"Where are we going again?" I asked.

"I told you!" Don said. "After we pick up Johnny X were going to a party. The girls parents are leaving for Florida and she wants to party."

The girl wanted to see Johnny X no surprise there. John was a 6'3" wall of black muscle. We called him 'Johnny X' after he admitted he liked Malcolm X. He was captain of the senior football team and was 18 and on his way to a division I college in a few months after graduation. His abilities with the ladies were legendary. He was rumored to have an 11" cock. As a straight man I didn't really care but I was envious of his skills and was silently looking to pick up hints from John tonight. The party went the same as most parties much booze and frolicking. Johnny spent the evening with Amber. She was 18 and had a body like a brick house. She wore a tight dress and a low cut shirt that showed the two D cup breasts she always bragged about.

She was about 5 feet tall and her thin build made her breasts look all the more impressive. She was a blue-eyed blonde Caucasian but her body earned her the name 'Tyra' after a certain supermodel.

I watched her sit on John's lap he had a noticeable bulge in his trousers which oddly turned me on. I ignored my feeling and went back to mingling at the party with some hot chicks of my own. I watched John and Tyra get closer they had both been drinking and were oblivious to the crowd that was partying behind them. I watched Tyra squeeze John's cock and he in turn did the same to her huge tit.

They moved quickly to the bedroom for a minute until a shriek was heard from down the hall. "This is Karen. I own this house and everyone must leave NOW!" she yelled.

"What the hell is going on?" someone asked.

"My parents had a flat on the way to the airport and missed the flight and they are coming home now! Everyone must leave!"

With that my friends and I hustled to the car. I then saw John right behind me staggering drunk but making his way to the car. "Aren't you going to stay and party with your honey?" I asked.

"I can't. She's staying there and you guys are my only ride home."

"Buckle up its going to be a long 40 miles home Don, the only sober one," he said as he began to drive with myself and John in the back seat.

I had to work before the party so at this point I was dead tired and drunk. I began to grow woozy and fell on John's lap. "Sorry John I'm just so tired and there is no room in this little car to lay down."

"That's ok. Here is a blanket go ahead, lay down."

With that I laid on his lap and covered my self with the blanket Don had in the car. I could feel John's hard cock, which hadn't calmed down from his woman playing with it yet. My heart began to beat faster as I my own dick began to grow. I'd never been with a man before or had sexual feelings for a man before but his long, black cock excited me.

I didn't know John's feelings so I wanted to play it cool and not get my ass kicked by a raging, drunk monster. I then felt his huge member rubbing against the warmth of my face. I knew he was into it when I felt his hand gently push my head down on his throbbing cock. He then pushed my head away towards his knee. Uh Oh, was he pissed?

I then heard him slowly unzip his pants and move his jeans down to his upper thighs. He then grabbed my right hand and pushed down on his firm rod. I held on slowly stroking it and noticed that Don hadn't seen a thing, his eyes were on the road. I stroked John for a minute until he pushed my head back into his crotch and pulled the blanket over my head to conceal what I would be doing. I then sighed when I realized the stories were true.

Johnny's cock was about 10" and as thick as a fat salami. At first I was hesitant. I had never done this before. I put his huge mushroom cap head near my mouth but couldn't touch it with my mouth. Until Johnny gave me a shove and nearly rammed his whole throbbing rod down my throat.

I began to gag but didn't want to alert Don to what was going on so I held it in. I overcame my fear and held the base with my right hand while I slowly sucked the head. I heard Johnny let out a few low moans. I then started working the huge shaft. My mouth only took about half of his enormous organ. I pumped the bottom half with my hand while my hot, juicy mouth took care of his swollen head.

After a few seconds I quickened the pace. I realized that I wanted this big black man to blow his fat wad into my throat. I was enjoying this blowjob as much as he was. I soon felt his body tense up, I knew what was coming. Johnny then grabbed my hair and shoved my face deep into his groin. I felt his hot salty cum hit the back of my throat with quite a force.

Johnny gave a few more weak pumps as I swallowed his big load of cum not leaving a drop to get on the seats of the car. I released his softening cock and moved back to his knee. Johnny slowly pulled back up his pants and we both went to sleep as Don drove on none the wiser.



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