Beatrice, Bea to her friends, was surprised and delighted when Doug showed interest in her by sitting next to her in the school cafeteria. After all, Doug was the quarterback on the football team.

The season was over and rumor had it that Doug was due to try out for a college team in another state. It included a scholarship and was the only way he could afford to attend college.

Bea also knew that Doug had a reputation as a ladies man and had had many girlfriends. He was known to be a very good lover and a persistent one. This didn't worry Bea much because she was a 2nd year high student and Doug was due to graduate in the spring. Not enough time to start and continue a relationship.

So when he asked her to go to a local recreation dance she accepted readily. The Friday he was to pick her up was an exciting time. Bea dressed in a pretty wrap-around skirt and wore her new white blouse that showed her figure off.

He parents met Doug and soon they were off to the dance. Being with Doug made her an instant hit. Other boys asked her to dance and the older girls accepted and made her feel wanted.

She and Doug danced often and when the slow ones were played she know that Doug was turned on because she could feel his manhood gently pressing on her tummy. It was sort of a turn on for her too because she felt attractive and wanted.

As they prepared to go home in Doug ca he gently kissed her by the passenger door. Bea had never been kissed that way before. It was an open mouth one with lots of head and lip movement. It was a real turn on. He bent down to kiss he again and whispered to her, "Bea, soft, open and gentle."

This time Bea was prepared an complied with his instructions. Bea thought, "Wow, what a kiss!" As Doug held her, Bea's passion and arousal increased. Doug slowly moved his hand up the side of her left rib cage and allows his palm gently to touch a portion of her breast. Bea was going to object but just then he opened the door for her to get in the car.

Doug said, "Let's take a little drive before going home. OK?"

"OK, it is not too late" Bea responded. She was trying to get control of her emotions. After all she did not want to appear easy.

They drove out to the interstate and turn into a small dirt road. "My family owns this little farm. And there is a pretty view of the lake at the top of this hill"

It was a nice place and the view of the moon and the lake was spectacular. Bea relaxed a little as Doug move closer to her, away from the steering wheel. Doug kissed her again with the same tongue and fervor. Bea had to admit that she like his kisses.

The next kiss was a deep one with a lot of tongue. Bea had never known such arousal and passion. Doug reach down and started to unbutton the front of her blouse. Bea whispered a soft "No".

Doug either did not hear her or ignored the protest. He continued his progress and soon had the blouse off. Bea was aroused and when he touched he breast after undoing the bra she uttered a low moan. It felt so nice to have her tit and nipple twirled and played with.

"Doug, I've never done this before. Maybe we should stop now," Bea whispered.

"Don't worry Bea , you are built for this. Believe me", Doug responded. And as he said this he eased his hand slowly up her skirt. He gently and teasingly touch her inner thigh, making Bea want to say do it some more but we better stop.

Bea just continued to enjoy the kiss and the exquisite sensations her body was experiencing and enjoying. Bea moaned again as Doug reach the destination of her moist pussy and began stroking. Soon his busy fingers reach and found her erect clit releasing a mass of passion from Bea. Bea decided then and there to enjoy.

Her body took over from thought. Her panties disappeared and fell to the car floorboards. Her legs opened wide and Doug's erect manhood enter her virgin pussy with ease. He tits became heavy and her nipples tender to Doug's touch and ministrations. Bea thought she would go out of her mind with passion. It was so good. The age-old rhythm then took over as Doug fucked slowly. Bea began to moan and respond to each thrust with a push of her own. She approach her climax and actually lost consciousness for a moment. Doug's cock began to pulsate and release his sperm. Bea felt a burst of joy as Doug said "Good girl, you are now a women and a great lay."

"You have a few things to learn and enjoy as a bed partner but we will learn and teach together."

The couple were perspiring fully from their exertions. Bea was glowing and Doug was perspiring.

He helped Bea dress buttoning her blouse with a kiss for each button. Before he completed he last three buttons he kiss her left tit and tongue it leaving a hickey. He whispered" That is to remind you that we are going to do this often and soon again.

As they drove home Bea mind was in a whirl. She had to get in the house before her parents caught on as to what happened . She also thought of Doug's future plans for her and was looking forward to them. What was there to learn about lovemaking. It should be an interesting spring and summer.



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