BUZZZZZZZ! The last bell rang and my students made there way out of school to begin the winter vacation. I was a 22 year old, first year teacher at a local high school. I was headed out the door towards Cheryl's house. Cheryl was a high school buddy and we had plans for tonight. She was a wild one and I was looking forward to some action.

"Just a moment David," a nasally female voice sounded behind me. This was the annoying and unmistakable voice of Principal Weathers. Her 5 foot 200 pound body was waddling down the hall in my direction. I knew this couldn't be good. "You heard of Mr. French's accident I trust?" she asked as she pulled her wire frame glasses that were hanging on her neck and placed them on the bridge of her pointy nose.

"No. What's wrong with him?" I queried.

"He took a bad fall and broke his leg," she said her eyes never leaving the clipboard she held. "It seems we need a chaperone for the dance here tonight. Tell me, would you be able to help us out?" she asked as she removed her glasses and glared at me.

I was no fool my evaluation was coming up and I needed to be in Mrs. Weather's good graces. "I'll do it." I blurted out. I regretted it as soon as I said it. I had forgotten about Cheryl temporarily.

"Great. See you there," she said as she turned and left with her high heels clicking loudly in the empty hallway.

Cheryl hung up on me when I tried to call and explain. She was furious swearing never to date me again. "This better be worth it." I muttered as I hung up the phone.


I arrived at the gym to chaperone the dance at 9:00. I was lonely and horny as hell. At least I had a chance to look at all the hot chicks I dreamed about while I taught. For all those students who wonder if teachers look at female students, the answer is yes. I watched Susan, a big-busted blonde cheerleader, shake her huge assets. Maybe this job wasn't so bad.

My job was supposed to be to stop fights, prevent smoking, and keep the dance orderly but my hormones took over. I noticed Lisa was there. Lisa was very one of my very attractive students. All the teachers wondered how come she came from a poor family yet she always wore nice clothes. Her father was gone and her mother worked at McDonald's.

Lisa was about 5'3" and 100 pounds at most. She was thin with a small bust but a very shapely ass and a beautiful face. She had short blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. She always wore short skirts and I spent the last 5 minutes of her 1st period class letting the students catch up on work while I looked up her skirt.

My cock rose at the sight of her beautiful face. Lisa wasn't dancing. She was walking and talking to all the boys. I couldn't hear what was said over the music but it made the boys stare at her. Within 5 minutes she was nowhere to be seen.

Then I felt an arm on mine, it was Mrs. Weathers. "David. I think there are drugs being dealt here. I want you to watch the boys room for a second and then go in there." She bellowed.

I agreed to follow her plan. When I watched the men's room I noticed that one after the other boys were entering the men's room and leaving after about 3 minutes. I decided to investigate.

I walked in and boys were lined up at the last stall. Why didn't they use the first three stall that were empty? "What's going on here?" I yelled.

"Nothing," a few boys answered and left the room.

Soon, the last stall swung open and a boy nearly fell over at the shock of seeing me. "What's going on?" I repeated myself.

"Nothing, I swear," he said as he left post haste.

I smelled no smoke so I let the suspects leave but decided to look into things. I entered the last stall and a brick was pulled out of the wall about 1 inch. I went in and pulled it out the rest of the way. This hole linked the men's room and the ladies' room next door.

"Is he gone?" a female voice purred from the other side.

"Is who gone?" I asked.

"David, The teacher. If he found out what I was doing he'd kick me out of 1st period class forever. You know I wear short skirts and let him look up them in class while I pretend I don't notice and he sprouts a big woody."

This was Lisa for sure yet she had no idea who she was talking to! She hesitated and spoke up again. "Back to business. For the last time do you have the 20 bucks or not. I don't suck cock for nothing."

I realized that she knew she was getting me hot in class and she was offering to blow me for 20 bucks thinking I was a student! I sat there weighing the risks and rewards as I dangled the $20 near the hole.

"C'mon I need the money badly. I'll let you cum in my mouth." she said.

With that my decision was made. I passed the $20 through the hole, quickly unzipped my pants and pushed my solid 8-inch rod through the hole. "Your cock is even bigger than Mr. French's" she said referring to my now injured colleague. I felt her hand run up and down my solid shaft.

In seconds I felt her hot mouth envelop my entire rod. A warm sensation went up my spine and my knees felt weak. Meanwhile, Lisa used her tongue to massage my cock head. I pushed it deep into the hole and bucked my cock back and forth in her mouth.

"Easy killer, Your dick is the thickest I've had," Lisa whispered. "Now give me a shot of that salty cream of yours," she begged.

I couldn't resist. I began bucking wildly as I heard her moan while attempting to deep throat my rod. With a last shove I began to orgasm. I shot my entire load into her mouth and true to her word she kept my stiff dick in her hot, juicy mouth the whole time. I hadn't been with a woman in a month so I came for what seemed like hours blowing a huge wad. I finished and withdrew my cock.

"Man what a load. You must have shot a quart! That's the biggest load I've had in a long time," Lisa said as she swallowed my semen. Then she went on to say, "Baby, I can't pass up that magic wand. If you're looking to hook up or for just a good fuck, call me baby." She pushed a paper through the hole with her phone number on it.

I put the paper in my pocket and left the men's room. I saw Lisa exit the ladies' room and look for the owner of that huge cock. I would never tell her.

Or would I?


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