I'm about to tell you about an event that actually happened to me and I'm trying to get this down with all the hindsight I can muster.

My husband and I have been married for 7 years now and believe it or not I'm only 23 now. He is 48.

Our sex life has always been exciting and adventurous with him guiding me into trying different things sexually. We had an open marriage too but mostly it was so he could watch other men, sometimes even strangers, have sex with me.

I usually wore clothes that drew attention to my body because my husband likes it that way. I'm 5 ft. 6 in. tall, about 130lbs spread out on my 34c-22-36 frame. My blonde hair was mid-length and my complexion flawless. I have what men call dancer's legs, a firm ass and my tits don't sag at all, no children either.

We often played games when we went to bars and clubs where I entered the club alone and my husband came in later to watch the men hit on me, you get the idea I hope.

It was a game we've played for a long time and I usually ended up getting fucked by one or two or sometimes more men at once. Mostly out in the parking lot in my car but a couple times in the men's bathroom or a back storage room.

One night my husband came home all excited. He told me that he had posted my picture on the Internet. He had written an ad saying that he was looking for men to fuck his blonde beautiful 23-year-old wife.

He'd done this without telling me first. I didn't mind so much because we were always looking for new kinks or thrills for our sex life anyway. Also the Internet only gives out your email address as far as I know so I was just fine with it.

He told me that several guys had written back and begged to fuck me. They wanted to get together right away. They gave us instructions where to go and how to tell them by sight. One even sent his picture.

One of the men had suggested a club to meet at and when my husband told me the name of the club, even I hesitated a bit. It was in the worst part of town, and the club was known for police busts, drug busts. The customers were mostly blacks and bikers, it was really trouble.

Now, I have no problem fucking black men or bikers for that matter because I love rough sex with big tough men, but this club was notorious. So we talked about it and then finally I said, "What the hell, it may be just what I need to satisfy this itch of mine."

Hubby asked me what I was going to wear? I could tell he was excited so I said, "You pick out what you want me wear, and I'll wear it."

He selected my clothes and got on our computer and emailed whomever he had been talking to and in short order got three replies all confirming they'd be there that night. He described the clothes I'd be wearing and that so they'd know me since my Internet picture had been one with no clothes on.

What I didn't know at the time was that my husband had told them that I loved rough sex and how I even wanted to be raped by big mean men, that it was a fantasy of mine.


Later at evening after my bath, I put one the clothes my husband had selected for me. The black mini skirt was all of ten inches long and if I stood straight up, it barely covered the cheeks of my ass and I do mean just barely.

The white silk top clung to every curve of my tits and only had three buttons down the front, the first about the middle way down, the 2nd button about my belly button and at the belt line.

Per hubby's instructions I was to wear no bra or panties, but then again, I rarely did anyway. I put my 4-inch stiletto heels on and off we went.

My husband found the club and decided to park about a block away. He said he'd wait in the car as usual for about 15-minutes. As usual he wanted to see the action without getting involved.

Just before we left the house my Husband had made me a large Margarita. And during the drive across town I had consumed the whole thing so I was feeling no pain as I got out of the car and began walking the block to the club.

As I walked the miniskirt climbed up my thighs and I was forced to keep tugging it down as I walked, and my tits were bouncing freely and the silky material kept brushing against my nipples just enough to make them swell and harden. I was actually getting excited in anticipation of entering the club.

Just before I got to the club I looked back at my husband's car and I could see him talking to someone, his back to me, and that's when it happened.


I didn't hear a sound but suddenly hands grabbed me and jerked me into the alley besides the club. One hand over my mouth preventing me from screaming out. I could see that there were four men all pulling me deep into the darker recesses of the alley.

I struggled and kicked and fought but the big tough men were too much for me. One of the them kicked open a door down in the ally and I was dragged down some steps and I heard the door bang shut behind us.

Then I was roughly pushed into the center of the room. It looked like a storeroom of some sort and above me I could hear music playing and I could hear muffled laughter too.

I looked at my four captors as they released me. My skirt had climbed high up my hips almost to the waist and when I tried to pull it down, one of the men spoke, "Go ahead bitch, try to cover it up. That little skirt ain't gonna stay on you long anyway."

I was scared, this was not how it was supposed to happen. I told them that my husband would be along any minute and there would be hell to pay. Several of the men laughed at that. One of them said, "Bitch, right about now your husband is getting a blowjob in his car and he won't be around for a while. By the way he said you did like rough sex with stranger men, is that right?"

Then I knew, these were the men my husband had emailed and this was where I would be fucked by them and there wasn't a damned thing I could do about it. I could either fight it or enjoy it, but any way I looked at it I was going to get it from these men.

Trying to act confident, I began to unbutton my blouse but then all four men came at me and ripped it off me, then one of them ripped my skirt off me too, leaving me standing there in my heels only.

A brief struggle and I was pushed me to floor roughly and without a by your leave one man spread my legs open and another guy just got on top of me. He was already hard, and he just shoved into me and started fucking me wildly.

Two guys held my arms with one hand and with their free hands they twisted and pulled and squeezed my tits, while the animal between my legs thrust harder and harder.

The fourth guy just unzipped himself and placed his stinky smelly hairy balls over my eyes and stuck his fat disgustingly cock down my throat.

As all this was going on, the bastard on top of me was slapping my tits hard, turning them red. Finally he shot his cum deep in my belly with a loud groan of satisfaction. For a moment his body was ridged on top of mine and no one said a word.

Then almost like magic they all switched places and the process started all over again, each guy doing whatever he wanted to me. I was trying to enjoy it, to make it easier to take, but they began to frighten me. I couldn't stop them and my husband had no idea where I was or what was happening to me.

At one point I was rolled over and using some their copious cum that dribbled out of my pussy, one of them lubed up my asshole and the assault began again.

Now on my belly as I was being ass fucked, my tits and belly were ground into the cement floor and I could feel the tenderness of my nipples as they were roughly dragged across the floor and then the pain hit me. I could feel blood dribbling from some part of my tits and then I felt the blood trickling from my other tit. And the ass fuck went on.

It seems the men would never tire of my body. This was no longer fun (if it had ever been) but in my mind I knew this was rape for real and I no longer cared to experience it. But still the rough nasty assault went on.

Vaguely I heard a door open beside me and more men come into the room. I vaguely saw money exchanging hands and then more men come over and handled me and I was fucked with renewed energy, either in my ass, my cunt, or my mouth.

I was covered in men's cum. It was all over my body. I lay in cum on the floor and my tits were bleeding and my ass and back was bleeding and still more men came in to use my body.

Now I was too weak to fight anymore. I just lay in any position they put me in and let them fucked me. Some hit me with their fists, some hit me with their belt, but they all fucked me hard and fast and roughly.

At some point I must have passed out because when I awoke, I was alone in the dark, laying on the filthy concrete floor.

Crawling across the floor I found the remnants of my clothes and tried to but them on but there wasn't enough material to even drape over myself. Finally I found a big old work shirt and put that on. I mentally cursed my husband for having set me up for this.

I painfully crawled up the stairs and opened the door to see the sun starting to come up. I stood on shaky legs and stumbled through the alley towards where I hoped our car was.

When I left the alley, that's when I saw the police cars and ambulance around my car. As I got closer I saw my husband on the sidewalk, a bandage around his head. The cops looked at me and one of them said, "Beat it hooker the shows over."

I explained that I was his wife and asked what happened. They all looked at me in surprise, but one of them told me that he had cold cocked several times and they had just found him slumped over the steering wheel a little bit ago.

I went to my husband and he was in so much pain that I forgot about my own agony.

As we rode in the back of the ambulance to the hospital he told me that one of the guys we were supposed to meet had caught him at the car and told him all the other guys had chickened out and decided not to come.

He said, just as the guy left in his car to go home, someone hit him from behind.

Sure enough his wallet was gone and the car had been rifled so the cops assumed it was a robbery. My husband now took a good look at me and asked me what had happened.

I looked at him and knew that even though he had set me up, he hadn't planned on all this happening. There was no way I could explain all this with the ambulance guy sitting there listening to every word. I mean how could I say my husband told some men to rape me, only they didn't show and so some other guys had raped me instead.

Well, I was alive and so was my husband and for that I was grateful. So all I said just then was, "Well honey, it looks like we both got the shit fucked out of us."

And on that note we pulled up in front of the hospital emergency room.

By the way, I'm pregnant now and since my husband had a vasectomy after his first marriage, we're just waiting to see if the baby is black or has a tattoo on it's forehead when it's delivered. Will keep you posted.


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