Hello again. If you have read my previous stories you will know that I'm a married woman who loves to have sex with boys.

The ringing of the phone ruining the mood I got up to get it. I was watching on of my favorite home movies while I fucked myself with a vibrator when the phone rang.


"Hi Rachael, it's Jen."

"How are you sweetheart?"

"Oh I'm fine. I have a favor to ask you."

"Sure anything."

"Well Jack and I are going for a weekend vacation and at the last minute our babysitter fell through I was wondering if you could check up on Alex for me while were gone."

"Of course I will."

"Great I'll stop by in a bit a bit and drop off the keys."

Oh this was going to be a lovely weekend. I had been hoping to get a little time alone with Alex. He was growing into a handsome looking man and I wanted to get to him before the neighborhood girls did. I love unsoiled boys. I showered and got dressed before Jen arrived.

"Hi sweetheart how are you?"

"I'm great Rachel. We are finally getting away just me and Jack and I just can't wait."

"You can't wait for some private time you mean."

"Oh god, it will be great. I haven't really gotten it good in a while. I'm looking forward to getting my brains fucked out. Here are the keys. If you could just stop by that will be fine. My babysitter was suppose to stay there all weekend but she had some emergency."

"Don't worry I'll take good care of Alex." I could feel my pussy start to run at the mere thought of the things I was going to do to that boy.

After Jenny left I called my husband at work and told him what happened with Jen's babysitter and that I would be watching Alex. I then packed a few things and left for Jen's house. I let myself in with her key and looked around. I had been in their house an untold number of times, but never like this. I walked around with a feeling of a cat stalking the mouse.

I went into Alex's bedroom. Typical teenage boys room. He had a bureau, a twin bed that was neatly made (probably by his mom), a nightstand with an alarm clock and a lamp. In the corner of the room was a hamper with dirty clothes around it. Two windows and a closet completed the set up. I sat down on his bed. I thought to myself this is where Alex lays at night beating off. The thought of him stroking his cock made me wet.

I pulled my skirt up and slipped my middle finger passed my panties and up my wet steamy cunt. "Oh that's nice." I didn't want to bring myself off but I just had to touch myself. I pulled my finger out and was about to lick it clean when

I had idea. "I just leave a little present for Alex." With that I whipped my finger off on his pillow. "He'll get hot smelling my juice and not even know why." I looked under his bed. "Huh, no porn. All boys hide porn under their beds."

Not wanting to miss out on further explorations of the house left and went to Jens bedroom. I looked through their drawers and found several vibrators. "You really have been gagging for it huh Jen?" I said to myself as I held a bid fleshy fake cock in my hand. I pressed it to my nose and could smell the unmistakable odor of a woman in heat.

I could picture her laying on the bed stuffing the huge fake cock up her pussy. Humping it in a quiet frenzy to get off and not alert anyone of what she was doing. As I thought this I had started to rub the head of the fake cock into my own hole. I replaced the dildo and continued my search. In one of Jacks Drawers I found a couple of tapes and an envelop of photographs. The photos were of Jen.

One had her face down on the bed with her ass in the air. Cum was leaking out of her cunt. Most of them were similar. Jen naked in some pose showing off her charms. Then there was on photo of her on her knees with a big black cock in her mouth. She was on her knees sucking this mans cock.

"I wonder who wanted to take this Jen or Jack?"

I took the video with me and wondered around some more. I sat on the couch with my legs spread wide and watched TV until Alex came home. When he came home and saw me sitting on the couch he was stunned but by the swelling in his pants I could tell that he was defiantly aroused.

"Hi Alex."

"Hi Mrs. O'Neil. Are my parents still here?" He asked not understanding my presence.

"No they have gone away as planned but your babysitter wasn't able to make it, so I'm filling in."

"Why wasn't she able to make it?"

"I don't know but I'm sure that you and I will have a wonderful time together. Why don't you put your stuff in your room and we will go get something to eat."

"Alright." He replied a little dejectedly. Apparently he was looking forward to seeing whoever was going to babysat him. I went to his mom's room and removed my panties and waited for him in the living room.

"All set handsome?"

"Yea, where are we going?"

"I thought that we would go to that little place down the street I hear they are good."

"Ok fine with me."

When we got into the car I made sure that my skirt was riding high on my thighs. It was just barely concealing my pussy. I leaned over and unlocked the door for him. He immediately noticed how much of my legs were bare. I planned to keep him hard all night long and when I was ready I would take him.

As I drove I asked him questions about how his summer was going and was he looking forward to going back to school. He answered all the while staring between my thighs. O that made me so wet. When we got to the restaurant he shoved his hands in his pockets to try and hide the bulge in his pants. We got a booth in the corner and I started in on him half way through dinner.

"So Alex do you have a girlfriend?"

"No not really."

"You do like girls though right?"

"Of course but...I just don't understand them."

"It's ok Alex you just have to find the right girl or woman who will take care of you. Is there anyone special that you like?"

"Yea, there is this one girl who I like a lot but she won't be my girlfriend."

"Why not?"

"I don't know. I think she likes me but she wont be my girlfriend even though we do stuff together."

"Like what honey?"

"Huh, I can't tell you you'll tell my mom."

"No I won't sweetheart, honest. Just tell me as though I was on of your friends. Tell me everything." I said with a little grin. A cat looking at a mouse.

"Well, um, alright. We kiss and she lets me feel her tits and this one time she had one of her friends over and they both made me kiss them and then they made me take off my pants and show them my thing." He was talking very fast and excitedly.

As I listened I could smell my own pussy sent in the air. "Was your thing real hard when you showed them?"


"And did they touch it?"

"Only a little and after they did they made me leave the room for a long time."

"Why did they do that?" I asked as I ran my foot along his leg.

"I don't know but when I tried to go back in the room Becky, the girl that I like, was kissing Andrea between her legs and they were both naked. They kicked me back out and yelled at me."

By this time we were finished and were getting ready to leave so I broke off the conversation until we got in to the car. "Did you like what you saw when you went back in the room?"

"Yea," he answered distractedly.

I looked over at him and saw that he was gripping the front of his pants and staring at my bare pussy. "Did it make your cock hard Alex?"


"Like it is now from staring at my pussy."

"Um, yea... I mean I wasn't staring at your... um, I mean looking there."

I had jolted him out of the haze that he was in. "Yes you were I saw you."

"No, honest! I wasn't. It just looked that way."

I pulled my skirt all the way up around my waist and said, "You were not just looking at this pussy? My pussy, right her between my legs a second ago?" I said it I pulled my ass off the seat and made sure that he had a real good look between my legs.

"Well... maybe I was."

"We'll talk about this inside," I said as we pulled up to his house. When we got in the house I sat on the couch and hiked up my skirt again. "Alex come here. I want you to take a good look."

He had that stupid look on his face of excited, horny, and scared. That's just what I wanted. Good thing his cock was thinking for him. "That's it baby come here." He shuffled over and I made him kneel down so he could taste me. He looked up at me with those innocent eyes as I guided his face to my wet pussy. "Oh that's it sweetheart. Yea eat my little pussy out."

I was in heaven when he started to lick me. It's the greatest feeling when a boy like Alex first touches his tongue to your wet, aroused pussy. Virginal and innocent purity. With my urging he began to hungrily suckle at my opening. freeing my tits I rolled and pinched my right nipple.

"Alex you sweet boy, Oh your doing so well." I reassured him. For his first time pleasuring me he did well enough. I guided him his a hand on the back of his head and soothing words. "That's it Alex, eat me. That's it, that's it, oh I'm so close." My toes curled and I locked his face to my pussy. "YES Ahhhhh," I cried out as I came.

It was so intense. My hardest orgasms are always with boys the first time I take them. I was very heated up now. With his face all shiny from eating me I kissed him. As we kissed I drew him close. I wanted him inside me so bad, and from the hard cock in his pants I knew that he wanted the same. Breaking the kiss I asked," did you like that honey?"

"Yes," was his reply.

"What did you like, tell me."

"I liked eating your pussy."

"Oh Alex and you did so well to. Now it time for a special treat." I kept him between my open legs and began to unbuckle his pants.

Finally seeking the treasure that lay inside I was not disappointed. Some might say that they love a big cock. Big cocks are nice, but for me and my special friends, there is no substitute for a boy's cock. His 13-year-old balls had just the lightest of hair and his cock was like a rock. Hard like only a boy can be.

I debated whether to drink his first load or to have him spray his cock inside my vagina. I decided that my pussy would take his first load. I guided his cock to my opening and teasingly rubbed the head all over my lips and clit. "Are you excited Alex?" I asked with a teasing half grin.

Trying to bring some moister to his dry mouth he croaked a feeble "Y-yes."

I wanted to get him nestle deep inside me before he blew his load so I stopped teasing. Guiding his enlarge cock head to my hole I positioned him. "Push it in. Put your fat cock right up in me and fuck me. Fuck me real good."

He stood transfixed, looking at the union of our bodies. His cock head nestled in my wet opening. I smiled at him. So innocent, I slid my hands down his smooth back to his nice tight ass and spoke in a soothing seductive manner. "Alex honey I'm so hot for you please, push it up in me." Punctuated with a slight push on his tight ass.

His mouth still hanging open he looked up and gazed into my eyes. His breathing was labored as he groaned so softly, "Oh god yea," as though responding to his own private thoughts. Leaning forward to brace himself against the back of the couch he slide his hard boy cock into my ready hole.

When he bottomed out we both let forth a satisfied sigh. I sucked on the lobe of his ear and whispered, "Fuck my pussy baby, fuck it good."

He withdrew to give me his fist thrust but withdrew too far and pulled his cock out of me. He was in control now and quickly grabbed his cock and put it right back up me and thrust hard bottoming out with a grunt. He thrust harder and faster gaining more confidence and speed as he banged my juicy pussy."

"Uugh, yea, it feels so good in you, ahh yes, I love it." He was babbling.

I spread my legs and accepted his lust driven thrusts. He wouldn't last long but I knew that he would be ready to go in no time. Sure enough as I thought it he said, "Ahh, Ahh, I'm gonna spunk."

"That's it, that's it baby do it up my belly. Shoot it in up my baby hole." I held on to his thrusting hips as he quickened his pace. Rushing towards his orgasms. Slamming into me he grunted and filled me with his hot load. Looking up to his face contorted with the intensity of his climax, his neck straining, body tight, as he held himself deep in me I fell in love, as I do with each of the boys that I make into men.

He finished shaking the last of his come shot deep in my belly. "Was that good sweet hart?"

"Ahh Mrs. O'Neil that was the best thing that I-I have ever done. Your pussy is so hot and wet, Ahh and it grips my dick...I love you."

"I know sweetheart. Your still hard so when you're ready you can have me again." I hadn't oragmsed but I felt so good right now. Locked in that embrace. His cock in my belly, arms entwined, and the smell of sex and sweat, I knew that the next time would send me over the edge.

It didn't take long for Alex to be ready again. He hungrily kissed me and started to thrust. I had let him run wild the firs time but now I needed to control things.

"Go slow Alex. Take your time and go slow." Just in case he didn't get the message I held his tight ass and pushed when I wanted him to pump into me and let off when he could withdraw. He soon got the rhythm that I wanted down and I laid back to enjoy my new lovers young cock. I urged him on "Oh yea Alex you've got such a big cock. Make me come with it sweet hart. Make me come..." I urged my stallion on to thrust harder.

What a beautiful site we must have been. Me laying back on the couch. My shirt pulled up over my breasts and my skirt pushed up to my waist as my teenage lover trust himself into me over and over again. I bit his nipple as I got close to my orgasms. "Come on baby, oh I so close, so close!"

My tits shaking with the force of his thrusts up into my body. "Oh lover, Yea, YES. AHHHHH!!" I pulled him into me and squeezed his boy cock as I shook with my orgasm. As I came I was also away of his spurting cock sending his seed into me for the second time that day. Life is good.

I took Alex home that night. I decided that he shouldn't be left all alone in the house and he would be better off with me. Alex and my son weren't friends but they had hung out together as small children and knew each other because of my relationship with Alex's mom.

My husband and I made dinner while the boys watched TV. We ate and had a pleasant evening before settling down to watch some TV in the living room. One thing about taking on a new lover is that you can't keep your hands off of them. Combine that with Alex's youth and the fact that I had given him his first fuck earlier that day and you have a recipe for disaster.

Alex couldn't keep his hands off me all night long. He kept touching me whenever there was a free moment or grinding his hardon, which stayed hard all night, against me when he would "squeeze by". We were almost caught a few times with one of my breasts hanging out of my top or his hand boldly up my skirt. He had me flustered, I would have to train his to be more patient.

After cornering me alone n the kitchen I relented. "Come on I need it so bad," he whined. "Please I'll do anything just let me fuck you again."

The truth was I hated to hear him whine. I was going to have to break him of that, but my panties were so wet from having him around and rubbing that cock against me that I was already barely holding myself back. "Ahh sweetheart," I said gliding forward to rub his hard cock through his pants. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were in such a state." I'm a tease I know it.

Pulling my skirt up and moving my panties to the side I said, "Do you want this old, shriveled, woman's pussy?" teasingly bringing his hand into contact with my smoldering cunt.

"God yes! Please let me fuck you," he whined again.

"So I'm an old shriveled woman now?" I said in mock anger.

"No, no that's not what I meant."

"I'm sure it wasn't but that is what you said. I'll give you what you want but your going to pay for it later. Go sit with my husband and in a few minutes go to the bathroom." This was going to be the riskiest thing I had done since I took that boy back to my car at the school baseball game. The trill of public sex with a minor had over ridden my senses and I had thrown caution to the wind, as I was doing now.

I removed my skirt and panties right there in the kitchen and walked out to the living room. The couch is facing away from the kitchen so they couldn't see me walk in unless they turned around. Which given that they were watching TV and that they had no reason to think that I was half naked with cunny juice leaking down my thigh in anticipation of fucking an underage boy, in my own house, while my husband and child were home... AHHHH I was hot. Alex did however turn and his eyes almost burst from his head.

"Honey," I whispered into my husbands ear, "I'm gonna go take a shower."

"Alright" he responded in a half aware state.

I sauntered out of the living room half naked on my way to a secret bathroom fuck. In the bathroom I drop my skirt on the floor and got a towel out in preparation for my shower. Looking into the mirror my reflection said "Ohhh your such a slut."

"You bet I am." I retorted with a grin.

I couldn't resist stirring my honey pot waiting for my new lover. She WAS WET! Movement at the door caught my eye, Alex! I pulled him into an embrace and kissed him hard. Mmmmm. Breaking the kiss I said in my best cat caught the mouse voice "You've been a very naughty boy Alex and naughty boys need to be punished don't you think?"

Eagerly he replied, "YES Ma'am!"

So unsuspecting but if my training took he would be a great lover. "Good then on your knees and make me cum with your mouth."

"But what if we get caught? I mean your husband?"

"Then you better learn to either fight or make me cum real good and fast."

He was scared I knew. Fear makes us or breaks us. With a strong but gentle hand I guide him down to his knees. "Eat my candy sweetheart." I had reasoned that if I left the door opened then I could hear anyone coming, but I think that the risk in getting caught was what made me do it. Forcing my cunt against Alex's face I moaned out as he made contact with my steaming hole. Fear makes us or breaks us.

Well it inspired Alex to eat me to a mind-blowing orgasms. "That's it Alex, eat that pussy. Eat it real good. Euhh. Now my clit, suck my clit. Ahh, ahh yea Alex so good." I tried to be quiet, I tried to listen but all I could think of was that boys tongue in my pussy. "I'm cumming, uhgg!" I started to shake and I swear if I could have forced his head up my pussy he would have gone.

When I stopped shaking my mouth was dry and I felt a little dizzy. "That almost make up for calling me old before," I croaked. "Now give it too me hard and fast before someone comes."

Alex didn't need any prompting. I leaned over the sink and he slid his hard boy cock up into my wet recesses. "Oh god I love it," I silently breathed to the mirror. I could hear the slap of his balls on my wet cunny as he banged me. I loved the look in the mirror. My tits swinging with the force of his thrusts, his boyish face focused and concentrating on my pussy. This was heaven for me.

"That's it Alex fuck my pussy. Your so good baby, were gonna be such good friends."

"Ahhh I gonna cum soon."

"Go ahead baby. Come in me. Fill me with your cum. You want to get me pregnant Alex? Huh? You want to knock me up with your baby? If you're good I'll let you spunk in me and get me pregnant. You want that?" My own talk was getting me off. It was too much for poor Alex be cause his eyes rolled and with a grunt he unloaded his healthy teen cum up in my pussy.

I showered and got ready for bed. When I came out Alex was snoring on the couch while my husband and son watched TV. Later that night my husband was pretty randy and when we fucked he kept going on about how wet my cunt was. If he only knew!


  • Anonymous said:
    2 years ago
    I know that this story is soooo wrong in so many ways but as a boy I'd dreamed of being in these sort of situations with a few of my mums hot friends (30-35 yo women) when they looked after both me and my younger sister. If nothing else it just reminds me of those fantasys and the feelings I had as a constantly hard hormonal 14 yo boy. Very wrong but oh oh so hot. Thanks for the memories.