The shout was partially drowned out by the sound of the slamming screen door, so Pam Roberts yelled out once again.


There was no answer. Pam dropped her book bag at the foot of the stairs and walked down the hallway to the kitchen. She pushed open the door and found it empty. She thought that was strange. Her mother was usually busy fixing dinner at this hour; maybe her parents were going out to eat. She made a round of all the downstairs rooms; dining room, living room, family room, and finally the den.

She found the computer on in the den, so she knew that her dad was somewhere nearby. She glanced at the screen wondering what her father had been looking at and only found some boring stock site. Pam thought that perhaps her parents were upstairs so she went back to the stairs and, grabbing her bag, she went up to check.

The door to the guest bath was open and so was the door to the guest bedroom. She pushed open her door and tossed her bag onto her bed. She turned and headed for the other end of the hallway and her parents' bedroom. The door was closed and she hesitated.

'What if they're in there doing it,' she wondered, and stifled a giggle.

She pressed her ear against the door, but heard nothing. She knocked and the door swung open slightly. Pam glanced through the opening at her mother's vanity mirror. She had found out years ago that the mirror was situated so you could see most of the bedroom if the door was ajar. She could see the bed and it was empty. Pam pushed open the door and said "Mom?" to an empty room. The master bathroom door was open and no sounds were coming from there either.

"Stranger and stranger," Pam muttered to herself.

She thought back and this was the first time in her life that she had come home and not found one of her parents there or at least a note telling her what was happening. She turned to leave the room and noticed that a drawer to her mother's dresser was open. She walked over and looked into her mother's lingerie drawer. Items in the drawer were jumbled and the drawer was a mess. Her mother was very neat and would never leave her drawer in this condition.

She reached in and began to straighten things out. She pulled the panties out of the drawer and stacked them one upon the other on top of the dresser. She cleared out half the drawer and placed the organized pile into it. She started grabbing more panties and bras from the other half of the drawer but stopped when she felt something under them. She pulled up the undies to see what was beneath and revealed a black plastic object.

It was about and inch and a half around with ridges running the length of it. She noticed an on-off switch a few inches from the base and she wondered why her mom had a flashlight in her underwear drawer. She grabbed the object and pulled it out from under the pile of clothing and then she dropped it right away.

"Holy shit!" Pam said and giggled.

She was looking down at a vibrator. Its long bullet shape gleamed on the bed of panties. Pam reached in and picked it up again. It was a lot heavier than she imagined and then she realized it was because of the batteries. She ran a hand along the length of it and felt its cold lifelessness.

She looked around quickly as a frisson of guilt ran up her spine, but no one was there to see her transgression. She giggled again as she reached for the switch and turned the plastic pleasure toy on. The dildo vibrated in her hand and its lines became blurred. She brought the thing up to her neck and pressed it there.

The first thing she thought was how cold and impersonal it felt, but then as the vibrations spread from the side of her neck and down into her shoulders she realized that it might actually feel good if put to another use.

Pam Roberts was fourteen and had found the wonders of masturbation several years earlier. She had gone from rubbing her cunt against a pillow to manipulating her clit with her fingers and for the last six months had begun to use a candle and her hair brush to reach those delicious climaxes.

She had begun to wonder what it would feel like to have a man put his cock into her and she knew that it would only be a matter of time before she succumbed to the advances of one of the boys at school. She had already shared a few experiences with her best friend Cindy, but they had only left her wanting more.

She wanted something inside of her. Something hard and alive. Not one of these cold, impersonal objects. But, Pam was intrigued. She slowly brought the object to her waist and, pulling the elastic of her skirt out with one hand, she slowly pushed the plastic penis down to her cunt.

She had become aroused at the thoughts of sex and her cunt was swollen and puffy. She could see the outline of her cunt lips through the thin material of her panties. She placed the tip of the vibrator between those lips and turned it on again. The sensation sent a shiver through her entire body and her knees wobbled.

She threw her head back and groaned. She moved the tip of the vibrator up and down in slowly increasing motions and finally touched her clit with it. It was as though an electric current was traveling through her body. Her eyes fluttered and her mouth hung slack as she moaned loudly. Her knees gave way and she slowly fell to her knees.

"Oh, God!" Pam shouted as she rubbed the vibrating dildo in small circles around her clit.

Pam suddenly hunched forward as her orgasm hit her and her muscles seemed to act on their own.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she muttered as the climax rippled through her body.

The pressure on her clitoris suddenly became too intense and she pulled the plastic cock out of her skirt. Pam tumbled onto her side and lie on the carpet with her eyes closed. The vibrator rolled out of her hand and moved in a slow circle as it buzzed angrily like a jar full of bees, but Pam was too far gone to bother to switch it off.


Pamela's eyes snapped open at the sound of her name. The first thing she saw was a large pair of black shoes. She pushed herself up onto he knees and looked up at her father. Jack Roberts stood looking down at his daughter. He had a worried look on his face. He had no idea what was going on and his first thoughts were that she was ill or had fallen.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" He said, his voice dripping with concern.

Pam felt the heat grow in her face as she blushed violently. She sprung to her feet and ran from the room. She sprinted down the hallway and slammed the door to her room shut. She threw herself onto her bed and wished she could die. Tears came to her eyes. They were hot and full. A sob wracked her body and a million thoughts ran through her head.

'I'll have to run away,' she said to herself. 'I can never look my dad in the eye again. He's gonna tell mom and she's gonna be angry and oh, God! What am I gonna do?'

Meanwhile her stunned father stood looking at the doorway where his distraught daughter had just run out. Then a constant buzzing grabbed at his attention and he looked down at the simulated penis moving along the carpet. Jack bent down and picked the thing up and looked at the strange object. He flicked the switch and the vibrator went dead.

"What the hell is this doing here?" He asked himself.

Jack looked around and saw the drawer standing open. Suddenly the realization of what had occurred slammed into his head. His daughter had found this in his wife's dresser and she had used it on herself.

Jack felt mixed emotions run through his mind. He was amused at what had just happened. It was one of those 'growing up incidents' that would change his relationship with his daughter. He was also embarrassed and didn't know what he should do.

He decided to just make believe it didn't happen and he would let Pam run with the ball. Also, he felt angry. Why the fuck did his wife have a vibrator? She was constantly turning down his sexual advances of late and he thought it was because she had lost interest, but he held evidence to the contrary in his hand.

The marriage had been based on sex. They had been from different social planes. He was the bad boy and she was the princess. They had met in high school and in their senior year there wasn't a day that went by when they weren't fucking their heads off. They had both gone on to the same university. She, on a scholastic scholarship and, he, one in sports.

Their romance had continued and then the inevitable had happened. Nancy had gotten pregnant. It had meant months of turmoil. Her parents had taken her out of school and had tried to force her to abort the child. She had refused adamantly. She knew that if she kept the baby that they would have no choice but to let her marry Jack.

Jack was confused. He didn't know if he really loved Nancy, but he would do the right thing if called upon, which he eventually was. With the help of her parents, both of them had gone on to finish school and both had gone to work for his father-in-law.

Jack had grown to love his wife and his daughter meant the world to him. But, over the last few years, things had begun to sour. He and Nancy always seemed to find things to argue about and she took it out on him in bed. Jack had learned to ease his frustrations by masturbation and had even taken to jerking off in bed while his wife lie with her back to him.

Jack hadn't realized that his actions caused his wife to become aroused, but she wouldn't give in to her desire. She had bought the vibrator one day when she had gone to see a friend in Miami. She had been shopping and as she passed one of those love pantries she had darted in to see what it was like. She had blushed furiously as she paid the smarmy guy behind the counter, but she had had to have it.

And now, here Jack stood with the pleasure device in his hand and wondered what had become of his marriage. He angrily jammed the thing back into the drawer and slammed it shut. He walked back down the hallway and paused at Pam's door, but he decided against knocking and went downstairs instead.

He went into the living room and poured himself a scotch. He tossed it back and before the warmth had time to spread through his body, he had poured himself another. He walked over to an over stuffed easy chair and threw himself into it. He cradled the glass between his palms and rolled it there absent-mindedly as he thought about his marital problems.

Pam had heard her father stop at her door and she had sucked in a quick breath. She had let it out finally as she heard him go down the stairs. The last thing she wanted to do right now was have one of those parent-child conversations. She no longer felt as though her world had come to an end, but she knew that she would have to live down the embarrassment and she wasn't looking forward to it.

Pam lie in bed for what seemed to be hours until she finally sat up and looked around. Dusk had arrived and the room was fairly dark. She got up and turned on a lamp and sat at her desk. She thought it was odd that no one had called her down to dinner, but she thought that maybe they didn't want to deal with this either. She pulled her books out and tried to do her homework, but she couldn't concentrate.

She kept thinking about what had happened. She pictured her father walking into the bedroom and finding her lying there. Or, had he seen more? How long had he stood there? Had he seen his little girl in the throes of orgasm? Pam shuddered at the thought, but it wasn't a shudder of fear. She realized that she was turned on by the thought of her father seeing her pleasing herself. She felt the warmth suffuse her cunt and reached down to press between her legs.

'Jesus! Stop it you moron,' she told herself. 'It would be just great to get caught again.'

She tried to focus on her reading, but lewd thoughts invaded her mind. She started to wonder what her dad's cock was like. Was it as big as the vibrator. Had her mom bought that one because it reminded her of her husband's cock. If so, it was bigger than she imagined cocks to be. She hadn't seen a boy's cock since she was about eleven and she and her cousin Timmy had shown each other their privates. Timmy's cock had only been a couple of inches long and only as thick as a hot dog and it was the basis of her conceptions. Now she realized she would have to think on a bigger scale.

Pam thought about her father and realized that she was infatuated with him. Jack Roberts was a ruggedly handsome man. He was tall and broad shouldered. He was muscularly fit and looked great in a bathing suit. He had a shock of dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He possessed a dimpled smile that made all of her friends swoon.

Her best friend Cindy always talked about doing it to Pam's dad, but Pam knew that she was only teasing, but now she wondered if it were actually possible. Pam shook the thoughts from her head and tried once again to concentrate on her lessons.

Jack Roberts nursed his anger with half a bottle of scotch. His head started to lag onto his chest as the warm alcohol made him drowsy. His head snapped up at one point as he came awake and Jack decided that perhaps he'd had enough to drink. He bent down to pick up the tumbler he had dropped and realized that he was dizzy. He had drunk more than he should have and now he was drunk. Jack groaned at the thought of waking with a headache.

He decided to go to bed early and headed up the stairs. He paused at Pam's door and raised a hand to knock, but something told him he wasn't supposed to. He searched through his clouded thoughts and suddenly remembered his little girl lying on the carpet with the vibrator buzzing angrily next to her. Jack chuckled at the memory and gently patted her door jamb.

"G'night, shweety," Jack slurred quietly and went on down the hallway.

Pam had heard her father stop at her door and then she heard a quiet mumble. She got up and went to the door and listened. She heard her father stumble down the hallway and she opened the door to see what was wrong. She watched as her father slowly wended his way to the other end of the hallway. He trailed a hand along the wall as though feeling his way.

Pam suddenly realized that he was drunk. She watched him fumble with the handle to the bedroom and then as he suddenly stumbled inside. Pam sat back down at her desk and started to wonder what was going on. Her mother hadn't been home all evening and now her dad was drunk. She had never seen him like that and now she was worried. Was it her fault?

Pam decided to go downstairs for a bite to eat and maybe find out where her mother was.

Pam took out some cold cuts, cheese, bread, and mustard and made herself a sandwich. She looked at the cork board next to the phone but found nothing from her mother. Then she glanced at the note pad by the phone and saw a note that said, "United - Miami -> Raleigh 3p.m." Pam's grandparents lived in Raleigh and she wondered if her mother had gone there.

She had her hand over the phone and was trying to decide on whether or not to call. What would she say if her mother hadn't gone there. Just as she started to pull her hand away the phone rang. Pam jumped back about a foot and gasped. She giggled at her reaction and picked up the phone.

"Hello! Roberts' household," she said.

"Hi, sweetie. How are you doing?" Her mother asked.

"Uh... I'm okay, mom," she replied confused.

"Is your dad there?" Her mother asked.

"Dad went to bed about a half hour ago," she told her mother.

"Oh! That's strange," her mother said, thinking aloud.

"Mom?" Pam asked.

"What is it, honey?"

"Where are you?"

"Where am I!" Her mother repeated. "You mean your father didn't tell you where I am?"

There was accusation in her mother's voice and Pam suddenly realized she had put her father in a bad light.!

"I haven't spoken to daddy, mom. I came home and you were both gone and then I went up to do my homework and I fell asleep. I think I woke up when daddy went to bed. He must have looked in on me and not bothered to wake me. I thought you were in bed also until you called."

"Hmmm," her mother said, not quite buying the lie, "well, I'm up here at granny and grandad's. Your grandfather had a stroke, sweetie, so I came up here to be with him."

"Gosh, mom! Is he going to be all right?"

"Well, it's too early to tell, but the doctors are optimistic. We can only hope and pray."

Pam and her mother spoke for several more minutes and caught each other up on their day. They said good bye and Nancy said she'd call the next night.

"Well, one problem solved," Pam muttered.

Pam now wondered why her father had been drinking. She wondered if he had gotten so upset at finding her in that way that he had gotten drunk, or perhaps he got drunk trying to build up the courage to talk to her. No. Whatever reason her father had for drinking, it had nothing to do with her.

She finished her sandwich and went back upstairs. She changed into her pajamas and went to use the bathroom. She came out and glanced down at the door to her parents' bedroom. She noticed the door was ajar so she walked down to check on her dad. She reached the door and listened. She could hear the soft sonorous sounds of her father's deep sleep. She was about to pull the door shut when she looked into her mother's mirror and saw the image of her father lying across the foot of their bed. She pushed the door opened and went to look at her dad.

Jack had gotten his shirt off and had sat down to remove his shoes and socks, but when he straightened out he had felt dizzy and had fallen back onto the bed. He lay there waiting for the room to stop spinning and suddenly had fallen asleep. This is how Pam found him. His pants were undone and down around his hips. Pam reached out and shook his knee.


"Dad? Are you awake?"

Jack Roberts mumbled in his sleep and brought an arm up to cover his eyes. Pam turned to leave, but hesitated. She looked at her dad again and realized that he would be very sore in the morning. He lay with his legs hanging off the edge of the bed. She shook him again, but he failed to rouse. She sighed and grabbed the cuffs of his pants and pulled. It was more difficult than she expected. Jack was dead weight.

Now he lay there with his pants half way down his hips. Pam laughed out loud. He looked like one of those guys at school that wore his pants with four or five inches of boxers showing. She grabbed the cuffs again and pulled hard. The pants slowly slid out from under Jack's butt and they finally came off. She gathered his clothes and draped them across her dad's stupid valet chair. She turned back and suddenly froze in her steps.

Her father's boxers had pulled part way down and the fly had spread open. She was looking at his cock as it poked out of its enclosure. She moved closer and studied the adult penis. It was dark, almost brown, and fat. It was soft and wrinkly and seemed to sprout from a shock of curly black hairs. She glanced up to make sure her father was still asleep and then reached out and nudged the male organ. Nothing happened.

She took in a deep breath to bolster her courage and grabbed his cock between the thumb and forefinger of her right hand. Her father's cock was warm and soft, but heavy. She lifted it and studied it closely. She squeezed it and watched as the little slit at the tip opened and closed like a little mouth. She dropped it quickly when she felt it jerk in her hand. She looked up, but her dad was still asleep. She watched as his cock stirred.

It slowly grew right before her eyes. She watched as it twitched and rolled and filled with blood. She couldn't believe how big it was getting. The skin seemed to pull tight and she could see veins running along the under side of it. It rose up out of its nest of hairs and stood proudly as if on display.

Pam realized she had been holding her breath and she slowly sucked in some air. She reached out once again and wrapped her whole hand around it this time. It felt more alive to her. It was warmer and there was a gentle throbbing. She softly ran her hand up and down its length and marveled at its girth. How could someone fit that into their cunt she wondered. It was at least three times fatter than the candle she had been using and twice as thick as the hair brush.

She brought her hand up to the swollen head and ran a finger around the helmet like shape. She noticed that the little slit was opened wide and watched as a clear drop of fluid slowly bulged out of it. She brought a finger to it and felt its slick, oily texture. She pulled her finger away and watched as the fluid stretched and lengthened.

The strand broke and she brought her finger up to look at the moisture on its tip. She brought it to her nose and sniffed. There was no smell. She had a strange thought and then stuck out her tongue and licked the finger. A salty, musky tang burst upon her tongue. She thought about all the times the older girls in gym class talked about sucking cock. She had always dismissed them as braggarts, but now she wondered if they actually did those things.

Pam lowered her head never taking her eyes off her father's face. She stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of his cock. The taste suffused her whole mouth this time. It was stronger than before and even harder to identify. She licked along the head and quickly pulled away as the cock jerked and bobbed.

Her father moaned lightly and shifted slightly. She lowered her head once again and took another swipe. The cock jerked once again and pulled away from her tongue. She frowned and decided the only way to keep it still would be to take it into her mouth.

She slid the large plum like head into her mouth and held it there. Her senses cataloged what she felt. It was soft and yet resilient. It had no taste or rather it had a sort of negative feel as though her taste buds could no longer judge flavors and only size. The head filled her mouth and her eyes widened as she felt it throb in her mouth.

She tried to take more into her mouth, but her lips were dry and they dragged along the shaft. She pulled it out and moistened her lips. Putting the cock back into her mouth she let the saliva build and then allowed it to moisten the invading shaft. She pushed down and took about four inches of it into her mouth. She pulled up until she could feel the ridge of the head against the inside of her lips.

Pam thought about what the girls said in gym class and the word 'suck' stood out in her mind. She took more of her father's cock in her mouth and then sucked in as she pulled up. She pulled her mouth off and studied her handy work. Her father's cock glistened in her hand and it looked even fatter than before. She glanced up quickly as she heard her father mumble something, but he appeared to be dreaming. She giggled at the thought that he was probably dreaming about getting a blow job.

'This is nuts!' Pam said to herself. 'What the hell am I doing. I'm playing with my dad's cock. Man, there is something wrong with me.'

Pam released her father's cock and turned to leave, but then felt bad about leaving her dad lying there in his boxers with his cock sticking out. She pulled a comforter down from her mother's closet and covered him up.

Pam lie in bed later and realized she couldn't sleep. Her mind was abuzz with thoughts of fat cocks and sex. She had sucked her first cock. Maybe it was the cock of a man in a drunken stupor, but it had been a big fat cock. She thought about telling Cindy, but vetoed that idea as she realized she wouldn't be able to tell her whose cock she had sucked.

Pam realized she had been idly playing with herself as she thought about her father's cock. She felt the moist flowering of her cunt as she slowly stroked the length of her slit. She brought her fingers up to her hard clit and slowly circled it. She could feel it throbbing. Throbbing like her father's cock had throbbed. She imagined her clit as being a little penis and wished it was longer so that she could stroke it. She pressed a finger on it and she moaned at the sensation.

The pressing turned into a stroking and she moaned as her hips tossed and jerked. She reached down with her other hand and plunged two fingers into her moist opening. She quickly stroked her fingers in and out as the other hand assaulted her clit. Her stomach tensed and bunched as she raised her hips off the bed. Her orgasm crashed upon her and she let out a wail.

She had never cum so violently. He hips raised up off of the bed and she trashed about as she pressed hard upon her swollen clit. She finally slumped back down as the stronger sensations washed over her and left her panting and exhausted. Pam had no trouble falling asleep now and she did so with a smile on her face.

Morning came way too soon for Jack Roberts. The alarm pierced his skull like a needle. He stuck his arm out and felt around for the source of the painful noise, but all he found was air. He reached a little further and promptly fell off the bed. His eyes popped open then and he looked around.

"What the fuck?" he asked of no one.

Jack was at the bottom of the bed. He was wrapped in an old down comforter. He shook his head and then regretted doing so. The room spun for a moment before settling down again. Jack stood up and wavered for a moment before heading for the bathroom. How much had he drunk last night? How did he manage to fall asleep in his underwear, and why did he not just crawl into bed instead of getting that old comforter. Jack stopped in his tracks as he suddenly realized that 'he' hadn't done it, but that someone else had helped him. That someone could only be Pamela.

"Oh, Jesus," Jack moaned.

He felt the blood rush into his face as the embarrassment hit him. He tried to think back to the previous evening, but everything was a blank. The last thing he remembered was getting up to get his third or fourth drink, and then nothing. He reached the toilet and reached down for his cock. The pressure in his bladder was immense and he knew that this would feel good. He grabbed his half hard cock and then took his hand away.

"What the fuck is that?" He asked himself as he looked down at his cock and then at the palm of his hand.

He found nothing on either objects, but there was definitely something there. It wasn't sticky, more like tacky. Something stirred in the back of his mind as he once again grabbed his cock and let loose a strong stream of urine. He closed his eyes and moaned with its release. He stood there for what seemed like a minute before he ran dry and shook off the few remaining drops. He turned on the shower and let the water warm up. He then opened the medicine cabinet and searched for something to relieve his massive headache.

He found a small bottle of aspirin and fought with the lid for a few moments before gaining access. Three of the small white tablets tumbled into his palm as he tilted the small bottle. He put the bottle down and looked around for a glass, but there was none so he popped the pills into his mouth and turned on the faucet at the sink. He let the water run cold and cupped his hands in order to convey water to his mouth. He tilted his head up and the pills slid down his throat. His stomach lurched as the water hit it and he held on to the sink until the queasiness passed.

Steam was issuing from the shower by now and he stripped off his boxers and stepped inside. He adjusted the water temperature and then stood under the needle jets of water and let them play along his head and shoulders.

'God, I haven't felt this bad since college,' Jack said to himself, and thought back to the keggers and parties he used to go to as a young man.

There were pleasant memories and then some that weren't so pleasant. He hated hangovers. So much so that he hardly had more than one drink on any given occasion. He vowed never to do this again. Jack grabbed the soap and gingerly started to wash his body. Every motion seemed to resonate straight to his throbbing head. He finally reached his genitals and soaped them gently.

He once again wondered what he had had on his cock and then he froze as an old memory surfaced. He remembered how he used to date Marly Burnside in high school. She had loved giving head and not a day went by without their sneaking off to some janitor's closet or unused classroom so that she could slurp and suck on his dick. Jack's cock rose at the memory of Marly's prowess, but what struck him most was the memory of how his cock had always felt tacky from her dried spit for the rest of the day.

Jack looked down at his tumescent cock and tried to drag up more memories from the previous evening. What the fuck was going on? How had he managed to wind up half naked at the foot of his bed with his cock coated with dried saliva. The only other person here was Pam. Jack shook his head at the thought. His mind wouldn't allow him to think of his daughter in that way. Jack shrugged his shoulders and told himself that there must be another explanation for his condition. He resumed his washing and then rinsed off.

His cock was still hard and craved some attention. Jack grabbed a hold of it and slowly stroked his hand up and down. He reached for the soap and slicked up his cock. He leaned under the shower spray and played his hand up and down his hard, swollen cock. His cock was extremely hard; as though he had gone without for a while, but he knew that he and Nancy had had sex just the day before yesterday. It had not been quality sex. It no longer ever was, but he had cum and so had she. Or at least she had seemed to.

Jack couldn't even tell if his wife had orgasms any more or if she just faked them. He wondered if that was their problem. Maybe he wasn't satisfying her anymore. No, Jack shook his head, Nance had never been wild in bed. His mind went back to the matter at hand and he brought up old memories of Marly nursing on his cock at every chance she had.

He smiled at some of the old memories. The time he had run off the road when she sucked him off as he was driving. She had been insatiable and unfortunately it was that hunger that had led to their breaking up. She had started doing other guys and he had found out. She told him she was sorry and cried, but he had let macho pride get in the way and it was the last time he had seen her. But, while they dated it had been a wild ride.

Jack thought of other girls and women in his past as he stroked madly trying to reach his peak. He seemed to be right on the edge of cumming, but he needed something to push him over. He thought of women he hadn't slept with, but wanted to. There was Jeannie from the office. He pictured her large breasts and tight ass. The way she walked and that lascivious smile of hers. His friend Tony's wife and the time he had seen her naked at the beach house.

She had a hell of a body and he remembered how her cunt had been shaven. Jack's hand was a blur now as he sought his satisfaction. His balls had tightened up and were snug to his body. The feeling was like a toothache. It was on the border of pain without actually being painful. His cock was on the border of orgasm, but wouldn't seem to cum. He envisioned sexual acts in his mind. Fucking and sucking in all kinds of positions and locations.

His mind suddenly turned to the picture of Pam lying on the bedroom floor with the vibrator lying next to her. Her orgasmic moan replayed in his mind. Then he thought about the stickiness on his cock this morning and the thought of her mouth on his cock drove him over the edge. He came so hard that he actually shouted. He placed a hand against the shower wall as he leaned into it and stroked out the last globules of cum from his throbbing cock.

He opened his eyes and saw the blobs of cum slowly sliding down the shower wall. His breathing was hard and ragged and his knees were weak and trembling. He realized that the throbbing in his head had gone away and he chuckled at the thought of having found a way to cure a hang over.

Suddenly the guilt washed over him as he realized what had driven him to cum. How could he think of his daughter sucking on his cock? Jack felt perverted and he angrily twisted the valve to turn off the shower. He grabbed a towel and briskly rubbed himself dry. He tried to drive all thoughts of his daughter out of his head, but they just kept looping over and over. He thought about his wife up in Raleigh and of his father-in-law.

He wondered how old Ralph was doing and what would it mean for the company. Would he become CEO or, God forbid, would Nancy. His stomach turned again as he thought of the company falling into his wife's hands. Nancy was CFO of the company and she had a great head for figures, but she had no idea how to run a business. All of the employees in the finance section of the company hated her. She had no tact and was a demanding boss.

Jack didn't realize it, but he had found the perfect way to get his mind off of his daughter. He tossed around different ideas about the company as he shaved and then dressed. Jack made his way downstairs and headed for the kitchen. His mouth watered at the thought of drinking a gallon of orange juice followed by a hot cup of black coffee. He was smiling as he pushed through the door into the kitchen.

The smile fell from his face as he found Pam standing at the counter as she waited for her toast to spring up.

Their eyes met and both of them glanced away. The blood rushed to both of their faces.

"G.. good morning, daddy," Pam said then turned to pay very close attention to the toaster.

"'morning, sweetie," Jack croaked. His throat was dry and tight.

Jack walked over to the fridge and pulled out the large container of orange juice. He resisted the urge to pull it up to his lips and went in search of a tumbler. He filled a large tumbler and brought it to his lips. He tilted the glass and the juice just seemed to pour straight into his stomach. The cool, acidic drink cooled and cleaned his mouth and oiled his throat.

He let out a loud sigh of satisfaction that caused Pam to turn and look at him. They looked at each other for a moment and then both jumped as the toast sprung up in the toaster. They broke into gales of laughter. All of the pent up tension came bursting out of them. Tears welled up in their eyes as they held on to their sides as the paroxysms of laughter strained their diaphragms. The laughter slowly faded and they both stood gasping for breath.

"Hoo, boy!" Jack said. "I haven't laughed like that in ages."

"That was weird, daddy," Pamela told him.

"Yeah. I guess I had some pent up energy that needed to be released," he told her.

"I talked to mom last night," Pam told her father and saw him tense.

"She called?" Jack asked and wondered why he didn't remember.

"Yeah, it was after you w.. went to bed," Pam answered diplomatically.

Jack swallowed as he realized that he had been a total idiot the previous evening.

"Did she say how your grandfather is doing?"

"She said the doctors thought he would be fine, but they didn't know for sure."

"Didn't she want to talk to me?" Jack asked.

"Yes, but I told her you were already asleep," Pam asked and looked down at the floor.

"I'll call her later today," Jack said trying to dismiss the awkward conversation.

Jack turned to the coffee maker and carefully measured out the grounds before filling it with cold water. Pam took her cooling toast and buttered it. Both of them had fallen silent as they went about the small tasks of making breakfast. Pam sat at the table and read her history book, making up for her lack of concentration the previous night.

Jack sat and nursed his coffee and looked at his daughter over the rim of the mug. Pam was turning into a strikingly beautiful girl. Her tawny colored hair was naturally curly and hung in heavy ringlets down to her shoulders. It framed a slightly oval face. Her skin was clear and smooth. It was the envy of many of her friends. She had full eyebrows, a straight nose, high cheek bones, a full, pouty mouth, and a strong chin. Her best features though were her eyes. She had that strange anomaly of having violet eyes. People always asked her if she wore contacts and few believed her when she told them no.

Complete strangers would come up to her and tell her she had great eyes. It was the bane she had to bear. Even after fourteen years, Jack's heart would often catch in his throat when she turned those eyes on him. Her eyes could be warm and smoky or they could be cold and feral. They reflected her mood and were definitely the windows to her soul.

He watched them now as they swung back and forth over the textbook. He saw her lips move slightly as she silently read along. He felt his cock twitch as he watched those full lips move. Pam snaked out her tongue and ran it along her lips to moisten them not realizing the effect it had on her father. Jack almost dropped his mug as he watched her do this.

"Jesus!" He mumbled aloud.

Pam looked up at the sound and found her father staring at her. She frowned and wondered why he had said that while looking at her.

"Is... is anything wrong, daddy?" She asked.

"Wh... what?" Jack asked, not realizing that he had spoken aloud.

Pam put down her book and Jack saw her blush as she prepared to say something. Several thoughts ran through his mind as he wondered what she was about to say.

"Da... dad?" Pam stumbled.

"Yes, sweetie?" Jack almost whispered.

"A... about last night," Pam said and looked down at the table top.

Pam wanted to explain about finding the vibrator, but Jack thought she wanted to discuss his getting drunk and now he felt embarrassed and blushed also.

"Why don't we just make believe last night never happened," Jack told her and was relieved when he saw the tension go out of her body.

Pam's eyes flashed up to her father's face and she smiled back at him. She glanced down once again as the memory of how she had violated her father came rushing back into her head. What had she been thinking. What if her father had awoken to find her sucking on his cock. Strangely, Pam felt a warm moistness suffuse her crotch and she was surprised to realize that she was getting aroused.

Across the table, Jack glanced down at his coffee as he tore his eyes away from his daughter's luscious lips. He felt his cock twitch in his pants and was surprised to realize he was turned on once again. Jack sat there and nursed his coffee. He was afraid to stand for fear that his daughter would see his erection. His coffee got cold as he nursed it slowly.

Pam finished her toast and milk and put her book into her backpack. She glanced at the kitchen clock and suddenly realized that she was late. Her mother was the shepherd in the family and kept the flock moving, but with her gone, both Pam and her father had let time slip away.


"What is it, Pam?" Jack said looking up from his cup.

"I'm gonna be late to school. Can you give me a ride?"

Jack looked over at the clock and realized that it was eight o'clock.

"Damn!" He said and quickly rose from the table. He poured out the cold coffee and turned to leave the kitchen.

Pam had risen also and waited for her father. Something caught her eye and she glanced down as he turned to face her. She saw a bulge in his pants and realized immediately that his cock was hard. Jack looked at his daughter and saw her glance away from his crotch and saw the color rise in her face.

"Uh.. we'd uh, better get going," Jack said and waited for Pam to turn away before reaching down and adjusting himself.

Jack's erection would not go away. As they drove to Pam's school, it lay along his thigh and throbbed. Pam would look around casually and she would glance down at her father's crotch when she thought he wasn't looking. The fat bulge of his cock twitched and pressed against the material of his trousers. She would look away quickly. The heat in her own crotch was almost unbearable. She wanted to reach under her skirt and flick her clit. She knew she would cum in a matter of moments; given the chance.

Jack couldn't believe how hard his cock was. He tried to think of other things. To concentrate on his driving, but his thoughts kept coming back to the throbbing in his pants. He saw Pam glance down at it several times and every time it felt like a physical touch; as though her glance had form and shape. It was like a hand caressing his cock and it only made things worse.

His cock surged against his pants leg and jutted out obscenely. He wished he had something to cover his crotch. Something to prevent his daughter from seeing his condition. He wondered what was going through her mind.

'She must think I'm a pervert or something,' Jack said to himself as he once again noticed her glance down at his tumescence.

Finally, they arrived at the school and Pam hopped out with a curt 'bye!' and she melded into the crowd of milling teens awaiting the first bell. Jack pulled away from the curb and carefully guided his car through the maze of double parked cars and giant busses. He finally made it back to the main thoroughfare and merged with the morning traffic.

He reached down finally to adjust himself only to realize that now his cock was flaccid. He frowned and pushed a burgeoning thought to the back of his head. He refused to believe that it was his daughter that had aroused his hormonal desire. He turned his mind over to the business of the day and headed towards his office building.

Pam, meanwhile, had gone directly to the girl's lavatory and sat inside one of the stalls. Her breathing was harsh and she slumped back against the wall. She was coming down from her orgasm. She had cum almost immediately upon placing a finger on her clit. She pictured her father's fat cock and remembered how it had felt in her mouth and how she wished she had continued experimenting with it. Could she have made him cum?

Her face felt hot and she reached down between her out flung legs once again and cupped her sopping vagina. She felt the heat emanating from it and reached down past the waistband of her panties to feel the swollen lips and the newly aroused clitoris. She pinched it between two fingers and moaned loudly. She clamped her free hand over her mouth to stifle the noise and continued to rub her swollen little knob. Her eyes rolled up as she felt another wave of ecstasy course through her body.

She couldn't believe she was cumming again. It was only a matter of minutes since her last orgasm. She pressed down on her clit and her body trembled as nerves spread the pleasure through her body. Her entire body seemed to tingle like a giant sexual organ.

Pam sat in the bathroom throughout first period and pleasured herself twice more during that time. She was busy composing herself in front of the giant steel mirror when her best friend walked in.

"Pam!" Cindy almost shouted. "Where have you been? I thought you were home sick or something."

"Nah," Pam replied. "My mom flew to Raleigh yesterday cuz my granddad had a stroke and things were a little screwed up at home this morning. I got here late."

"Wow!" Cindy empathized. "Is your gramps okay?"

"They don't know yet," Pam said and the conversation continued as they left the restroom and headed for their second period classroom.

Pam hardly saw her father during the next few days. He had taken on the added responsibilities of Chief Financial Officer while his wife was gone, which meant long hours at the office. He would call her every evening to make sure she was home and safe.

Pam discovered that her father was a lenient man. She stayed up until she felt like going to bed and she watched whatever programs she wanted to. He would ask her if her homework were done and if she'd had a good day, but he didn't hover over her like her mother did. They had ordered out every evening thus far and she was sampling some very exotic foods. Jack would come home to find boxes of Chinese food or small containers of sushi and he would shake his head and chuckle.

On Friday, Pam's world collapsed. Her father had come home early and was in the kitchen making believe he knew how to cook. Pam sat at the kitchen table and watched him. She had offered to help, but he had told her to just lay back and relax. He said he was searching for his inner chef. Apparently, Pam thought, his inner chef was a child because there was a mess on every surface in the kitchen. So much for the great multi-tasker she thought. She laughed as her father delivered a running commentary in a high squeaky voice as he tried to imitate Julia Childs.

The phone rang and Pamela ran to answer.

"Hi, mom!" She sang out at the sound of Nancy's voice.

The two Roberts women chatted for a while as they caught each other up on the activities of the past week. Pam asked her mom when she was coming back and she frowned when her mother didn't answer and asked her to get her father. Jack was in the middle of stirring a white sauce so he turned the whisk over to his daughter and admonished her to stir until it thickened.

He backed out of the kitchen while watching her intently making believe he didn't trust her. Pam giggled as she watched him back out of the door and then the door swung open quickly and he poked his head into the room and arched an eyebrow at her. Pam broke into laughter at her father's antics and forgot the sense of foreboding she was left with after the conversation with her mom.

She concentrated on stirring the sauce and watched closely as it slowly bubbled. Her arm grew tired and she suddenly found a new respect for cooks and chefs. She had switched hands twice more before her father came back. She could tell that something was wrong, but he didn't say anything right away. He took over at the stove and she went to watch some television.

An hour later he called her into the kitchen and she was pleasantly surprised to find a very palatable meal waiting. They had a salad with summer greens and a homemade raspberry vinaigrette. Lobster bisque was followed by stuffed chicken breasts and finally a baked custard with creme brulee. Pam was amazed and told her father so. Jack faked offense and told her that her punishment was to clean up the kitchen. Pam looked around and groaned.

"Come on," her father said as he rose from the table, "I'll wash and you dry."

They were half way done when her father dropped the bomb. He had fallen silent and she knew that he wanted to say something. The silence had built like a wave and the words cascaded over her and took her breath away. `

"Your mom's not coming back," He told her and looked down into the soapy water.

"Wh.. what?" Pam said and her lips trembled.

"She's going to stay in Raleigh and run our division up there," He said and finally looked at Pam.

"Wh.. why, dad?" Pam asked as a tear ran down her cheek.

"I don't know, sweetie," Jack said and put his arms around his daughter.

"Do.. doesn't sh... she lo...love us an... anymore," Pam hiccupped through her sobs.

"Oh she loves you very much, sweetie," Jack said as he sought to reassure his daughter.

"I'm the problem I guess," Jack said and held Pam out at arms length, "you know that things haven't been good between your mom and I."

"I... I guess," Pam said as she looked at her father through blurry eyes.

"Wh... what about m... me, dad?" Pam asked.

"You? Well," Jack started to answer and found he had to swallow his emotion before continuing.

"Well, that's up to you, honey," he told her hoarsely, "we decided to let you choose where you want to live."

Pam looked up at her father's face and saw a tear form there.

"Oh, daddy!" She cried and ran out of the room as she burst into a torrent of tears.

Jack Roberts leaned against the counter and felt his own hot tears course down his cheeks. He decided not to go after his daughter. He figured she needed some time alone to adjust to the news. He felt the anger build inside as he thought about the coarse way his wife had dropped the bomb.

"Oh, by the way, Jack. I've decided to stay in Raleigh... No, I mean permanently... You know that things between us died a long time ago, Jack. Who are we kidding.. Pam, well she'll just have to decide, won't she."

Jack replayed the conversation in his head and cursed. He suddenly realized that it was Pam he was worried about. It didn't seem to matter to him that his wife wasn't coming back. It was a shock to realize that the love had actually gone out of their marriage. He went to the living room and pulled out a new bottle of scotch. He looked at the bottle and remembered the previous Monday and especially the following morning.

'I'll only have a few drinks,' he told himself.

Pam lie on her bed and sobbed into her pillow. Her mind was a whir of unconnected thoughts. She wanted to see her mother, to hold her and be held by her, to know that she still loved her daughter. She thought about losing all of her friends. She cried at the thought of not seeing her dad anymore.

'How could she do this to us?' Pam wondered.

The rush of emotions finally caught up to her and she dozed off in exhaustion. She stirred a few hours later and looked around at her darkened room. She rubbed away the caked salt of her tears and looked at her alarm. It was past ten. She arose and wandered out into the hallway. She felt very lonely. She walked down to the end of the hallway and knocked on her parent's door.

The door opened slightly under the pressure of her knocks and she glanced into her mother's mirror and saw that the bed was still made. Pam turned and went downstairs. She checked the kitchen, but found it empty. Messy, but empty. She looked into the family room and found the television on and apparently entertaining the empty sofa. She turned it off and made her way into the living room. The room was dark, but she could feel his presence there.

"Dad?" She half whispered.

"Wassit?" Her father slurred.

She let her eyes adjust to the gloom and she saw her father sitting in his favorite chair. An empty glass in his right hand, which dangled at the side of the chair, and a bottle of alcohol stood on the floor on the other side. She walked up and stood before her father. He looked up at her with blurred vision and smiled.

"How's my little prinshess?" He said. "My little grown up prinshess. All grown up and beauti... beautiful."

"Oh, daddy," Pam said in exasperation. She took the glass from his hand and then took the half empty bottle back to the bar and recapped it. She went back to her father and shook her head as she saw him look up at her with a stupid looking grin on his face. She grabbed one of her father's hands and pulled on it.

"Come on, dad," she grunted as she tried to pull his dead weight out of the chair, "let's put you to bed."

"Hokay," Jack said as he oozed out of the chair, "lesh put me to bed. Bed, bed, bed."

Pam chuckled to herself. She draped one of her father's arms over her shoulders and they set off for the upstairs.

"Bed, bed, bed," Jack repeated as they slowly climbed the stairs. Jack held on to the railing as he leaned precariously back and then forward.

Pam worried that they would both wind up tumbling down the stairway and was relieved when they finally reached the upper floor. She guided her father down the hallway and into his room. She led him to the bed and sat him down on its edge. She knelt before him and unlaced his shoes and pulled them off.

"Pretty, pretty Pammy," her father said and patted her on the head.

"Sooo pretty," he said, "like a grown woman."

Pam stopped and looked up into her father's blurry eyes. She never thought that her father thought of her that way. The color rose into her face as she wondered what other thoughts he may have. She needn't have wondered because Jack voiced his thoughts at that moment.

"Sho sexy," he said and fell back onto the bed.

God, my dad thinks I'm sexy,

Pam thought. She didn't know how to react to that. At first she was embarrassed, but then that warmth crept over her and she felt aroused. Her face burned with shame at her thoughts. She grew angry at herself and as she grabbed the cuffs of her father's pants she gave a powerful tug and they slid off easily. Pam tumbled onto her butt and then started giggling.

"Ow!" She said as she stood and rubbed her fanny.

She went to her dad again and then froze in place. Once again, his boxers had been pulled half way off and he lie there with his cock in plain view. She stood confused. She didn't know whether to just leave him like that, or to continue to undress him and ignore his nakedness.

This wasn't like last time when her father had been oblivious. He was drunk, but still aware. She steeled herself and pulled her father into a sitting position. She unbuttoned his shirt and pulled one sleeve off and then slid the shirt off the other arm. She didn't know if he slept in his tee shirt and hesitated at taking it off.

Just then, Jack raised his arms in the air and waited like a child waiting for his mother to take off his shirt. Pam shook her head and pull the tee shirt up over his head.

"Gotta go to the baffroom," Jack said and warily got to his feet.

His boxers slid down and puddled at his feet. Jack looked down and frowned then kicked them away. Pam looked away from his swaying penis as he stumbled towards the bathroom. She rushed to his aid as he almost tottered off his feet and helped him stand before the urinal. She tried to disengage herself, but Jack held on to her shoulders for support.

She watched intently as her father grabbed his cock and aimed it at the toilet. A stream of urine burst out and splashed into the bowl. It seemed to go on forever. She looked up at her father's face and saw that he had his eyes closed and a strange smile played across his lips.

Finally, the stream stopped and Jack let out a long sigh of satisfaction. He squeezed and pumped his cock a couple of times and a few last squirts of urine splashed into the bowl then he shook his cock a few times and ran his hand up and down the shaft in a milking motion.

"So that's how guys go to the bathroom,' Pam thought and chuckled. It sure was messy. Her father let go of his cock, but Pam noticed that it didn't hang down like before. It was larger than a moment ago and as they swayed back to the bed she was amazed to see it rise up and grow into the large cock she had seen on Monday. By the time they reached the bed it stood up proud and hard.

Jack sat on the edge of the bed and his head drooped down onto his chest. He seemed to notice his tumescent cock for the first time and brought a hand to it. He groped his cock and fondled it. Pam's breath caught in her throat as she watched her oblivious father play with his cock.

"Mushn't let Pamy shee daddie's cock," Jack mumbled as he began to stroke his penis.

Pam gasped at her father's words. Why was he saying that. She stood as though her feet were nailed to the floor and watched as her father masturbated.

"Daddy," Pam whispered and didn't know why.

Jack raised his head and squinted his eyes to focus on her.

"Pretty, pretty Pamy," he said, "sho, sho shexy. Daddy wanss Pamy."

Pam gasped loudly at her father's words. Jack raised his free hand and brought it slowly to one of her breasts and gently squeezed it. Pam stood in shock and raised her own hand. She had intended to pull his hand away, but when she placed her hand over his she realized that his groping felt good and she hesitated. She held his hand and pressed it harder into her fleshy breast.

Something screamed at the back of Jack Roberts' mind, but his drunken brain couldn't capture the thought. He released his cock and reached up to unbutton Pam's shirt, but found his hands incapable of the task. Pam reached up and did the unbuttoning for him and let the shirt slip off her shoulders and onto the floor. She reached behind herself and felt for the clasp to her bra. She unhooked it and shrugged her shoulders. The bra fell away and clung to her breasts for a brief moment before it tumbled to the floor.

Jack gasped as he saw her perfect breasts appear. He raised a hand to each breast and squeezed them gently. He grasped a nipple between the fingers of each hand and rolled them gently. Pam moaned as the sensation coursed through her body.

"Sho pretty," Jack said as he fondled his daughter's breasts. "Sho grown up."

Pam raised her hands and held her father's to her breasts. She had never imagined that it would feel so good. She looked down at her father's cock and watched as it throbbed and swayed. A drop of fluid oozed out of its tip and coursed down the front of it. It was like watching a tear run down a cheek.

Pam got a sudden urge and she sank down to her knees. She grasped the large cock and stroked it. Jack moaned loudly and watched as his daughter played with his cock. Pam finally leaned forward and kissed it.

"Yeshhhh!" Her father moaned and put both of his hands on top of her head.

Pam opened her mouth and let her father push her head onto his cock. The plum shaped head popped into her mouth and she wrapped her lips around the hot, meaty shaft. The invading cock pulsed and jerked as Jack guided his daughter's head up and down in his lap. Jack surrendered to her ministrations and fell back onto the bed. He moaned as Pam continue to suck on his swollen member. Hot blood coursed through his body as his arousal grew and grew. Suddenly, Jack thought clearly and his eyes shot open.

"Dear God!" He gasped and sat up, "No, Pamy, no!"

Jack grabbed his daughter's face in both hands and pulled her sucking mouth off his cock with a loud plop. Pam looked at him with glazed eyes and her mouth still rounded in and 'O'.

"No, Pamy," he said trying to focus, "we mushn't."

"Please, daddy," Pam implored, "I want to."

The emotions of the day; the sense of loss and tragedy, had awakened the basic instinct in her to mate. The drive was strong and she needed release. Pam pushed herself up onto her feet and quickly pulled off her pants and panties. She stood naked before her father. She saw his eyes travel up and down her body. She saw his gaze pause at her cunt and how his eyes ate up her breasts.

Jack looked at the naked beauty of his daughter and felt the desire surge through his body. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Her breasts were perfect. They were big and round and stood up proudly. Her nipples were red and fat. Her trim, flat stomach flared into gently curved hips. A small amount of sparse blonde hair curled atop her swollen cunt. He could see moisture on her cunt lips and he wet his own lips with his tongue. He surrendered to his desires and pulled her down onto the bed. He crushed his mouth onto hers and drove his tongue into her mouth.

Pam tasted the smoky flavor of the scotch whiskey on his tongue as she sucked it into her mouth. She felt her father's hand slide down her back and grab her ass cheek. He kneaded her there and pulled her body harder into his. She felt his hard cock press into the side of her hip and she reached down to caress it. Jack moaned into her mouth as he felt her fingers wrap around his cock.

He pulled away from her mouth and looked down at her caressing hand. He rolled both of them over and lay on top of her. He drove his mouth onto hers again. He felt her legs spread and his cock came to rest on her stomach. He felt her hand reach down between them and grasp his cock. Jack raised up a few inches and Pam guided his cock to her cunt.

Jack looked into her eyes as his cock poised at her entrance. He saw the feverish desire there and slowly pushed his swollen member into her. His cock slid into her tight cunt. Inch after inch slowly disappeared into her. Pam gasped and arched her back as she felt herself being invaded. His cock seemed to drive up into her stomach. She felt so full and yet he kept on pushing. Finally, the head of his cock rested against her cervix and Jack just held it there, letting her get used to the feeling.

Pam hungered for more and tried to move her pelvis, but his weight prevented her from moving.

"Fuck me!" She moaned. "Please, fuck me!",

Jack pushed himself up onto his arms and looked down between their bodies. He could see where his cock disappeared into her cunt. Her cunt lips stretched obscenely around his fat shaft. Jack slowly pulled back and watched as the inner lips of her cunt stretched and pulled out with it. He pulled it out a few inches and then pushed it back in. Pam groaned and muttered.

"What?" Jack asked. "What do you want?"

"I want you to fuck me!" Pam nearly shouted and pushed her pelvis up against his. "I want you to fuck me hard!"

Pam couldn't believe she was saying these things. She didn't know where they were coming from. It was as though she had been taken over by a different person and she could only watch from inside of her mind.

Jack pulled his cock half way out and then slammed it back into her.

"Oh, fuck! Yesss!" Pam groaned and arched her back again.

Pam's juices flowed around his cock and lessened the friction. Jack started stroking in and out of his daughter. He stroked slowly at first. Pulling his cock out until only the head stayed within and then sliding it back in. He pulled out slowly one more time, but this time he drove back in hard and fast.

"Yesss!" Pam cried out. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Jack plowed into his daughter with long fluid strokes. He watched her face as she chewed her lower lip and tossed her head from side to side. Pam moaned and groaned as the pleasure built up inside of her. She couldn't stop herself from yelling out as the pleasure mounted.

"That's it. Fuck your little girl. Drive that big cock into me," she said as she stared into her father's eyes.

"I'll give it to you," Jack said as he slammed into her.

The look in Pam's eyes got even more intense as he fucked hard into her battered cunt.

"Yess! Yesssss!" She wailed. "Fuck me hard. You like it. You like fucking your little girl don't you? Don't you?"

"Yes!" Jack answered her. "I like it. I want to drive my cock into you until you beg me to stop."

"Do it! Do it!" She screamed. "Drive that big fucking cock into me. Fuck me all night. I want to feel that big fucking cock filling me up. Fuck me!"

Jack groaned as the pleasure engulfed his body. His sweat glistened on his body as he worked hard at pleasing his daughter. He could feel his balls tighten and draw up against his body. He picked up the tempo as he knew his cum would soon come boiling out of him.

Pam felt the urgency of her father's motions and knew he was about to cum. She met his downward strokes with thrusts of her own and could feel his shaft stroke against her clit. She could feel her own orgasm building and her breathing became hard and deep.

"Yes, yes, I'm going to cum," she moaned and wrapped her legs around her father's waist.

Her father's cock swelled inside of her and suddenly she felt the hot splash of his cum. That was all it took and the waves of her orgasm cascaded over her.

"Ohhhh, fuck!" She wailed and tossed from side to side.

Jack pressed his cock into her and felt the jets of cum escape his body. He trembled on his outstretched arms and collapsed on top of her. He could feel her cunt milk his cock as the ripples of her orgasm contracted her muscles. Pam's body was as rigid as a bar of steel. Her legs squeezed hard around his waist and her hands clawed at his back. He felt the sharp burn as one of her fingernails tore into his skin, but bore the pain. Pam finally relaxed and her arms and legs fell away. She lie beneath him and her breath came in gasps.

"Oh, daddy. That was so good," she whispered.

Jack rolled off his daughter and covered his eyes with a forearm.

'My, God. What have I done? I fucked my own daughter!'

The emotions caught up to Jack and tears started to fall from his eyes. Pam felt her father's body shake and she looked over at him. She could feel his agony and she rolled over and hugged him.

"Don't be sad, daddy," she told him and kissed his cheek.

Jack wrapped his arms around his daughter and hugged her tightly.

"I'm so sorry, Pamy," he told her.

Pam pushed her father away and looked into his tear blurred eyes.

"No, daddy!" She implored. "Don't be sorry. Please, don't be sorry."

"Pamy, this was wrong. We should have never done this," he told her and frowned.

"I don't care, daddy," she told him. "I wanted to do it. I love you, daddy."

"Ah, baby," Jack said and hugged her again. "I know you love me, and I love you too, but we shouldn't have done this. What would people say."

"Oh, daddy!" Pam mumbled into his chest. "People won't know. I'll never tell anyone."

"I know, Pamy. I know, but I still feel bad."

Pam refused to accept her father's feelings. She wanted, no, she needed him to accept what had happened without remorse because if he didn't she knew that this would build a wall between them.

Pam slid off the bed and grabbed one of her father's hands and tugged on it. Jack looked at her and frowned.

"Come on!" Pam insisted.

Jack slid off the bed and onto his feet. He swayed for a moment and realized that he was still drunk. He let Pam lead him into the bathroom and watched as she turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. She pushed him into the shower stall and he was surprised when she came in with him. He stood there and let her soap up his body. She washed his back and chest. She soaped up his arms and then bent over to do his legs.

Jack surrendered himself completely and savored her delicate and caring touch. The warm water seemed to help the throbbing in his head and he closed his eyes. His eyes popped open as he felt her hands grasp his slimy cock. He watched as she gently soaped his cock and balls. She paid special attention to them and her washing turned into a fondling. His cock tried to rise, but couldn't. It filled out slightly as she stroked a sudsy hand along its length.

Pam marveled at the heft of her father's cock. She was amazed that this part of his body could bring her so much pleasure. She still found it hard to believe that the wanton girl of earlier was she. She had never said those words before and had only heard them at school, but they had come rushing out of her as naturally as breathing.

"I think that you're wasting your efforts, Pam," her father said.

She looked at him and frowned then realized that he thought she was trying to arouse him again.

"I... I was just fe... feeling it, dad," she told him and saw the understanding in his eyes.

Jack turned under the spray of the shower and rinsed himself off then he reached for the soap and Pam's eyes widened as she realized that he was going to do the same thing to her. Jack turned her and washed her back then reached around and washed her breasts.

His soapy hands explored their weight and he marveled at how solid they were. He also marveled at how big they were and how he had never been aware of their size before. They were bigger than his wife's and Pam was only fourteen. He released her breasts and moved his hands down to her waist. Unlike her father, Pam became aroused at his touch and she watched her nipples pucker and extend from her body. She felt the warmth spread through her cunt.

Jack washed the cheeks of her ass and drew a finger between them. Pam shuddered as his finger passed over her sphincter. Jack felt her reaction and moved his finger back down to her nether hole. He soaped his hand and slowly pushed his finger into her ass.

Pam groaned and clutched his other arm. Jack slowly slid the finger in and out and felt her ass relax. He pulled his finger out and Pam moaned at the loss. Jack bent over and soaped her legs. He felt slightly dizzy for a moment and took in a deep breath. He had to stop drinking he told himself. He stood behind her once again and placed the soap over her fuzzy patch of hair.

He worked up a lather and then put the soap aside. His hand moved through her curly hairs and down onto her cunt lips. Pam moaned and a shiver went through her body. Jack parted her lips slightly and moved his finger up to her clit. He found the little swollen button and circled his finger around it. Pam moaned and leaned back into her father's body.

They were both surprised when they realized that his cock was hard again. It slid into the crack of her ass and Pam pushed back against it and clenched her ass cheeks. It was Jack's turn to moan.

Jack's fingers eagerly parted her cunt lips and he pushed a finger into her. Pam moaned louder and rubbed her ass up and down on her father's cock. She reached behind her and bent his cock down and trapped it between their bodies. She worked he ass up and down as he shoved another finger into her cunt and stroked her clit with the other hand.

She groaned loudly as the head of his cock rubbed against her ass hole. She was trapped between two pleasure centers and didn't know which to surrender to. She never imagined that he ass could be so sensitive and she suddenly wondered what it would feel like to have his cock in there.

Pam bent forward slightly and reached past her father's hand and between her legs. She felt her father's balls and then the head of his cock poked her arm. She felt around and grasped his cock. Jack wondered what she was doing and looked down between them as she pulled forward slightly.

Jack's eyes opened wide as he saw her line up his cock head with her asshole. He felt her push back against him and he held on to her hips. He pressed forward slightly and watched as his cock nearly bent in two. Suddenly, the head of his cock pressed past the sphincter and half of his cock slammed into her ass. Pam groaned and quickly straightened up.

"So big," she moaned.

"I'm sorry, Pam," Jack said and started to pull his cock out.

"No!" Pam gasped and reached behind her to hold him in place.

They stood like that for a minute as the water sprayed against their bodies. Jack looked down and saw the small red mouth of his daughter's asshole grasping his cock. He watched as more of his cock slowly slid into her as she pressed back against him. His cock disappeared into her and he moaned at the clutching of her asshole.

She slowly slid part of his cock out and then pressed back into him. He let her set the pace and after a half dozen strokes his cock was sliding easily all the way in and out of her. She tried to increase the pace, but only succeeded in pulling her ass all the way off of his swollen cock.

"Put it back in! Put it back!" She practically wailed.

Jack grasped his cock and holding it at the head he squeezed it and pushed against her opening once again. His cock slid in easily this time and he heard Pam grunt as she accepted his girth. She wasted no time in slamming her ass back against him and this time Jack grasped her by the hips so that he could guide her.

Nancy had only let him fuck her there once and it had been such a bad experience that he had lost his hard on and she hadn't spoken to him for several days. But, Pam was different. She seemed to be enjoying the sensation of his fat cock sliding in and out of her. She picked up the pace and started stroking back and forth. She grunted every time he pushed into her. Pam placed both hands against the shower wall and bent down further to make it easier for her father to fuck her ass.

Jack bent his knees slightly and started pummeling her asshole. Pam couldn't believe the feelings spreading throughout her body. They were different than before, but just as good. She lowered a hand and sought out her cunt. She moaned as her fingers made contact with her clit and she began to stroke it hard.

Jack was lost in his ecstasy and fucked like a machine. The pressure around his cock was constant and intense. He watched as Pam tossed her head from side to side. He could hear her mumbling, but didn't know what she was saying. Her curly mop of hair had straightened under the constant spray of water and lay plastered against her back.

He was mesmerized by the flow of water down her flawless skin. He raised a hand and slowly traced a finger along her spine. Pam shuddered at his touch. Jack's hand slid along her side and reached around to grasp one of her breasts. Jack squeezed her fat tit and then rolled the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Pam let out a loud shout and he felt her shudder. Pam's back arched as her orgasm rushed up her spine and down into her legs. Her mouth opened and a strange animal moan escaped her throat.

The sound of his daughter's throaty moan spurred Jack on and his cock slid in an out of her like a jack hammer. He clutched her sides and pushed himself all the way in as his own cum spurted out and into her bowels. Jack's own knees trembled and he found it too difficult to stand. He slowly folded onto his knees and Pam went down with him.

They both knelt on the hard tile floor and laughed as the cooling water rushed over them. Pam reached back and pulled her father's face over her shoulder. She twisted her head and they were barely able to embrace. Jack felt the warm fullness of his daughter's lips embrace him and his entire soul seemed to pour into her.

Jack had crossed a bridge and didn't dare look back to see if it was burning. He was afraid to find out on which side his daughter would be.

The End


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    Well written ...Awesome.
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    Written well very erotic