It has been three months since my parents died in a car wreck and I was sent to live with my Aunt Polly, my dad's youngest sister. Aunt Polly is in her late thirties and people call her an old maid because she never got married. I don't know why Aunt Polly hasn't gotten married because she is really attractive with her long black hair, big brown eyes and incredible body. Her breasts are full, her hips are wide and her stomach is flat and solid.

I think she looks like a Greek goddess and I often lay awake at night and play with myself while imagining what she might look like naked. My pecker shoots over and over as my mind pictures the swaying of her heavy breasts. It really is hard being a 13-year-old boy and being horny all the time.

The thoughts of Aunt Polly naked were driving me crazy so I decided to find out what she really looks like. Polly works until 5 o'clock most evenings and I usually stay over at a friend's house after school until after she comes home. She likes to take a shower and get freshened up before supper and I decided to hide in her closet in the hope of getting a view her treasures. I already checked the angle from the closet and it looked right into the bathroom, so my plan was set.

The anticipation got me so excited that my boner was throbbing and aching in my pants. I stripped off all my clothes so I could play with my dong while I peeked out the crack in the sliding door. I selected a pair of Aunt Polly's dirty black panties from the hamper and took them with me as I heard her drive into the carport. Polly called out, "Anyone home?" and I didn't answer. My heart was beating so loud in my chest; I thought she would hear it. With one hand I held her panties close to my nose to smell her scent and with the other hand I stoked on my dick. I stared out the crack and watched her routine.

She kicked her shoes off into the bedroom corner and started unbuttoning her top to reveal a red lacy brassiere straining to contain her huge soft mounds of flesh. With a quick motion, she unsnapped the bra in the back and pulled it off. Her titties bounced free of the restraints and jiggled in front of her chest. My breath caught in my throat as I gazed at her large brown nipples. The centers perked up in the cool air and looked like small fingers poking out.

This was better than I had imagined and I breathed the aroma from her panties and stroked my meat even harder. Polly then slid the zipper down on her skirt and stepped out of it. Her breast swayed with the slightest movement. Aunt Polly looked into the mirror and smiled at herself as she lifted her breasts up one by one to examine. I watched as she pinched her large nipples to erectness.

From my angle, I could see her front in the mirror and her back at the same time. She looked incredible with her perfect buns poking out behind and her breast jutting proudly out front. I was shocked as I witnessed her massage her breasts, stomach and then she moved down and squeezed her pussy.

She was wearing a French cut panty like the one I was playing with, but it was red to match her bra. It was awesome to see the crimson color against her bronze skin as she ran a finger down the front crease. Her wide hips were spread so she could see herself in the mirror. Her right hand went to her mouth and she started sucking her own fingers and moaning softly. Her left hand was massaging her breasts and pulling on her nipples.

When she ran her saliva wet fingers inside her panties and began fingering her cunt, my knees buckled and I groaned out and began to erupt with spasms. I covered my spurting dick with her panties and tried to catch all the goo that was shooting from my penis. I could feel doom in the air when the closet door opened to reveal me on my knees with her panties clutched over my still squirting dong.

"What in the hell are you doing you little pervert?" She screamed. She began slapping me across the face and all I could do was to hold her panties over my cock with both hands and start crying. I looked up at her flushed face and naked chest and kept crying. I didn't know what to do. The tension eased from Polly's face as she accessed my condition. The tears were streaming down my face and I was holding my dick in both hands wrapped with her panties. "Take your hands away from there and let me see what you are hiding."

I pulled her sticky panties away from my still throbbing and dripping penis. Polly stared at my pulsing cock and was smiling as she said, "You soiled my new panties completely. Well then you little fucker, you must clean them up for me. I want you to lick them clean of all the nasty spunk you put on them."

I hesitated a moment, and she took my hands and pulled the panties to her mouth and said, "Like this?" as she lapped up a big wad of my jism. She rolled the goo around on her tongue to show me and then swallowed. She pushed the panties toward my lips and I slowly I brought the white jellied drawers to my mouth and began to lap the cream up. "That's a good boy, lick up all your little boy juice from my soiled panties."

Aunt Polly was standing so close to me I could feel the heat from her breath on my face. She reached out and began to stoke the skin under my nut-sack with her fingers as I munched on her panties. It felt so good to be touched by her that I never even thought about slurping up my own jack off cream. She started to squeeze her breasts again with one hand and she kept massaging my family jewels. The large brown nipples perked to attention right before my eyes.

Polly reached down and stripped her panties off and held them to my nose. The womanly smell from her body mixed with my own sex smells caused me to moan with excitement. She then started fingering her slit and probing inside for juice, which she brought out on her wet fingers to my nostrils. She pulled the panties from my mouth and poked her fingers inside for me to lick.

Like an obedient puppy, I slurped up her cream coated digits. Aunt Polly took my hand and led me to the bed as she sat down and spread her legs wide for me to see. "So you want to see my pussy? Kneel down and get a closer look" she said as she spread the wet love lips apart with her fingers for me to view. Rushing to my knees I put my face closely between her legs and was able to see all the pinkish red moisture-laden skin gaping open before me.

Her fingers worked the pussy open and she flicked an index finger back and forth at the top. Aunt Polly's love juices were getting the sheets wet as it flowed freely from her hole. I could see what seemed to be a small peter swelling up at her touch. Aunt Polly sat up and grabbed my head and pulled me into her crotch and ground her wet pelvis around my face. "Eat me, baby, suck my pussy." She moaned as I began to stick out my tongue and lick her slit.

I was wild with excitement and tried to dig and probe with my tongue in all the wonderful pungent smelling pussy. Her little dick was getting harder and rising to meet my tongue, so I started chasing it with my tongue back and forth. "God, I'm coming." Polly screamed as she pulled me harder into her lap and began to tremble all over. I continued to suck and savor the flow of more hot liquid that suddenly filled my mouth. My dick was raging hard again and dripping sticky cum as I munched Aunt Polly's moist carpet.

At last she released my head and fell back with her legs spread wide all juicy and pink. I sat up and kept looking at her gash as it quivered open and closed like it was winking at me. When I looked up, she smiled and beckoned me with her fingers to climb up on the bed. My dick stood out like a beckon as I crawled slowly up on top of her body.

Polly guided my lips to her breasts and let me suckle the soft supple flesh. The tender nipples hardened to points as I nursed on them. She then sat up and reached around my shoulders and pulled me forward to her lips. I fell into her arms and the head of my dick ground into her hot bushy chasm looking for an entrance. As I moaned and hunched in her lap, her tongue slipped into my mouth and her hips rose up to ground around and around on my hardness.

I felt the warm pleasure as the head of my glands began to pierce the slippery gate at the entrance of her womanhood. The velvety hot moisture sucked and engulfed my puckered penis to the hilt. Her hands pulled my ass cheeks up and I was completely inside her body. The sensation was fantastic as her tongue chased mine around my mouth, her hands squeezed my butt and her pussy squeezed my dick.

Instinctively I began to rock back and forth in her embrace and began to raise my butt and then thrust back against her upward force. We were going faster and faster and my mind was charged with electricity which kept building and building. My dick seemed to grow harder and I could feel the pussy muscles tighten around my swollen member.

Aunt Polly dug her fingernails into my ass and thrust up at my plunging piston and screamed, "Come in me baby, let me feel your hot load. Fuck your Aunt Polly." her words started my eruption, which blew like a pressurized volcano deep inside her body. The tremors went on forever. My nuts squeezed sporadically as I strove to push everything I had deeply within her body.

At last the jolts were over and I could a breath again. Aunt Polly stoked my back, but wouldn't let me up until her breathing had slowed down. "Oh you nasty little boy, you have certainly made a mess inside me, haven't you? Well, you will just have to clean it up." She said as she pushed me over onto my back. She straddled my head with her knees and lowered her pussy toward my face. I could see cum oozing out of her sopping black haired lips.

I tried to turn my head away, but she held my ears and steered me back toward her crotch. I had already tasted my own cum I decided because I had sucked my cream off her soiled panties a few minutes ago. Without any more hesitation, I eased my mouth open and ran my tongue out to catch a large globule that was matted in her coarse hair. I savored the flavor and inhaled the distinctive aroma of our sweaty sex smells. Obediently I cleaned her up inside and out, like a cat cleaning a kitten.

Aunt Polly took my hands and placed them on her breasts for me to play with as she ground herself onto my slobbering face. She kept moaning and saying, "Oh suck my pussy, you little pervert. Suck it nice and slow. Eat me, yes, eat me with your tongue. That's so good. Pinch my breasts, yea, harder. Ahh that's so good."

I was enthralled with all the sensations. My eyes took in the glistening hair around my nose. I could see her breasts in my hands above me as I hefted their weight and pulled on the nipples. Aunt Polly's hair was hanging down around her breasts and tickled my arms where it touched. Her face was sweaty and little drops were sliding off and landing on her chest and some hit me in the face. I wallowed her pussy skin back in forth in my lips as I sucked and nibbled away.

When Polly pushed me away, I thought I had done something wrong, but she turned around and lay on top of me again. Her dark brown butt hole backed toward my face and without thinking, I grabbed her hips and pulled myself toward it. My tongue licked out around her brown wrinkled anus skin and then I pushed it through the entrance and inserted it as far inside as I could reach. I poked in and out as Aunt Polly rocked and screamed, "Eat my asshole, you little fucker. Yes, fuck my ass with your tongue."

It felt so good to hear her talk to me like that. I knew that I must be doing something she liked and all I wanted to do was give her pleasure. I jumped when I felt Aunt Polly start sucking on my limp dick. It hurt and felt good at the same time. I continued to suck and probe her anus as she slurped on my dick.

Her fingers were rubbing the skin beneath my balls and she began to circle my asshole. I spread my legs as wide as I could to let her tease me more. When she inserted a wet finger inside my ass, my dick leaped once and began to rise again. My tongue was plowing her butt-hole as she was fingering mine. My dick was swelling up in her mouth and we both were rocking back and forth.

Polly squeezed my dick in her hand and held it as she climbed forward and guided it into her tongue lubricated ass. I watched with awe, as my dick disappeared inch by inch into her stretched brown ass. Up and down she glided on my pulsing muscle. The sensation was different than her pussy but equally as great. It seemed nasty, but delicious to watch the dark skin pucker and stretch around my swollen dick.

I grabbed her hips and began to pull and push her as I humped deliciously in and out. Our rhythm grew faster and quicker as my boner piston drove in and out. Finally, Aunt Polly screamed, "Ohh, God, I'm cumming again." As she dropped completely over my dick and began to spasm. Her grip was so hard it hurt as it clutched me securely in her throes. The pain and pleasure sent me over the edge and I erupted with wave after wave of mind-altering explosions. "Ahhhhh," we seemed to scream together as we clutched each other tightly.

I was spent and exhausted and wanted to sleep, but Aunt Polly was not through with me. My final chore was to clean out the mess I most recently made up her poop shoot. It was gross to think about with my dick hanging limp and my hormones expended, but I feared she wouldn't let me play this game again and did as I was instructed. This was just the beginning of my days as Aunt Polly's Toy-boy but I will have to tell you about that later.



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