I was in such a hurry to lose my virginity because my girlfriends all talked about how great sex was. So when my 16-year-old neighbor, Jimmy, cornered me in the garage one day and kissed me, I decided to let things go as far as he wanted them to go. He had been trying to kiss me for almost a year since my 12th birthday and I had always avoided it. It wasn't that he wasn't cute because he was. It was just that I thought my first kiss should come from someone that I was in love with.

Jimmy seemed shocked when, after trying for so long, he succeeded in kissing me. I knew about French kissing from listening to my girlfriends so it wasn't all that yucky to me when he put his tongue in my mouth. When he started feeling my boobies it did feel good, except he pinched them real hard and that hurt. I let him take off my shirt and kiss my boobies. That felt good, too. I almost laughed at how sneaky he was trying to be in undoing my jeans. He was sure I was going to stop him and when I didn't he looked almost scared. I wondered if he was a virgin, too.

He looked around nervously when he had me naked. The garage door was wide open and he ran over and pulled it shut. I could see the bulge in his pants and started to get a little scared that this was going to hurt more than I had heard.

When he came back, he pushed me to the cold garage floor, unzipped his zipper and lay on top of me. When he pushed his penis into me, it hurt really badly and I screamed. He told me to shut up and pushed a second time. I saw stars when he finally drove into me and it hurt worse than anything I could remember. Jimmy humped away at me for about a minute before it felt like he peed inside me. He jumped up quickly and zipped up his pants.

"That was great," he said quickly and almost ran to the garage door, which he pulled open.

I looked down between my legs and saw the blood. I wasn't so scared because my girlfriends had told me there would be blood. I guess I was more disappointed then anything because I had been looking forward to this great experience and it was such a dud.

I told my girlfriends that I had finally lost my virginity and they wanted to hear all the details. Of course, I made up a bunch of lies about how I moaned and how long it lasted and how great it was and how I had an orgasm. All my girlfriends had orgasms when they had sex so I felt like a freak if I told them I hadn't. How is anybody supposed to have an orgasm when it only lasts about a minute. I wanted to ask them but was too embarrassed, so I just lied.

I avoided Jimmy for almost a month but he finally caught me walking home from school one day and asked if we could do it again. I told him yes, but I had my period right now so it wouldn't be a good time. I had lied about my period.

He was happy about me having my period because he said he had been scared that I had gotten pregnant. He asked me how long my period would last and I told him it had started that day and it would last another week. He didn't question that and so I was safe for a week.

A week to the day he was awaiting for me outside school. I dreaded it, but I knew I would have to have sex with him again. We went back to the garage and this time he didn't even bother undressing me. He just told me to strip and lay down. It was the same. He got on top of me and pushed into me and started humping.

This time it didn't hurt though and it felt kind of good. It still didn't last much longer though and I still didn't have an orgasm. This time Jimmy thanked me but after he got up, before I had a chance to get up and get dressed, I saw a flash go off and saw Jimmy with the digital camera in his hand and a smile on his face.

"What did you do?" I screamed at him.

"None of my friends believed me," he said back, "this will be proof."

"No," I screamed, but Jimmy had already run out of the garage.

I was so afraid that my parents would find out I cried. I couldn't sleep, I was so afraid. But after about three days when nothing happened, I started to relax a little.

On Friday, when I was walking out of school, I saw Jimmy waiting for me but he was with another boy who looked a lot older. I started walking the other way, but they caught up to me.

"Want to go fool around," Jimmy asked without even a hello first.

I ignored him.

"Hey," Jimmy said, sounding angry, "I am talking to you."

I got a little scared but continued to ignore him.

"I guess you want that picture of you on the Internet, huh?" Jimmy finally said.

I stopped and just looked at him. I was scared but tried to look as angry as I could.

"You do that and you can forget ever doing that with me again." I said.

"You want to fool around?" he asked again.

I didn't say anything but started walking. Jimmy and his friend followed and Jimmy knew he had won. I figured his friend would stand guard or something so no body would catch us, but when we got to my house, they both came into the garage.

"What's he doing here? He has to wait outside," I said.

"He gave me $5.00 so he could watch," Jimmy said.

"No, way," I said.

"Have it your way," Jimmy said, turning to leave.

"Okay," I said.

Jimmy smiled.

"Okay, strip," he said.

I was embarrassed, but took off my clothes and lay down on the cold floor. The older kid didn't say anything but I could tell by the look in his eye that he wanted to do than just look.

Jimmy got on top of me before he unzipped. Maybe he was embarrassed by his small penis in front of the other boy. He humped away at me for a minute and it started to feel good again before I felt him shoot inside me. At that minute I saw a flash go off again.

"No," I screamed, but the boy just shot another picture as Jimmy was standing up.

"My turn," the boy said taking off his clothes.

"No way," I said starting to get dressed.

"Okay," the boy said, "then the pictures go on the Internet.

I started to cry and dropped my clothes to the floor. Through blurry eyes I looked up to see the boy standing naked in front of me. I stopped crying for a second when I looked at his erect penis. It was enormous.

"Lean forward on the car," the boy said matter of fact.

"Huh?" I asked.

He pushed me forward so that I was leaning over the front hood of my father's car. I was scared but didn't say anything. He pushed my legs apart slightly and I felt him enter me from behind. He went in easily because it was so slippery from Jimmy being there before. The boy starting pounding away into me and I could not believe how good it felt.

One minute went by and he was still pounding into me, another minute went by and I felt really funny, not like I had ever felt before in my life. After about another two minutes I felt so strange. I felt like I was going to faint. Then it happened. It was the most incredible feeling I had ever had in my life. It felt like I was on a roller coaster and eating ice cream at the same time but much better.

"Jesus," the boy said and I felt him shooting inside me.

I collapsed on the hood of the car and felt like I had just run 2 miles. I could not get my breath. I felt the boy pull out of me but just lay there.

"Man, you didn't tell me she was so hot," the boy said.

I felt another penis pushing in to me, but I did not have the energy to even protest. It was a smaller penis, so I knew it must have been Jimmy. He pushed into me, grunting for a few seconds and I felt him shoot into me again.

I must have fallen asleep, because when I awoke, I could hear the sound of a car door closing. I knew it must be my mother bringing my father home from work. They had driven to work together because his car had been driving funny.

I put on my clothes and went into the house through the garage. I ran to my room before they got into the house.

That night all I could think about was the orgasm that I had felt with that boy. I didn't even know his name but I knew I wanted to see him again.


I avoided Jimmy for another week and finally when I came out of school one day I saw the older boy waiting for me. I tried to hide my enthusiasm but almost ran up to him when I saw him.

"Hi," he said, smiling, "thought I should come by and introduce myself, my name is Joey."

"Dauphine," I said. My heart was beating out of my body.

"I feel really bad about what happened," he said.

"You should," I said, trying to sound angry.

"Uh, is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" he asked.

I wanted to take him back to my garage and have sex with him again, but I also knew that sex was the only bargaining tool I had and I had to get those pictures back.

"The only thing you could do is get me those pictures you and Jimmy took," I said.

"I can do that," Joey said without hesitation.

I was shocked.

"Can I give you a ride home?" he asked.

I wondered how old Joey was as we walked over to a new white van.

"How old are you?" I blurted out as we climbed into the van.

"21," Joey laughed, what about you?

"Uh, 15," I lied.

He looked at me weird.

"How come you are still in middle school?" he asked.

"Uh, well, my parents, uh, they moved a lot and I, uh, missed school sometimes," I lied.

Joey just smiled and pulled a digital camera out of the glove compartment.

"Here," Joey said, punching a button on the camera and displaying a picture of me nude on the display window.

He punched another button and the display showed the word "deleted". A second picture popped up of me and Jimmy naked on the floor of my garage. He punched a button and this picture was also deleted. He did it a third time and all three pictures were deleted.

"Happy?" he asked.

I smiled.

"Thanks," I said.

"How grateful are you?" he smiled again.

"Very grateful," I said. My heart was pounding.

He drove the van in the opposite direction of my house and I didn't say a word. I knew what he wanted but I wanted the same thing.

"Are you grateful enough to have us continue where we left off last time?" he asked as we pulled onto a deserted dirt road.

"Yes," I said looking at him.

"Good," he smiled, "I want to do this the right way this time."

We parked a tree and Joey climbed into the back of the van. I followed him and we sat down on a large cot. The van had everything; a sink, a refrigerator, a television and DVD player. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

Without another word, Joey leaned over and kissed me. It was much better than Jimmy's kiss. His tongue felt like velvet as it moved around mine. When he started massaging my breasts I started breathing harder. He removed my clothes without me hardly realizing he had done it. He laid me gently back on the cot and stood up. He removed his clothes and I stared at his erect penis with fascination.

When he climbed back onto the cot I opened my legs expecting him to climb on top of me like Jimmy did and start pumping away, but instead he kissed me again, his hard penis laying on my naked stomach, getting me excited. He then started kissing my neck, my shoulders, my boobies and then down to my stomach.

It felt so good, but he kept kissing lower, down to my hairless mound and then his tongue touched the lips of my pussy. He slowly licked up and down the folds of skin and it was the most incredible feeling I had ever known. His tongue slipped in between my lips and I thought I was going to pass out.

I started flopping around on the cot and he had to hold me down. He started lapping at me and I could not stand it any more. He wrapped his arms under my ass, held his mouth to my pussy and kept licking away as I bounced around like a Bronco. Finally I had an orgasm that made my previous orgasm seem like nothing. But as soon as I had the orgasm I became so sensitive that I could not take the touch of his tongue anymore and I pushed him away.

"Oh, my God," I said as I sat up, "where did you learn to do that?"

Joey laughed.

"I had an older girlfriend a few years ago and she taught me a bunch of things," he said.

Suddenly I became jealous of this girl.

"How much older," I said trying to conceal my jealousy, but unsuccessfully.

"How about 34?" he said.

"What?" I asked.

"Yep," he said, "a friend of my mom."

"You still see her?" I said with a frown.

"You jealous?" Joey asked.

I didn't answer because I was embarrassed that it showed.

"No," he said and reached out to caress my naked thighs.

I then realized that he had only brought me pleasure and I wanted to bring him pleasure.

"Can I do that to you?" I asked.

"Do what?" he asked.

"You know, with my mouth." I said.

He laughed.

"Not this time," he said, "this time I want to make you feel good."

"You DID," I almost yelled.

"I am not through yet," he said pushing me back down onto the cot.

I didn't know how to tell him that I was so sensitive that I didn't think that he could touch me down there as yet, so I kept my mouth shut.

Joey climbed between my legs and slowly rubbed the head of his penis up and down the folds of my pussy. It felt good but still a little sensitive. He leaned forward and I felt him slip into me. He was very slow about entering me and it made it even better. He got up on his knees, pulled my legs over my chest and began rocking in and out of me very slowly. He wasn't thrusting, but just sort of rocking.

I could feel that feeling starting to come over me again. I closed my eyes and savored the moment. Suddenly I felt his thumb massaging my "magic button" as my girlfriends used to refer to it as. I was so wet so his thumb just slipped up and down. I wasn't sensitive at all any more and the feeling of his penis going in and out of me while his thumb massaged my magic button was getting to be more than I could handle.

"Come on baby," Joey said with lust filled eyes, "come for me."

Those words were all it took for me to explode. I felt like I was going to die and my insides were going to implode. Maybe I passed out, I don't know, but the next thing I heard was my screams. Joey pushed my knees further back to my chest and started plunging into me harder. I heard him grunt and felt him shoot inside me. He kept thrusting and shooting until finally he rolled off me and we both laid their panting. I wanted to marry Joey today and have his baby.

"I love you," I finally said without realizing it.

He was silent.

"I'm that good, huh?" he finally laughed.

That wasn't exactly the answer I wanted to hear, but I forced a laugh with him. He drove me home even though I didn't want to go home. He promised to see me the next day after school.

He did see me the next day after school, and the next and the next. He finally let me have sex with him with my mouth and after about ten days of trying he told me I was improving. He lad to learn to relax my throat and get my teeth out of the way and when he would "cum" as he called it, I would learn not to gag and to swallow it. At the end of two weeks he called me a "good little cocksucker."

He got me a couple of books on a thing called "The Rhythm System" and he started using a condom when it was a dangerous time for me to get pregnant.

I was totally in love and couldn't have been any happier. But that was about to change.

To be continued...


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