Martha was a real prick; bullying and tormenting the younger kids in the neighborhood. She was constantly after them, taking every opportunity that she had to dominate them in any way that she could. She delighted in making everyone's life miserable.

Maybe it was the fact that she had no one her age that she could hang out with and the only way she could have companionship, if in a distorted way, was that she sought out the others for her unending torment. Martha was a freshmen. Her main target was seventh grader Billy Wyant. She rode the same bus and her family's home was down the same dead end road. Billy dreaded those walks to the start of the road to catch the bus because he had to walk pass Martha's house.

This day was like so many others. Billy and Martha got off the bus after school on a warm spring afternoon and started the long walk down the lane. Martha was always careful to make sure that no adults were looking before she started in. True to form Martha hurried after a fast walking Billy to snatch his new and prized baseball cap from his head.

"Give it back, Martha!" cried Billy as he chased after the bigger girl. She ran off the side of the road and behind an old and seldom used barn. There were a number of large, heavy plastic seed barrels lined up behind some bushes. She flipped the top off one and threw the hat inside. In the act, one of her favorite pearl earrings fell out and joined the hat in the bottom of the barrel. "Damn." she muttered under her breath as she squirmed her shoulders in through the narrow opening of the barrel to retrieve her lost heirloom.

Billy came up behind her just as she leaned into the heavy plastic barrel. He was mad and fed up. Something came over him and in an uncharacteristic and bold move he grabbed Martha's ankles and upended her into the barrel.

Martha was caught totally off guard and in a moment her waist was stuck in the tiny opening; her torso within the flared cavity. Martha tried to push herself up and out but her hips were wedged tight in the opening and the slick and rounded inner surface gave no purchase for her hands. She was truly stuck. She started screaming and cursing at Billy, making all sorts of threats if he didn't get her out.

For his part, Billy was totally amazed at what he had done. He was never so bold in his short life. At first he was a little bit afraid of what the consequences of his actions might be. Then he remembered all the times he suffered the torments of this mean older girl. The uniqueness of the situation and the possibilities this allowed started to creep into his head. Maybe it was time for a bit of revenge. He acted on the first thing that came to mind. Walking up to Martha he started to paddle her bottom. After five quick strokes he stepped back.

Martha could not believe what was happening to her. She started screaming and kicking her legs. The screams soon stopped as it was only hurting her own ears.

Billy found the results most satisfying and wound up for another wallop. He stopped mid-stroke as a smile came to his lips. He reached over to the imprisoned girl, grabbed the hem of her knee length, pleated skirt and flipped it up.

Martha eyes widened in shock as she realized that her white panties were exposed to Billy. "Whack, whack." fell the two blows with open hand, one on each of her firm rounded cheeks. "Billy Wyant." cried Martha as she madly kicked out with her feet. She felt the sting of the latest spanking much stronger without the added padding of her skirt.

Billy had to leap back to prevent a kick in the teeth. "This will never do." said Billy to himself as he took stock of the situation. Acting on a instant solution to the problem, Billy grabbed the hem of her panties and yanked them down her thighs, somewhat pinning her legs together.

"Oh, God." said Martha to the realization that things had gotten so much worst for her.

"Oh, God." said Billy at the same time when he realized that he was looking at the naked buttocks, asshole and pussy lips of a girl for the first time. He instantly went hard. Martha went berserk, screaming threats and swearing at Billy and bucking her legs in unison in a dolphin kick. Billy just stared at the slit between Martha's legs. It ran from almost her ass hole, between her thighs, and disappeared in a patch of fuzz around front.

She had an almost three inch gap between where her legs met her wide pelvis that was bridged by two puffy, mounding lips that were lightly covered in silky blond hair. As she bucked, her crack rolled slightly more open revealing pinker and moister flesh to Billy's eyes. Martha's threats and directed curses finally crept into Billy's conscious and he responded with "Oh, yeah?" He wound up and directed a slap to each of Martha's bare buttocks.

"Owww," she cried at the stinging, burning blows "Billy don't... PLEASE." as tears started to stream down her face. Running short of air in her confines she pleaded "Billy, I can't breath."

Billy looked down and seeing a six-inch plug in the side of the barrel, unscrewed it. Fresh air flooded the interior allowing Martha to breath. She lay still as she filled her lungs with air. Meanwhile, Billy stepped up to Martha's unclothed ass and placed his right hand on her bare cheeks. He started rubbing first one and then the other in turn. Moving back to the first he ran his hand over the fuzzy lips between the two cheeks. On doing so he felt a slickness deposited on his hand from her slit.

Curious he brought his hand up to investigate. As he got it close to his face he noticed a peculiar musky scent. Bringing it up to his nose he inhaled deeply. He liked what that sniff brought to his senses and sniffed again. Then, in an inquisitive nature, he stuck out his tongue and tasted it.

Billy liked that smell and taste. Returning his hand to the mound he ran it up and down the crack this time, collecting more of the juice on his palm. Bringing it immediately to his nose he inhaled and then lapped up the slimy juice.

Martha flinched and tensed when she felt Billy lay his hand on her ass cheek. She was prepared for another stinging slap on her upturned butt. What she was not prepared for was the soothing feel of his hand stroking her naked behind. Her emotions took over and she started to sob quietly. She felt him move his hand from her left cheek to her right to continue the rubbing there. Then he returned to the left but slid his hand over her exposed mound.

An unexpected shiver ran up her spine as he slid his hand over her pube-covered lips to be suddenly pulled away after smearing some of her juices. A few moments later the hand returned to her slit, only this time to deliberately slide up and down it's length catching and smearing more of her slickness. This contact had an all too familiar effect on her. Martha often explored her own body with her fingers and well knew how easily she could be aroused. Billy's exploring hand was now doing just that.

Billy wasn't totally innocent of the facts of life. He often wanked to borrowed porno magazines belonging to his friend's father. He unbuttoned his jeans and yanked the zipper down. Working his throbbing shank from his pants he started to beat off as he lapped Martha's juices off his hand.

He was getting worked up fast. Staring at Martha's now drooling pussy while pulling at his meat became too much for this pubescent boy's self-control. He leaned down and clamped his mouth on her swelling mound, burying his tongue in her oily crack.

"Gad!" exclaimed Martha as she felt Billy's probing tongue. She never had such a thrilling experience in her life. The multiple spine tingling swipes of his hot tongue were fast hurtling her to an intense orgasm. But with a frustrating suddenness it all stopped.

As much as Billy was enjoying his first taste of pussy, he needed something more. Stepping back he spied a thick board in the dirt. Kicking it over to the barrel he stepped up on it. This positioned his hard-on even with Martha's hole. He yanked her panties off and spread her legs. Stepping forward with cock in hand, he quickly rubbed the head up and down her crack, coating it with her now copious juices. Lining up with the depression in the slit, he let go of his shaft, grabbed her hips and thrust forward.

Martha felt her panties being pulled off and her legs spread. The sudden rubbing of her slit relieved the frustration of Billy's prior interruption of her rise toward orgasm. With an unexpected suddenness she felt something pop through her tight vaginal ring, into her passage. That is when the seriousness of the situation struck home. She now knew what Billy had in mind. "Billy, NO!" cried Martha.

Billy heard Martha's muffled cry to stop come from within the barrel. But he wasn't about to give up the feeling of having his penis in her tight pussy. He gave it a twitch and then nudged it in a bit farther. Billy decided he had reached heaven.

Martha's hole felt stretched wide by Billy's hard cock. She never imagined that it would be this way. She had the typical dreams of saving herself for her wedding night. She could never have guessed that she would get her first fuck at fourteen from a little kid while her head was stuffed into a barrel and, for heaven's sake, not by the cock of little Billy Wyant.

She felt him twitch and expand within her grasping cunt. Then he pushed in a bit deeper. 'No, no, no!' she thought as she desperately tried to come up with a way out of this predicament.

But there was no way out. Billy was fucking her; was about to push through her hymen and there wasn't anything she could do about it. She felt his grip tighten on her hips and the pressure on her stuffed hole increase. Her swollen cunt lips were pulled in as Billy's cock press forward.

She felt a sudden pressure on her virginal membrane. She knew that feeling well; she had often toyed with her own hymen, putting pressure on it with her finger, with a tampon applicator, even once with a hot dog. Billy was about to take her virginity!

Billy stopped pushing in. He panted as he steadied his nerves. He could feel the head of his penis push against Martha's barrier. He knew he was on the verge of deflowering this girl. He had a momentary twinge of conscience; then he remembered all that she had done to him in the past. "She deserves this. I deserve this. There's no way I going to back out now." he said as he pulled back slightly, only to slam forward and through her hymen, to bury his cock in her pulsing, grabbing hole.

"Aaeeee!" came the wail from Martha's lips as she felt her virginity being ripped away. She panted as she felt her violated hole acclimate itself to the rude invader. She could feel Billy's heart beat through his swollen shaft. He held himself in place for a short time before he pulled almost all the way out of her hole only to reverse direction and plunge back in.

He started sawing in and out of her cunt. His position being slightly lower than her and her being fucked from behind put direct pressure to her engorged clit from the underside of his prick. The pain of her deflowering was quickly replaced by the thrill of his hard cock plunging in and out of her pussy.

"Uh, uh, uhn," came the grunts as Billy felt the excitement rise in his groin, in his balls, his chest, his prick as he sawed away at her pussy. As his excitement peaked he slammed his cock head as deep into her pussy as he could get it and blasted away, filling her hole with his hot spunk.

Martha felt her insides being painted with Billy's cum. She could feel each pulse of his thick baby maker as he ejaculated into her fertile womb. She had been so close when Billy was fucking her cunt. Feeling him explode within her put her over the edge. With a groan, Martha let go and experienced the most intense cum of her life.

Billy, holding his dick far down her hole, continued to pump his seed into Martha as her spasming cunt sucked at his dick. As the last of his jizz leaked out Billy started sawing her cunt once again. He could hear the squishing sound Martha's sopping cunt made as he pounded his dick into her. His cock acted as a plunger forcing his milky cum through the opening of her cervix into her uterus. Their juices were also forced out of her hole and ran down the inside of her thighs. Billy heard Martha beg him to stop.

"Billy, please, no more. My clit is too sensitive. Please let me out so we can do this right. It's not very comfortable this way. It could be SO much better." Martha pleaded.

Having satisfied his immediate need, Billy decided to let Martha up. In the afterglow of having cum he felt a curious new attraction to Martha. Not thinking of the consequences of letting his lifelong tormentor free, Billy grabbed Martha's hips and pulled her from her confines.

As Martha stood after being released from the barrel she felt a sudden gush of her juices and Billy's cum run down her legs. She was floating on a wave of ecstasy after her mind-blowing orgasm. She had never felt something so good in her life. As she straightened she turned and grabbed Billy.

Billy suddenly realized the dangerous position he had just put himself in. He was now in the clutches of his tormentor, a person older and larger than he, the person who's virginity he had just ripped away, whom he had just fucked against her will. He braced for the beating of his life. He was shocked when she crushed him to her chest, covered his mouth with hers and shoved her tongue down his throat. Her sucking and moaning mouth, thrusting pelvis and the feel of her tits pressed against his chest had the expected effect on his pecker.

As he sprung another woody Billy reached down and pulling at her skirt, lifted it up so that he could grab her ass cheeks in his hands. Martha started rubbing her now exposed pelvis against Billy's fully revived hard- on. Billy walked her back against one of the seed barrels and lifted her ass up and onto it.

Martha wrapped her legs around Billy's middle as his probing dick found her hole and he once again drove home up her slippery gash. Billy leaned his head back as he pushed in with his pelvis. He fumbled with the buttons of her blouse, desperate to expose her soft mounds.

"Do me Billy; oh, do me good!" cried Martha as she helped him bare her chest. As he popped the last button free she yanked her bra up and over her tits, exposing them to a boy for the first time in her life. Grabbing the back of his head she pulled him toward her mams. Billy locked onto a pointy nipple, sucking it into his mouth.

A shiver raked her body at the ecstasy of having her legs locked around a boy as his hard penis was stabbing into her, his ball sac slapping off her ass, a pair of hands groped her tits and a mouth sucking at her nipple. Billy's cock-head bounced off her cervix. This was so much better than the first time. She came in another mind wracking, total body spasm.

Billy felt her velvety tunnel once again grab at his plunging center. As she grunted in time with her orgasmic jerks he held his dick head hard against her cervix and shot off another load of sperm filled cum. His dick's slit was perfectly aligned with her uterus' opening and totally filled its cavity. The next blast force his juice up her fallopian tubes. He pulled back, slammed in hard and again pumped in more baby making juice.

Martha felt the pressure of her womb being filled with Billy's spunk. At the same time her ovary twinged in the familiar feeling of ovulation; it was releasing an egg. Surprising Martha, her orgasmic waves stepped up a notch. She felt absolutely complete. Eyes closed, Martha floated on a warm, post-orgasmic high. As their flames of desire slowly faded the two lovers stared deep into one another's eyes.

Billy's satisfied penis slipped free of it's fuzz rimmed nest. Martha stood and held Billy close. She then turned and upended the barrel that so recently was her prison, stooped and retrieved the cap and earring. Putting the cap back on Billy's head, Martha cupped his face and planted a tender kiss on his lips. "Thank you, Billy." whispered Martha. She then turned and ran toward home.

Billy stood for a minute reliving the events of the afternoon. He stooped to retrieve Martha's panties, inhaled deeply the scent they held and placed them in his pocket. He knew that Martha would never again bother him; at least not in the way she had tormented him before.



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