For quite a while now I have wanted to try sucking cock. Preferably the cock of a like minded straight bloke.

Yes, I'm a straight male with a very strong urge to experience gay sex. Apparently, quite a percentage of boys/men have 'homosexual thoughts', but I never thought it would happen to me because at school I was fairly anti-gay. I couldn't understand gays back then, but these days I firmly believe in 'each to their own' and besides, people change and I'm a lot older now.

Having said that, I don't find men attractive, and have absolutely no desire to have a same sex relationship. The thought of kissing a man is still a turn off to me, yet I think I could succumb if I were aroused enough - at least that is the only time I believe it would happen.

It seems many straight men have 'experimented' with male friends when younger, jerking each other's cocks, or showing each other how they wank. I never got the chance to get in to a situation like that, and took no notice of other boys in the shower at school at the time. Today, I would fantasise about getting on my knees and taking a cock in my mouth in that shower.

Maybe I wouldn't enjoy it at all, and many gays will be convinced I'm kidding myself, but deep down I KNOW I would love it. It's the kinkiness that appeals, (kinky if you're straight).

I'm a huge fan of lesbianism, so much so that I'm jealous I can't be one! It turns me on to the point where watching straight sex porno does almost nothing for me now, so I can't wait to find out if gay sex is as exciting for me as it looks for those lesbian girls and gay guys.

Watching gay porno certainly doesn't disgust me, and I have masturbated to it many times.

It's not as erotic as lesbian porn, mainly because women's bodies are far more attractive, and they seem to have so much fun with each other. The men take it so seriously and hardly ever break into a smile! The first time I came over gay porn, I had a really intense orgasm because it wasn't what I was supposed to be doing - it was kinky!

So, am I bisexual? Well, not yet as I haven't had gay sex, but if it happens and I enjoy it as much as I think I will, then yes I would describe myself as bi- sexual - but not in the truest sense because it's purely a kinky sex thing as opposed to my fancying men.

I love to masturbate anally, and therefore know I would absolutely adore having a real cock up my arse. Although this desire to experience gay sex is a fairly recent obsession, I can remember as a kid wanking while sucking on a phallic shaped object - so I guess these feelings have always lurked just beneath the surface.

I've had anal sex with my ex-girlfriend which I loved, so although I wasn't bothered about fucking a bloke before - because I have done it with a girl - I now want to do it all - sucking, fucking and getting fucked.

My ex is very open-minded so I can talk to her about these things. I would just love for the both of us to be sucking on the same cock, flicking our tongues over the glans and taking turns licking the shaft. We break away to kiss and the guy pushes on my back to make me get in position for my fucking. I arch my back, stick my arse in the air and he enters me.

It feels fucking great as I continue to french-kiss my ex. I put my hand around her neck to support myself as I'm pounded. I bury my face in her shoulder as he comes, pulling her in to me because I need something to hold on to while waiting for the thrusting to subside.

Best scenario? Guy with a limp dick standing in front of me wearing just trainers. His cock and balls are freshly shaven, and freshly washed. He has a nice looking cock - whatever that is? Well some just look better than others. I hold his thighs and tease the tip of his dick with the tip of my tongue. I lean back and watch it rise before my eyes.

I lovingly and slowly take his length in my mouth. I close my eyes for some of the time to enjoy how good it feels to finally, actually have a cock in my mouth. It is so exciting my own dick starts twitching. I have to take him out of my mouth or I'll come myself, so I jerk him for a bit.

Then I combined jerking and tongue teasing while looking up at him trying to gauge how long before he spurts. Just then, another guy crawls backwards between the other guy's legs and offers his arse.

It's totally hairless, and already lubed. I can't believe my luck. I play with the entrance, rubbing my helmet around it in circular motions before plunging in. It's so tempting to go wild and fuck like an animal, but I want to savour the moment. I fuck the arse slowly with long deep strokes and it feels so nice to completely withdraw and then push all the way in again.

Next thing I know, the guy whose cock I'm sucking takes a step back over the other guy's back. I soon realise why. It's to make me lean forward to reach his cock, allowing for a third bloke to penetrate my arse.

It's going to be a sandwich. I can't believe what's happening. I'm sucking a cock, I'm getting fucked, and I'm wanking the cock of the guy whose arse I'm fucking! - Only he's fucking me with his back and forth motion. We are all seconds away from cumming as I go to town on the cock in my mouth.

All four of us cum almost simultaneously, my hand a blur as I empty the cock into my mouth. For the ultimate kinky sexual experience, I know I have to swallow the cum. This is no problem as the timing is perfect. Swallowing the spunk intensified my own orgasm which followed about three seconds later.

My final act is to contract my arse muscles to give the guy cumming in me an extra kick. I look over to my ex, who is trying to return her breathing to normal after masturbating over my kinky antics. She giggles and holds up three fingers to indicate how many orgasms she's just had.

After that I was addicted.


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