A black limo pulled up to the curb, just before a dark haired, young woman, bounced out from the back. "See yah Uncle Tony, thanks for the ride."

"No problem Lisa, see yah Friday, at my place," a deep voice faded away, as the car sped off.

"Can't wait," Lisa said to its taillights, before she skipped up the front walkway to her house.

"Mom, Mom where are you?" Lisa said with glee as she entered the house. "Mom, Mom."

"What is it dear?" Her mom said, rushing into the room. "You Ok?"

"Mom, oh there you are. Oh man it was so cool, I was like walking, because I missed the bus, and Jill already left me, to see her new boyfriend, he's such a hunk, it was pretty warm today, huh?"

"Slowdown Lisa!" The older woman barked, at the rambling teen, but she just continued. "Ok sorry, well like a said I was walking, which stinks, and a big black limo thingy pulled up. I was like wow, and well it was Uncle Tony's and he gave me a ride home. He had this real pretty girl with him too, I think he likes blondes. He also said he didn't forget my 18th birthday, he said he wanted me to pick my present up personally at his house. I wonder."

"Absolutely not!" Her mom interrupted with, and scampered off to the kitchen.

"What the...Why not...Mom?" Lisa moaned out, in hot pursuit.

"I told you to stay away from Tony, didn't I?" Lisa's mom snapped. "Now that's it."

"That's not fair, he's always generous."

"Oh yah, he's a regular Monty Hall."

"Mom I don't know who that is, but what's wrong with me going over to Uncle T's?"

"Just do what I say Lisa."

"I'm 18 now and."

"Don't throw that around Missy, 18 is just a number, you still live under my roof."

"Just tell me for once what happened between you and Uncle Tony, I mean we all use to be so close."

"And then your father ran off with his secretary!" Lisa's Mom snapped.

"I know mom, I've heard that story a Zillion times."

"Lisa listen, just stay away, and don't call him, Uncle."

"That's not good enough, even though he's not really my uncle anymore, he still treats me good, like today, he was funny and he."

"Oh I just bet, he's a real funny guy!"

"Maybe I will just ask him!" Lisa snapped as she turned to leave.

"YOU get back her Missy and sit your ass down." Lisa's mom shouted, as she flung Lisa into a chair by her arm, before the two spent some time locked in a stare down.

"Well you know when your dad left, he left us penniless," Lisa's mom finally started, her voice filled with anger. "Well you were just starting high school and I was just starting to move up at the firm. I just needed some quick cash to get us by."

"So, what you owe him money?"

"No, I paid my dept!"

"Then what happened?"

"Well you know that Tony is, you know... Connected?"

"Yah I kind of got that feeling he wasn't in the Rubbish Business. Plus dad told me how he got out of the family business, when I was born."

"Really, you never told me that."

"Yah I did, you just weren't listing." Lisa sneered.

"Well I just think I and you, should stay away from that life."

"C'mon mom, I just want my present. Ah, I'm not going to join the James gang or anything."

"Well Lisa, I went over to his house one day too, for that loan, and let's just say it was the stupidest thing I ever did."

"What happened mom?" Lisa cried out. "You have to tell me now!"

"All right, all right, I'll tell yah..."Her mom cried out. "Well when I got there, I knocked on the door. A large man answered. I remember that he was built like a football player. He had a goatee and shaved head and he was kind of scary looking."

"Kind of helpful, to have scary bodyguards," Lisa interrupted.

"Yah I guess, but I was already nervous enough, so it didn't help. Well I told him who I was and he let me into the front foyer, but he suddenly stopped me and said he wanted to search my purse. I wasn't really too surprised by this, but I was when he said he wanted to search me too."

"Oh my," Lisa moaned. "So?"

"So I could see two other men, sitting on a couch, seemingly bigger than this one, watching now. I mean I tried talking him out of it. I even told him who I was again, but he just said it was his job. He kept telling me to extend my hands out straight, by my sides, like I had wings or something."

"You were coming from work?" Lisa asked.

"Yah I was coming from work, so I was dressed in my business suit. It was a little hard to get my arms out straight, so he told me to take off the jacket, and ah finally I did. I remember that at least he hung it up on a wall hook.

"When he came back over he slipped behind me, and I was left looking directly at the other men, who were watching intently, as he ran his hands over my shoulders and then they lowered and lowered. It was all I could do, not to bolt out of there, as his hands started to travel up, only this time, they were coming up my front. I mean I just met this man and now he's, you know."

Lisa could only stare wide-eyed at her mom as she pictured it happening, as her mom spoke.

"Well to be honest, they lingered in all the places you think they would." Lisa's mom said as her voice wavered.

"Yah they got a good going over too," she said as she caught her daughter's eyes focused on her large breasts.

"Oh sorry mom," Lisa moaned, as she knew how much her mother hated when people stared at her large breasts, so then trying to change the subject Lisa added, "and then you got to see Uncle Tony?"

"Not quite, let's just say they had some fun with me."

"Oh my gosh!" Lisa gasped out fearing the worse. "They didn't rape you mom, did they?"

"Gosh no Lisa," her mom moaned. "He and they, never even touched me, after that."

"Wait mom, I'm confused, you said."

"Oh they had their fun with me, just not like that," Lisa's mom interrupted. "You're still a little young."

"Mom I'm an adult now, don't treat me like that" Lisa snapped.

"Ok, Ok, but don't interrupted me, and you can never tell anyone about this." Lisa's mom said shaking her head. "Swear."

"I swear," Lisa quickly mumbled as her heart raced.

"Well after he finished with his manual pat down, he stepped back and looked me over and then he simply told me to take off my blouse and skirt."

Lisa moved to the edge of seat, while her mom continued, while looking down at the table. "I was petrified, I mean I tried to talk them out of it, but the bald guy just kept saying, Strip or split. Well sometimes desperate people do desperate things, so I took them off and he hung then up as well. I was praying that they would stop there, but of course they didn't."

"Oh my," Lisa groaned, as she just couldn't help herself anymore. "What were you wearing?"

"Lisa!" Her mom snapped.

"I didn't mean it like that," Lisa embarrassingly mumbled. "I was just wondering."

"Please this is embarrassing enough, but if you REALLY need to know, I had a silky bra and matching panties, Oh yah of all days, I also had on a garter belt and thigh high stockings. Well honestly I didn't have the bra on for long, as that was next to go. I wasn't really surprised, as they had been staring at my boobs since I first got there, but still..."

Lisa, back to her staring ways, whispered. "Go on mom."

"But it was still embarrassing to be standing in front of these thugs with my boobs sticking out, as they made rude comments about them, they also made me, you know play with them and shak'em. I thought that would be it. I mean they had their fun, but I was wrong again, as they wanted my panties as well. Well I put up a stink again, but when the other two guys started moving towards me, I was to scared not to, so I slipped them off and handed them over to the bald guy."

"What happened next mom?" Lisa excitingly spat, and quickly covered her mouth.

"God you're killing me Lisa." Lisa's mom snapped. Lisa offered up her apologies, before her mom started up again, her voice trembling. "Well the bald man seemed schooled in the act of humiliation, as he put me through a series of posses, each one more perverse than the next. Let's just say they got a good look at everything they shouldn't have and I was totally humiliated. Finally the bald man threw me my blouse and skirt, but kept my underwear."

"Why mom?" Lisa moaned.

"He said it was Tony's proof that I was properly searched. I guess it should have been a signal to me, as to just what Tony had in store for me in his office, but let's just say I got the money, but have been ashamed of it ever since."

"Mom what did Uncle Tony do to you?" Lisa snapped. "Did he Rape you?"

"No Lisa!" Her mom snapped. "Not really anyways...Geez Lisa, don't you know how things work for people like them?"

"I guess not," Lisa mumbled.

"Well it works like this, they do you a favor, you do them a favor." Lisa's mom said as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Lisa felt bad for her mom, but was still a bit confused and she also just couldn't help herself. "What happened in Uncl...I mean Tony's office mom?"

"Your gunna make me tell yah, aren't you?" Lisa mom said as her voice quivered. "Well just so you know what kind of man your beloved uncle is... He wanted me to show him how grateful I would be for his loan, as he came over to the chair I was sitting in. He was standing in front of his desk, just in front of me. I could see the hunger in his eyes, as he told me to show him my tits."

"It wasn't the first time he had asked me this and I wanted to slap his face, which is what I had done previously, but I was in too deep, so I unbuttoned my blouse for him... All's I will say is he wasn't happy with just looking. Next think I remember, was telling him that I absolutely refused to sleep with him, him being my ex-husband's brother and all, when I had to show him my pus...AH, my privates too."

"That's good mom." Lisa moaned. "I mean."

"Oh yah, that's good," Lisa's mom spat. "Well I still had to suck his cock."

"Oh my." Lisa quickly gasped.

"That's right, your good ole uncle, had me down on my knees, with my blouse open and skirt wrapped up around my waist, like a common whore, as he used my mouth for his perverse pleasure. Is that what you wanted to hear?" Lisa's mom said as she fought back more tears.

"I'm sorry mom, but why didn't tell me?" Lisa moaned.

"I just did...Look I had to wait until you were older," Lisa's mom mumbled. "Ok honestly I was hoping to never have to tell you, but now you know why you have to stay away from Tony. He's not a nice man."

Lisa was stunned, so she just nodded.

"No I need to hear it, you promise to stay away from Tony," Lisa mom barked out. "Promise me."

"I promise," Lisa finally moaned as she hugged her sobbing mom. Her mom finally broke away, saying she needed a hot shower. Lisa retreated into her bedroom and immediately hopped on her bed. A bundle of nervous energy flowing through her body.

While her mom's story had frightened her, she also tingled with excitement that her mom, who most people described as a bit snobbish, was treated like a sexual plaything. She had also never heard her mother talk about sex like that before.

Lisa also couldn't help but think that maybe her mom had left some things out, or skimmed over them. Her mind was filled with questions. She wondered just how much did the bald man's hands linger on her body? What kind of posses did she have to assume once naked? Did she have to spread'em? Did they have surveillance cameras? Just how much did Tony violate her body?

Lisa was snapped out of her trance, just as she was picturing her mom, her mom sucking cock, by the ringing phone. She talked to her girlfriend for several hours, but just couldn't forget her mom's story. After a hot shower, Lisa slipped on an oversized T-shirt and retired for the evening. Her mind was still swirling. Her mom's story still ringing in her head. She wondered how her mom must have felt, while being ordered around by the bodyguards and then by Tony. Her body being served up like a buffet.

Lisa tossed and turned for hours, finally she went to the kitchen for some warm milk. When she returned to her bedroom, she sat on the bed and was about to clap her hands, when her wall calendar caught her eye. Friday was circled in red ink.

"Friday, only three days to decide." Lisa mumbled, as she clapped and the room went black. Lisa pulled the covers over her head. She tried to get to sleep, but she knew she had to decide just how bad she wanted her birthday present.

Lisa tried to get to sleep, but every time she closed her eyes now, she saw herself, not her mom, standing in Tony's foyer. His huge bodyguard's surrounding her five and a half-foot frame. Her mind bouncing around questions like volleyballs at the beach. Would they treat her like her mom? Would they want to search her too? Would they make her strip too?

Lisa's hand slowly wandered up under her shirt and ran over the swell of her breast, her nipples already in a state of excitement. She wondered if they would they like them, they weren't a large as her mom's, but they got their fill of stares at school. She shook with the thought, as she couldn't figure out why she even cared.

"Would Uncle Tony make me get completely naked too?" Lisa's eyes flung open at the thought. Her mind suddenly shifted to the one time she was completely naked in front of a grown man. It was for her mom's doctor. Her mom always complained that he always made her get completely nude for his exams, yet she still insisted on sending Lisa to him, for her first adult exam.

Lisa's heart raced, as she flashed back to his office. She could still hear the doctor calmly asking her to take off her bra and panties. His eyes seemingly watching her every move as she did. Lisa's skin tingled as she remembered his cold hands on her breasts, manipulating her tender flesh, before slowly making there way down her body.

Lisa suddenly cringed, as she had done when he placed her feet in the dreaded stirrups. Lisa swore she saw a quick smile form on his lips when he sat down on his stood, staring in between her spread legs. Lisa moaned, as she could almost feel his finger enter her pussy again.

His female nurse's cold expression, and her shrugging shoulders, when Lisa looked to her for help, as the doctor opened the speculum, burned into Lisa's memory. The nurse wiping her pussy, with a paper towel, was the last image in Lisa's head, as she finally drifted off to sleep.

The next night, Lisa set up her stuffed animals on the bed. Her mom's story still dancing in her head, as she heard her stuffed animals telling her to strip. Lisa let out a gasp, and then giggled.

"Oh please Mister Panda Bear, don't make me, you know get naked." Lisa pleaded, but her stuffing filled friends were relentless.

Lisa focused on their eyes as she started stripping out of her school uniform. Lisa paused when she was down to her bra and panties, but she knew they wanted them off as well. She let out a nervous laugh, noticing that her hands were trembling, as she unsnapped her bra.

Her Panda Bear dark eyes, seemingly ominous looking now, as she rolled her panties down her legs, leaving her completely naked. She could only stand their stares, for a couple of seconds, before she grabbed her bathrobe, with a nervous giggle. "Bugzy what you looking at?" she cried out. "And Dino put your eyes back in you head."

The next night, Lisa set up her animals again, determined to be braver this time. She even drew a face on a pillowcase, and pretended it was one of Tony's bodyguards.

"You don't look so tough to me," she moaned, as she set it up on her rocking chair. She focused her eyes on it, before she cleared her throat and whispered. "I'm here to see my uncle."

"I'm going to need to search you first," Lisa answered herself, in deep growl, before she giggled. "Oh no mister, please."

"Up against the wall," she growled. Lisa followed her own command, as she assumed the position that she remembered seeing on her favorite police show. Suddenly Lisa's body shook, as she could almost feel strong hand's wandering over her defenseless body.

"Ok stand up and Strip." Lisa groaned out, before she squealed back. "Please mister, don't make me Strip."

"You heard me bitch, you can start with the top."

"Not the top, I'm not even wearing a bra, you'll be able to see my boobies."

"Let's go, that's the idea," Lisa growled, as her hands gripped the bottom of her shirt and slowly pulled it over her head, something she's done repeatedly over the years, but couldn't believe how different it felt, in front of an audience.

"Ah nice knockers," Lisa moaned in her deep voice. "Yah and is it cold in here or what? Look at those nipples."

Lisa ran a finger over a erect nipple and quivered as it snapped back into position. "Oh my, why are they so hard?" she asked herself, as she snapped the other one.

"Nice pink erasers, but we want beaver," she bellowed, after playing with her nipples for several minutes. She answered with. "Please sir, not my pants too."

"Yep there next, this is a Strip Search, it's all coming off Honeybuns!" Lisa groaned, before she unsnapped her pants. She wiggled her hips and the pants fell and bunched around her ankles. She stepped out of them and kicked them aside. She was left standing only in her white cotton panties.

"Let's go; time for the panties to disappear." Lisa said deeply, as she toyed with her waistband, before she took a deep breath and slid them down as well.

"We have bush," she moaned, looking down at her trimmed pubic area, never having the guts to completely shave it bare, like some of her girlfriends. "Ok you've seen me naked, can I see Tony Now?"

"Not yet, my little naked one. We need to see some pink." Lisa moaned to herself, her giggling long gone. "Please mister; don't make me spread'em for yah."

"Get on all fours, like a dog." Lisa couldn't believe what she just told herself, in her fake male voice to do. She could only shake her head again, as she sank down on the floor, her hands and knees supporting her.

"Let's see what you've got, spread them cheeks." Lisa said, just before she did it. She suddenly prayed that her mom didn't walk in her unlocked door, and that the elderly neighbor wasn't peeking in her window again. Lisa readjusted her grip, she gasped as she felt her burning flesh. Letting go of her grip, she ran a hand under her body, as her chest lowered to the floor and a finger quickly found her pussy. She found her flesh a flame, as her finger easily slid into her wet pussy.

Soon, Lisa could only let out soft moans, as waves of pleasure began surfing her body, while her finger moved in and out of her pussy, for several minutes. Her face painted pillowcase and stuffed animals watched, as Lisa forgot about her fantasy and simply enjoyed her body's reaction to her probing.

Friday rolled along, faster than Lisa wanted. She sat across the street from Tony's large mansion. She had made it this far, but just couldn't get out of the car; her mind changing quicker than New England weather. She had seemingly changed her mind a million times over the past two days. She only knew one thing, once she rang that doorbell, there was no turning back. She was also pretty sure Tony didn't have any stuffed animals.

Lisa glanced down at her outfit, still not sure about it either. She had changed a hundred times, before settling on a simple pink tang-top, and a white cotton skirt, that only came down to her mid-tight and always turned some heads, especially when she wore the white spiked high heels boots that rounded out her outfit.

"Why am I even thinking of going in there, but if I don't, I'll never know," Lisa kept saying over and over, her mom's story, running on replay. She suddenly ran her hands under her top, and unsnapped her strapless bra, as it was her favorite. Her G-string panties were uncomfortable, so she decided to keep them on.

"At least for now." Lisa moaned followed with a nervous giggle. "Ok Lisa, make up your mind. Could I really go through with it, like mom did? Could I really strip...Naked?"

Lisa was also torn, she didn't want to defy her mother, but she also wanted her birthday present. "I wonder what it is?" Lisa said out loud, remembering that Tony had said, Special Present. "Maybe he wants to pay for my college, or maybe it a special vacation, or, or, or maybe it's his cock." Lisa could only groan as she remembered the sly smile on Tony's face when he said it, and then remembered her mom's story.

"Uncle Tony wouldn't make me suck his cock too?" Lisa gasped. "Would he? Would I? Could I? Would he make me swallow? Or would he just cum on my face, like Billy Miller did to me? Oh brother, am I ready for all this?"

Lisa's hands rose to her face as it felt like her face was sun burned. Suddenly like a lightning strike, it suddenly flashed into her head "What if he wants more than a blowjob?"

Her mind suddenly painting a picture of her leaning over his office desk, Tony pounding away from behind her. She could almost feel him inside of her, as her mind moved on, to their different positions, as a conversation she heard years earlier about Tony being hung like a horse, played along.

She suddenly gasped, as the pressure in her pussy seemed to increase, or was it that her right hand had found its way to her groin.

"AHHH..." Lisa suddenly screamed out, as she heard a knocking noise on her driver side door. "What the fuck!"

Lisa's heart speed away, as her eyes focused on the face, pressed against the glass. She finally recognized it as one of Tony's bodyguards. Her hand trembled, as she pressed on the power window button, and gasped as the cool air flooded in.

"Tony will see you now." He bellowed as their eyes met, before his wondered lower and then lower, before he followed with. "My, My you might be even hotter than your mom."

Lisa could only gasp again, as he opened the door and as she did when he pulled her out of the car.

"But I guess we shall soon see about that." He snarled and Lisa gasped again at his comment and the fact that he followed it with a slap to her left ass cheek.

Lisa, on week legs, was led hand to ass, across the street. She knew there was no turning back now. She also knew that her questions about her mom's visit to Tony's would soon be answered, as was her burning need to know, just how Special, her present was.

The End


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