Chapter 1


Angie Miller's heart pounded as she waited inside the minivan for Jason to check into the motel.

Angie and Jason worked together for the past two years. There were always idle flirtations with each other, but nothing compared to what was happening now. Angie enjoyed Jason's attention.

At age 40, Angie felt she looked great. She kept her 38C, 24, 36 body firm with weekly workouts at Jazzercise. After three children, the Jazzercise gave Angie the body of a twenty-year-old. At almost 5 feet 10 inches tall, Angie had to watch her weight, but the Jazzercise kept her at a thin 140 pounds. She cut her long hair short about two years earlier with she noted a couple of gray hairs. The short hair was easier for Angie to wear frosted in the style of most women. Her husband, Brad, hardly noticed or commented on the haircut.

Angie and Brad had been married for 21 years and in the past three or four years, Brad paid little attention to Angie. Brad was always working and too tired on the weekends to go out, except of course to play golf with his best friend and business partner Dave. It seemed to Angie that Brad and Dave should be the married couple. They were partners in their construction business and although the money was good, Angie wished that Brad would pay as much attention to her as he did Dave. Dave was divorced and did not have any responsibilities except himself.

About a month earlier, Angie shaved her pubic hair for the first time to just a little tuft and wore some sexy thongs and demi-bra trying to get Brad's attention. Brad had sex with Angie, but Angie felt he did it out of obligation more than desire. Angie wanted to be desired and that as the void Jason filled.

Jason started working at Angie's company about two years earlier. He was a "messenger" and looked to be about twenty-five. Jason was over six feet tall, long blond hair and very blue eyes. Although he wore baggy clothes, Angie could see that his body was very muscular. Angie, as a corporate vice-president's secretary was always needing Jason to deliver or get items so Angie interacted with him several times a day.

From the beginning Jason was attentive to Angie, commenting on her appearance and her attractiveness. Jason was a flirt and Angie in her heart knew that his flirtations were insincere, but his comments still made her feel good about herself and the way she looked. In the past six months, the flirtations progressed from just a few compliments to discussions about sex, occasional touching on the arm or leg.

About two weeks earlier, Angie wore her thongs to work with some thigh-hi stockings just to feel a bit sexier. The dress she wore was very clingy and a little shorter than normal. Everyone commented on how great she looked and Angie hoped Jason would notice. Angie was not disappointed as Jason's eyes widened and he let out a slow whistle when he saw her. Angie blushed and admonished Jason in a light-hearted way about the difference in their ages. Then Jason made a comment that stunned Angie.

"You have a come-fuck-me look today, that's dangerous around me," Jason said.

Angie pretended she did not hear the comment and rushed off to the restroom. Once inside, Angie sucked in her breath deeply as she felt the moisture between her legs. She went into one of the stalls and shut the door. Angie lowered her thongs to the floor and lightly touched herself. She gasped at the little shards of electricity that went through her. Angie found that her cunt lips were swollen with excitement and her clit ached to be touched. Angie sat in the restroom and slowly rubbed her clit thinking about Jason's comments until she exploded in a powerful orgasm.

Angie's last orgasm was over six months ago and the release almost completely drained her. Angie sat on the toilet for another 10 minutes trying to regain her composure before returning to her desk. She did not see Jason the remainder of the day and when Angie got home and removed her thongs, the material at her crotch was soaked. That night Angie tried desperately to interest Brad in sex without success. Angie was horny for the first time in many years and was unsure what to do about it.

Angie did not see Jason for a week and thought he was embarrassed. She overcame her feelings of want by reminding herself that she was 40 and the mother of three children. However, everyday she found herself searching for Jason. Finally he appeared and came right to her desk. Angie braced herself, but again as he approached felt the moisture between her thighs.

"I think you are about the sexiest thing around here," Jason said in a low whisper just inches from Angie's ear. "Meet me in the storage room at noon."

Jason picked up the packages and was gone. Angie tried to slow her breathing. She would not meet this young man anywhere she thought to herself. But her heart was pounding rapidly and Angie was curious. It was now 1030 in the morning. Angie busied herself with her work and tried to stay out of the bathroom even though she wanted to "relieve" herself.

At noon, Angie made her way to the storage room against her better wishes. The storeroom was in the basement and was a very large room that contained supplies and boxes of files. As Angie entered the storeroom, there was no light. Angie smoothed her skirt. Today Angie was wearing a mid-calf length skirt and blouse. Underneath her skirt, Angie wore conservative bikini panties, pantyhose, and a white bra. Angie was very nervous and her heart was racing as she tried to find a light.

"Don't turn on the light," she heard Jason order.

Suddenly two strong hands turned around Angie and Jason's lips found hers. Angie blurted out an objection as Jason's hands starting pushing her skirt upward. When Jason's hands squeezed Angie's asscheeks underneath her skirt, Angie let out a moan. Angie was like putty as Jason guided her back into the storeroom, kissing her and massaging her buttocks as they walked. When he stopped, Jason broke his kiss, drop down in front of Angie and raised her skirt above her waist.

Angie looked around the storeroom, unsure of how to stop this young man. Angie just stood still as Jason hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her panties and hose. Quickly Jason pulled the clothing down to Angie's knees. Angie mumbled protest as Jason spun her around and pushed Angie over onto a stack of boxes. Angie groaned as she felt the Jason's cock penetrate her cunt from behind. He was a lot larger than Brad but his cock slide into her cunt like a knife into butter. Angie was so wet and so horny that Jason pounded her only a couple of times and she exploded into an orgasm.

Jason placed one hand over Angie's mouth to make sure her moans and screams were not heard. With his other hand, Jason unbuttoned Angie's blouse enough to slip his hand inside and under her bra and cup her 38C tits. Jason pounded Angie's cunt from behind and pinched her hard nipple with his thumb and forefinger.

Angie started cumming again. She was shaking her head as her third orgasm started when Jason stiffened and she felt the enormous cock grow inside of her. Jason grunted and started thrusting in short drives and he sprayed the walls of Angie's cunt with his sperm. Angie was thankful her tubes were tied as Jason milked the last drop of cum into Angie and collapsed on top of her still cupping Angie's tit.

"That was great," Jason cooed and kissed Angie's neck.

Angie was in shock. She was not sure what to do. There was a tremendous amount of guilt in betraying Brad. Angie was a virgin when she and Brad met and he was the only man she had ever been with. Now, she was in a storeroom being fucked by a man 15 years younger. Yet, Angie felt a strong sense of fulfillment after three orgasms. Jason was still kissing her neck when he released her breast. Angie felt his limp cock slide from her cunt. Angie just lay still across the boxes trying to regain herself. She never even heard the door close.

Angie finally sighed deeply and stood up, panties and hose bunched around her ankles. She pulled them up, smooth out her skirt and looked around for Jason. He was nowhere to be found. Angie exited the storeroom and quickly walked to the nearest restroom. Inside, she looked in the mirror. Her blouse was still unbuttoned where Jason massaged her tits. Angie could see the firm whiteness of her breasts straining at the top of the bra. More disturbing to Angie was the glow in her cheeks, that "fresh-fucked" look she used to have when she and Brad first married. At the thought of Brad, Angie tried to rationalized what happened with Jason.

"He seduced me," Angie reasoned, "it's a one time thing."

Angie went into the stall and removed her panty hose and panties. Her panties were soaked and smelled like a mixture of cunt juices and cum. Angie removed her panties and wadded them up and threw them between her legs in the toilet and flushed. She next took toilet paper and tried to dry herself between her cunt lips. Large globs of sperm dropped obscenely from her cunt into the water of the toilet bowl. Angie found her clit still enlarged and so sensitive that just the touch of toilet paper threatened to send her into another orgasm. After several moments, the cum stopped leaking from Angie's cunt and she was able to dry herself.

She flushed the toilet again and pulled her pantyhose over her bare cunt and ass. Angie straightened her skirt and left the stall to check herself in the mirror. A quick fix of her short hair and removal of her smeared lipstick and Angie was back to herself except for this feeling of sexual satiation. Angie returned from her lunch break and quickly went back to work. But her thoughts were preoccupied with what she experienced at the hands of Jason. It was exciting that a 25-year-old found her attractive and wanted her sexually. Even though Angie felt it was a one-time thing, she obsessed about the next time she would see Jason.

"Damn Angie, are you lost in thought, I've called you three times," Mr. Jamison said aggravated.

Mack Jamison was the vice-president over Angie. Angie was daydreaming about Jason and not paying attention to Mr. Jamison. His stern voice startled her back to the realities of her job.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Jamison, what do you need?" Angie replied trying to focus her thoughts on her job.

The remainder of the day was mundane for Angie. She did not see Jason again. Angie thought about making up a reason to bring him up to the office, but decided against it. Angie was torn between the wrongness of her actions and the wonderfully sexual excitement she longed for and missed.

The next day just before noon, Jason arrived again. He smiled at Angie and moved quickly up to her side.

"Jason, that was a one time thing," Angie tried to say with conviction.

Jason's hand was on her ass, kneading her left asscheek. Angie could feel her cheeks burning with excitement and embarrassment.

"Stop it," Angie said with fake anger, "not here."

"Right," Jason cooed and blew gently into Angie's ear.

Angie quickly glanced around the office to make sure no one could see what was happening.

"Jason, no," Angie protested.

"Right, Ms. Miller, not here," Jason responded as if he never heard Angie say no, "I'll meet you at the Exxon station down the street after work and we'll go someplace."

Angie wrestled the remainder of the day with Jason's suggestion. She was determined to not let this proceed any further. As Angie left of the day and got into her car, she could feel the moisture between her thighs again. Just the thought of Jason fucking her left Angie with a rapid pulse. As Angie left the parking lot instead of turning to her Jazzercise classes, she turned the car toward the Exxon station. Angie pulled her family mini-van into the station and saw Jason standing inside. He ran out and jumped into the passenger seat. "There's a hotel at the other side of town, let's go there," Jason said and placed his hand on Angie's thigh.

Without saying a word, Angie drove the minivan as Jason directed.

As Angie recalled the events in her mind as to how a 40 year old, mother of three, happily married woman came to be sitting outside a Days Inn on the other side of town, she saw Jason with a key in his hand return to the van.

"I got a room on the back side," Jason said and leaned over to kiss Angie.

As Jason unlocked the door to the room, Angie quickly glanced around the parking lot. Her van was out of sight and this was about five miles outside of town.

Angie allowed Jason to take her hand and lead her into the dimly lit room. As soon as the door was shut, Jason gently took Angie's face in his hands and planted a warm, wet kiss on her full lips. Angie felt Jason's tongue probing and opened her mouth slightly to allow his tongue inside. Angie felt Jason's hands raising the skirt she was wearing above her thighs and the grabbing but of her buttocks in his hands and lifting her off her feet. Jason broke the kiss and carried Angie over to the bed. Lying Angie on the bed, Jason fumbled with the zipper of her skirt. Angie lay passively on the bed while Jason removed her skirt, pantyhose, and panties.

"I like the way you have trimmed," Jason said and crawled on top of Angie kissing her again.

Angie responded to the kisses from Jason, searching his mouth with her tongue. Her passion and want was rising and she soon was kissing and roaming her hands over Jason's body.

Jason unbuttoned her blouse and while Angie removed the remainder of her clothing, Jason stood up and stripped off his shirt, jeans, and underwear. Angie gasped as she saw Jason's hard, erect cock for the first time. She thought it was at least 10 inches long and 3 inches thick, circumcised. Jason was significantly larger than Brad. Angie reached out and took Jason's massive tool in her hand and pulled him to her.

Jason kissed Angie's neck several times then started working down to her breasts. He squeezed the soft; mounds between his hands then took her nipple in his mouth and gently pulled it inside and started a slow, tormenting suck of first one breast then the other. Angie felt her pussy juices starting to flow. Jason left her breasts and slid to her navel, kissing Angie's body along the way. His tongue darted around her navel, then Jason slid his mouth between Angie's thighs. Angie felt his tongue dip between her swollen cunt lips and arched her back.

"Oh God, that feels wonderful," Angie whispered and spread her legs wider, opening her cunt to Jason's tongue.

Jason lapped at Angie's clit, then would run it down the center of her cunt to her vagina. Angie was becoming so wet that her juices were soaking the bed linen. Jason would stick his tongue deep into her cunt, then glide it back to her clit. His hands were tantalizing Angie's breasts, squeezing and pulling at her nipples. Angie's nipples now ached and were sticking out at least an inch from her areola.

Angie was rapidly approaching an orgasm from all the oral and breasts stimulation. She could not remember the last time Brad made love to her in such a way. As Jason pulled Angie's engorged clit into his mouth he simultaneously pinched both of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger hard. A scream of pain escaped Angie's lips but was followed by an incredible orgasm. As the orgasm continued Angie needed to be fucked in the worst way. Jason was sucking her clit now and Angie could no longer stand it.

"Please, please stop teasing me and fuck me," Angie begged.

Angie was relieved when Jason stopped. He placed both of Angie's legs over his shoulders and then pushed them toward Angie's chest as he lowered himself downward. Jason's cock found Angie's splayed open cunt with no difficulty. Her orgasm and the stimulation left Angie so wet that Jason's 10-inch cock slide between her cunt lips and into her vagina like a knife into hot butter.

Jason started slamming himself into Angie, fucking her hard. Angie pushed her hips upward to meet each of Jason's powerful thrusts. Jason placed his hands under Angie's upturned buttocks and lifted her ass off the bed. With her thighs pressed against her chest and Jason's hands lifting her buttocks, Angie felt Jason's cock driving past her cervix and filling her so full.

"I think I found new pussy," Jason said breathlessly as he continued to pump in and out.

Angie did not respond except to grunt and moan as another orgasm took over her body.

She shook from the intensity as Jason continued pounding her pussy.

"God, fuck me hard," Angie pleaded.

Jason obliged and shoved his enormous dick as deep as he could into Angie's cunt. Finally, Jason started increasing his thrust and the force of each downward motion was pushing Angie into the headboard. Angie felt Jason tense and his cock swell inside her. As Jason shot his seed deep into her cunt, Angie exploded again in orgasm and contracted her cunt muscles to milk every drop from Jason. Jason collapsed on top of Angie and then rolled off. Angie was wet with sweat and watched as Jason jumped up and went to the bathroom. Angie was amazed that he was still partially erect. Angie remained on the bed savoring the afterglow of multiple orgasms.

Angie saw Jason returned from the bathroom. His cock was erect again and in his hand Jason carried a towel. He stood at the edge of the bed, his cock sticking straight out, and Angie watch with curiosity as he tore the towel into four long, strips.

"Now for some fun," he said to Angie.

Angie was shocked as Jason grabbed her hips and flipped her over onto her stomach effortlessly.

"What are you doing?" Angie said a bit anxious.

Jason was on top on Angie and pulled her arms upward to the headboard. He quickly looped the towel around her wrists and tied her arms to each side of the headboard. Angie struggled a little, but her curiosity prevented any protested. Satisfied her arms were secured, Jason jumped off the bed and tied the strips of towels to each of Angie's ankles. He then pulled her legs to each side of the bed and secured them to the supports.

"What is this? You're not going to hurt me?" Angie said a little frightened.

Angie was now tied to the bed, spread-eagled on her stomach. Jason did not say a word as he took a pillow and lifting Angie's hip, shoved the pillow underneath her pubic area. Angie felt the cool air as her cunt opened open from the position she was in. Although Angie was a little frightened, she could feel her cunts lips starting to swell with anticipation.

"Now, I'm in charge," Jason retorted, "and I'm going to have you begging."

With those words, Jason laid down between Angie's legs so that his face was just above her opened cunt. Angie tried to look behind her, but quickly realized what Jason was going to do.

"No, I won't be able to stand it," Angie protested.

Jason ignored her as he lowered his mouth directly over her cunt engulfing her clit and flicking his tongue repeatedly over the taunt bud. Angie jerked upward and pulled at the towels holding her securely to bed as Jason continued to suck, bite, and lick her clit. Angie tried to think of other things, tried to ignore the fantastic feelings she was experiencing, but nothing worked. Eventually, Angie was bucking her hips up and down as Jason did not let up his masturbation of her clit with his tongue and mouth.

"You've got to stop, you've got to fuck me, I can't stand this, please," Angie begged over and over without success.

"Damnit, noooooo," Angie squealed and pulled all four extremities toward her as another orgasm overwhelmed her.

Still Jason continued to give all his attention to Angie's clit. Angie was bouncing and twisting her hips trying to escape Jason's tongue. Her clit was unbearably sensitive and she started to whimper as another orgasm overpowered.

"God, please Jason, please stop," Angie again begged and to her disappointed surprise, Jason raised his head.

"Only if you promise to be my slut, and do whatever I say," Jason proposed. "What?," Angie replied, "no, this is the last timmmmmmme, oh Gooddd noooooo!"

Jason sucked her clit into his mouth and chewed on the erect tissue. Angie's clit was almost the size of a tiny penis from all the stimulation. Angie was again covered in sweat and knew another orgasm would cause her to lose her mind. Jason stopped again and repeated his demand. Angie was exhausted with no resistance left.

"Yes, I'll do anything you ask!" Angie finally screamed.

"And say you'll be my slut." Jason added.

"I'll be your slut, and do anything you ask, I promise, just fuck me, Jason, please, please," Angie submitted.

Also immediately, Jason crawled upward and lay across Angie's back. Angie felt his hard cock at the entrance to her cunt and tried to lift her hips to take it inside her.

"Please untie me," Angie asked.

"No, I don't think so, I think I'll fuck you like this," was Jason's replied.

Jason shoved downward with his hips and his huge dick was buried in milliseconds deep inside Angie's vagina. Angie immediately experienced another orgasm.

Angie thrust her hips upward awkwardly not really knowing how to be fucked in this position. Brad only fucked Angie in the missionary position and Angie was trying to position herself to for Jason. Jason shoved the pillow higher under Angie causing him to penetrate deeper into Angie's cunt. Angie thought his cock was going to come out of her mouth. She felt so full and being tied heightened her sexual excitement. Jason fucked her in long, powerful strokes and reached under her chest and grabbed Angie swollen 38C tits in his hands and squeezed them hard.

As Jason fucked her for over twenty minutes Angie lost count of the number of orgasms she experienced. She knew that in the two times she had sex with Jason, she experienced more orgasms than in a year with Brad. When Jason finally came again, he pulled his cock from Angie's cunt and shot his load into the crack of her ass, another first experience for Angie. Afterwards, he rolled off her and the bed and untied her and again went into the bathroom.

When Jason exited the bathroom, Angie wrapped a sheet around herself and went in after him. She glanced at her watch and almost panic when she realized her Jazzercise class had been over for thirty minutes.

"I've got to go," Angie said panicked.

Angie looked in the mirror, her hair was matted against the side of her head and her makeup was almost gone. She washed her face quickly and sat on the toilet. Large plops of sperm dripped from her cunt and hit the water. Angie tried to clean herself, but her clit was so sensitive she could not stand to touch it at all. Angie went back into the room and found Jason dressed. She quickly pulled on her panties, skirt, and blouse leaving her pantyhose off. Angie planned to change into her workout clothes at a service station before getting home.

On the way back to the Exxon station, Jason reminded Angie of her promise to be his slut and do anything. Angie blushed and without the sexual excitement present was apprehensive.

"First, I want you to shave that tuft of hair from my cunt," Jason said.

Angie was relieved, that was simple. As were Jason other "orders" which included wearing only thongs, push-up bras, and full skirts or dresses that were easily accessible.

"That's it for now," Jason said as he exited the van at the Exxon station.

Over the next few months, Angie spent two or three times a week in the hotel fucking Jason. Jason taught Angie to be an expert cocksucker, something Angie had only done with Brad a time or two. Jason fucked Angie in every position imaginable, from behind, standing, sitting, and every time they were together, Angie experienced multiple orgasms.

The only thing they were not able to do was have anal sex. Jason tried to fuck Angie's ass on one occasion, but it was too painful and so he stopped. But the sex was tremendous and Angie loved being Jason's slut. She dyed her hair blond including her eyebrows and it made her look 10 years younger. Her skirts became shorter at work as requested by Jason.

Once in a while, Angie would not wear any panties and Jason would take her to their first location, the storeroom, during lunch and simply pull her skirt up and fuck Angie in a "quickie." Brad never noticed or questioned any of the changes. Mr. Jamison seemed to like Angie's "new look" and was nicer to her, especially when Angie wore the shorter skirts, or a blouse that revealed a little cleavage.

Jason and Angie carried on their affair for six months. Angie was very comfortable went Jason and they became regulars at the motel outside of town. After an exceptionally vigorous session of fucking, Angie and Jason left the motel much like they did each time. As Angie pulled the van out of the motel parking lot she noticed Dave's construction truck parked at the motel. At first alarmed, Angie decided to ask Brad about it when she got home.

"Sure, Dave was bidding a upgrade of that motel," Brad said.

Angie noticed that Brad never asked what she was doing out in that part of town. About two weeks later, Angie came home from work without going to the hotel and was surprised to see Dave's truck sitting in her driveway. When Angie pulled in behind him, Dave got out of the truck and walked up to Angie.

"How you doing?" Dave asked in a familiar tone that bothered Angie.

"Okay," Angie replied, "where's Brad?"

"He's still at work," Dave said, "I came to talk with you about a deal."

Angie's heart stopped as Dave explained that he saw her and Jason at the hotel. He even told Angie that he one afternoon he listened at the door.

"You're a hot piece of ass Angie," Dave said with a sneer.

"You got no proof," Angie said back without emotion.

"Oh, I've got proof, come to my apartment tomorrow after work and I'll show you the proof, then we can work out a deal."

"Forget it," said Angie, "I don't believe you."

"Okay by me," said Dave, "if you're not there, I'll just show it to Brad."

With those words Dave jumped in his truck and left. Angie's heart was racing and her palms sweaty. She was unsure of what Dave knew or didn't know but was not willing to risk not finding out. The next day as she pulled into the parking lot of Dave's apartment building, Angie's mind was racing at Dave's words.

"What kind of deal?" Angie wondered.



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