Lynn and I are two close friends who like to go out after work for "happy hour" on Fridays.

It's kind of an unwinding thing we do at the end of the work week to get together at a nice dinner house with a great bar, happy hour prices, and great looking single guys. We go to 2 or 3 different places and we do this whether we have a date that night or not.

I'm Janet, 5' 6", 105, 24 y/o with long, blond hair and, if I should say so myself, I'm in pretty good physical shape since I make it a habit to work out 3 days a week.

Lynn is a long time friend. She is a little taller than me, a year younger, slightly heavier (mostly because of her huge boobs!), and has beautiful auburn/red hair that never fails to get the looks from guys (or girls, too for that matter). We had talked on the phone earlier that Friday and made a "date" to meet just after 5 at EL NOEL noted for its good Mexican food and even better margaritas.

Neither of us had a date that night so we didn't have any "afterward" plans as we often do.

It was kind of a nice change to catch up on "girl talk" and not be in a hurry to get home and change for a date.

"....and this regular customer who comes in, Bill.... you should see his butt! He has the tightest, cutest...."

I was half listening to Lynn, as we sat at the bar working on our 2nd margarita, and noticing the 2 guys who were at the end of the bar ordering.

The place was packed with people and the chat and noise levels can get loud.

"....and he said...."

One of the two guys made eye contact with me and flashed a big smile with pearly white teeth. His eyes were piercing. "Jan, are you listening to me?" Lynn asked. She could tell I was looking past her and, without being too obvious, wanted to know what (or who) I was looking at. "There's these two guys... DON'T LOOK! They look like they're Arabic or something but the one guy is really giving me the eye."

Just then 2 more margaritas arrived and Jim, the bartender said, "compliments of the two gentlemen over there." We were barely into our second drink. We were sure to get bombed.... more than we were already.

I smiled at them and raised my glass and Lynn did the same.

"Oh, they're gorgeous!" Lynn turned to me. She didn't overstate them. The taller of the two (and the one who smiled at me), had jet black, curly hair with a neatly trimmed sexy beard.

The other one was only slightly shorter and had just a mustache. Both were dressed impeccably in what appeared to be tailored pin striped suits. That wasn't out of line considering a lot of businessmen come here after work too.

Before Lynn and I could talk about them, they appeared right next to us! "Permit me, my name is Farhard, this is my friend Haddam, and you? With the most beautiful face in here, are?"

"Janet, Jan." I was curt but didn't quite know what to say since I was caught off guard. To compound it, he had an accent that seemed middle-eastern, it was hard for me to understand him.

"And you, my dear? To whom do I have the pleasure?" His friend was just as suave and gentleman-like.

"Ah, L-L-Lynn," my friend stammered out her name like she was making it up.

"Thank you for the drinks," I blurted out. Stupid!

"Oh... no probalum...."

I was noticing Haddam's eyes devouring Lynn's bulging cleavage. Damn her and her big boobs. Although we were wearing business suits, Lynn had gone into the bathroom and removed her tank top that discreetly covered her boobs during business hours.

I was wearing a white blouse under my suit that buttoned to the neck with a matching scarf wrapped around. Lynn was much more daring and provocative. (I always hate it when she does this, it often draws the wrong element to us like flies to butter!)

"Are you foreigners?"

I almost died when she so quickly and directly asked that question.

"Yes, we are visiting your country from Engaland. Do you like... ah, how you say, foreigners?"

England, yeah right! By way of Saudi Arabia!

"We are here representing our highness who has business in your country."

Lynn and I looked at one another with intrigue and, "His Highness?" she had to ask.

"Yes, Sheik Abu Naddi Haffdel."

I was aware that Farhard was ogling me like I was the one who had removed my blouse.

"Forgive me.... Jyanit, but your eyes, they are like, how do say? Magnets to me."

Oh brother! These guys were full of it!

I don't know if you have ever been in one of these places but the noise level along with the periodic announcements of 'so & so your table is ready' made it nearly impossible to understand them, much less their accents!

Before I could acknowledge his "compliment" he interjected, "A thousand pardons, but that is our call for our table.... it would give us great pleasure if you would dine with us."

Before I/we could give that kind of commitment to total strangers I gave Lynn a knowing look and excused ourselves to the ladies room.

They both bowed their heads and allowed Lynn and I to exit to "powder our noses". I felt their stares on our bottoms the whole way to the bathroom.

"Do you BELIEVE these guys!" I exclaimed to Lynn on the way.

"I think they're kind of charming." Lynn retorted. I was a little taken aback by Lynn's reaction. Usually we are together on the type of guys who impress us. As I leaned over the sink to freshen my make-up I said, "Do you really want to have dinner with these guys??" "Oh where's your sense of adventure girl? It's ONLY a dinner! Besides, you don't want to make them feel unwelcome, do you?"

We argued briefly back and forth and, without taking too much time, made the decision to have dinner with them.

During dinner, they both seemed to turn on the charm. First, they made sure we knew prices were no object and to order anything we wanted. They "insisted" on this and that.

I think the most expensive thing on the menu was $13 or $14 but they also asked for champagne. We settled on 2 bottles of wine with dinner and the question and answer session (mostly from me) continued all through dinner.

Their questions were mostly about our "families" and if we had husbands or boyfriends! How funny!

I could tell Lynn was totally captivated as was her potential "suitor", Haddam and she began to tell our life stories to him. It's funny how pairings seem to happen but I must admit, Farhard was my choice of the two.

I was mostly captivated by his accent and trying desperately to understand what he was trying to convey. Some of the words and sentences they put together were absolutely hilarious such as, "I find that your country is not 'weery preferenced' to people of other lands." Then catching himself in a faux paux, "I mean for a countary that is made up of ALL peoples from ALL lands."

Both Lynn and I looked at each other as we tried to be delicate with our mouths full and not laugh out loud. The conversation, (along with all the liquor) managed to loosen us up and we had many laughs during dinner. The only rough spot came when Farhard had accidentally cut my finger with his massive ring while reaching for my hand.

"PLEASE...OH, Forgive Me! How terribly clumsily of me!"

He barely even hurt my finger and quickly sopped up any excess blood with his monogrammed handkerchief which he deftly pulled from his pocket.

"Oh my, I must ask you for a thousand pardons."

"It was nothing really, Farhard... it was an accident."

"Please. To make it up to you we would be weery pleesed and honored to take you to see the Sheik's water wessel." I overheard Haddam say to Lynn as they paid the check.

"My friend would feel dishonored if he were not allowed to make go away such a disgrace as hurting your friend." I don't think Lynn and I ever made more quizzical looks at one another nor were we ever more "in the dark" about a couple of guys and their ways and customs. They were so mysterious, we couldn't refuse! As we walked out of the restaurant, a long pearl white stretch limousine quickly pulled up in front of us.

Before we could answer, the tuxedoed chauffeur quickly hustled out to our side of the car and opened the door. Almost hypnotically, and with very light nudging from our hosts, Lynn and I entered what was the most incredible, expensive looking interior of a limo I have ever seen! Talk about champagne wishes and caviar dreams!!

Lynn's eyes were as wide as mine...we were like little kids in Disneyland as we settled into the luxury of the leather seats, hand-crafted wood bar, and the sexiest lighting I had ever encountered in an automobile! Instead of chrome handles, ALL of the interior metal was GOLD! And, apparently, NOT gold plated! "Do you mind if I ask what kind of business your boss is in?" I asked.

"Why, no, forgive me for not saying sooner, he has many 'adventures' but mostly oil." Farhard informed us.

I should have guessed but Lynn and I were so high that we both giggled out loud.

"Please." Haddam said more than asked. "I must have a lock of your beautiful red hair Ms. Lynn." And with that, he snipped a tiny section from the end of Lynn's tresses. It was so odd that she just laughed even louder.

Before we knew it, the limo had pulled out to the harbor and the door swung open to a private dock. There, Lynn and I were escorted to what I later found out was a launch. "Is this is Wessel?" Lynn giggled out.

"Oh no, madame, this is the boat to get us to the wessel," Farhard said in his most clipped English.

As the motors roared out, another man came out from underneath the what-ever-they call-it with 2 white fur coats.

"Please...you may get a chill out here on the water." Lynn and I were absolutely flabbergasted over this kind of treatment. And this was REAL fur! (I would never buy fur for myself but it sure felt nice!)

Off in the distance, I saw the biggest SHIP I had ever seen in person. It was incredibly lit up and looked like royalty must have owned it.

"Oh my God," both Lynn and I saw it at the same time.

"You like boats?" Haddam asked.

Yeah, right. But this was NOT a BOAT! It had to be the length of a football field. The most impressive thing about this whole evening (not that we hadn't been impressed by now!) was all the "help" that was around. All were dressed in clean, pressed, white uniforms, and extremely professional. None of them spoke and they wouldn't let you do anything for yourself.

One was there when the launch arrived. Another properly "welcomed" us aboard. While still another arrived with 4 glasses of champagne on a silver platter. There seemed to be "help" everywhere.

"Please, you are our guests," spoke Farhard.

I can't put into words what the inside of this ship looked like. It truly was something from "Rich & Famous".

"May we...." I gestured toward where I thought there might be a ladies room. After all the drink I really had to pee.

"Oh, most certainly!" Farhard gestured and yet another white uniform appeared to escort us down a winding staircase (a staircase on a boat!) to where the powder room was.

"OHMYGOD JAN, DO YOU BELIEVE THIS!!!" was all Lynn could say as we locked ourselves in a "bath" room that was bigger than my whole apartment! Again, more gold everywhere...we were in total disbelief.

As I sat down to relieve myself, Lynn sat on a "pot" next to me. "What IS THIS?"

"That's a bidet, Lynn. They are standard fixtures in Europe."

As we tended to ourselves in the restroom we were unaware that our hosts were listening to (and viewing) us through hidden cameras.

Had we known, we would have kept our comments to ourselves but, more important, we wouldn't have undressed to the degree that we did to "clean up".

I had seen Lynn's firm, big tits many times before (and marveled at them) but I know she wouldn't have wanted our hosts to have seen them (just yet).

On the vanity were 3 or 4 gold "ashtrays" that had different colored white powders while one that looked like tobacco but smelled like pot or hashish. Both Lynn and I looked at each other with the same quizzical look.

Lynn, being the adventurous one, stuck her pinky in the whitest of powder, smelled, then tasted it.

"It's COKE!"

"Are you sure?"

She then put some in her pinky fingernail and snorted some.

"Yep, that's coke all right. Probably the best I've ever had."

She then went to the next dish and did the same thing.

"I think this is heroin but I'm not sure."

"LYNN!" I couldn't believe she was doing this but it was placed there obviously for guests' use. I saw her eyelids turn even more to half staff after she inhaled some from the 2nd dish.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, that's a real dreamy feeling...." her voice trailed off.

I was frozen watching her as she sampled from each. Finally, the third dish. A little on the pinky nail and then snort. "OH Jan! You've got to try some of THIS!"

I've never been one for drugs. Even aspirin is too much.

"Jan!" I hadn't ever seen Lynn look like that... except at a guy.

"Please, you've got to...."

Before I could protest, she scooped up more from the last dish and put it up to my nose.

"No...." It was a feeble protest. Snort! Jan was holding me by the shoulders and looking deep into my eyes. I felt a warmth go through me like I had never felt in my life before! It was like a hot fog going through my entire body but it suddenly went straight to my crotch!

"Do you feel it Jan?" Lynn seemed obsessed with what was happening to us. "Here!" Before I could protest, she snorted more for herself and put more up to my nose. SNORT!

"MMmmmmmmm...." It was the most dreamy experience I have ever felt, even better than sex! This HAD to be some sort of aphrodisiac! My pussy was tingling like it was starting on fire!

"Oh Jan. Are you getting...?"

"Hot," I finished her sentence for her.

We don't know how much time had passed. It seemed like an eternity but no one was complaining. No one was at the door. Nothing else really seemed to matter as Lynn and I seemed to notice EACH OTHER for the first time...

As she held me by the shoulders, I felt like I was "melting" into her and she in me! I don't know how else to describe these new feelings. I had always known Lynn was attractive and she me, but neither of us had acted on it!

It was like a wall between us had fallen down. Without prompting on either of our parts, she looked at my lips and I felt her mouth on mine in the most sensuous, sexy kiss I had EVER had from either male or female!

She pulled me closer to her and I let my tongue glide into her wet mouth. Really, we almost sucked each other into one another. My arms went around her and hers around me. I felt her reach down and squeeze my butt cheeks and "pull me in" to her further.

Just when I thought of how aggressive she was being, I realized I was doing the same thing to HER! We were like two lovers who were discovering each other for the first time and came together on the open sea.

"Mmmm," was all either of us could murmur during our exquisite kiss. Neither of us had to say anything. This drug! This wonderful drug! What the hell was it? I felt my breasts mash into Lynn's and was acutely aware of the sexual tingling that was going on everywhere. My skin was SO SENSITIVE!

Lynn's kissing me, moved down to my neck and she sucked and licked me like an ice cream cone.

"OOOHHH gawd...." I couldn't help myself. Even if I had wanted to.

We had no idea that all that was going on had been neatly planned. Our hosts were busy taping the whole seduction scene that we thought was confined to our private little world in the bathroom.

Little did we know that the entire ship was getting an eyeful on monitors strategically placed throughout the entire ship!

Unbeknownst to us:

In the Master Suite, His Highness was laying back on the finest of silk sheets encasing a gold encrusted ultra- king sized bed. He smiled at two of the 6 monitors hanging from the ceiling as the image of the two new "discoveries" flashed on the screen.

Around him were 4 young girls, each "attending" to His every whim. One was behind him massaging his neck. The second and third were holding his stiff cock in there tiny hands and fighting over who would be rewarded with his royal juice. Each licked him furiously and deliciously. A normal man couldn't have held off cumming.

The fourth was running around here and there getting HRH whatever he required. A glass of brandy, a thick towel, a puff on his gold hookah pipe, whatever.

I felt Lynn's hands on my left breast.... massaging, weighing it. I also felt her mashing her pubic bone into mine in an effort to satisfy the incredible fire that was going on down there. With no effort, waves of orgasm washed over both of us. It was just as she had unbuttoned my blouse and pulled my breast to her mouth and clamped down on my hard nipple. I knew it.

She knew it.

We both had cum and were not in the least bit satisfied.... yet.

We were still in a lust crazed fog and neither wanted out of it.

I felt myself lowering my mouth to those huge globes of Lynn. They were right there! I had often fantasized about holding them, cupping them, weighing them, and devouring them! But it was nothing like this! I HAD to have her! We both whimpered in anticipation of one another and she was fumbling with the back clasp and zipper of my suit trousers. And just like that, they fell to the clean white tile floor!

She was all over me.

She kneeled in front of me and I could feel her burying her face in my belly and thighs.

I could smell our mutual feminity as we were both incredibly turned on beyond turning back.

I felt Lynn's nose in my core. She was inhaling my scent deeply....as deeply as I wanted to inhale hers. During all this, we were unaware that the ship's engines had roared to life.

The damn thing was so big that you hardly even felt like you were on the water. I attributed what I felt to the moment.... the gentle rocking was from being so heightened and turned on and now from the gently nuzzling of Lynn's nose.

She was rubbing my legs and thighs and reached up and pulled on the waistband of my thigh-high jockeys and I felt the air against my pubis.

I unconsciously lifted my foot out of both my pants and panties and Lynn caressingly rested one of my feet on the bidet. As soon as my foot settled on it, Lynn's tongue entered my wet pussy with one long fluid lick that sent me to the moon. I nearly fell over!

"Uuhm... uhm..." she almost purred as she licked me and I sighed in joy at the bathing my clitoris was getting after being so highly aroused to a pitch state.

"Oh baby, oh, baby...." it was all I could say and I was lucky to say anything. I was riding to a pinnacle of another climax that was overtaking me and I was oblivious to anything other than her glorious tongue. "OOooohhh.... oooh.... ohhhh!"

Farhard and Haddam smiled at one another from the ship's bar where they quietly sipped a cognac. They, like others on the ship, were transfixed with the images of the beautiful blond and the voluptuous redhead who was now on her knees with her face buried.

One of the uniformed men brought a printed out sheet of paper to them. On the paper were the results of the "on board" test of the women's hair and blood samples that assured His Highness they were disease free.

"Oh... Oh.... OOOOOHHHH!" The sounds were as good as the picture they were viewing and both men with the test results, were proud of their "catch" tonight. In a few moments, they would slip the girls a drug that would put them out for 2 or 3 days.

The next drugs (along with the video tape catching them in this compromising position) would be part of the mind control regime.

After that, the harem girls would "re-train" them with the help of more mind controlling drugs and treatment. And finally, they would realize their fate (which could be worse) when they awoke in the Arabian Sea new, fresh property of HRH.


They knew the Sheik would reward them handsomely for finding 2 such wanton women who were so easily influenced and captured.



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