Chapter 1


The pretty 15-year old was clearly nervous as she entered the office of the assistant principal. She didn't know why she had been summoned. She didn't believe she could be in trouble, but this man after all was in charge of discipline at the school. She had heard that he was using corporal punishment on the boys. The boys bragged about the experience and how they had stoically endured Mr. Breen's whippings, much to his supposed frustration.

Breen looked up from his desk. "Oh, Angela, thanks for coming so promptly. Please have a seat," he said. The warm smile on his face assured her somewhat and she sat in the comfortable chair in front of his desk. He wasted no time on preliminaries.

"Angela," he began. "I need your help. As you know, the boys in this school are nearly out of control. My whipping them seems to have no effect. It just seems to feed their bravado."

Angela nodded.

"So, Angela, the principal and I have decided that mere corporal punishment isn't sufficient. We feel that humiliation must be an integral part of the punishment. Do you agree?" Angela nodded her agreement, confused by the tone of the conversation.

Breen continued, "We have decided that from now on, the punishment will be administered, not by me, but by a classmate. Not just any classmate, but a female one. Not just a female one, but also one younger than most of the boys. Do you agree that the boys would feel humiliated if they were being punished by a young, girl classmate?"

Angela was almost in a daze. She thought she could see now where this was headed and she was at once excited and nervous. She managed to croak, "Yes, Sir, I believe it would." She held her breath as Mr. Breen continued as she hoped he would.

"Well, Angela, we want you to be in charge of the punishment from now on. Will you consider doing it?"

There it was! Brenda was thrilled. Here was a chance to humiliate all those macho junior and senior boys who made life so difficult for the sophomore girls with their double-entendres, leers and vulgarities. But she was still confused and needed clarification. She hardly knew how to start, but realized that some appearance of reluctance might be useful.

Shifting with what she hoped appeared to nervousness rather than the eagerness she really felt she asked, "Mr. Breen, what would you expect me to do? What do you mean you want me to be in charge of punishment? Am I supposed to spank the boys?"

Mr. Breen leaned forward. "Well, Angela, that is a minimum beginning of course. But what we have in mind is giving you free reign to devise punishments as you see fit. You couldn't, of course, kill or maim them." He laughed, "We can't have them going to the hospital with broken bones, now can we? But otherwise you will have absolute and final authority to punish each boy in any manner you wish, keeping in mind that the punishment should be both painful and humiliating."

There it was! The opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to live her wildest fantasies. She wondered if Mr. Breen knew how much time she had spent studying Femdom websites. Surely he didn't appreciate how visions of dominating boys and men colored her fantasies as she masturbated.

She thought quickly. He hadn't said she would be in charge of "spanking". He had said she would be in charge of "punishment". Did this mean the opportunity she thought it did?

"Mr. Breen," she said with mounting confidence and authority, "from your phrasing of my responsibilities I infer that I can spank them, but that I can devise other punishments of a humiliating nature. Is that true?"

"Indeed it is. As I said you can do anything as long as we don't have to take them to the hospital when you're done with them."

"Well," continued Angela, "I believe the best way for me to humiliate the boys would be for me to sexually dominate them. That will be allowable?" "Absolutely," nodded Mr. Breen enthusiastically, "that is just what we hope you will do."

"Well, Mr. Breen, I think you can count on me. There will be very few repeat offenders when I am finished with them. Now, how long does a punishment session last?"

"The principal and I had thought that a 30-minute session should work for each boy who has earned 10 demerits."

With finality and almost arrogance Angela stared directly at him and said flatly, "Each session will be an hour. And believe me it will be an hour of pure hell for the boy!"

"No problem," said Mr. Breen nodding eagerly. "Is there anything else?"

"Yes," said Angela firmly. "You will announce that henceforth all boys at the school are to address me at all times as "Mistress." Before Breen could nod she went on. "Failure to do so will incur a demerit. In addition, gross disrespect towards me will earn five demerits. During punishment, hesitation to carry out an order earns two demerits and refusal to carry out an order five. Agreed?"

Breen seemed somewhat startled by Angela's shift in demeanor, but since this was the kind of response he had hoped for, but not expected said "Absolutely, Mistress Angela."

"Finally. There are some boys around here I want to get my clutches on and I'm not willing to wait for them to earn 10-demerits. So I want the right to assign 10- demerits per week in any way I want without cause." Breen seemed to hesitate. Angela went on, "this will instill awe and fear in the boys and that will make me more successful in carrying out the program that you want me to."

He thought for a moment before finally agreeing, "Okay, that should be no problem."

Angela rose haughtily. "Show me the punishment room." Angela no longer bothered with "Sir" or "Mr. Breen". She was the school Mistress. A minor goddess.



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