Ali had been a good friend for years. She is a little older than me, about 17 now. She is very cute and popular with boys. Ali is kind of short and with a dark complexion, with light brown hair that is about shoulder length. Her breasts are average size but her body is generally tight and very athletic.

We were talking one night and she wanted to tell me about her sexual experiences and how at the beginn- ing they weren't very pleasant.

This is the story as Ali told it to me:

A couple years ago I had this boyfriend and he was older, about 19. I liked him because he was kind of cute and had a nice car and some money. Of course, after a month or so of going out he wanted to have sex. I was still a virgin then and was a little afraid. But I figured he was older and I had to prove to him I wasn't a little girl anymore. So one night at his house we had sex, and I will have to say it was really awful. It hurt like hell and I got no pleasure from it all. He was kind of rough with me and didn't seem to care about my feelings. We tried again a few weeks later and he was drunk and passed out. It was really disgusting and I de- cided to break up with the creep. I also decided that sex was not cool at all, even though I was horny mostly all of the time.(LOL)

I had really not even considered hooking up with anyone after that for a couple of years. Because I was horny 24/7 I would just masturbate when I felt like it, which was often. That seemed safe and I could get intense pleasure from it without the complications of boys.

My luck did start to get better but it was totally unexpected. I had gotten a job baby- sitting for a couple in the neighborhood. I would stay with their two year old girl when they were gone. It was a Friday night and Ms Bright had me over to sit for her. "Ali, the baby is asleep now and I will be returning at about 11:00. My stepson Lance is here this summer for soccer camp and he will be coming back from practice tonight."

Ms. Bright left and I just popped in the video of the movie American Pie II and just chilled for a bit. The baby was sleeping and not much was going on. I talked with my homies on my cell and chilled and it was a pretty easy money for the work.

I must have dozed off for a while, I don't remember how long. But I awoke hearing someone unlocking the door. It scared me at first but then I realized it was Lance, Ms Bright's stepson. I then remembered who Lance was. His parents split up and he moved east with his mom and his dad remarried. He would stay with his dad during the summer. I remembered him as a gawky looking 13-year-old who sometimes would play with my younger brother. But wow, he had grown up a lot since then! He was close to 6'0" tall now and I could see signs of developing muscles under his tanktop. He had short blonde hair and kind of a twinkle in his deep blue eyes.

He seemed a little shy. He said hi and just said a few things about soccer camp then said "well I got to take a shower now...." and ran upstairs. I just put in another video and chilled, not really think- ing much about Lance. I did hear him taking a shower and then the shower stopped and I didn't hear much of anything after that.

I started to doze off again and then woke up hearing noises from upstairs. I thought I heard the baby crying so I headed up the stairs to check it out. I walked down the hall toward the room that the baby was in and I realized the sounds were coming from the other direction. I knew it must have been from Lance's room, so curiosity drove me to check it out.

I quietly crept down the hall because I didn't want him to think I was spying on him. As I got closer to his door, I realized the sounds I was hearing were the sounds of sexual excitement! That got me a little excited right away. As I got to his door I could see him laying naked, clearly masturbating on his bed. His eyes were half-open and he was looking up at the ceiling. From where I was standing he couldn't see me, but I could sure see him! I had never seen a naked boy like this before and it was like a surge of liquid fire flashed through me, as a I focused on his erect penis. He was slowly jacking his fine looking tool up and down and play- ing with the purple head. It was hard for me to judge but I would say his cock was around six inches in length. But I wasn't really caring about size, it was so beautiful to watch that hard instrument get- ting harder and more excited as he played with it.

I was now so excited by this scene that I unzipped my jean shorts and searched for my excited clit. I found out that I was already in a state of wetness, even though it had been less than a minute.

I was feeling a little bold so I stepped through to the opening of the door to get a better look at Lance. I was where he could easily see me now, but I didn't really give a damn at this point because I was so freaking hot.

After about a minute, Lance suddenly looked up and saw me standing there with my hand down my pants. I thought he would freak out but he didn't say a word and just smiled at me. I gave an approving glance back at him. I said, "Can I play with that too.....?". It was kind of corny but it seemed to do the job. Lance didn't say anything but just smiled a bit and nodded his head in agreement.

I walked over and sat on his bed next to his naked body. I pulled down my shorts but left my panties on, so I could get better access to my hot pussy. I ran my hands all over his solid chest and tweaked his nipples and caressed his flat belly, then massaged his thighs, working up to his balls. His balls were nice and firm, surrounded by some sparse, blonde pubic hair. I caressed them gently and then moved my hand up to the shaft of his penis. It was like a fine piece of ivory with veins running up and down the white shaft. I carefully examined all of the details of his finely shaped organ.

My other hand had found my clit and my wet slit. I was so hot that I could have cum at that point but I figured why rush it.

I reached the crown of his beautiful cock and squeezed it gently in my small hand. The clear precum fluid was now flowing freely from the head of his cock and seeped down to his belly.

I took the slick precum fluid and spread it over the tip of his cock and began to slowly jack it up and down. He said nothing the whole time, but I could tell from his face that the pleasure he was feeling was intense.

I took my time and didn't go too fast, but he was a teenage boy so I figured he wouldn't be lasting too long. His cock started to get harder and changed to a purple color. The head expanded and started to look like it would explode any second. His breathing picked up and he was moaning lightly now. I started talking to him "Oh Lance your cock is so nice, it feels so good in my hand... I want you to shoot your hot white stuff for me..."

I think my hot words pushed him over the edge. I could feel his body tremble now and he started to pant. I felt his balls go very hard and knew his crisis had started. He pumped his ass up off the bed in fucking motions; then several wads of hot cum shot from his beautiful cock. The first one shot about a foot and the next wad streamed from his cock like a fountain. Three more wads of sticky semen followed. I took the sticky fluid and rubbed it all over his stomach and cock as he lay ex- hausted from the pleasure bout.

I was now fingering myself and getting very close to having my own explosive orgasm. My panties were still on but I had easy access to my clit and my dripping opening. Just at that moment I heard the garage door starting to open. DAMN, it was Ms. Bright!! I slapped on my shorts and ran down the stairs. My horniness dissolved quickly. I got downstairs in time so everything looked in order...


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