Stephen Keating has been living in the erotic fantasyland of his pretty wife, Jenny, making love to another man. Eventually he bridges fantasyland and reality and gently supports the woman he so dearly loves in joining him on this very erotic journey. Stephen surrenders to his own delicious, yielding feminization as he helps Jenny follow her passion into debauchery, opening wide her body to the animal sexuality of other men. A true account of Jenny and Stephen.

This is the first of a series that will be submitted if enjoyed.

After writing a fantasy about Jenny's (my wife) first date, the frequency and intensity of my cuckold fantasies increased. It's as though I live a good part of my life in a surreal world that's been exciting and disturbing. I would see Jenny indulging in all kinds of debauchery; but she still retained the softness and pretty innocence about her that has always been so attractive to me.

The only bridge between my reality and the underworld of my fantasies has been some tentative exploration of illicit sexuality with Jenny during our lovemaking. But until last night I hadn't ventured to talk of her having sex with another man. But last night changed it all. It was the most adventurous exploration I have yet made; hence the motivation for my writing today.

Jenny had just entered the bedroom after showering. She was preparing to go out with Melissa, her best friend, for a quiet night on the town. Jenny going out with Melissa is always about girlfriends getting together. They have been fast friends since childhood and have always gone out for coffee and sometimes to a dance. But this time as I watched her drying off, I invested her night out with fantasy thoughts of her infidelity.

Consequently, I found myself asking, "Can I help you get ready? We haven't seen each other much this week."

To my surprise she said, "Yes, that would be nice. What would you like to help with?"

I thought about it for a minute, then decided I would go for the works: "I've always been fascinated watching you get ready to go out. It's not like when I experiment with your lipstick, eye shadow and other stuff. You seem to have so much fun putting everything together, including your clothes. Men don't know what fun they're missing. Can I do all that this evening? If I mess up, you can always say no to my choices."

Jenny didn't hesitate in permitting me this lovely little privilege. I went straight into my fantasy of her first date and became immediately aroused, but initially kept it entirely concealed. I went to the closet and picked over her skirts, tops and dresses. I was aware of this as a truly sensual exploration: of touch, texture, colours, style, all those delightful attributes and experiences that are considered feminine.

I found a really nice fitted white blouse, softly sheer. I knew it was just enough to attract wishful gazes from admiring men; enough to provide a hint of her bra and flesh beneath, but not so daring that Jenny would think it inappropriate to wear out with Melissa. I began fantasizing that she was telling lies about going out with Melissa and that she was, instead, meeting a first- time lover. I chose a soft skirt in pastel blue with a floral motif, something that enhances her innocence and petite size.

"You'll look lovely in this; it's just so sweet, just like you," I told her.

She smiled coyly, "You like me in 'pretty' clothes, don't you?"

"Yes!" I replied. "You look a blend of sexy and innocent when you dress to be pretty; and you're the prettiest woman I know. Irresistible!"

"I don't need to look sexy and irresistible when I'm going out with Melissa," she returned. "But I do like looking pretty."

"I know," I demurred, "but I think you're so lovely; so it's just OK with me for other guys to admire you and even desire you."

Jenny looked thoughtful. She took the skirt from me and kissed me on the cheek. I picked a pair of panties that I thought would be a turn on for her imaginary first time lover.

"That doesn't bother you?" She asked, appearing curious or concerned, I wasn't sure which.

"No. I know that whatever happens, you'd always come home to me."

"Sounds like you think I might mess around."

"Jenny, I have no control over you. If you messed around, it would have nothing to do with the way you dress. I couldn't blame any guy for desiring you, and you have your own, very normal passions like any other healthy 30 year old woman."

I was doing her hair now and found myself mirroring the sensuality I was feeling in the way I stroked with the brush. Jenny fell silent, but I couldn't tell if it was because of the conversation or her enjoyment of me softly brushing her silky hair. I felt the momentum of the discussion ebbing and didn't want to lose it. I bent and kissed her cheek from behind.

"Do you ever see a guy and fantasize about being with him?"

"Yes," she replied hesitantly. Jenny has never struggled with honesty.

"Is that the same kind of fantasy that you have around our lovemaking?"

"No, not really," she said. "Those are always about people who are not real."

"You seem unsure."

"Well, almost always," she added. "There... there was one time last week...when they crossed over..."

"Crossed over?"

"Yes. You remember that I was really aroused when we made love on Saturday? I couldn't get a guy out of my mind that I saw at the park that morning. He was looking at me. I knew he liked me and he was ever so sexy--a real hunk! Our paths crossed again at the other end of the park. He said 'good morning.' I said 'Hi!' in return and stopped on the bridge to chat.

It was all small talk until he asked me if I'd like to go to his place nearby and have a coffee. I refused because I felt some sexual tension. I said I had to go. I turned back to wave goodbye and saw that his shorts were tented at the front by his erect penis. I felt shocked...and thrilled. When we we're lovemaking that night, an image of his tented shorts kept coming into my mind."

This was the first time Jenny had ever talked in our marriage about a real person she was attracted too. I was turned on by admission and the fact that the stranger was so aroused by being close to my sweet Jenny. I wanted to validate and support all this as OK.

"Did you feel guilty?"

"Yes. Are you mad at me?"

"No. Should I be?"

"Well, no; but I just wondered."

"Why did you tell me about it?"

"Because you asked."

"Well, thanks for being so honest! And I really don't mind hearing stuff like that. I feel kind of proud that other guys would be attracted to you. It can even be a bit of a turn on."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that if a guy fancies you, even makes a pass at you and wants to make love to you, that's OK. It sounds like that happened last Saturday and you brought home that sexual energy and spent it in our lovemaking. It certainly turned me on, and I didn't even know what had happened. It was a sort of gift giving to our lovemaking. But if you had told me before or during our lovemaking, the turn on probably would have been sharper, more intense, I think. Please see yourself as an attractive, a very, very pretty woman. You don't need to fear that reality."

I began tracing little love patterns on the blouse covering her petite breasts as I was talking to her. "You are so sexy too! I often think you deserve more affection and passion than I'm able to provide, so I wouldn't blame you if ever you were in a situation like last Saturday and followed your passion; just simply felt and followed."

She seemed shocked, "Stephen! Do you mean sleeping with another guy!"

I felt myself becoming anxious, but didn't want to give up the fantasy ground I'd gained. "Not necessarily. It could be kissing, petting, or it could be something more. I don't know. I'm just saying.I'm just saying about situations." The conversation stumbled to a halt. I felt awkward. I think Jenny did, too. She finished putting on her own make up after I made some excuse about needing to go to the store. When I returned Jenny was gone. She left a note on the kitchen countertop that said "I love you. See you later!"


It's been about three weeks since the night Jenny went out with Melissa. She is going out with her again this evening and has asked me if I want to help her get ready again. She also said she'd show me how to put make up on my own face, something I'd been experimenting with. I'm feeling really excited, but I'm not sure why. It could be that she is inviting me to repeat that night when we both felt so awkward talking about being attractive to other men that we haven't revisited the topic. Maybe I'm feeling hopeful. I am certainly delighted that she is going to show me how to put on more make up-foundation and blush! I really love to feel feminine. More later!


Well! What an experience that was! I am feeling so awash with so many feelings. I feel like I could fly! I love Jenny so much! She started her preparations to go out with Melissa very early so that I could learn some more about make up. It was as though we were a couple of girlfriends getting ready together. Jenny helped me put on the entire make up she usually uses, not just the foundation and blush. She even bought me a pair of clip- on earrings--a complete surprise! It's the same evening and I'm enjoying sitting here at home feeling very feminine and waiting for her to return.

I got to choose her clothes again. I told her how sexy she looked. She curtsied and said a coy, "Thank you." I asked her to lift her dress so that I could see if her panties still looked like the right choice. But I really wanted to see what another guy might feast his eyes on if she were to show him. She complied, sweetly and shyly lifting it to reveal her soft thighs and hips. She asked, "Are they sexy?" and without waiting for an answer, "Do you think anyone is going to see them?"

"Yes they are sexy. And, yes, maybe someone will see the if you decide to show them... Or maybe someone will get to feel them," I added with a grin, as I visualized her exposed like this and being hungrily touched by another man.

Jenny swatted me as I felt my penis get a little harder.

"You're a very naughty boy!" she chastised with a smile. "I might be home a little later this evening, sweetheart; but I should be home by one o'clock."

"How come?" I enquired.

"Melissa has a new guy, so were going to a dance that he usually goes to."

I felt a wash of pleasure and hope that she would be in a higher risk situation. Who knows what might happen! Before she left, I hugged her tenderly and encouraged, "Have a really good time, you deserve it. Let your hair down and have fun!"

"I will," she crooned as she headed out the door.


I've been fantasizing like crazy all evening. She'll be home soon!


Wow! Have I got stuff to tell! She was home by one o'clock and looking radiant. She told me that she'd had a great time. She said there were six of them in the group. The dance was at a nightclub where there was a live blues/jazz band. We went to bed almost immediately since Jenny had to be at work this morning. That was the intent. The reality was that we were awake 'till nearly three o'clock. Jenny talked about dinner, the conversations, Melissa's new guy, the other couple, the dancing, and anything else that came up. But one thing finally came up that was a surprise and thrill.

After about half and hour of chatting, Jenny fell momentarily fell silent then tentatively asked, "Do you remember what you said before I went out with Melissa about three weeks ago?"

I replied a tactical, "No. What did I say?"

"You said you wouldn't blame me for following my passion."

"Yes, I remember." I caught my breath in anticipation and shifted my hand down to her vagina, gently cupping it, and got an immediate and aching erection. Jenny moved her hips a little to acknowledge my intimate touch.

She continued: "You said it might be petting, kissing, or even sleeping with someone."

"Yes, that's what I said."

"Well it wasn't sleeping with someone."

For a moment I felt disappointed. "What was it then? You can tell me, Jenny. I don't mind."

"It was the other two," She said, holding her breath in anticipation of my reaction.

Again, I felt the thrill of anticipation. My body was buzzing, my head swimming, my penis rock hard, my heart thumping and pumping in my ears. "That's OK sweetheart," I whispered gently, as I caressed her vagina and carefully found and touched her clitoris. "I really am OK with that. It sounds like you just got turned on like you did with the guy in the park. It's all normal; and you are such a pretty woman."

"Yes, I suppose so."

"I imagine, too, it was a pretty seductive atmosphere in the club."

"Yes, it was."

"Being at a dance like that can raise anyone's sexual tension."

"Yes. David-that's his name-was the other person in the group. He constantly made little passes at me, but not in a nuisance way. He's not really attractive, but he's quite sexy. At about eleven o'clock, we were sitting side by side at the table. The others were dancing. He suddenly turned to me and said 'You have amazing lips!' then kissed me. I found myself just responding without a thought. It was quite electric."

My finger was finding the wetness at the entrance to her vagina and spreading it up to lubricate my touch of her clitoris. She was obviously aware of my arousal as she told me what happened. I think it encouraged her.

She went on: "We kissed deeply, then I broke away feeling scared. I thought it wasn't right and that Melissa would give me a hard time about it. I told him I didn't want to be seen kissing someone other than you. He simply said, 'I understand', then slipped his right hand onto my knees under the tablecloth. I was feeling aroused and confused. I wanted him to stop and I didn't want him to stop, all at the same time. I also knew that trying to push his hand away would draw attention to us, so I found myself following my passion and letting him caress me."

"So he caressed you here." I moved my hand down and caressed her knees very sensuously. "Go on. You can say."

"Well, that was it.he touched me."

"I mean go on and tell me how he touched you. I can tell you are still feeling aroused because you're so lubricated. I'm feeling turned on just hearing you talk about it. It's okay; I'm not feeling jealous. I'm just feeling trusted that you would tell me about it, and I feel so proud that you are so sexy.that David would want you."

"Okay then. Well he just caressed my thigh just above my knee.

"Like this?" I asked as I traced David's touching.

"Yes. And then he slowly worked his way up higher."

I followed the path she described with my own hand.

"He was whispering to me that I have lovely skin and that he was really turned on and wanted to make love to me. I told him I was married and that I love you; but he just kept up the dirty talk. I was feeling really turned on. I could feel little trickles of lubrication moving inside me and knew my panties were getting wet."

"Did you keep your legs together or open them?" I asked, wanting to get a picture in my mind.

Jenny was silent for a few seconds as if deciding how much she would tell. "I had them closed at first; but I opened them really wide when he was got close to my panties. I was on the edge. on the edge of an orgasm. I suddenly heard myself pleading whispers to him, 'Please feel me!' and I pushed his hand up to my panties and held it there like I never wanted to let it go. Stephen, please don't be mad or feel badly about me...

I really felt out of control, but I had to stay there at the table. I didn't know what would happen if we had left the club right then, so I just wanted to orgasm with his fingers touching me and being inside my panties and inside me. I remembered you saying something before I left about not knowing who might touch my panties tonight. I thought about you helping me look my best, and that David might have been turned on partly because of you helping me look so pretty and sexy."

"I don't feel badly about it. I'm really glad he was turned on by the way you looked, even if I did help. Did you climax, Jenny?" I huskily asked.

"Yes. sitting right there, before Melissa and the others got back to the table. Are you mad at me?"

My mouth was dry in my state of intense arousal. Here I was, lying in bed with my sweet Jenny telling me about having an orgasm in a nightclub at the hands of another man. I became aware of still having my make up on with Jenny recounting such intimate details. Jenny's legs were wide apart. Her breathing was shallow and I could her heart thumping as I continued to touch her where David's hand had been.

It suddenly felt like we were two girlfriends sharing secrets in the gentle darkness of our room. I kissed her on the lips and felt the enhanced softness of our painted lips whispering tenderness, understanding, love to each other. "I'm not mad at you. It's okay my sweet Jenny. Thank you for telling me, for sharing the intimacy and excitement you felt with David. I love you so, and I'm glad you had the experience of an orgasm with David."

"Are you sure?" she asked with an intensity that begged for reassurance.

"Jenny, I'm sure. I'm so happy that he made you cum."

We lay there quietly in each other's arms while I continued to ever so gently touch here vagina where she was touched and brought to orgasm by David's hand. I felt grateful to him, even wanted to thank him. I thought about how hard he must have been while he was touching her. I though about how close Jenny and David had been to making love to each other if they hadn't been in the club...

After a while, out of the stillness and darkness of our room, Jenny whispered, "Make love to me! Please fuck me! I feel so horny!" Unlike I often do, I had no problem making love to her. When our bodies found their rhythm, I told her, over and over, that I was so happy and turned on that she followed her passion. And I imagined that it wasn't me, but David who was sliding in and out of her hot, wet, yielding body, and that he was cumming inside her as we reached our sweet orgasm together.


This morning she went off to work. I stayed in bed until 10.00 am then took a shower and shaved. I returned to the bedroom and was aware that my fantasy world was still encroaching on my reality. Little fragments of Jenny were awash in the fog of sex with others. It was perhaps less the images than odor, sound, taste, and touch memories; it was an erotic concoction that contained the sensuality of all my past sexual experiences.

I was jolted out of this sweet fogginess by the sight of seeing the panties that Jenny wore last night laying there on the floor. Again, my pulse rate increased as I imagined the possibility and ached for the reality that she did go further with David. It was a sort of anticipatory, "What if..." feeling. I hoped that I would discover what I wanted.

I picked up her panties and opened them to expose the inside of the crotch. God! She was definitely horny last night. The crotch was heavy and stiffened with her dried juices. and what else? I raised the crotch of her panties to my nose and deeply inhaled, but the odours were subdued in their dried state. I was feeling aroused again so I began licking and tasting the lovely stain in the crotch of her sexy panties. I only registered slight disappointment when the smell of the dampened stain revealed only the secret smells of Jenny's own body.

The point was that it was his fingers that made her so wet, not mine. I was so into enjoying tasting her in her absence that I wiped the slick mess all over my face and my naked body. I climbed under the bedcovers and swooned in the lovely body fragrance of Jenny's body while I masturbated, and finally ejaculated into the messy crotch of her panties, luxuriating in the fainting fantasy that it was David's sperm that mad the soaking, slick mess.


It's been something like two week now since David made Jenny climax. I kept her messy panties hidden away. Whenever I have been alone, I have continued imagining that the sperm mixed with Jenny's juices belongs to David and have used them to enhance my excitement while masturbating. Jenny has changed in some of the things she fantasizes about in our lovemaking and in her behaviour. We have been having more sex than usual, mainly because of my arousal in knowing that Jenny is in some way 'available' under the right circumstances. But my sexual appetite is still much less than hers and I achingly yearn for her to be really satisfied by another man.

Several times since her experience with David she has initiated fantasy vignettes as part of foreplay in which she has usually asked me to tell her how turned on I was over the incident. She has also asked what guys might think if they knew that I get turned on by fantasies of her infidelity. I've told her that it probably isn't as unusual as she might think. I suggested she check on the Internet, but she flatly refuses, as I guessed she would. It's not about the topic so much as it's the 'Internet', which she just hates as a concept. I've never understood this.

Something else has changed about Jenny. She tends to wear pretty or sexy dresses and skirts more often; but she also involves me in discussing her choices. Her suits for work stay on the hangers. Her baggy weekend clothes stay in the draw. She takes a little more time picking out her panties, too (she is perplexed about where the panties might be that David had his hand under-Uhmm!). I reflected my observations to her about the changes I've seen. She simply stated that she is more aware of being 'in her body' since the evening with David and our open discussion about that night has made her feel freer. God! I love her so!

She is going out with Melissa and company again tonight. She doesn't know if David will be there, but said she hopes so. I can hardly believe this is my sweet Jenny! She's taking the afternoon off today. She says she needs to relax before she goes out this evening. I am feeling horny and anticipating the evening with baited breath. God! I want so badly for her to fuck another guy!

Jenny came home from work quite animated. She was clearly bursting at the seams with sexual energy. It was infectious too. My pulse rate went dangerously high. I felt a need for both of us to speak about the unspoken stuff, "Jenny, I can tell you're aroused and I have to believe it's about you seeing David again this evening. I think it's important we talk about it."

"Have you changed your mind about me following my passions? I don't intend going to bed with him. I wouldn't betray you by going all the way with him," she spilled in a rush of hasty, anxious sentences. I felt floored for a moment. I didn't want her to think I was putting limits on her behaviour with David, let alone changing my mind about kissing and petting. "Come here sweetheart," I invited her. I took her in my arms and laid her on our bed. I lay beside her and held her, stroking her face and hair. For the first time I was prepared to be really clear with my desires. "Honey, you know already that I was turned on by David touching you, don't you?"


"Well that hasn't changed a bit. I hope you let him touch you again tonight if that's what you want. So just know that it's OK."

"Are you sure? I don't want to lose your love," she declared.

"Jenny, I haven't been straight with you."

"What. It isn't another woman, is it!"

"No! It's nothing like that. I don't want another woman.ever. No matter what you do or how you treat me, another woman is out of the question for me. I need to always be here at home for you." I assured her again, "No matter what happens, I'm satisfied with you. I need to talk more about you and following your passions."


"What I haven't said is that if ever you want to, I would really support and enjoy knowing that you had made love to another man. It isn't just about you following your passions; it's about you being entirely present to them. It's about that sort of honesty and honouring your body's needs."

"Are you saying you actually want me to go to bed with another man?"

"Yes. I'd be lying to you if I were to say it any other way. The thought of you opening your lovely legs wide in surrender, and another man's penis entering your lovely vagina drives me wild with excitement! It's as real as that. I sometimes see, as if it was real, another man's big hard penis sliding in and out of you while you moan in ecstasy. Please don't hate me for this. It's a fantasy thing that has been growing inside me. It's so big and exciting, now, I want it to be a part of our lives if you're okay with it."

"Stephen, I don't know. I. It's. Having David touch me is one thing. I've enjoyed all our fantasizing and talking about that night. It's been lovely and exciting. But having another man make love to me is different! It seems so wrong! What would people think! My mother would be mortified if ever she found out!"

"I'm sorry for upsetting you. I didn't intend for you to feel badly. I just needed to speak the truth about how I feel."

Jenny was sitting now and suddenly swung her legs off the bed, went into the bathroom and slammed the door without another word. I heard the shower being turned on and decided to leave her alone for a while. I grabbed my coat and walked around the streets for an hour or so. When I got home Jenny was pottering around the kitchen wrapped in a bath towel.

"I love you Jenny, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings or upset you in any way."

She turned to me and smiled. "I know you didn't, you silly goose. I was just completely shocked by your suggestion. completely! Would you like a snack?"

"Yes, Thanks. The cheese and crackers."

"What are you doing in your bath towel? I thought you'd be dressed by now," I observed.

"I was waiting for you to come home."

"What for?"

"Well, I can't go out tonight unless you help me pick out my clothes."

My jaw dropped as quickly as my excitement rose. "I love you Jenny; your mom and friends will never find out from me, I promise!"

"Just a minute. I haven't said that I'm prepared to go further with David or anybody else. It still jars with my values, and frankly it scares me to death," she said with deep gravity. "But the thought of it's exciting too," she laughed.

"It's something you need to be comfortable with, Jenny. I don't want you to feel pressure from me. It's about you and your body."

"I know that," she said, and continued pottering in the kitchen.

I retired to the bedroom where I took exquisite pleasure in picking out her clothes. The evening would be balmy warm, maybe a little breezy. I picked out a lovely summer dress I hadn't seen her wear for a couple of years: a white, mid-calf length, light cotton dress with buttons all the way up the front and white silk embroidery on the bodice seemed to fit the occasion. I'm sending my lovely, darling bride, Jenny, into the arms of another man, I thought. She should look like a bride, an innocent young woman.

I picked out a pair of white cotton panties with a white, silk bow at the front waistline from which a tiny cascade of yellow and pink floweret's hung. I hoped that another man might be undoing her sexual knot this exciting night as I laid them on the bed. I also picked out a pair of dangling citrine earrings that would enhance the effect of the dress and her sparkling eyes. I found the matching necklace and put that on the bed. It was still only mid- afternoon, plenty of time to engage in prolonged preparations, the building of tension and anticipation.

I found Jenny in the living room putting nail polish on her toes in front of the TV. "Let me do that for you I offered." I sat on the floor and continued to paint on the ruby-red polish. "I've laid your clothes out for this evening," I said, and planted two soft kisses on her knees

"Thanks honey. Are you going to tell me which clothes," she asked.

"It's a surprise." I took a risk, "Jenny, can we play a sort of game today?"

"Like what?"

"Well, since the idea of you going all the way with a guy gets caught up in your values of being married to me, perhaps we could pretend to be girlfriends together. I'm just helping you get ready for a special date. You can just help do my make up and put on the dress I bought myself last summer. I could borrow a pair of your panties and feel like a woman instead of your husband."

"OK. That might be fun."

We spent the loveliest time together talking like a couple of girlfriends. We helped with each other's make up, hugged and chatted a lot. We explored the sexiest things about David and gossiped about the others excitedly. Jenny painted my toes and fingernails. I slipped into my flowing dress, and then Jenny held a pair of her panties for me to step into.

I felt so pampered and full of sweet feelings. "Beautiful! Jenny squealed, as I turned round to show myself off." Next, Jenny slipped into her dress and panties then put on her jewelry. She looked stunning. I grabbed a white shawl from the closet and passed it behind and over her shoulders. I held her there for a moment drinking in with all my senses the softness of her petite body and her sweet personality. I asked her to lift her dress, just as I did the last time, to see if her panties still looked like the right choice.

She raised the hem tantalizingly slow, until she reached her waist. She was ravishing: her skin unblemished and soft; her thighs visually perfect; the softness and shape of her vagina making suggestive and tantalizing creases in the material of her sexy panties. For a few moments I saw her as a lover might see her: sexy, innocent and ready for her purity to be tainted by animal lust.

"My sweet Jenny," I said with deep conviction, "I love you so much."

Jenny held my gaze, tears welling a little in her eyes. "Are you sure it's OK for me to go out tonight?"

I think we both knew that something could be different about our relationship when she returned. I gently kissed a tear that had fallen to her cheek, "Yes my sweet Jenny. I'll always be here for you when you come home. Be really present to your passions tonight." She kissed me on the cheek and was gone.


I've spent the whole of the evening preoccupied with where Jenny is and what she's doing. I wonder if Dave is even there with her. Perhaps she'll be home at one or two o'clock having danced the night away. I think about David drinking with his eyes all the places on her body that I know so well. He will own her with his eyes if he's there and Jenny gives herself to him. I see all the soft folds of her tender skin: the lovely contours of her shaved pubis; the wetness and pink of her vagina when she is aroused; her lovely, small, perky breast; her lips; her eyes; her skin; her hair; her sweet body fragrance.

I also keep seeing the more primal graphic image of her legs apart and David's penis very hard and buried deep inside her. No matter how I try to switch it off, it comes back. I see the wetness of them together. I even smell them and hear the sounds of his hard, wet penis making soft sounds as it slides in and out of her, her hips rocking to meet his thrusting.

My feelings have been all over the place: fear, turmoil, confusion, excitement, loneliness, longing, emptiness, love, tenderness, gratitude, sensuality, arousal. I've enjoyed sitting here in my dress with my feet curled beneath me; the delicious feeling of femininity has fueled the lovely turmoil and delights of anticipation.


Jenny just called and said she'll be home in half an hour. She said she hadn't gone to the dance; that David had picked her up when she arrived there and went somewhere else. She seemed in a rush and didn't want to talk more on the phone. Only eleven-thirty and she's coming home! What could have happened? Or what didn't happen?


I feel so in love! and beautiful! and delighted! and happy! and sweetly abused today! It was just about midnight when she eventually returned home last night. There was only the light from the living room that dimly illuminated the hallway as she turned the key softly and stepped across the threshold.

She said nothing as she entered, but just stood searching my face in the dim light as if for some answer--or question. My breath trembled, my heart pounded with love and excitement as she leaned softly against the wall with her shoulder. Even in the subdued light I could see the telltale signs of sexual satisfaction: her eyes were glassy, her hair more disheveled than she normally allows, her features were softened, her posture relaxed. In her white dress with some of the bottom buttons unfastened, she looked like a bride after the consummation of her marriage.

Words were unable to express what either of us was feeling. Some momentous event had taken place, and words were inadequate to express any meaning. I stepped toward her taking time to feel everything: the mood, atmosphere, the silence, her perfume, and the other, harder-to- discern-from-a-distance, odours of her passion. I move to her and touched her face; she slowly turned her head to my hand and softly kissed my palm with moist lips.

We stood close in timeless space, communicating with our breath, our eyes, the touch of our faces and fingers. Right then, there was nothing sexual, but entirely loving in our silent communication. Finally, I whispered, "I love you," and responding to a delicious wave of tenderness, I showered her face and lips with tiny ever- so-soft kisses.

She said nothing, but I could feel her yield emotionally. She turned her back to the wall and I held her as if she were the most delicate, most fragile of souls. I traced the contours of her dress, and her body as I ran my hands from her shoulders down her waist, hips, then very gently cupped her bottom. "I'm glad you had a good time," I told her with tender conviction. "Thank you for making love to David," I added. "It's the sweetest gift you could have given me beside your love."

She moved her hips forward to nudge me gently in acknowledgement. I slowly dropped to my knees, and drank in the intoxicating odours of her body through her dress as I lowered myself. When I was on my knees before her, I hugged her hips and pressed my face against her crotch. I felt her try to withdraw a little.

"Please don't," she whispered urgently.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I haven't showered yet and.he didn't wear a condom," she replied.

Her statement made it real. It happened! It really happened! The intensity of my passion shot through the roof. I wanted so much to be under her dress, but also wanted to enjoy the anticipation of the journey there. "It's OK sweetheart, I'm really glad you let him cum inside your vagina. I was praying you would come home still soaking wet with the juices of your lovemaking together. You smell so delicious. God! I just want to stay down here right now and enjoy the smell, the touch, the taste of your gorgeous, soiled body!"

I nuzzled into her crotch, felt the heat of her crotch, and drank in the smells of primal sex through the fabric of her soft dress. Yes! I could smell David from deep inside my lovely Jenny's belly. I ran my hands up and down Jenny's legs in a gesture of gratitude and tenderness, using the most sensual touches I could express. I sensed her relax a bit and her passion re- awaken. I sat on my heels, gently raised the hem of her dress to expose her knees then bent to kiss them softly. Very slowly I kissed higher and higher. Six inches above her knee she suddenly closed her thighs, which had been slightly parted.

"Please don't!" She implored.

"It's OK sweet Jenny," I reassured her. "I need to taste you so badly! I'm aching and so hungry for the lovely juices inside you from your beautiful lovemaking!"

My heart was pounding. It felt as if it was going to explode. She slowly parted her thighs as I moved higher with my kisses. Finally I was under her dress, completely immersed in the atmosphere, the heat, the smells, the dampness of her lovemaking with David; but I still held back from tasting her--the ultimate pleasure I had dreamt about for so long! She parted her legs further in a beautiful, soft surrender to my lips.

It was such a sweet, sweet, loving invitation. I began by transferring my soft kisses to her lovely white panties that covered her pubis, kissed all over the V of her crotch, then moved slowly down toward her vagina until my lips touched the wetness of their mixed juices that stained her panties and her once innocent body. How beautifully soiled she is! I thought to myself. How taken, how owned, how possessed, how deliciously stained, inside and out!

In awe I was thinking of it all. I heard Jenny gasp a little, followed by a subdued groan of passion. I moved down and under another inch or two where I felt the clammy heaviness of her panties filled with juices oozing from her vagina. I ached and trembled with passion and couldn't wait any longer! With my tongue, I licked and tasted the delicious wetness smeared on my lips.

It was incredibly intoxicating--my sweet wife, Jenny, and her lover in my mouth! I wanted all the deep juices, not just those that soaked through the fabric of her panties. I heard myself moaning and whimpering like some wild animal as I hooked a finger in the elastic of her panty leg and pulled it to the side, inhaling the hot animal smells as deeply as I could. I licked slowly but hungrily at the mixed juices inside the crotch of her panties and buried my face in her heavenly vagina, licking and swallowing the nectar of their fucking together as if my life depended on it.

Moaning, Jenny's legs gave way. She slid down the wall and opened her thighs as wide as she could as I continued feeding on her lovely body. The taste was so much more musky and erotic than I had ever fantasized. It was pure animal: not Jenny plus David, but something different and primal. I whispered to her as I continued tasting her, "I love that you are so stained inside your belly by David's cum. It's so lovely to taste you both from where David and you were together inside your beautiful and sexy body."

Jenny was riding long waves of ecstasy if not orgasm as I probed as deeply as I could to drink the sex from inside her.

Eventually, I wanted to feel my penis inside her hot, swollen vagina, which was still heavily soaked with their mixed juices. I changed position quickly and put my penis up the leg of her panties. It made it seem as if I was the one having illicit sex with her as I pushed and entered her. I'd never felt her so wet and loose. My little dick was as hard as it had ever been and she was loose and wet with his delicious cum.

It felt so lovely being inside her and knowing my penis was being bathed in David's illicit sperm. We kissed passionately, our lips and faces were slick with juices from Jenny and her spent lover and we hungrily licked from each others faces and passed the lovely stickiness back and forth between us as we kissed and fucked wildly. Jenny was moaning with passion.

I heard myself moaning, pleading over and over, "Please! Please! Never stop fucking other men!"

Jenny gasped, "No! No! No! I won't stop!"

"I want your lovers to fuck you whenever you want them!" I pleaded.

Jenny was suddenly yelling, "I'll fuck them! I'll fuck them! I promise! I promise! I promise I'll fuck all the men I can! Please help me! Please help me find and fuck them all! Oh! Yes! Yes! I want to be a dirty fucking slut that never stops fucking!"

Listening to Jenny's abandonment, I found myself gasping, "Yes! Just fuck other men my love! Please fuck them! You deserve to fuck as much as you like! I want men to cum in you! I want you so full of sperm so that I can eat it out of you! Bring sperm filled pussy home for me to eat! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I'll get you all the men you want to fuck," I yelled and groaned, in time to our pounding hips. "Fuck them sweet Jenny! I love you fucking other men! I love you so much more now that I know you belong to other men!"

Jenny seemed to enter prolonged state of exquisite orgasm. She let out a long, loud wail as her vagina started contracting convulsively. I finally came inside her; but even then it was so sweet and satisfying to know that it was not me who gave her the orgasm; it was David who fucked and soiled my beautiful bride, sweet Jenny. I could never have even stayed hard without David fucking her first. We lay there together in a state of exhaustion, deliciously satiated together. Eventually we rose and silently retired to our bedroom.



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