Recently I moved to Miami from a small town in Texas. I moved into a very nice condo on the river. The day I was moving in I got a knock on the Door and a guy introduced himself as Gary, my new next-door neighbor. He was very nice, about 25, and he asked if he could help me move my things in. I welcomed the help and we hit if off quickly.

After About four hours we were done and he invited me down to dinner with his wife at their condo. I accepted and said I would be there in about an hour. I cleaned up, took a shower and put on some clean clothes. I'm a 30-year-old mechanic that has not really had any long relationships with women.

I am not the greatest looking guy around but I keep myself up Physically and am always polite around the opposite sex. Well, I rang their doorbell and when the door opened my eyes were staring at a beautiful young woman, blonde, about 23 or 24. She had a very short white skirt on and a black tank top that was way too tight for her body. She had no bra on and you could make the outlines of her breasts which left nothing to the imagination.

She yelled to Gary that his friend was here then turned around and walked back into the house without saying a word to me. I was a little stunned, both by her beauty and her very rude manners. Gary came to the door and invited me in. We had a few drinks while his wife Cindy finished up dinner.

He told me they had been married about two years and Cindy was an ex-college cheerleader. He was very lucky to have gotten her to marry him and he keeps her happy no matter what she asks. Throughout supper, I could tell just what type person she was. She was totally stuck up with herself. Everything had to center around her. She never did really talk to me the entire evening.

Well, over the next year Gary and I became really good friends. He started opening up about Cindy. When he proposed to her, she would only accept under one condition. He had to get a vasectomy before they were married. He thought it over a long time before he said yes. They were married and as he has lived with her over the last two years, he has found out how much the whole world has to evolve around her.

Once when she was drunk she told him that she never wanted to have kids. They would take the limelight away from her. She also was very demanding of Gary and loved to show off for the guys. She would wear short skirts and watch their faces as she walked by knowing that she was safe with Gary by her side. She was a bitch and tease if ever there was one.

Even with a year gone by, she didn't talk to me at all. She would look down at Gary for being friends with me. I swore one day I would teach her a lesson she would never forget. About six month later Gary won four tickets to a rock concert. This was one of his wife's favorite groups but it was an acid rock group and not my type of music. Gary asked me to accompany him and his wife so he would have someone to talk to.

I agreed and I was to pick them up Friday night at 8pm. The concert started at 10pm but Gary and his wife wanted to stop by their favorite bar and have some drinks before the concert started.

When I rang the doorbell, Cindy answered the door and my eyes about popped out of my head. She had on a short black dress; it was a micro if they ever made one. She had on black high heels that were at least 3" spikes and had on more makeup then I ever saw her in. She looked hot.

She walked back into the bedroom to finish getting ready without saying a word and Gary came in and invited me in. He said Cindy had been drinking all day long and shopping for clothes to go to the concert in.

When Gary saw what she had planned to wear she told her it was way to short to wear to a concert, but she wanted to attract the attention of the band members. The concert was in a large civic center. There were no seats so you could get as close as you wanted. Gary also said Cindy was already well on her way to being drunk and he had tried to talk her out of going to the bar first.

She would hear nothing of it. She wanted to show her new outfit off to all the guys that would be there. I really felt bad for Gary. We left to go to the bar and Cindy made herself right at home. She must have had three or four white Russians before we left.

Every eye in the place was on her as she tried to walk out of the place in her 3" high heels, micro mini dress, and well on her way to being completely drunk. Gary helped her into the car and we got to the concert about a half hour before it started. Cindy made Gary work our way to the front of the Hall until we could easily see the band stage. Cindy knew this meant they could see her also.

We had about 20 minutes till the concert and people were sitting on the floor waiting for the concert to start. They were passing around joints and when they passed one to Cindy she started Tokin on it. She had not done this since she was in college but she took her hits and passed it on. I noticed that she was sort of making Gary toke with her.

By the time the concert was about to start, they had been passed four or five and they both were feeling no pain. Cindy was really about out of it. Her favorite band was just now coming onto the stage and everybody had to now stand up. She couldn't do it. She made Gary help her up and of course her dress was so short she put on a great show. She stood behind Gary and had her hands draped over Gary's shoulder so as to stay up.

The band started playing and everyone's attention was at the stage. I didn't really like the music, so I was looking around. When I stared over at Cindy, I notice with her hands above her and her arms around Gary's neck, her dress was halfway up her butt. You could easily see her black nylon panties she had. They were so small they barely covered her ass cheeks. I also noticed Gary was having trouble holding her up. I told Gary I would get behind her and help him with her. He seemed pleased when I said that.

I got behind her and just in time. Her head sort of tipped over on Gary's shoulder and she was out cold. I was holding her around the waist and Gary was holding her arms which were over and around his neck. He did not know his wife had passed out. Gary was rocking back and forth with the music which made Cindy move back and forth. I would look down and her dress was wrapped up around her waist.

Nobody around seemed to care as they were watching the concert. My waist was right up against her ass as Gary shook with the music. This caused her ass to shake against my pants and I started to get a raging hard on. I looked up to her face and she still looked like she was out cold. I tested this by moving my hand down and slowing placing it on one of her ass cheeks.

I watched her face and she didn't even twitch. I slowly rubbed my hand around and still no movement. I finally got up the courage to slide my hand under her undies and still she didn't flinch. I was in heaven, my hard on was killing me. I had my hand full of my neighbor's wife ass in a concert full of people. He didn't know, and she was out cold. I tried to work my hand down between her legs but they were so close together I could not.

I decided tonight was going to be her payback night. I slide my foot between her feet and began to slide her feet apart. I kept working till I had them a good foot or two apart. Then I reached under her and now I had access to her most private parts. I worked my way down to her cunt and could feel she was shaved smooth on about half her cunt.

I removed my hand, stuck my fingers into my mouth and got them really wet and slimy, and then I reached them back into her undies and started sliding them around her shaved cunt. In no time I had one or two fingers working into her hot cunt. I looked around and still everyone was watching the concert. She was still out cold and her husband was still holding on to her and rocking back and forth to the music. I had not had a nice piece of ass in about two years.

I pulled my hand out of her undies, then with one hand I slide her undies off her waist and down about to her knees. I then pulled my sweatshirt out of my pants and then unzipped my pants. I pulled out my swollen dick and moved closer to Cindy. The heat of her cunt made me just about explode before I even got it inside her. I moved my dick around till I found her cunt hole and then pressed forward.

It had been so long and as I pressed into her, her cunt was very tight and pulled at my dick. It was hard to get the angle right, I played with her feet until she was bent just enough for me to press into her easily. I couldn't take it but for about 20 seconds when I felt the swelling of my balls begin. Within a couple seconds I was shooting a huge load up into the drunken Cindy. I was only about an inch into her cunt when I exploded but at least I was in.

After I let my first load empty, I didn't want to waste this opportunity, especially since it had been so long since I've had any. Also, I really wanted to make this girl suffer. I really couldn't stand her and her husband was such a nice guy to have to get saddled with her for the rest of his life.

I decided that since the concert had just started, we would be there at least another hour or two. I would give everyone a great view of things. I used one of my feet and stepped down on her undies. When they were down to her ankles, I would slowly lift each leg while still holding on to her and with a little Patience; her undies were lying on the ground under her.

I wasn't done with her yet, while trying to get her undies off of her I had dislodged my cock from her hot pussy. I now used my legs to slip her legs even further apart. Gary was still rocking to the music and holding on to her as he did. I repositioned my cock at her pussy entrance.

I slowly started to push forward, watching her face as I did to make sure she showed no sign of awakening. I pushed my dick past her tight entrance and slowly into her. I could get about half of my dick in her but could not figure out how to get any more in. I kept trying to get the right angle, but I just could not get the last 3 inches to go in.

Then all of a sudden Gary turned a little and shifted Cindy a little. I suppose she was getting heavy on his back. When he did this I froze. I thought Gary was turning around and would see what I was doing, but he didn't. He was just shifting her weight a little. He leaned forward, a little which stuck her butt out nicely for me.

The second he shifted my dick sunk to the depth into her. After waiting about a minute to make sure Gary was still into the concert, I began pumping into Cindy again. This time with her a little bent over, I could easily pump my cock fully into her with each stroke. She really felt good and even though I had just pumped a load of sticky cum into her, I knew I could not last very long. My strokes got faster and longer and then that feeling came up again in my balls.

This time I pushed in as far as it would go and held it there why my balls exploded. I was gushing stream after stream of hot baby yielding cum into her unprotected cunt for the second time tonight.

After I settled down a bit, I was ready to pull out. I knew when I did it wouldn't be long before all my sperm would start to drip out of her cunt. I thought quickly and reached in my pocket and pulled out a small napkin I had from our time at the bar. I wadded it up and as I pulled my dick out of her, I pressed the wadded up napkin into her cunt to hold the baby juice in. I pressed the napkin in deep enough so you couldn't see it then I straightened up her dress and also zipped up my fly and tucked my sweatshirt back in. I would leave the napkin in until we were about ready to leave then pull it out as that would have given plenty of time for my sperm to work its magic.

After about 20 minutes, Gary did turn around and saw that his wife was out cold. He said he was getting thirsty. I told him I was too. I knew there was a big concession stand in the rear of the concert hall. I told Gary I would hold onto Cindy if he would go get us all something to drink and eat. I knew this would take 20 to 30 minutes easily because he would have to work his way through the crowd and then make his way back.

I grabbed her around the waist making sure her dress stayed down. He looked at me funny and said, "Are you sure you wouldn't like to go instead?"

I said, "No, you go. I'm fine and Cindy is out so everything should be okay."

He said thanks and that he would be back as soon as he could. It was lucky that I picked up her undies and stuffed them in my pocket when I had cleaned her up.

After Gary was gone from sight, I looked at my watch and gave myself 20 minutes. Cindy was in front of me, totally out of it, and I was behind her holding her up with her head tilting on my left shoulder. The next set of people in front of us was about 5 or 6 feet in front of me. I could see the band really good so I knew that they would be able to see out here probably even better. I had made up my mind to humiliate little miss stuck-up as much as I could.

What I did next brought the eyes of the band to us just about immediately.

I slowly lifted the front of Cindy's dress and tucked it under the belt that went with her black outfit. She was now totally exposed from the waist down. I slowly spread her feet with my feet till they were very widely spread. I then slowly bent her backwards at the waist as much as I could. She was now really exposed to the guys playing in the band.

I noticed the lead singer looked and saw her first. I reached between her legs real quick and pulled out the napkin and let it fall on the ground. Then I started finger fucking her from behind. I could see the singer motion to the other guys with his head for them to look this way. They kept on singing and playing but they were watching me finger fuck this cute little hot blonde.

I kept this up for about 5 minutes. I then pulled her dress down as the song ended, straightened her legs back up and used my sleeves to clean up her wet and gooey cunt. I also took this opportunity to grab her undies and get them back on her before Gary got back.

The band started another song, then another, and Gary finally got back with some drinks. We drank our drinks and probably stayed another half hour. Again, with Gary in front of Cindy and me behind. Then Gary turned and said we should leave before the crowd all tries to get out. I agreed.

We both got on each side of Cindy and started heading towards the door. It was easier for us to sort of lift her then it was to get her to walk. Gary would get her awake and within a minute she was out again.

We finally got her to the car and Gary and she got in the back seat and I drove us home. I helped Gary get Cindy into the house then said my goodbye and left. Gary thanked me a couple times for helping me with his drunken wife. I told him it was no big problem.


That night in bed I started thinking of everything that had happened. I also thought how great it would be if that teaser really got what she Deserved and ended up pregnant. I knew Gary had, had a vasectomy so she would have a lot of explaining to do.

When I woke up the next day, I went over to Gary's right away because I wanted to know if Cindy had caught on to what happened. It was the old Cindy I had learned to hate so much. Two words at the door then she walked to the living room. Gary invited me in and we talked in the kitchen for a while.

After I had left the night before, Gary had put Cindy into the shower hoping to wake her up. It worked for about five minutes, Gary had washed her and dried her off then she went straight to bed. Gary never mentions anything was out of the ordinary so I guess I was lucky that Gary washed her and didn't notice anything. All the evidence was now washed away.

Over the next couple weeks I stayed in close contact with Gary. I had not heard anything special from him about Cindy and it had been close to six weeks since the concert. I suppose that meant that Cindy was not pregnant. Well, I still had a hell of a time.

About two months after the concert, Gary told me that he was taking Cindy in for a hospital appointment. I asked if everything was all right. He said, "Yes, but she missed her last two periods and she's worried that something might be medically wrong with her. So she scheduled an appointment to meet with her doctor."

I asked if she could be pregnant, but Gary said, "No way man, Cindy has always been faithful to me."

I waited nervously for Gary and Cindy to return home. It didn't take but about an hour or two and I saw Gary's car pull in. Cindy ran straight into the house and Gary came over to talk with me. He was very mad. I asked him what was wrong. Cindy was PREGNANT!

"I'm going in tomorrow to make sure I am still unable to have kids. If I am, I'm leaving that lying, cheating bitch."

The next day he and Cindy went back to the hospital and sure enough, Gary couldn't have fathered any kids.

Cindy kept telling Gary that it had to be his, and begged him not to leave her. But Gary would have none of it, he was going to dump her and that was all there was to it.

He came over to my place to tell me he was moving out. I suggested that he not to be too quick about it. I went on to suggest that if he really wanted to get back at her he should pretend to forgive her, and stay with her as long as she has the child. We both know she wanted to get an abortion. But if she got an abortion, he would divorce her and use that as his excuse so everyone including her parents and friends would know he left her because she was fucking someone else, and also that she had an abortion to get rid of the child.

Gary thought this was a great idea, and that night told Cindy the rules. Cindy didn't want to have the baby, her body was perfect and she had never wanted a child that might ruin her good looks. But she knew it would be unbearable to let her parents and friends find out about everything.

Finally, Cindy gave in and said she would have the child if Gary would stay with her. Of course he agreed.

But at the six-month mark, when it was too late for her to have an abortion, Gary told Cindy that he just couldn't live with a woman who was a fucking slut. He packed up and left within the hour with Cindy pleading and begging for him not to leave her in this condition. She yelled that she would sue for money to raise the kid.

Gary reminded her that the child wasn't his and he could prove it. He said over his shoulder as he left, "Let the father pay for it, and he slammed the door as he left.

Cindy stayed in the apartment until the child was born.

"We" all know who the proud daddy was. Cindy in my eyes had gotten just what she deserved for being the stuck up bitch that she was...

The End


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