I had heard that the beach was a good area to cruise, and in particular the strip along Redondo Beach was a good area to check out late at night. So, I had decided to check it out.

I noticed that a lot of people came here, many college students and couples of all kinds, but it was easy to see single guys hanging around too with that look in their eyes as you drove past them sitting in their cars, or strolling along the walkway.

After spending a couple of hours at this, I was beginning to become impatient. I didn't like playing games with people, and the uncertainty of their intentions as they walked by was also very annoying. It seemed like there were a lot of lookers - but none who really wanted to "get it on". I was very horny, and had to do something about it soon.

Suddenly I heard a door slam. I hadn't even noticed a metallic blue van pull up behind my car and park, but then I realized that its occupant was standing on the street and locking the door. It was hard at first to tell what he looked like, but then he moved toward my car, studying me and looking everything over.

He seemed serious, intent, and in a bit of a hurry. He was about 6 feet tall, about 180 pounds, and in very good physical condition, with short, thick, blond hair. He was wearing Levis and a light tan jacket. He started walking down the walk slowly. When he came alongside the passenger side of my car I said, "Hey, how are you doing?"

He poked his head inside the window and said, "O.K., how about you?"


Then he asked "Do you mind if I come in and sit with you for a while?"

"Not at all - come on in!"

He was a gorgeous hunk of a guy, and he had a smile and the kind of charm that usually melted me. I wanted him so badly.

"So, what brings you out here tonight?"

He sat there quietly, finally looking up at me and said, "Look, this place is sort of dangerous to do anything, could we go for a short drive or something and find a quieter street?"

"Sure, where would you like?

"Just start driving up the hill a ways." I started the engine and drove down the street and up the hill. I turned off onto a quiet side street with nobody around. It seemed safe enough.

I parked the car and noticed my passenger was unbuttoning his Levis. Out popped his beautiful cock, fully hard. He grasped it and stroked it saying "I want you to suck me off."

I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth, sucking in the full length of his shaft. It was throbbing, and warm. I wanted to feel more of him and tried to tug down more of his pants but he resisted, so I just continued sucking him, moving my lips up and down over the full length of his cock as he moaned softly.

I told him the seat would recline a lot if he pulled the lever on the side of the seat. Once he'd done that he seemed to relax a lot more. I also noticed that the windows started to steam up giving us a little more privacy, but there wasn't any need for it. There was nobody around.

I pulled on his pants and tugged them down to his feet. He was wearing white jockey shorts and they slipped easily down over his hairless tan legs and down to his feet. Now I was able to reach behind him and feel his ass. It was supple, fleshy, and beginning to show goosebumps.

I ran my hand under his shirt up to his chest which was slightly hairy, and down over his nipples. Every touch on his nipples made him shudder and jerk my hand away. I reached up again - this time massaging his chest and stomach slowly with the full palm of my hand while I continued sucking diligently on his cock.

After a while I took a short break (to catch my own breath) and asked him "Do you ever do anything else... like getting fucked?"

He sat up slightly. "No, I'm not into that. Actually I am straight, I have a girlfriend, and we get along fine - most of the time. But, I like to come down here because I knew it was possible to get a blowjob from some guys, and I like getting my cock sucked."

"What kind of work do you do?"

He hesitated, then grinned, and finally said "Well... I might as well tell you - I'm a Police Officer for the City of Redondo Beach."


I bolted up from my leaned-over position and looked him straight in the face "Does this mean I'm busted?"

He laughed this time "No, besides we are in Rancho Palos Verdes now, and this is out of my jurisdiction. Besides, I'm off duty. I could never do this while I'm working."

"Well, I wouldn't think so."

So, I continued sucking his cock for what seemed like a long time. I kept working my hands around on his body while he lay there enjoying every bit of it. Finally, I slid my middle finger up the crack of his ass. It was so nice. I encountered a few hairs and then felt the soft area right around his asshole. I thought he might resist at this point and try to pull my hand away - like he did when I touched his nipples. But instead he just moaned a little and sucked in his breath.

My head was bobbing up and down as I sucked and tongued his cock. I reached over in the side pocket of the car where I always kept my tube of K-Y Jelly in the car. I squirted a dab of it onto the end of my middle finger (the longest one) and then returned it to the crack of his ass, rubbing the lubricant all around the area right around his asshole while he just groaned with pleasure.

Finally, my finger stopped, right at the center of his asshole, paused momentarily, and then went in. I inserted the full length of my middle finger all the way up into his butt while my mouth continued relentlessly sucking his cock.

It went in very easily because of the K-Y lubricant even though I was suddenly aware of just how tight his asshole really was. This guy had probably never been fucked in his life, at least not by a man's cock or anything of any significant size.

He was panting heavily and I was wondering if he was getting ready to cum. I stopped a moment and looked up at him. Before I could even say anything he said, "Geez, that feels good - don't stop, keep it up!"

So, I took him at his word and continued licking, sucking, and running my tongue up and down his cock with my mouth, while I massaged his chest and nipples with my right hand and slowly slid my lubricated middle finger in and out of his asshole with my left.

"How does that feel?" I asked.

He was sucking huge gobs of air in with each breath at this point and seemed to be too excited for words "More finger ... more finger, stick it in further, that feels great... Oh, Man!"

If he thought it felt great he probably didn't know how I felt. I was so turned on at this point that my cock was beginning to ooze cum and I could feel the contractions and pulsations inside his asshole with my finger while he breathed heavily.

I was really enjoying everything that was happening with this good-looking off-duty cop who was supposedly "straight" and yet enjoying every bit of the experience he was getting in the front passenger seat of my car.

For a guy who liked getting a blow job and didn't like "getting fucked" he was sure getting even more and more turned on by the probing his asshole was getting by my lubricated middle finger. Like so many other guys, he just hadn't learned how sensitive and erogenous the soft area right around his asshole really was, and how stimulating and enhancing a gentle "finger-fucking" can be while getting his cock sucked.

I had sensed that this guy might have a macho hang-up about this kind of sexual activity. He was obviously enjoying himself on the one hand, and yet reluctant on the other.

"Hey, how about if I fuck you?" he asked me suddenly.

I thought about his question for a moment. He had surprised me. I often enjoyed getting fucked, even though I am basically a "top man" provided the conditions were right. Unfortunately, right now the conditions weren't right. I hated getting fucked in a car. I had to be able to lie down, stretch out, and get very relaxed first, and that was impossible in my sports car.

Then, there was the matter of "fair play". Why should I let a guy fuck me who wouldn't let me do the same to him? With his big cock, his obvious inexperience, and his tendency to be very "macho-butch" (don't get me wrong, I loved it) I was afraid he would probably hurt me since he wouldn't know how to do it right. And of course, he was a cop - but fortunately that guy wasn't the law.

But then again, there were reasons to go along with the idea. He might loosen up some more, realize that fucking a guy is a possibility after all, and might change his mind about letting me fuck him. I decided to chance it. "O.K., but we will have to go j3someplace else, it wouldn't be wise to try it here."

"Where shall we go?"

"How about the back of your van - it looks roomy enough?"

"Hell no, every officer in Redondo Beach knows my van, and I don't dare let them catch me fooling around in there with some guy."

He seemed alarmed at that prospect so I didn't pursue it further.

How about my place?" I asked him.

"That would be better - do you live alone?"

"I have a roommate, but he is out of town on a trip."

"O.K. then, lets go!"

I started the car and drove back to the Pacific Coast Highway while he pulled his shorts and pants back up. As we passed a small shopping center he suddenly said "Hey, pull in there!"

Then I realized why, a Redondo Beach patrol car was slowly checking out all of the closed shops from the parking lot. As we drove up the officer inside rolled down his window and saw the two of us. He recognized his colleague immediately and said, "What are you guys up to?"

"Looking for pussy," said my friend, with a big grin on his face and obviously trying to dispel any doubts the officer might have about his off-duty buddy.

"Well, what are you going to do with her when you find it? I thought that was why you bought that monster van you've got!"

We will have to work that out when we find some" The officer in the patrol car just laughed. "I'm sure you will Dave, I'm sure you will!"

The officer drove off, and I pulled back onto the highway. Then I realized I hadn't asked my cop passenger what his name was. I thought to myself how ironic it was that I had met this guy, stripped him from the waist down, licked his balls, sucked his cock, and finger- fucked his ass for about 45 minutes or so, and I even knew all about his job.

Now we were en route to my place, hopefully to have a good time fucking, and I hadn't even asked him his first name. But now I knew it was Dave. I resolved to improve on that aspect of my encounters with guys. We arrived at my place about 15 minutes later.

When I switched on the light in my apartment I immediately noticed that Dave had a big hard-on. I reached over and grabbed it. "Nice!" I said.

"Well, I can't wait to fuck you with it" Dave said. I lead him into my room and turned the lights way down with the dimmer. I also put my favorite reel tape on the stereo, it was a light jazz collection I had recorded and it lasted over 3 hours. It was my favorite music for background when having sex. I had Dave stand at the foot of my bed while I slowly stripped off his clothes.

First his shoes, socks, then shirt and t-shirt. Then I unbuttoned his white jockey shorts straight out in front. As I was admiring Levis and pulled them off. His hard cock was stretching his white jockey shorts straight out in front. As I admired his gorgeous body he yanked his shorts off and laid down on my king-sized bed.

I got out some Lube and greased my ass, and then rubbed some all over Dave's big cock. I decided to have him lay on his back and I would "sit" on his cock a little at a time so I could get used to his large organ, and also let him feel the sensations a little more distinctly while his cock was slowly inching its way up my ass.

I was a little nervous about having his big cock all the way up my butt. Dave was anxious to start screwing me and was becoming impatient with the slow entry. But then, his whole cock was all the way in and I had adjusted to having his big cock inside my ass. I slowly started lifting myself up and down over his cock. Boy, it felt good. He was a real turn-on to me. "Doesn't that hurt?" he asked.

"Only when you try to shove it in all at once without giving me a chance to get used to having you in me!" I told him. "You have to take it easy at first, and then it feels fantastic!" Dave began to fuck me slowly and I could tell my instruction was sinking in. He was making an effort to go slowly and take it easy at first. "Am I hurting you?" he said.

"No, this feels great - don't stop, just keep fucking me, you're doing fine!"

Dave was really enjoying it. Suddenly he reached up and grabbed my arms, pushed me over, and turned me onto my stomach and climbed onto me - pushing my legs apart. I could feel his balls between my legs and his hands spreading my ass apart. Then I felt the head of his cock sticking into the crack of my ass, searching for my asshole. "A little lower" I told him.

Dave was learning fast, he entered me carefully, but my ass was now used to having his cock inside it, and he seemed surprised at how easily it slid in this time.

Now that I was comfortable, and Dave had his cock inserted all the way into my ass, I decided to really "go for a ride" with this beautiful hunk of a man who was laying on his back on top of my king-sized bed while I "sat" on his lubricated organ. Dave began pumping his cock in and out of my ass when I raised up just a little bit so that he had room to fuck me.

I reached over and gently stroked his nipples, and also ran my fingers across his forehead and over his neck. My cock was as hard as it could get, and Dave was so turned on he couldn't hold still anymore.

"Am I hurting you?" he inquired.

"No, not at all - just keep fucking me the way you are man, this feels great!"

My concerns that Dave would be too fast or too hard on me were gone. He was rapidly approaching a climax though - I could tell by his expression and the way his breathing was getting heavier.

"Oh, man, I think I'm going to cum!"

The moment he said this I sat right down on him again and stopped him from any more movement. "Don't cum yet" I told him "I want to have some more fun with you first!"

I got up off of Dave -gently- and noticed his cock was still rock-hard. I reached over to the shelf next to the bed and grabbed a small towel, and then wiped him off. Then, I rolled him over onto his stomach.

"Hey, I don't think it will work for you to fuck me!" he said. "I have never been fucked before in my life, and I don't think I can take it!"

"In that case, I won't fuck you!" I reassured him. "Just lay there and I'll play with you for a while." I began my back-rub technique - straddling him and beginning with his neck I worked both of my hands down over his shoulders and back all the way to his buns. I put some powder on my hands and smoothed it over his skin as I worked so my hands would rub effortlessly. Within a few minutes Dave was totally relaxed and obviously enjoying the feeling.

"Man I didn't think something like this could be so great!" he murmured "You're better than my girlfriend at this."

"Well, you have to remember Dave - guys have bigger and more powerful hands, and are generally always better at giving a massage!" Dave agreed, and continued to relax - he was like putty in my hands and really enjoying it. I decided to move lower on him -- working my hands down to his butt I began to knead his soft but muscular ass, and ran my fingertips over the inside of his thighs.

Gradually I moved back up again and gently spread his cheeks open a little and worked my fingers around inside his crack. Dave responded by moving his legs apart more and lifting his ass upward toward my hand. Then he slowly began twisting his pelvis around just slightly, as though trying to increase the stimulation my fingers were creating around his asshole.

It seemed he wanted to be finger-fucked again, so I got the Lube and greased up his asshole again. I inserted a finger all the way in and Dave softly whispered "Oh yeah". This time I reached under him and grasped his hard cock with one hand while I stroked the middle finger of my other hand in and out of his ass.

"Does that bother you Dave?" I said.

"No, in fact it feels very good."

I felt encouraged when he said that so I decided to insert two fingers at once. Dave didn't even seem to notice. I rotated them around, and used plenty of the Lube. With my other hand I gently stroked and massaged his cock and played with his balls.

Dave's asshole accepted both fingers quite easily. I could tell his ass was gradually becoming accustomed to having two fingers in it, so I gently inserted a third - - slowly. Dave remained relaxed, but his virgin asshole was pretty tight with three fingers in it. Gradually however it loosened up and I was able to finger-fuck him with all three fingers, and not cause him to stir. I knew at this point that Dave would be ready, and could be fucked easily without discomfort - if he would let me.

"Dave, I have three fingers in your ass now, and you seem to be handling that very well!" I told him.

"You're kidding?" he looked back at me sort of surprised.

"No, I'm not, and if you can take three fingers you ought to be able to take my cock in your ass just as easily."

Dave didn't say anything for a while. I straddled his butt and put some Lube on my cock. I continued the in- and-out strokes with my fingers while Dave laid on his stomach relaxed. In one quick motion I pulled my three fingers out and stuck my cock in. Dave just said, "If this hurts you'll have to stop!"

I slowly inserted the full length of my cock into his ass while I laid down on top of him. I started rubbing his shoulders and nibbled at his left ear while I gave him a few moments to relax again. "You'll love it Dave" I told him, "Just don't become tense, the more you relax, the better it feels!"

Dave started moving his pelvis underneath me again. I think he realized that it wasn't going to hurt him. I already had the full length of my cock all the way inside him, and he was comfortable.

I screwed him very slowly for a while, very slowly moving my cock in and out of his ass. I reached around in front of him - he still had a hard on, so I started jerking him off while I fucked him from behind. I decided it would be better for him if I rolled him over on his back. That way I could fuck him with his legs up in the air, resting on my shoulders -- and I could stroke his cock at the same time.

"How are you doing Dave?" I asked him.

"Well, my ass feels sort of full!" he said.

"Well, that's because it is. It's full of my cock!"

I really started jerking his cock this time. I also stepped up the pace of each thrust as I fucked his ass. In only a few moments Dave was groaning "Oh, oh, oh... I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna cum!!"

Suddenly Dave's legs became tense, he sucked in big gobs of air and I could feel the muscles in his ass tighten. Then, he shot a big load of cum into my hand which was still stroking his cock.

"Easy man, easy," he said. I could tell his organ was now so sensitive that the slightest movement was almost more than he could handle. I grabbed one leg with each hand and started fucking him as fast as I could. I couldn't hold on any longer either -- and in just a moment after Dave came I shot a big load myself into his soft asshole. It felt absolutely great, and I caressed his balls for a while after we both came.

Dave and I got into the shower after that and had a good time soaping each other up. He spent the night after that and became one of my friends whom I saw a lot of. Shortly after this however, Dave and his girlfriend broke up for good.

THE END - Next time it could be your good luck.


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