The "shed" that was what my father called the old building way back in the corner of our 3 acre yard. Actually I think it probably started its life as a horse barn. It was made of old rough sawn lumber with a sheet iron roof. Dad thought it had been put up at the same time as the house we lived in, which we knew had been built around the turn of the century and had been part of a large farm once.

Through the years the old shed had definitely seen a lot of different uses, chicken coop, yard tool storage, workshop and finally as a place to store old furniture from the house and a place for me to play. My dad had put a wooden floor into the old building one summer when my mom's aunt had died and left a lot of old furniture, which my mother wanted to keep.

Mom was kind of a pack rat and insisted that the stuff she took out of our house and the extra stuff from her aunt's be stored and not thrown out or given away. Dad had, resisted the idea at first, not knowing where to put the "Her" stuff, complaining that all that junk would end up just rotting away. Mom was also pretty insistent and finally they agreed that if dad could put a floor into the old building that she could put all the extra stuff in the shed.

So with its new wooden floor, the shed became a place to store junk, old luggage, steamer chests, couch, chairs, mattress and bed frame, whatever my mom felt needed to be kept. Dad and I would obediently move whatever needed to be moved into the shed, he carried the big stuff and I carried the little things, over the years the place became literally crammed full.

I'm an only child raised by parents that were themselves only children. The aunt whose stuff she inherited raised my mother. His parents raised my father, but they were in their late thirties when he was born and I never met them, they died when I was a little baby.

What this all meant for me was that I was pretty much a loner and spent most of my summers just hanging out around our house. Sure, I had a few school friends but I did not see them much when school was out. Out of necessity I became very good at entertaining myself.

I was a good kid, did not roam the neighborhood or run with anyone that would get me into trouble. Later, in my early teenage years, I think that I was almost a total recessive personality and became very painfully shy. To some degree I think that spending so much time alone was bad for me, but now it is way to late to worry about that. But as a kid that old shed became the center of my world and I spent a lot of time playing around it.

I liked the shed and used it as a fort, a hideout, a jailhouse, whatever my imagination came up with each day. There was a big old oak tree that grew right next to the shed. It was huge, it's big limbs spreading like a canopy completely shaded the old shed ensuring that it was always cool inside even though it had a tin roof.

Somebody had cut a hole in the roof and made a trap door to covered hole. The hole was probably cut in the roof when someone needed to tie a rope to the old tree to pull an engine from a car or lift something heavy. With all the junk in the shed a skinny kid, like me, could squeeze his way up on top of the junk; open the door to climb out on the roof and eventually working my way up into the tree.

From up in the tree I could see the whole neighborhood and it was a great place to set and watch everything happening in the yards all around us. I dragged a few old boards up into the tree and made a small tree house by nailing them across a couple of big limbs. I would go out to my fort and play for hours. Mom never seemed to mind, and dad, who spent most of his time working anyway, never seemed to notice. I guess he figured that I was just like any other kid and did what was normal.

My mom, just like all mom's back then, collected green stamps. Every time she bought groceries, or clothing, or whatever, she always insisted that she buy at stores that gave green stamps. She usually used her stamp books at Christmas time, to get those little things that she did not usually have the extra cash to buy.

One summer, just before I turned 12 years old, she decided she had more than enough green stamps to get all the things for Christmas and she used one book of her stamps to get me a pair of binoculars. They were really not very good binoculars, by today's standards, but for a kid of 11 years old, they sure were exciting to me. They were made of plastic and were bright yellow, I carried them with me everywhere I went, hanging around my neck on the thin leather strap that came with them. They certainly made it much easier to watch what was going on around the neighborhood from my precarious perch way up in the tree. I know that those toy binoculars were the beginning of my becoming a true voyeur and I can even remember the time when it all started.

The old shed was located almost as far away from the house as it could be and still be on our property, way, way, back in the corner of the yard, and we had a big yard. I think the old doctor who built the shed probably used the yard as a small pasture for his horse.

Dad had said a couple of times that he thought the houses on each side of us had probably been built on land that had once been part of our place, since both houses had almost as big a yard as we did. But anyway, with the shed way back on the lot and the neighbor's high wooden fence right next to it, I could set up in the tree and see the neighbor's entire backyard.

One day I was setting up in the tree, playing Indian lookout, watching all around the neighborhood for Indian smoke signals, when by accident I scanned across the back of the neighbor's house and I suddenly realized that I could see right in the back windows of almost every room.

For some strange reason that I still don't understand, it was kind of exciting to look through the windows, even though that first time the neighbors must not have been home because there was no one in any of the rooms at the back.

The neighbors were people about my mother and dad's age, their last name was Connors, and they had a couple of kids, but their kids were a older than me. They had a boy and girl, Kevin who was 16 and Laura who was 18 and had graduated from High school.

Since they were both so much older than me, they never paid any attention to me, what teenager wants to have anything to do with a kid my age. I would see them every now and then, usually when we all got on the school bus when school was in, but the first time I realized I could look into their house was in the middle of the summer, so I hardly ever saw them.

Their house was a two-story affair, with windows in the upstairs rooms, which were bedrooms, with a bathroom in the middle. The downstairs was a bedroom, kitchen and livingroom. Using my binoculars I could see right into all these rooms, no problem at all, since the curtains were always pulled back.

I guess Mrs. Connors liked sunshine in the rooms and she put up curtains that kind of pulled back and tied to the side of the window. I also think that since they had the high wooden fence all around their back yard that they did not need to be very careful to maintain their privacy. It sure made it fun for me to set up in that tree and watch.

The upstairs rooms were just about the same level as my perch in the tree and I could look directly into the rooms. The windows were built so that the bottom was just about thigh high, so I could not see where the beds were located in the rooms. I fixed that, but only after the first time I got to watch someone in the house and that someone was Laura.

I was setting up in the tree, with my binoculars around my neck, when I noticed movement in the window of the upstairs bathroom. Now that I think about it, it is kind of strange that a bathroom would have clear glass in it, but just like all the other rooms the bathroom window was not covered, the curtains were pulled back and tied.

Anyway I caught just a flicker of color in the bathroom window and immediately pulled the binoculars up to watch the window. The sight was far from what I expected, although, I really don't know what I expected to see then. Hay I was only 11 years old, what is an 11 year old expecting when he sets in his tree?

Anyway, right there, perfectly in focus was a naked body, a female naked body; at least what I could see was naked. It was Laura and she was standing side ways to the window, a perfect profile.

The bathroom window was smaller than the ones in the bedrooms and I was not sure what she was doing, later I learned that she was looking in the mirror which was mounted on the wall she was facing. She was doing her face, putting on make-up.

Every now and then she would look down, pick up something or other and then put her hand to her face, do a little work on her face and then go on to the next thing. Several times she leaned forward, to get closer to the mirror I guess and then straighten back up. She was nude from the waist up and I could clearly see her breasts as she moved back and forth.

She spent at least 30 minutes in the bathroom doing her make-up and I watched the whole thing. The astonishing thing was that I got really excited, a whole new kind of excitement, I was shaking and nervous. As I watched I became scared that she would see me up in the tree. I got so scared I was afraid to move and just sat totally frozen, shaking to the bottom of my heart. It was almost a relief when she turned away from the window and disappeared.

Finally I worked up the courage to move and immediately tried to climb down from the tree, almost falling in the process, I was shaking so bad I could not get my feet to stand steadily on the tree limbs. I was scared to death. I don't know why, I just felt like what I was doing would definitely get me into serious trouble if I got caught.

I finally made it back down to the roof of the shed and scooted my butt in through the trapdoor as fast as I could. I sat on top of the junk for a long time, thinking about what I had just seen, getting excited, then scared, excited then scared. I was totally mesmerized by what I had just seen.

After awhile I stopped shaking and decided that I should go in to the house. But as soon as I opened the door to the shed I was suddenly scared again. It was the strangest feeling I have ever had. I was afraid to go outside, afraid that Laura might see me in the yard and know that I had been up in the tree watching her.

It is actually funny today, but once I got up the courage to leave the shed, I got over next to the fence and kind of sneaked my way all along the fence until I thought I was close enough to the my house that Laura could not see me. When I got into my house, my mother was in the kitchen and she saw me.

Again I was scared to death, why the heck, I don't know, but I was. Moms are very sensitive to what is normal and what is not, and she instantly sensed that something was wrong. She looked at me and asked me what I had been up to. I was speechless for what to say and she got even more curious and came over to me. I was scared shitless.

I just knew that she'd seen me up in the tree, even though it was impossible for her to see where I'd been from our house anyway. Finally out of desperation I told her that I broke one of the old lamps in the shed. She looked at me like I was a dead duck, kind of a disgusted look on her face, but then she told me to be careful and not cut myself on the broken glass.

I realized then that she really didn't care too much for the junk in the shed anyway and only wanted me to not hurt myself. I told her that I would be careful but that I needed to clean up the glass. I got a paper sack out of the shelf and went hurrying back out to the shed; I had to make it look like I was doing what I said I would.

I went back out to the shed, this time I just walked straight across the yard, not worried that Laura might see me. I went in the shed, picked out one of the old lamps, threw it on the floor and then picked up all the pieces and put then in the sack. I then sat the sack in the corner figuring that one of these days mom might come out and check to see if I had actually broken something. I need not have been so careful, that lamp sat in the corner for a long time after that and no one ever looked at it.

I was obsessed with what I had seen. I didn't really understand what it was that made me so excited. I was only 11 years old. I didn't know a thing about sex; I'd never even heard the word much less understand what I was seeing. All I really knew was that it made me very excited when I thought about Laura.

After thinking about it for a couple of days I thought I wanted to see more, but I was very much afraid of getting caught up in the tree with my binoculars. I don't know why I was suddenly so afraid and it was sort of disconcerting to me. I'd spent literally hours up in the tree before I saw Laura and I never even gave it a thought. But now, I was scared of going up the tree with my binoculars.

I thought about it and finally decided that even if I did get caught what could they do? I'd been up there a hundred times and no one ever said a thing. So back up the tree I went, binoculars around my neck. But it was different this time; I was shaking again with excitement about the possibility of seeing Laura. I decided I wanted very badly to see her again. I don't think I ever climbed that tree as fast as I climbed it that time.

I got up to my tree house and immediately begin scanning the windows in the Connors house. I was very, very disappointed, there was no one in any of the rooms as far as I could see. Looking closely through my binoculars I saw that I could not see below the window line from where I was and realized that if I climbed up just a few more feet in the tree that I could look down into the rooms. With a little bit of climbing I got a little higher up the tree, but my view of the Connors house was obscured by tree limbs and leaves, but I got a surprise from where I was at I had a clear view of my house.

Bringing the binoculars up, sure enough I could see directly into our house. My mother was in the kitchen and I could see her as she moved about the room, sometimes disappearing from view as she moved away from the kitchen window.

I watched her for about 10 minutes before she disappeared for quite awhile. I scanned on across the back of the house and could see the windows, but I did not have a very clear view into any of the rooms, my mom was much more conservative than the Connors were about closing off any views into the house from outside.

I sat there watching the house and thought that maybe I should just get down and go into the house and open them up, that way I could check out the view from up in the tree.

I began to climb down from the tree and had almost made it to the top of the old shed when I heard the sound of a door slamming. Glancing in the direction of the sound, I was happy to see that Laura was home after all. She had come out of the back door and was carrying a box toward the side of the house. She was obviously carrying something out to put in the garbage bin.

I flipped up the binoculars and watched her. She had on a white t-shirt and a pair of shorts. I watched as she carried the trash on over to the bin and dropped it in. She turned and went back into the house, never even noticing me even though I am sure that she could easily have seen me if she'd looked toward me.

I turned and quickly climbed back up the tree getting to my tree house, I quickly lay down in a prone position and got the binoculars up just in time to see her as she moved across the kitchen toward the livingroom. She continued on across the livingroom and disappeared from my sight.

I continued to watch the downstairs area thinking that soon she would reappear, but she didn't. Finally just as I was getting ready to give up and put the binoculars down, I saw her in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

She was obviously doing her chores. I watched as she made the bed, the covers flipping up into view as she shook them and then walked back and forth around the bed as she made it. It didn't take her but a few minutes to make the bed. She was working at a pretty fast pace and I thought that she probably was rushing around to get everything done as fast as she could.

Just as soon as she got the bed done. She turned and sat down on the edge of the bed. Again from my position in the tree I did not have a very good view of the bed, so all I could really see of her was about from the waist up.

She sat there for a minute or two to catch her breath and then quickly crossed her arms and pulled the white t-shirt up over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra and I watched her tits jiggle just a little as she threw the t-shirt on to the floor. She sat there for a minute running her hands upward and kind of pushing her breasts around.

Initially I thought that she was trying to cool down from all the fast work she'd been doing around the room. However, after a few minutes of watching her I realized that she was spending way too much time pushing her breasts around to be just trying to cool off.

I was getting kind of shaky inside and felt a tightness begin deep in my belly. Almost by themselves my hips pressed hard into the boards and I felt a whole new very nice feeling begin to grow in my penis.

I didn't even realize until I pressed into the boards that my penis was hard. Sure I'd had a hard-on before, what kid hasn't but up until then I never knew that pressing on my hard penis would feel good. The longer I lay there and watched Laura the more I pressed my penis into the boards on which I laid and the better the feeling felt. I was realizing a whole new thing about myself, it felt great and I did not want the feeling to stop.

Laura continued to set on the bed playing with her breasts and it dawned on me that what she was doing must feel good to her too. I lay there hoping that what she was doing to herself felt as good as what I was doing to myself and I did not want her to stop. It was a wonderful thing to me and I still remember her moving her breast all around like it happened only yesterday, but that was not the only thing Laura did that day.

I continued to watch her and pretty soon, she stood up and quickly pushed her shorts down and kind of kicked them away. I saw something then that really made me shake, her belly down low had hair on it, at least I thought it was hair, not a lot but just a enough to be visible from where I was laying on the boards in the tree house.

I don't know why, but I sort of expected her to get back on the bed, but she didn't, she stood up right at the foot of the bed and continued to feel her body. Not just her breasts now, but also the whole front of her body. One hand she kept near her breasts, but the other one she put down between her legs and held it there. I could see that she was exactly hold the hand between her legs still; she seemed to be moving it from side to side in a really fast kind of jiggling motion.

It was absolutely the most amazing thing I had ever seen. She kept on moving her hand back and forth in that jiggling motion and now was actually of pulling on her the pointed end of her breasts and I mean really pulling. Each time she pulled on her breast, the whole thing kind of got point and long, se was pulling real hard.

Holding the binoculars steady against my eyes became really difficult. Each time I pushed my penis into the boards the feelings were so strong that I actually would shake through my whole body. As I watched her, I wondered what it would feel like if I pulled on my penis like she was pulling on her breasts.

I decided to give it a try and tried to hold the binoculars to my eyes while pushing my hand down in front of me between the boards and my body. I had to kind of raise my hips up, but pretty soon I got my hand inside of my pants and began to squeeze my penis. It was the most wonderful feeling and I began to rub and pull at the same time.

By this time Laura was really working herself over fast and hard. Pushing her hand deeper and deeper between her legs and pulling her breasts harder and harder. I watched as she spread her feet apart a little and she began kind of squatting down toward the floor and pushing her hips forward at the same time and she began to shake all over. She had her head thrown back and her whole face was kind of slack with her mouth open.

I felt a hard pressure begin to build deep inside of me and I began to rub my penis harder and harder. It was like the building of fire inside of me, the harder I rubbed myself the better it felt. It was like I was riding on a roller coaster and going down a really steep part, a deep surging sensation building inside of me.

Still I intently watched Laura, her bucking increasing in tempo until she seemed to freeze in place, shaking and trembling all over. The shaking continued for about 30 seconds and ended with a big sigh. She took her hand from between her legs, lifting it toward her face, and seemed to be smelling her fingers. She even put the same fingers into her mouth and sucked on them for a second or two.

The entire time Laura was doing herself, I kept rubbing with more and more vigor and when she put her fingers into her mouth sometime new and entirely different happened to me. My whole body seemed to go stiff and the tingling feeling in my penis seemed to just take off by its self. It felt great, I wanted it to keep going, but it didn't last for but just a few seconds.

I did not realize it, but I had just masturbated for the first time. I liked it, but I didn't really feel like continuing to watch Laura, even though she was still in view. It was kind of like I needed to sneak away and I felt like I had done something really bad.

I slowly moved away from the edge of the tree house and sat with my back against the tree trunk. Then I began the long slow climb down from the tree. I didn't even notice if Laura was still in the bedroom or if she might have seen me. I just wanted to get down out of the tree, I felt really tired and kind of sleepy even.



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