Joseph had longed for this night. Everyone was always talking about the club but no one would say exactly what went on inside the club. It was rumored that wild sex parties were often thrown for the club members.

At 15, all he ever thought about was sex. A lot of the members he met were around his age or a little older. Tonight was to be his initiation into the club. He would finally find out what all the hoopla was about.

No one would tell him about their initiation. They just told him not to be embarrassed no matter what. All kinds of cruel or embarrassing tortures went through his head while he sat there in the antechamber to the meeting room. That is what they had called it when they sat him there. It was really the hall outside the club leader's bedroom.

He could hear movement going on inside and giggling on occasion. He swore he once heard a female's voice, but he could not be sure. A couple of the guys in the club still had high pitch voices. He looked down at himself. He had worn exactly what he was instructed; a pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt. Nothing else. He was not even sure about shoes so he had walked over in bare feet.

Shelly had seen him leaving and wanted to know where he was going. He just told her to mind her own business and left out before being asked anything else by his nosy 13- year-old sister.

Ideas of them making him run through the neighborhood naked came to mind. He wondered if he shouldn't just get up and leave, while they were still making him wait. But then it was too late. The door opened to reveal Ralph. He was the club leader. He was standing there in just a pair of shorts holding a plastic Halloween mask. It was a non- descript white mask with one of those thin elastic bands for holding it to the face. Ralph handed it to him.

"Take off your clothes and put this on." He said placing the mask in the initiate's hand.

Joseph did not know what to do. The only time he took off his clothes was for a shower. No one beside himself had seen him nude since he was fairly small.

Well, he suspected that Shelly sometimes peeked in on him, but she was his sister and did not really count. Ralph saw his hesitation. "Look, if you do not want to be in the club, I can understand. You don't have to do this." "No, no, I do want to be in." Joseph replied as he started to hoist the shirt up over his head. Ralph passed a sly smile while Joseph's face was covered.

"Good." Ralph said. "Get naked and put on the mask." Joseph only slightly hesitated pulling down the pants; he did not want to risk his membership again. He put on the mask and was standing there in front of his friend wearing only the mask and a fairly limp dick.

Ralph looked down at the withdrawn member and smiled slightly. "We will fix that shortly, come inside!"

Joseph followed the club leader into his bedroom. The other guys in the club were in here too; there were about 7 in all. They all were also only wearing shorts. What got his attention quickly though was that there on the bed was another person wearing the same mask, and a blanket covered their body. He could not see who it was.

"Here is your test!" Ralph's voice brought him to.

Joseph looked up at the leader as he walked over to his bed. "You must do exactly as we instruct and you will be in the club. First of all, you are not to speak at any time till it is over."

Ralph held onto the corner of the blanket and started to pull it back slowly. Joseph was quickly treated to creamy colored smooth skin that could only be female. When he saw the first small breast exposed, his cock woke up. He felt himself getting harder and harder as more of the naked girl was exposed. The girl suddenly seemed embarrassed and started to cover her tiny breasts with one arm.

"You have to remain uncovered if you want into the club." Joseph could hear Ralph say to the girl and she quickly put her arm down by her side. Joseph suddenly realized he was not the only one being initiated into the club this evening.

"You come here." Ralph indicated to Joseph.

Joseph came over and stood next to Ralph just as the last of the naked body was exposed. The girl was just starting to develop her curves. Her hips flared out ever so slightly in a way that Joseph found extremely sexy. This was also the first time he had ever seen a real girl naked. He felt he was nearly going to cum right then just looking at the beauty of this girl.

Ralph let out a slight sign then gave his next instruction. "I want you to cum on her breasts."

Both Joseph and the girl looked up at him in shock.

"Well, you agreed to do what we said, now do it!" Joseph was already feeling pretty excited and to this point had been too embarrassed to stroke his cock even though he longed to. Now he was being ordered to! He could not believe his ears. He simply nodded at the club leader, looked back to the fair naked form and began stroking himself in earnest.

The girl did not quite know what to do. She was obviously starting to get excited by seeing this strange boy jacking off over her figure. She unconsciously started running her hands up and down the sides of her body enjoying the feel of her soft skin. Just then the boy exploded onto her, stream upon sticky stream of his young cum was covering her budding breasts.

It disgusted her and excited her at the same time. It was warm, wet, and gooey, but it was also sexy. Some unknown boy had just gotten off just by looking at her naked body. "Take his cum and rub it on your pussy until you cum yourself." Ralph ordered. Again both looked at him shocked. The girl obviously was about to say something when Ralph cut her off. "Remember your first instruction, no talking!"

The girl was obviously offended at first, but then started obediently scooping up the cum off of her chest and rubbing it into her pussy. She had fingered herself before, sometimes with a little baby oil, but never had when thought she would use something like this to make herself cum. She found it thrilling. The idea of this cum invading her pussy and maybe making her pregnant made her quickly forget any offence she had perceived only moments before.

Joseph obviously was enjoying the idea of his cum in the girl too. His half-hard dick was quickly gaining stature again. He started to stroke himself again, but as soon as Ralph noticed, he put a stop to it. Joseph felt a little dejected at first but then was soon distracted watching the writhing body of this young girl on the bed in front of him.

The girl was biting her lip to keep from calling out. The thrill of it all was overwhelming her and she knew it was not long until she would orgasm.

"Look at her," Ralph said to Joseph. "Trying so hard to rub your sperm into her womb and be the father of your baby." The statement was enough to send the girl's mind reeling as she went into the best orgasm of her life. He body quivered and shook as wave after wave pummeled her body. Moments later she laid still breathing deeply and moaning lightly to herself.

"Now I want you to take her virginity as she takes yours." "Huh?" The girl said from under her mask. Her eyes were wide and almost fearful.

Joseph said nothing but looked at Ralph in disbelief. Ralph only waggled his finger at them both and restated, "You do want to be in the club don't you?" The two masked figures looked at each other and nodded slightly to each other.

The girl spread her legs apart indicating to Joseph she was ready. He admired her light pussy fur matted with his own cum. He was not sure why, but he had a strange urge to lick her there. He did not though because of the mask.

All this time he had not touched this girl, and now his first contact with her was the head of his dick pressing against her small pussy. It was extremely moist with all his cum that had been rubbed there and her own cum mixed in. It did not take much pressure to get the head of his cock into her, and it felt like a vise clamped around the tip of his dick then he did.

The girl let out a slight moan.

Joseph penetrated slightly deeper and bumped her maidenhead. She was indeed a virgin as he was. It took every ounce of concentration he had not to just cum right then and there before completing his task of piercing that maidenhead.

He sat there still for a moment till he regained control and then began to tip fuck her. She was moaning and moving her hips around on the bed trying to get more of his tease fuck. The feeling of her extremely tight wet lips wrapped around his cock was better than anything he ever felt.

He had to stop again and regain composure. He looked into the eyes of the girl beneath him as he held himself still. They looked pleadingly back at him while she squeezed him with her pussy. He knew what he had to do.

He tip fucked her for a few more strokes and then pulled back further than before on a draw stroke and then pushed in fiercely. He felt only a momentary obstacle as he made her a woman. If she was in pain from the procedure, she did not show it.

She started humping up at his dick with renewed earnest, the whole time she was squeezing his dick for all she was worth. The both of them suddenly orgasmed together loudly as he squirted his sperm deeper into the little girl's womb than she could have ever pushed it in with her finger.

As they slowed their fucking down and became quieter, they could hear the sounds of others fucking and cumming around them. Joseph looked over at Ralph. He was now naked and had his sister Cathy in front of him. He was fucking her for all she was worth. All around the room Joseph looked, he recognized members and their sisters fucking savagely. He pulled off his mask and shouted at Ralph, "What the fuck is going on here?"

"Joseph?" The girl below him said in a voice that was familiar.

With his cock still buried into the girl, he pulled her facemask back. It was Shelly, his thirteen-year-old sister. He had no idea he was fucking his own sister.

"Shelly!" was the only thing he could get out of his mouth. Their lips then locked and they started kissing as ferociously as they had just been fucking. Joseph felt his cock stiffen right back up again and he started pumping away at her again.

They fucked a lot longer this time; Shelly came about four times before Joseph did again. They were both oblivious to all the club members now. It was only Joseph and Shelly, locked in a loving embrace.

"So this is the big secret of the club!" Joseph said to his sister when he finally rolled off.



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