I was 18 and the biggest bitch you would ever meet. I complained about everything and thought I knew everything. I was never wrong and I would put you down the minute I started to talk to you. I did have a couple of boyfriends during high school but they split after a couple of weeks. They said it wasn't worth there time to be around a bitch like me.

I knew I was acting out the wrong way but for some reason I just couldn't stop myself. I just seemed to find things wrong with everyone I'd ever met.

Then one day I thought that I had met mister right. I saw him and had to have him. He was huge and built like a Greek God. He towered over me like a mountain and he was such a turn on to look at. Now I am very attractive and boys say I have a body to die for and I can be nice for short stretches if I really try. So after I met him, it didn't take long for him to ask me out.

We went out a couple of time and I did my best to not to bitch at him. After the third date we went back to his place and made love. He had a good time but I never came. So I started bitching at him. He said he was sorry and that I should let him try again, but I couldn't help myself, I just kept bitching at him, criticizing his performance in bed. I could see that he was starting to get mad and then finally he got up off the bed and went in to the living room. I lazed in bed and continued my oral assault on his manliness.

All Of a sudden he burst into the bedroom and said that I should shut up or he was going to make me. "Oh big man, what you going to do hit me?" I said.

I thought he was when he jumped onto the bed and on top of me. He reached over to the nightstand and started pulling things out of the drawer. He had duct tape and some rope and the next thing I knew my mouth was taped shut and my hands and feet were tied to the corners of the bed.

I was thrashing about on the bed and he grabbed my nipple and squeezed it hard and told me to lay still. I stopped struggling and he climbed between my legs and started to eat my pussy. I had a great orgasm and then he fucked the hell out of me and I liked that too.


Well after that I thought that our relationship was going to be great because every time I started to bitch about something my man would gag me and fuck me royally.

But I guess I was wrong, because of what was about to happen on the second weekend of our relationship.

You see I was still living at home with my dad. My mother died when I was ten. And on this weekend my dad said he was going on a business trip and wouldn't be back until four P.M. on Sunday. I thought that was great because I could spend the night at my Greek God's place on Saturday and dad wouldn't know the difference.

Well everything was going long great I bitched all day and than again that night at my boyfriend, he got mad and gagged me and fucked me silly. I loved every minute of it. So Sunday I started at him again.

I mean, being able to criticize him and gat all the bitching out of my system and then get all the pleasure I could handle afterwards, was a good thing I thought. I loved him more than anyone else for putting up with me and for being such a good lover in bed.

So I kept up my bitching, expecting a good time Sunday afternoon before it was time for me to go home. But what happened was a real surprise. At about two in the afternoon he jumped up off his chair and said that he had it and couldn't take any more of my crap. He grabbed me and took me to the bedroom and tied me up and gagged me. But I was surprised he didn't take off my clothes he just left me there on the bed and went out in to the living room.

It was about half an hour when he came back in. I thought to myself, 'Thank god,' because I was dying for a really good fuck. He looked at me and said that I had to be punished for putting him through so much hell and if I didn't do what he wanted, he would untie me and send me on my way and I would never see him again.

Well I didn't want that to happen so I nodded my head to say that yes I would do what he wanted. He then untied my hands and retied them behind my back and put a blindfold over my eyes.

The next thing I knew I was pulled out of the house and into the car. My god where is he taking me like this. When the car stopped and he pulled me out I was lost, naked and scared.

I heard some key and a door open and I was lead in. We walked up some stair and I heard another door open and we went in and stopped. He removed my gag and asked if I was still ready to take my punishment. I did not know what to do but I said yes.

He then put another gag in my mouth. I knew it was different because it was harder then the other one. I later found out it was a ring gag (Which is a metal ring rapped in leather. Meant to keep the mouth open but accessible.) if you can believe that.

He then put a wig on my head and adjusted the blindfold around it. He untied my hands and put a belt around my waist and then pushed a vibrator into my pussy and turned it on low. Then he attached another belt to the one around my waist and feed it between my legs and around to the butt. Now I felt another vibrator going into my ass.

I tried to scream but with the gag in my mouth all that came out was a grunt. After he pushed the vibrator all the way up my ass he turned it on low and then attached the other end of the belt to the other belt that was around my waist. Now the vibrators were locked in me, they would not come out until the belt between my legs was removed.

As he untied my hands from behind my back and retied them in the front of me, I was trying to think of what he had planned for me, but I was at a loss. I was now being pulled into the room more and then pushed onto what I guessed was a mattress.

He centered me on the mattress and raised my hands above my head and tied them to something. Spreading my leg he tied them to the corners of the bed. He then went back to my arms and tied my elbows together. Then I felt a sharp pain on one of my nipples and then the other. I knew he had put clip on them. I felt my body shake. I wanted to cum so bad. All I could feel was two vibrators humming in me and now clips pinching my nipples.

But the vibrators were not going fast enough to make me cum, and I was scared so they just kept me at the edge of an orgasm. Now being totally captive he stared to talk to me in a cruel voice.

"You see Karen, I think you're a total bitch and I can't stand the way you treat people and I think you need to be taught a lesson. I've seen you make the people who love you turn and walk away when you are coming towards them. The only person who stands by your side is your father and you treat him like shit too. Well hear is where my plan gets good."

I felt my blind fold being pulled off and my eyes adjusted to the light. I looked around the room and spotted a picture on a dresser. I had to look twice because the picture was of me and my Mother. Then it came to me I was at home tied to my FATHER'S BED. I started to struggle in my bonds but it was no use. So I tried to scream, but again it was no use. He just laughed and started talking again.

"You see Karen, in all these years the person you have hurt the most is your Father. I think what he needs is some pay back and I think you should be the one to do the paying back. You told me that your father has not been in a relationship since your mother died 8 years ago and I think it's because of you. All the bullshit you put him and every body else through, scars away any woman who might be interested in him. So I came up with a plan and I'll tell it to you since you're not going anywhere right now and we have a couple of minutes before your father gets home."

I turned my head and looked at the clock on the dresser and it was 3:45 and I thought I was going to die. My dad was going to be home in 15 minute and see me like this, he is never late. I start to struggle and cry, but he just kept talking.

"You see you were bitching at me the other night about your dad's friend and what a loser he was and how your father helped him out of a very bad ordeal at his work, saved his job you said. Well you're going to be his present to your father for his good deed. When your father comes in the door he will find a note on the floor saying open immediately."

I saw him reach into a bag he had with him and open a letter. He read:

"Dear Friend,

I am so much in your debt for saving my job. At my age it would be very hard to get another job. My family would have fallen apart. I know your wife died a couple of years back and you have been without a women's comfort for a long time. So I contacted your daughter and asked her not to come home until 10 or 11 o'clock tonight.

I also went out and got you a pretty young hooker. Don't worry she is clean and has no diseases. I tied her to your bed and gagged her so you do not have to worry about being recognized by her on the street some day. I have paid her up to 9 O'clock and she said that for the money I am paying her all her holes are open to you.

There are only two thing you cannot do.

1. Do not untie her.

2. Do not remove her gag.

When you are done with her untie her and walk into the bathroom and let her dress and leave. I hope you enjoy your gift.

Your friend forever

P.S. Your hooker has been paid to struggle and cry for your enjoyment. Thank again."

I listened in horror to the letter. This cannot be happening. It would be bad enough for him to leave me tied here for my father to find me but he had worked out a way for my own dad to fuck me. I start to think, if my dad came into his room he would recognize me. Or he wouldn't want to have sex with some hooker. I would be ashamed to be found like this but that would be it. I would just tell him that my asshole boyfriend had done this as a sick joke.

"I just heard a car pull up. So I better run down stairs and leave the note and slip out the back door. See you Karen and have fun. Make daddy happy."

I tried to call him back as he left but I didn't even understand the words that were coming out of my mouth. After a couple of minutes I heard the front door open and then there was silence.

I just knew that my dad would recognize me, or that he'd be grossed out and tell his "hooker" to leave. I began to feel better. If he told me to leave he would untie me and go into the bathroom to wait. Yes, that's what my dad would do.

It seemed like hour before I heard movement. I heard footsteps on the stairs getting closer. As they got close to the door I closed my eyes and wished it all away. My eyes shot open under my blindfold when I heard my dad gasp, "Oh my god."

I could just barely see from under a crack in my loose fitting blindfold that he studying my body. "My god dad it's me, please recognize me, Please," I thought. But he didn't. He moved up to the side of the bed and sat down beside my naked body. His eyes were burning holes in my skin and I think I saw him drooling as he started to talk to me.

"You sure are a sweet thing and I would never ever consider taking you if I had not had such a bad business trip. I am not looking forward to having my daughter come home and start her bitching again. Sometimes I don't know how I make it through the day. I have even thought of taking my own life but I don't think my daughter could take losing her father too. Well maybe this is what the doctor ordered. A little stress relief. Ok Sweet thing I hope my friend paid you a lot because I have not had any thing in 5 years and I am going to make up for lost time."

I was shocked at what my dad had just said. I didn't realize that I was making my father's so miserable. I did feel really bad and was starting to cry again. He was right, I didn't want to lose my father but I did not want him to fuck me either.

Suddenly he stood up and started taking his clothes off. When he removed his boxer shorts, I saw his hard cock pointing at the ceiling. I was staring to cry more as he sat back on the bed I watched from under the crack of my blindfold as he reach out to put his hand on my stomach and I tried to pull away but my restraints stopped me from moving to far.

As his hand felt its way up to my ribs and stroked the underside of my tits my breathing was getting really fast. I could feel the vibrators in my ass and pussy doing their work. He got up and straddled my hips and put both hands on my breasts and started squeezing and rubbing them. I could feel his very hot cock on my stomach and for some strange reason it felt good. I was so confused with the feelings I was having. I wanted my dad to stop but I was also on the way to an orgasm that I needed really bad.

"Oh what great tits you have sweet thing. They're so firm and hard. They feel so good in my hands. But I do think that they need a little sucking, don't you? Lets take these nipple clips off."

I was shaking my head to answer no when he reached down and removed one of the clips. The blood raced back into my nipple with a great deal of pain. My dad leaned down and sucked my tit into his mouth. That was all I needed to send me over the edge. I came so hard I saw stars.

My body was bucking up against my dad. I felt waves and waves of pleasure running through my body. I was still on the high point of my orgasm when dad removed the other clip and started to suck that one. This sent me into an even higher and harder orgasm. I was rolling my head from side to side and grunting through my gag. My hip lifted right off the bed.

When I did come back to earth and opened my eyes, I looked at my dad nursing and fondling my breasts. I could not believe how good it felt, but I did start to panic again when he stopped sucking and started to move up my body. He stopped and sat on my chest I was looking right at his cock. I could see the pre-cum leaking out of it. He started to rub his cock over my tits and I thought that maybe he just wanted to cum on my tits.

But I was wrong he grabbed the back of my head and started to move his cock towards my face. I was confused because I thought that with a gag he could not get in my mouth. My eyes shot open as far as they could when I felt his cock slide past my lips and over my tongue. I tried to turn my head but he just grabbed my head with both hands and started to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. My mind was screaming please daddy don't cum in my mouth, please stop. I have learned my lesson. I will be good from now on. That was not about to happen.

I felt dad's cock hitting the back of my mouth and then I felt it. I heard daddy scream as he started to paint my mouth with his cum. I tied to not swallow but there was so much. He kept pumping more and more sperm into my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow. I started to cry again. All I could think of was, that I had just drank my daddy's cum.

Dad pulled back from my mouth and rubbed the cum on the end of his cock on my cheeks. Then he got up and went to he bathroom and got a drink of water. I could have killed to have something to wash my dad's spunk down, but I was left to taste it all night.

When dad returned he climbed up and sat between my legs and started rubbing them. Then he reached up and undid the belts holding the vibrators in place. I looked down at him and he was just staring at my pussy. With a finger he started to rub my clit and with the other hand he turned the vibrator in my cunt up to it highest setting and started to thrust it in and out of my pussy.

Even with it being my dad doing this to me I could not stop the feelings that were going through my body. I was starting to jerk my hips up to meet his finger, when he pulled his finger away and replaced it with his tongue.

'Oh daddy what are you doing to me,' I though. 'Please daddy don't do this to me,' was racing through my mind.

Dad kept going, eating me like there was no tomorrow. I was about to have another orgasm when he stopped and then he would start again. He did this each time I was about to cum. Now my mind was screaming please daddy don't stop.

I was at my wits end when he stopped again, and then he climbed up and put his cock up to my pussy. I freaked again. There was no way I want to be fucked by my dad, but as much as I struggled it did not stop his cock from going into my wet cunt. I was so turned on that he had no problem sliding his cock right in to the hilt.

I let out a moan when he hit bottom. He was bigger than the vibrator and made me feel like I was in heaven. As he pulled out my hips jerked up to get more of his cock. He started to jab his cock in and out as he laid down on top of me. He started to lick and suck on my neck and then moved down to my breasts. His nips and licks on my nipple were driving me crazy. My brain was crying out yes daddy fuck your little girl. Give it to me hard, make me pay for the last 5 years daddy.

We were sweating up a storm when my next orgasm hit. Daddy pulled out of me and moved up to put is cock at my mouth. This time I did not fight it. I just laid there waiting for his cum and it did not take long. I watched the cum spray out of daddy's cock hitting me all over my face and in my mouth.

After dad came he move back down and slid back into my cunt. He slowly fucked me until he was hard again. He kept looking at my face, I guess I was quite a sight with his cum all over my face. I would stick my tongue out past my gag and lick up what cum I could find. This must have turned daddy on because he picked up speed and was fucking the hell out of his little girl. I felt dad tense up and hot sperm filled my cunt and then dad rolled off me.

Dad just laid there trying to recover for a while. It was some time before he moved but he did get up and go to the bathroom. He must have been in there 20 minutes before he came out. He came over to the bed and untied my legs. I thought that it was over and I would be let go, but he just rolled me over on to my stomach pushed my knees up and under my hips.

Now I had my face pushed into the mattress and my ass high in the air. His hand squeezed my cheeks and started to pull the vibrator out of my butt. He then stuck his face in between my cheeks and licked me from stem to stern. I felt the bed jerking and I figured that he was jerking his cock. All of a sudden his tongue was gone and his cock was pushing at my back door.

In one push he had it up my ass and pushing deeper all the time. I had never been fucked in the ass before and it hurt like hell at first, But as my butt got use to the size it did not feel that bad. He would pull his cock right out of my ass and slam it back in. The speed was increasing and he reached around and played with my clit and I was surprised that I was thrusting back against him. I did not cum but he did for the fourth time. He filled my ass and screamed with pleasure.

Dad Pulled out of my ass and started to untie me all the time telling how great it was and he hoped I had enjoyed it as much as him. I wanted to tell him that it was the best sex I had ever had and probably ever will, but He could never know that he had just fucked the hell out of his daughter.

After dad untied me he went in to the bathroom like he was told I got all my clothes and ran down stairs dressed and ran out the front door. I ran all the way to a park down the street and sat on a park bench. I sat and thought about my life before now. I was never going to be that girl ever again. I have to go home and it make up to my dad for all the hell I have put him through. I started to giggle and thought that I guess I had all ready made up to my dad that night.

I went home and dad was watching TV. I said hi and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I have to have a shower but I will be right back down love you." He looked at me in shock. Then I told my dad how sorry I was that I had been so mean to everybody the last couple of years and that I was going make it up to everyone.

I am 25 now and I can look back and think how that night changed my life. I guess I owe my old boyfriend a thank you but I never did see him again. My dad never did find out that I was his hooker, and I was right I have never had an orgasm like the ones I had with my father.



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