I was a 17-year-old male in the conservative south. I had been dating Andrea, a deeply religious Christian, for 9 months. In that time we got to know a lot about each other and to no surprise I was looking forward to getting intimate for the first time with her.

Andrea was 17 with long blonde hair and a thin frame on her 5' 8" body. She had a beautiful face with green eyes and an electric smile but her B cup breasts were nothing compared to her gorgeous mother, Anna's, D cup melons. Anna was only 32 years old, 5' 4" and had a 38-25-36 body that had the attention of several men who claimed to be modeling agents offering her jobs.

Every time Anna laughed and turned them down regardless of the money they offered. Her religious beliefs forbid her from showing off her body. Judging by what I saw in her sweaters her decision had to be considered a great loss for humanity, at least the male part.

Her husband, Harold, a 6'2" 55 year old police sergeant wouldn't permit it anyways and what he said was law at his house. I had planned a special evening for myself and Andrea. We were going to watch some movies and eat snacks at my house. My parents had gone out of town for the weekend. Andrea was engrossed in the movie and eating popcorn when I decided to make my move. I started slow by giving her a kiss on the cheek and I followed it up with a few more and then one on the lips. Soon we were making out passionately. I grabbed her breast under her sweater and she moaned with pleasure. I lay her down and continued passionately kissing her.

She grabbed me and moved my waist on top of hers and I felt her grab my rock hard cock. I nearly lost control then and there. After about three minutes of passionate kissing she yelled, "Stop!"

"What's wrong?" I asked as she pushed me away.

"This isn't right." she exclaimed. "We shouldn't do this."

I was a bit angry. "C'mon Andrea we have been together for 9 months. I treat you right. Can't you do this for me. I have been very patient." I shouted.

"You know the minister's opinions on this. Besides my mother had me when she was 15. If she found out I was having sex she would kill me!" she stammered.

I blew my top. "Look, maybe you need to think things over and decide if you want to be with me." I shouted. "I'm bringing you home!"

The car ride to her home was silent. I sort of felt like a heel but she refused to let me get past second base. Most men would have dumped her months ago. Besides this one flaw she was a hell of a girl. Once we entered her driveway she jumped out of the car and ran inside. I just went home to ponder the words I had used and enjoy the privacy of an empty house for the rest of the weekend.

At 11:00 at night my doorbell rang. Were my parents back early? I opened the door and there was Andrea's mother Anna alone. "May I come in?" she asked.

"Sure." I responded. I was nervous and began to stammer and apologize for my behavior towards Andrea. I explained that I felt she really was a great girl. I was expecting a little fire and brimstone from this deeply religious woman. Instead, she ordered me to sit down and spoke up.

"I know you like her and unlike past boyfriends you aren't just after her sexually or you wouldn't have stayed around this long. I know what having sex before marriage does because I was pregnant at a young age and it altered my life. I will not let Andrea be in that situation." She continued, "On the other hand you are a normal young man in great physical shape so I want to make you a deal. If you agree not to have sex with her until you are married I will let you have me anytime you want."

I sat there in stunned silence waiting for the punch line. Soon it became obvious she wasn't joking. I couldn't say anything so Anna broke the silence. "My husband won't notice. He has been impotent for over 5 years and it will be safe because I am unable to have any more children. Andrea was very upset and I don't want her to lose you over a problem I can solve without her knowing."

By now my cock was hard as a steel rod in my pants and my 8-inch erection was clearly bulging out. Anna approached my chair and knelt at my feet.

"I see we have a deal," she said staring at the prominent bulge in my trousers. Anna massaged my dick with her left hand while her right one undid my shorts. With my buckle undone, my rigid penis stood at attention while I remained seated. "Ooooh... I haven't seen one of these hard in a long time!" she cooed. Anna wasted no time and engulfed my cock in her hot mouth. I watched her beautiful blonde head bob up and down as she attempted, in vain, to fit my entire pole into her mouth.

I was surprised this former Sunday school teacher could work a cock better than a common street whore. Anna held my cock in her hand as she abruptly stood up. Without a word she lifted her skirt and, while I remained seated in the chair, straddled my waist with her waist. She reached down and inserted my firm rod into her already wet cunt. With one stroke I slid into her juicy love hole with no problem. Anna began moving up and down and breathing heavily.

"You are a bit bigger than my husband used to be," she muttered between breaths. Her pendulous breasts hung in my face like two cantaloupes ripe for the picking. I reached up to her sweater and felt her breasts and confirmed they were not padded and were even larger than I imagined.

Anna grabbed her sweater and bra and lifted them over her huge breasts. I quickly grabbed her oversized right nipple in my mouth and sucked for all I was worth as Anna squirmed with delight. I decided to speed up the pace. I grabbed her awesome ghetto booty and pulled it tight to my cock while I continuously thrust rapidly into her pussy. Anna put her hands on my shoulders and began to moan lightly.

After not having a hard cock for 5 years, I wanted to see how long she could withstand this pussy pounding. Not long at all. After about two minutes she let out a scream of passion. "Ooooooooh, god that was good." she exclaimed. She then got off my cock but soon explained her reason. "I love to taste cum but I haven't had a man cum in my mouth in 5 years. I must have it now!" she stated as she went down on me again. Anna was bobbing with incredible speed. While her right hand held my shaft her mouth covered my sizeable cockhead.

After about a minute of her blowing I couldn't handle it anymore. My cock exploded in her mouth as she gasped in excitement. Anna continued moaning as she loudly swallowed and I grabbed her head for leverage pumping every drop I could squeeze out into her sweet mouth. Afterward we both collapsed.

Anna dressed as we swore to obey the deal. I agreed to not have sex with her daughter and Anna agreed to do whatever I wanted sexually anytime we could without getting caught. This deal would stand until we get married or break up and would, obviously, be confidential.

That was six months ago. Andrea and I are still dating and she wonders why she can't get me to the altar!



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