Last year I attended a convention in Atlanta for a group I belonged to. I was returning to my hotel from the World Congress Center by taxi and it happened that I was the only fare the driver had. So we were just shooting the bull as we drove.

It was my day there and I hadn't had time to familiarize myself with the city yet nor find out where the gay bars were. I've always heard that if you want to know where anything is in a city, ask a taxi driver.

So I decided I'd just do that. I was sure it wouldn't be the first time he had been asked this question, so it wouldn't shock him. I didn't care whether it did or not, because I would never see him again anyhow!

I said, "Can you tell me where the gay bars are in Atlanta?"

He responded matter-of-factly with the names of three or four different bars, adding that a couple of them were just a block from my hotel.

Then he said something to the order of "You swing in that direction, do you?"

I was a bit miffed that he had the nerve to question me about it. What the hell business of his was it anyway! But I answered, "Yes."

He observed, "I've always thought that whatever a guy did in bed was his own business." Then he dropped this bombshell, "I don't do anything myself, but I let a guy do whatever he wants to do to me."

I about flipped! "This guy is asking me to do him!", I thought.

He was a smallish black guy, not a hunk by any means, but he good looking in an unspectacular sort of way. And what the hell! I'm not such a knockout myself, so I can't be turning anyone down when he just offers himself to me. So I said, "Do you like getting your dick sucked?"

"Sure! Like I said, whatever a guy wants to do is all right with me." (I thought, "I wonder what he'd do if he got hold of some guy who was it heavy S&M or something?" So I told him to come up to my room with me when we got to the hotel.

When we arrived at the hotel, I paid my fair and he parked his cab in the garage and followed me inside. None of the old "you go up first and I'll come up in a couple of minutes" stuff for him. He walked in with me and got on the elevator with me. So I figured this wasn't the first time he had been in this situation.

I was a little nervous because he looked like a "street person" and I was dressed in a business suit. Here I was a successful looking white guy with this scruffy black guy in toe. I wondered what people were thinking as we made our way to the elevator.

But once in the elevator I started feeling his crotch, and attempted a kiss. He allowed me to kiss him, but there was no kissing back, just tightly closed lips.

As for the groping, it was okay, but what can you tell through Levis? Yah know what I mean? Put out because of his lack of cooperation, as soon as we got to my room, I told him to take off his clothes and lie on the bed. No foreplay, since there seemed to be no romance involved on his part.

He started taking clothes off, and I did the same. When he got down to his shorts and pulled them down, out dropped a BIG piece of swingin' meat, and my attitude immediately changed from resentment to intense interest! He flopped on the bed and lay there on his back with his hands clasped behind his head waiting to see what I'd do next.

I decided the direct approach was the best, since he wasn't interested in anything by a headjob. Why screw around sucking nipples, and feelups? Just get down to business.

I knelt between his legs and took that magnificent black snake in my hands started sucking on his soft shaft and fondling large balls. In no time his dick began to grow. It grew and grew and kept on growing until I was beginning to think we'd have to drill a hole in the ceiling to make room for it! It was incredible!

Well, my attitude then changed from interest to lust now. I mean size isn't everything, but it's way out in front of whatever is in first place! I have only had the agonizing pleasure of sucking on two, maybe three dicks this big in my long and checkered career as a cocksucker, and this guy was definitely one of those two or three. It must have been 11" or 12" long and as big around as my wrist.

I became a worshipper at his slick black phallic shrine, and didn't try to hide it. He had an amused smile on his face as he observed my awe at the size of his organ. He probably got that reaction all the time.

There isn't a lot you can do with something that big, but throw it over your shoulder and burp it. But I was determined I was going to swallow the whole thing. That proved to be Mission Impossible. (It has been my experience that guys who have huge cocks like this usually can't get a good hard on, but it wasn't so in this guy's case. You could have etched glass with it!)

There was no way it was going to bend so I could get it down my throat. If I tried to take the whole thing, all I was accomplishing was hurting my throat and probably making him uncomfortable, too; not to mention frustrating myself no end. So I decided that just sucking what I could of it would have to suffice and see how long it would take him to cum.

Well, I began to suck in earnest, and also do some exploring with my hands. First the balls, and then I slipped my hand down between his legs and started to probe around his asshole. Well, there wasn't any objection from him, so I pushed my finger in a little, then a little more, and still no objection.

In fact to my surprise, he hiked up his legs and made more room for me work. I started to tongue his ass, and he began to twist it around in circles. I thought, "Shit! I've found his weakness. He likes to get fucked! Maybe this won't be so one-sided after all," I thought.

So, I asked him, "Do you like being fucked?"

He answered, "Like I told you, whatever a guy wants to do is okay with me man!"

Well, I don't have to have a load of bricks fall on my head to take a hint! So I got some of my lube out of my suitcase, and lubed his asshole and my aching cock.

I probed his ass for a few more minutes with my finger just to be sure he was relaxed. Then I put the tip of my cock against his pulsing hole and pushed gently. It just plopped right in! (Tell me he wasn't experienced!)

He was silent, still with his arms behind his head; but he had his eyes closed and a faint smile of satisfaction on his lips.

I began to pump into him slowly. I enjoyed the way his ass was caressing my dick and drawing me in. Slow strokes became more rapid and soon I was fucking for all I was worth. I plunged into him with ferocity, my balls making a loud "slap" against his ass with each stroke.

My passion was short-lived and I couldn't hold back any longer. I gasped, "I'm cumming!" and he said, "Go for it, man!" And with a final lunge, I slammed my dick into his hot black ass as far as it would go and held it there as I shot gobs of jism into his guts.

I kept my dick planted firmly in his ass for several minutes as the tides of passion ebbed away, and I slowly returned to the world of reality. Then I slowly withdrew and let his legs down off my shoulders.

He said, "How did you like that?"

I assured him that it had been great and he was a fantastic fuck. Actually, I prefer for a guy to show some enthusiasm, but I wasn't in the mood to quibble. Besides, I had gotten more than I had expected.

He lay there, still with his hands behind his head, and his enormous cock still pointing toward the ceiling.

I started sucking on it again, using both hands to aid me in my task. I crouched between his legs, my head bobbing up and down on this huge member, as I sucked and slurped drawing him closer and closer to a climax. But he was so big that it was putting a severe stress on my jaws and they were really beginning to ache now. So I finally had to quit sucking and started jacking him off.

I flogged his black meat viciously for a few minutes and then I could detect that he was nearing his climax. He began to breath harder and his balls drew up against the base of his dick. A resumed sucking, and he began to pump his cock into my mouth and down my throat as far as it would go. I put my finger up his ass again, and this brought him over the brink.

He grabbed my head and held me down on his cock as gob after gob of hot white cum shot down my throat. He held me there for what seemed an eternity while his passion subsided, but finally my lungs were bursting and I had to come up off that wonderful rod and gasp for air.

As we put our clothes back on, he asked me the usual inane questions about how long I was going to be in town, and maybe he'd come back to see me. But I knew that was all just crap and answered him in kind. But I was awfully glad I had run into him this one time.



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