook his head and climbed out of bed. Cori watched as he walked up behind her and put his hands around her belly. He brought his lips to her ear.

"Your hair smells like shampoo and when I grab it, it's thick and soft to my touch."

His hands glided up from her belly. His fingers cupped her breasts and then passed over her hardening nipples. "Breast sag because they have weight, which usually implies they are large, and large breasts are my favorite." Cori leaned back into his embrace and watched as one of his hands slid from her breasts and down between her thighs.

"Look at your legs," Donald continued as his fingers danced lightly over her panties. "I love legs with muscles. I love legs that can clench, squeeze and crush me when you are in the throes of passion. When those thighs clamp down on me, then I know you are really mine." Cori turned her head to look at him directly. His arms embraced her again, then he brought a finger to her lips and traced them until she gasped.

"You are beautiful, and knowing that you give yourself, a beautiful woman, to me, is more than I know how to be thankful for."

Cori sighed as Donald kissed her neck. "Tonight, I dance for you," she said.

Cori stepped back and she danced. Her hips were the first the move, swaying haltingly as they sought their rhythm. Gradually her hips swung farther and farther as she slipped into the music. Her knees bent and she turned, letting her arms flow slowly around her. She turned again and her braid swung with her, moving back and forth across her back like a natural metronome, marking her pace and her movements.

Donald watched. He could see her confidence growing. It started from within, as it should be. Then it suffused through her body sweeping Cori with it. She closed her eyes and the deep mournful tones of the song crept into her.

She brought her hands together, crossing her wrists as if bound. She moved her hands back and forth and danced as if she was bound to her lover's desire. Her head moved to the music. Her hips swung deeper and her buttocks lowered and rose as the excitement of the moment embraced her. The rhythm, his attention, and her own thrill at being sensual seemed to be dancing within her. Then finally, the tension dropped away and her body came alive.


Now she was ready.

Cori opened her eyes and fixed Donald with a stare. With her hips still moving, she folded her arms over her chest and reached for the bottom of her shirt. The t-shirt popped free of her shorts and with a quick snap, she pulled the shirt over her head. As she cupped her bra, she saw Donald gasp with longing. Her fingers sunk into her bra while her legs and hips stayed in motion. Cori fondled herself for him; her hands doing what he longed to do.

She turned around, giving him a wonderful view of her ass. The shorts clung to her buttocks, the curves of her ass barely peeking from the black material. Left to right, she swung her butt and even without looking, she knew Donald's eyes were following her. Right to left she moved her ass, grinding the air slowly as she imagined pressing back against him.

A snap of her button and a slow unzipping was done hidden from Donald's view. She stopped dancing and brought her legs tight together. Cori slipped her shorts down, bending over as she unveiled her tanned buttocks for him. Ever so slowly, she stripped her shorts off and then calmly stepped out of them.

She rose again and still dancing, she backed against him. She was wearing his favorite thong, a simple black vinyl that was made of an indecent amount of material. The thong disappeared between the cheeks of her ass and Cori knew he loved the sight of her ass coming closer and closer.

Cori bent over again, offering her ass for him. Donald did nothing, and Cori understood why. Tonight was her dance and he was there merely to watch. Realizing that he would not take her sacrifice, Cori did as he would.

As hard as she could, she spanked her right cheek. Cori hissed as the pain warmed her body. She stood and continued to dance. With her hips in constant motion, she continued to spank each cheek of her ass. First the right, then the left and then the right again in cycle of bare handed smacks that complimented the music filling their world. Only when her ass was burning with the same heat as Donald's adoring face did she stop.

Cori turned around and kneeled at his feet. He spread his legs as she smiled up at him. Her shoulders kept moving to the current of the music as she reached behind her. She bit her lip in that pouting manner that he loved as she arched her back. Her breasts were pushed forward as she unclasped her bra. She felt the tension weaken on her bra and she sighed as she felt her bra hover on her breasts, kept there now solely by gravity and her hard nipples.

Cori rose and caught her bra as it fell. She stood before her master and swayed until the bra dropped from her body. Raising her hands above her head, she danced topless until the end of the song. Donald's eyes followed her swinging nipples, appreciating the heavy weight of her tits swing with her hips.

As the next song began, she moved behind him. She lifted her breasts and briefly settled them on his shoulders, allowing him a single moment to feel their mass. Then she rose back up and danced in front of him. Her fingers cupped her breasts and kneaded the nipples roughly. She pinched and pulled her hard nipples till her nails were digging sharply into her skin. Donald's widening smile soothed the discomfort away.

God, she wanted him.

Cori tried to ignore the growing need inside her but it was impossible. Her hips were moving in simulation to sex; fucking the empty air in front of her lover. She could feel her desire collecting behind the small material of her thong. Cori's body was in constant motion as the music teased her soul.

Finally, she slipped her fingers under the waistband of her thong. Donald moaned and Cori knew he was in as much need as she was. She pulled her thong down, removing her last defense. Down her thong went, past her sex, past her thighs, past her oil-shining legs and over her feet. Now she was naked except for her cuffs.

"Now," Donald growled. He rose from his chair and Cori had to suppress a laugh of delight. She had pushed him! She couldn't believe it, but she had pushed him past his patience! It made her feel all the more desirable and beautiful.


Donald's pants and underwear were on the floor with Cori's clothes in seconds. He reached for her cuffs and pulled her to him by her wrists. Cori straddled his lap and placed herself over his cock. He released one wrist so he could hold his cock in place as she dropped down onto him. His thick tip spread her lips open and Donald grabbed her both her wrists again. He pulled her down and Cori bit her lip in bliss as inch after inch of his manhood drove up into her.

"Now, dance for me again," Donald commanded.

Cori moaned as her body obeyed. She grinded her sex against him as her wrists were held tightly by her lover. His engorged cock pulsed within her as his hips lifted to meet hers. They fucked together on the chair with little grace for their passions demanded a more primal joining.

Her tits bounced in front of Donald as their sexes collided. Donald watched as the weight moved beneath the skin; molding and shaping her breasts into brief new shapes with every thrust. It was too much for him to endure passively. His mouth opened and he caught a single nipple between his teeth and he clamped down as Cori continued to bounce on his cock.

Cori's back arched as his sharp teeth captured her nipple. She pulled against his hands holding her wrists, but Donald's iron grip kept her pinned. All she could do was move her hips and dance as his tongue played over her nipple; coaxing and flicking the hard nub of flesh.

"I'm close," Cori moaned.

He pulled his mouth back till her nipple popped free from between his teeth.

"Then cum," he commanded.

Cori whimpered as her hips raced on top of his. On and on she pumped as her thighs clenched around his. Faster and faster she fucked until her braid was snapping against her back. Harder and harder she pushed until finally; she froze as her sweet orgasm paralyzed her.

"You're not done yet," Donald hissed. He released her wrists and wrapped his arms around her back as he leaned forward. Cori sighed as he embraced her and pressed their chests together. Helpless and drained, all she could do was moan as Donald thrust his hips and continued their dance.

"Yes," he growled within seconds. Cori moaned with him as his body shuddered and his cock vibrated within her. Her sex accepted the hot streams of cum he sent within her and clenched him again and again as she drained his cock.

Together, they breathed.

"Tomorrow," Donald gasped.

"Yes?" Cori asked.

"Tomorrow, we rest," Donald said with a smile.

"Maybe," Cori laughed.



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