Since her mother died, Alice has assumed the household supervisor role and makes sure the domestic chores are taken care of. I don't know what I would do without her. I don't get home until after 6 p.m. most nights and she spoils me by meeting me at the door with a stiff drink and a kiss on the cheek. She ushers me into the house and informs me that she has my bath run.

I clean up and put on my bathrobe and we sit down for dinner together and I listen to what has been going on in her world for her that day. We both clean the dishes and then we relax and watch a movie in the living room. Alice screens all the movies first and picks out the ones she wants me to watch. This has been our normal routine for the past several years, but I am still trying to figure out what happened last Friday when I got home.

I was met at the door as usual, but Alice had made me an extra strong drink and she was looking very provocative in one of my old tee shirts. "Wow" I said as I gasped, "This is strong." My mind was reeling with her proud image framed in the doorway.

Alice smiled and said that it was Friday night and since there was no football game scheduled this weekend, we might as well enjoy each other's company. She had another mixed drink in her hand and I could tell by her flushed face, that she had been sipping on it. I always felt that if you tried to keep alcohol away from your kids, then they would drink it somewhere out of your control, so I didn't say anything to her.

My bath was ready she said as she took my hand and led me into the house. She followed me into the bedroom and watched as I began to get undressed. When I got to my drawers, I stopped and looked up to see if she would leave. She smiled mischievously and turned around and left the room. What has gotten into her, I thought as I stripped down and grabbed my robe and headed for the bathtub?

The water was nice and hot and I relaxed and sipped on my drink. My mind was freewheeling as I felt a warm buzz begin to build up from the alcohol. I wondered what Alice would have done if I had stripped in front of her just now?

The thought caused my scrotum to draw up and my penis began to stiffen and raise its head above the bath water. I glanced down at my swollen rod and smiled as I reached over and grabbed the soap and quickly scrubbed myself all over. I shouldn't be thinking about my daughter that way, I thought.

Stepping out of the tub, I picked up a towel from the hook and began to dry off. I placed my foot up on the toilet lid and began to rub down my thigh. When I bent over to dry my leg a movement in the mirror caught my attention and I could see Alice staring at my nakedness from the doorway. Her hand was inside her panties and I could see her fingers moving through the thin material! I didn't change my position and continued to slowly dry my leg up and down while observing her behavior in the mirror.

It was hard to imagine my daughter doing anything so openly sexual, but her reflection was that of a female goddess. She was staring at my bare ass and my egg sized testicles that were hanging loose and this thought caused them to tighten and my dick flinched and started to stiffen.

I quickly grabbed my bathrobe and put it on and slowly turned around. There was no way to hide the tent pole sized hard-on that held my robe straight out away from my body. Alice smiled and walked up and handed me another drink, but her eyes were glued on the obstruction in my crotch. I gulped the strong shot and looked at her sparkling pixie green eyes. I wondered what she was thinking as she ran her tongue around the rim of her glass.

Alice often lounges around in the evenings in her tiny bikini panties and one of my old tee shirts. Tonight her nipples were erect and extended out the front of the tee shirt a full inch or more, which caused me to take another big gulp of my drink as I looked over the rim to observe her body better.

She was getting so tall that the tee shirt pulled above the lower part of her panties and I could see a defined crease in the silk between her legs. My boner grew harder as I stared at her. I shook my head to clear my thoughts. Man, my head was ringing from the strong drinks she had given me. I grabbed my boxing drawers and slipped them on under my robe.

"Let's go watch our movie." Alice grinned as she turned and led me into the living room. I plopped into my recliner and watched as Alice spread out on the floor in front of me and hit the remote to turn on the show. My eyes feasted on her young body sprawled before me and I noticed a damp triangle beneath the crevice of her flared buns. I need to quit thinking about her body I thought as I glanced back up at the movie she picked out for us this evening.

It appeared to be a typical girlie movie with a lot of teenage girls walking around in bikini's trying to get a lot of teenage boys excited. The plot appeared obvious at first, but to my surprise the girls start taking off the their tops to reveal some nice jiggling hooters. Their meaty breasts were swaying around as they danced on the beach.

I glanced over at Alice on the floor and she is still lying on her stomach and swinging her legs back and forth. This action causes her ass muscles to flex and relax and I can see the dark shadowed triangle of her panties flashing out from underneath and the moisture spot was getting larger.

Instantly I grabbed my drink and finished it with one gulp. My mind was reeling with the stimulus of the alcohol, the teenage nudes on TV and my daughter's buns bouncing on the floor with her pussy juice leaking out into her panties.

Alice glanced back and saw my empty glass and smiled and jumped up and said, "Here Daddy, let me make you another one." All I could do was look at her stiffened nipples poking out on that old tee shirt again and nod ok.

I flashed back to the time a few years ago when I woke her up for school. As I walked back toward my room I heard a scream, "Daddy, I'm bleeding." I rushed into her room and she had her panties pulled down to her knees and blood had filled them and was spread across her legs. The bed had a large bloodstain and my little girl was standing there terrified. I was not prepared for this, but knew I needed to stay home with her and together we would work it out.

I took her in my arms and hugged her and said, "My little girl is growing into a woman." I carried her to the bathroom to clean up the mess and ran a warm bubble bath and helped her get undressed and settled in the tub. I called work and took the rest of the week off and then called the drug store and talked with a sympathetic clerk who filled me in on all the things I would need to get for this Period.

"Daddy, what is wrong with me?" she asked. I didn't have any coaching on what to tell a little girl, so I did my best to explain how a woman's egg dropped once a month and waited for a man's sperm to make a baby. I could tell that I wasn't making a lot of sense, because she said, "Chickens lay eggs, Daddy, people don't lay eggs."

I laughed and said, "Yes chickens lay eggs, but in order to make a chicken, the hen needed a rooster to fertilize her eggs."

"Well how does he do that?" she asked.

"Ahh, well he... Males have penises that they use to stick in females vaginas."

"Huh?" she said. "Do you have a picture?"

I thought a minute and remembered that I had some Hustler and Penthouse magazines in the closet. "Hold on, I'll show you what I am talking about," and I dashed off to search the magazines. It wasn't long before I found some very suggestive pictures that should explain everything to her. She was sitting in the tub and flipping through my magazines and her eyes were big as saucers.

"Oh, the man's wiener goes inside the woman's wee wee, right dad? That's how it works." She had flipped to a page with an enormously sized dick with white creamy sperm dripping off the end.

My mind snapped back to the present when Alice came back to the living room, the scene on the tube had gone from teasing to pairing off of the couples. The guys were fondling and groping the young busts and everyone was kissing. The girls were feeling the front of the guy's swimsuits and you could see their bulging meat. Where in the world had Alice come up with this horny film I wondered.

I turned to look at Alice as she set two drinks on the coffee table. Her face was flushed as she asked, "Daddy, I want you to rub my back like you used to."

My robe was gaped open and before I could pull it together, she turned around and sat on my lap and pulled off the tee shirt to reveal her naked back. When she was little, she would sit on my lap and I would rub her back and rub her stomach at the same time. She would lean over onto my front hand and bounce around on my lap. The game was to see if I could get her to wiggle and eventually giggle.

I would start slowly by rubbing her shoulders with one hand as I massaged her stomach with the other hand. From there I would walk my hands around her back and ribs rubbing and tickling until she giggled. If she didn't giggle, I would crawl closer to her breasts, or panty line where I knew she was ticklish and she would giggle.

Tonight the air felt different and my heart was racing wildly as I felt her rocking gently in my lap. I couldn't stop my penis from stiffening up as her velvety skin glided on top of my silk boxers. We were facing the television as a young blond, pulled a huge prick out of young mans pants and started sucking on it. Alice rocked down and was grinding herself on my stiffening member while I kept rubbing her bare back and stomach.

My hands crept further upward and since she didn't giggle I soon encased her soft budding breasts. The perky taunt nipples were extended as I gently kneaded them between my fingertips. First one and then the other which brought soft moaning sounds from her lips. My other hand began to trail downward to massage her ass, which was rocking back and forth with an enchanting rhythm. The heat from the friction had my dong pulsing upward and caused the head to slip out of the slot in my drawers. I felt the sensation as it nosed into the soft silky texture of her moist panties.

She leaned her head back on my shoulders and moaned at the pressure of my manhood. Slowly she began to slide herself back and forth across my stiffness. I slipped my hand inside her panties and felt the satin touch of her sparse pubic hair as I probed for her female opening. Her legs spread wider to allow my finger access into the juice filled void between her thighs.

As I inserted a finger into the heat filled chasm, Alice turned to me and began tongue kissing me like a wanton slut. The heat from her breath felt erotic on my face. I could sense her excitement in my mind as she ground up and down on my probing finger. Her hand reached around and clasped my flared meat and we both gasped with pleasure. "Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy." She said in my ear as she urgently pulled on my swollen dick skin.

Three guys were fucking the girl on the television while my daughter and I was groping each other up! We were naked on the floor before I could tell what was happening. Alice was sucking my dick and I had pulled her crotch on top of my face so I could lick her sweet pussy. Her pussy was so delicious and hot and the juice was flowing from it like a fountain.

I could feel her tongue and lips engulfing my member while her hands gently massaged my balls. She released my dick and sat up on my face and began rocking and moaning. I was teasing her clitoris with my mouth and chasing it with my tongue. She screamed and erupted with an incredible orgasm, which coated my face with fluid. Finally she pulled away and turned around and lay in my arms.

We kissed gently and lovingly as I caressed her body with my fingertips. I massaged her buns with my hands and gently prodded between her moistened thighs with my boner. She spread open for me and I slowly pushed my glazed gland head to the entrance of her vagina. The fluid between her legs welcomed my hot poker, but a last minute thought of doing this with my daughter caused me to withdraw.

Alice sat up quickly and reached back and grabbed my throbbing muscle and placed it back at the entrance to her tight girl pussy. Before I could stop her, she grunted and drove her weight down onto my solid stiff shaft, which glided right up into her waiting womb. I gasped with pleasure and guilt, as she sighed, "Oh yes, Daddy. Fuck me with your hot dick. I want it so bad." She was bucking up and down and there was nothing I could do, but to join in with her gliding dance.

I could feel the tension building as the glands engorged with blood. Alice's tight little pussy was milking me with hot fluid strokes and I couldn't hold back. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed as I started ramming into her without abandon. She was popping up and down and screaming, "Ahh, God, Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me so hard. I need it so bad. Fuck me with your big dick."

My eruption came from out of nowhere and I clamped her hips in my hands and embedded my shaft as deep as I could inside her tender young body. Shot after shot of hot semen sprayed into her pulsing pussy and I was helpless to stop the flow. At last, I released my hold and she fell over my chest and hugged me and started kissing me gently. Her tongue played with mine as we slowly cooled down. I could feel our combined fluid leaking out across my balls.

She held my shrinking member tightly inside her body and continued squeezing it with her internal muscles. Alice's young love muscles were strong and tight and rippled along my penis like electricity. She pushed herself up and spread out her legs wider to engulf me deeper and I began to grow again. Slowly my worm began to swell inside her body and as it penetrated her depths, she began to make longer grinding motions, which increased my growth further.

A primitive urging began to drive me and I flipped her over on her back and took over the dominant position. Relentlessly I began to drive my organ into her receiving cavity, harder and harder I plowed my tool. We were both grunting like animals and bucking like rabbits. Alice's hips were rising to meet my thrusts and we were slapping flesh together in bone jarring jolts.

"Ohhh, Fuck Me." She screamed as she suddenly stiffened and wrapped her arms and legs around me and locked up. My dick was encased with her contracting womb, which clutched like a hand. The sensations sent me over the cliff and I erupted with a machine gun stream of fluid deep down inside my daughter's quivering pussy. "Ohhh, God." Alice wailed as she tried to pull me inside as deep as she could.

Our orgasms rolled across our bodies like thunder sending bolt after bolt of energy to our brains. Gasping for air, we relaxed and looked at each other. Alice whispered, "I love you Daddy."

"I love you too, Alice," as the realization of what I had just done with my own daughter began to sink in. "How did I let this happen?"



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