I pushed slowly, letting her open up for me. Even with my cock wet and slippery with her pussy juice, her tight anal ring opened reluctantly. Linda's fingers rubbed in circles over her clit, and every few moments her fingers slid over my balls, pulling them against her sopping slit.

Deep, guttural moans escaped from her as the head of my rigid cock spread her hole wider and wider. She pushed back, forcing her ass against my hard shaft, until a there was a sudden movement when the head slid past her tight ring.

Now, with the shaft of my cock holding her open, she pushed herself back, forcing more of my thick cock up her butt. My cock throbbed inside her making her gasp. Her whole body tensed, paused for a moment, then she pushed back in one long movement, taking me deep into her ass.

She let out a long, gasping sigh, and so did I. My balls hung down, both pressed against her pussy, getting coated with her flowing cream. We both paused, feeling the deep, lusty feelings. Linda was cupping one of her tits, the nipple standing up hard and proud, like a pencil's eraser. My cock strained to grow another inch, hard, swollen, throbbing and eager to feel her butt milking me.

I looked down at her sexy form, her smooth, tan back, the freckles on her shoulders inviting my tongue to lick her there. The curve of her waist, the taper of her sexy hips and ass. Best was the image of her butt, tightly pressed against my loins, feeling her asshole pulse and squeeze me deep inside her.

I ran my hands up the backs of her thighs, raking my nails along her skin. My hand continued upwards until they gripped the soft, white flesh of her buns, squeezing them hard. Linda hissed her approval, making her ass sway and move my cock inside her.

My one hand slid under her, reaching down to cup her sex. The other was palm down at the base if her spine, at the top of her ass. My fingers found her sopping cunt, spread her lips and rubbed. I could feel her quiver beneath me and her hips start rocking.

After a moment, I withdrew my hand, sliding fingers over her clit making her moan softly. My wet hand, covered in her cum, slid up her belly wetly, while my other hand followed it, sliding up her back. Her cum left a slick wet trail from her cunt to her tits, each of which received a coating of her delicious cum.

The way Linda's body moved under me, the way her hips rotated, and her lusty hissing sighs made me incredibly horny. All of this and we hadn't even pumped one stroke! My cock was aching to move, to plow into her hot little ass, to pump thick sperm deep into her butt.

My hand returned to her slick pussy, working around between her glistening lips, making her ass tighten and release. Again I withdrew my hand, this time starting at her nipples. I let my slick fingers smear her cunt juice over her nipples and her chest, then from underneath I slid my hand around her neck, wetting her with her own cum.

"You're SO wet!" I gushed softly, "FEEL how wet you are. Feel how hot, wet, and sexy you've gotten BOTH of us!"

Linda's head moved down, her tongue finding my fingers, tasting her cream, licking my fingers. My cock throbbed on its own, and then I flexed it hard, making it swell inside her ass. She moaned with my fingers in her soft lips, her tongue darting all around them. She sucked my fingers into her wide, sexy mouth, completely into the pleasures she felt.

I slowly withdrew my cock until just the head remained inside her. A long, slow thrust forward brought a deep moan and made her arch her ass up to ease my re-entry. She released my fingers from her lips to gasp.

"Ohhh, yes! Fuck my ass!" Linda hissed. "Grab my ass and FUCK it!

Linda moved away, only to thrust backwards and impale her tight, round little ass on my cock. I grabbed her hips, squeezing her soft, warm flesh as I pulled her against me tightly. I pushed her hips forward, then pulled back again. Each thrust began to come faster and faster. Our fires burned with a hissing, crackling sound in our ears. Over and over, in and out, faster and faster.

I found the pace she liked. Completing an in and out movement every second. Fast enough to make her moan, slow enough to let her feel each and every millimeter of cock spreading her opening.

Linda began to jerk, her body twitching, as we continued. Her hands were up by her head, fingers pulling the sheets into bunches, her face to the side, jaw slack, and long moans coming from her. Sweat began to cover her lovely back, coating her with a fine sheen. Her soft, fleshy globes were slick with her cum and our sweat, making her slippery as she banged into my crotch and legs.

"Make me cum!!" Linda panted. "Please? Make me CUM! Fuck me!"

I WAS fucking her, but she wanted more, her carnal passions aroused, she wanted to be pumped hard and fast. I kept my pace, not moving any faster. This wasn't good enough for Linda though, and she began bucking like a wild bronco, trying to pump me harder, faster.

"Ohhhh, Jeeezus!" Linda half hissed, half moaned. "GIVE it to me! Give me your cum!"

I knew now that she was feeling the heat of our coupling. A good thing too, for I was also feeling it, and was barely holding back to prolong her pleasures. My hand pushed in the middle of her back, and Linda slipped down, laying on the bed, her ass still arched up. I moved forward, sliding my knees closer to her, spreading her legs wider.

"Oh, yes." she breathed heavily, "Spread me wide and fuck me. Pump your cum in my ass. C'mon baby, cum in me, make me cum all over you!"

I grabbed her ass and began fucking furiously. Pumping my cock into her asshole with repeated quick thrusts. Up and down, in and out we went, my hips moving faster. In and out, in and out, in and out, in and out. Each time her hips moved up, driving my cock deep into her body, eliciting a deep moan from her. Linda's ass is so deliciously tight, her butt so nicely shaped, and best of all, she's so enthusiastic.

I felt her butt arching higher and higher as her orgasm began to swell inside her. Her hands wanted to reach down and find her pussy, but instead her arms flailed around, hands threatening to shred the sheets. Sweat dripped from my forehead, ran down my face, soaked my back and underarms.

I could see that Linda's body was coated with slippery sweat too, making her glisten. Her ass was slippery, making it difficult to grab hold of her. Over and over her pretty butt slammed against me, like a milking fist, her butt urged my sperm to shoot. I knew this night would end in a mass of rumpled sheets, sweat, and overflowing sperm.

"Ah! Ah! Ahhhooommmmmmmm!" Linda gasped as she began to shudder.

Her orgasm had arrived. Her ass was jerking and rocking against my cock, her legs giving out and locking straight out. My cum was boiling in my balls, demanding release. Quickly I moved to let her legs close, then put mine on the outside of her hips. My hands grabbed her cheeks and spread them, opening her puckered hole, filled with cock, to my eyes.

Now I pressed my cock deep into her again, pinning her hips to the bed. By rocking my hips back and forth I pumped into her tight brown hole while pushing her buns upwards with my loins. The effect was grand, and my balls were sliding along the backs of her closed legs, caressing her other opening, the one leaking her thick white creamy cum down her pussy lips.

Harder and faster I pumped, dripping sweat onto her glistening back, feeling my cock swell inside her, and my balls tighten. The bed creaked as we undulated on top. Linda was moaning, then suddenly, just as I felt my thick semen wending its way towards my cock, she spoke again.

"Oh Gawd! Not again! I'm gonna cum again!" she cried, her eyes tightly closed in concentration.

"I-I'm...gonna...CUM!" I breathed, slamming into her asshole hard.

"Ohhhh unnnnggggghhh! Oh! OH! OHHHH!" was Linda's passionate reply.

Both our bodies surged together, with Linda almost lifting her hips clear of the bed-with me deep in her ass! My cum poured into her hot, tight, pulsing asshole, sending thick stream after thick stream of sperm flowing into her. Linda's body quivered and jerked. Each of her shudders brought another spurt from my cock, and briefly I worried that her tight, greedy little ass would drain my balls.

My head began to clear from the haze of primal passion, and I found my fingers intertwined in her hair, my lips locked to hers, my chest wet and slippery on her sweat covered back. Our bodies were still joined, and each movement she made caused a round of jerks and shudders in us both. We tried laying still, but our bodies were to sensitive and wanted to move.

"Thank you!" I whispered to Linda, kissing her lips softly.

"Hmmm, you're welcum!" she said, emphasizing her play on words.

We smiled to each other and kissed again, letting the sensations of our soaking bodies bring us back to a hearty arousal.

"How about a nice, warm shower?" I asked. "And I'll make sure you're rinsed nice and clean." I added, running my tongue over my front teeth suggestively. Linda agreed, putting her hand on my cheek and smiling warmly at me. Her smile meant a lot, and somehow I felt rejuvenated already.

While the shower warmed up, Linda stood in front of the mirror, and then turned to me. "It seems like a shame to wash all this pussy juice off my nipples." she said, cupping her slippery tits towards me. I needed no further invitation.

My lips found one of her large nipples and licked, tasting her delicious cum cream. I licked and sucked them both, washing her beautiful breasts with my tongue. I licked her chest too, and even under her breasts. Her salty sweat mixed with her juices to make me feel as though she were covered in her own cream. I wanted to lick her all over, taste her, lap her up.

"C'mon, the shower is going to get cold." she said as my tongue began sliding down her left calf. I had licked her from the neck down, licking her sweet, honey-like juices from the insides of her thighs, and now working down to her lower legs. I'd never wanted to eat someone this much, but Linda was truly sexy and delicious.

Linda soaped me up in the shower, paying special attention to my groin. We both closed our eyes for long moments, my hands rubbing soap all over her tits while she fondled my soap-slippery balls and cock. We slowly cleaned each other off, enjoying the closeness, the intimacy, and the nice, never-ending hot water. She rinsed me off, then said it was time for the "taste test".

Her mouth surrounded my half-hard shaft, and she sucked me to hardness in seconds. Water ran down her hair and over her back as she sucked me, making her look wet and sexy. Her green eyes looked up at me, sparkling with delight. My hands didn't need to guide her, but they found her head anyway, caressing her wet hair.

Unknown to me, Linda had pushed a finger into her pussy, getting it slick with her cum. Now she pushed that slippery finger into my ass, bringing my cock to its full potential size, making it swell. It jerked in her mouth as my asshole clenched her finger over and over. Linda slowly moved her finger about, until I felt a huge surge deep inside.

"Ohh, suck me. Now!" I cried out, my words echoing off the tiled walls.

Cum shot into her mouth, and Linda's wiggling finger in my butt made me feel like I would shoot it all in one thick gush. With each spurt, my ass clamped down on her probing finger, and each time she pulled it out slightly, bringing another taste of my sperm. When she had taken every drop from me, Linda gleefully licked the head off, even catching an errant drop of sperm that had trickled to my balls. Smiling, she stood up, licking her lips. "Well, you've passed the taste test." she said.

I gave her a playful slap on her bottom, then soaped her up, making sure to get into those hidden areas well. Once she was lathered up, I pulled the shower attachment from the wall, and began rinsing her off. After each part of her was rinsed, I licked it, just to be sure. Her pussy's turn came (figuratively speaking of course), and I had her bend over with her hands on the wall.

I worked the spray over her sensitive, puckered hole, then down over her cunt. I could see her pussy contract as the sharp spray tingled her lips. Linda gasped and said it felt wonderful.

Next came a spray of water upwards, right around her clit. Linda giggled with ticklish delight, then gasped as my mouth slipped between her legs. I licked her from clit to ass, finding no soap, but lots of her slippery juice. I sat down, letting her straddle my upturned face, and rinsed her legs at the same time. When Linda came, I thought she might fall, but she instead seemed to gush her delicious, creamy cum all over my face.

We rinsed off, this time more relaxed than before. I dried her off, licking a few drops of water that trickled over her breasts before we returned to the bed. The air in the room was cool from the air conditioning, but still, somehow, hot and sexy. We slipped between the sheets, holding each other close.

My hands caressed her face and neck, and hers were around me. Those green eyes, that sexy smile conveyed a lot; warmth, contentment, caring, pleasure, and friendship.

We were resting, letting our strength build, so we could do it all over again. All I can say is Encore! Encore!



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