We were on a winter break vacation at a very busy resort town. We had made the reservations months in advance to get any kind of a place to stay. We were real lucky to find a beautiful rental chalet with a big view of the snowy mountains all around. The master bedroom was on the second floor. Our folks got that room leaving the two downstairs bedrooms for my sister and me. My sister Patty is a sophomore at Washington High. I go to MLK Jr. High.

The first night we were all on the deck in the hot tub enjoying the crisp air and a spectacular unobstructed view of a star filled sky. Patty went in to refill her drink when we all heard a cry from the house; an anguished "DADDY!" We all ran into the house to find the floor flooded and water pouring from the ceiling and down the walls from a broken pipe in the second floor bathroom.

Going into our bedrooms we found Patty's bed and suitcase soaked under a steady stream of water pouring out of the ceiling light fixture. All my clothes were also soaked, having set my suitcase on the floor when I arrived. After shutting off the water and while we cleaned up the mess my dad got on the phone to try to find another place to stay. There was nothing available anywhere. We were going to have to spend the night there.

That is when we realized that it was getting colder inside the house; the heating system had shorted out. It was going to be a long, cold night. We were standing there in our damp swimsuits in a rapidly chilling house with nothing to wear. My mom said that she would fetch something for Patty while my dad got clothes for me to wear.

Now, thinking things could not get any worse, they did. My mom's suitcase also was wet leaving just some of my dad's clothes. Making the best of a bad situation, my dad passed out a couple pairs of jockey underwear and t- shirts for Patty and me. We were then told we were to share a bed while my parents retired to the warmth of their own bed. Patty got dressed first and went to bed. After closing the door to cut down on a draft, I soon followed. "I'm freezing Sammy." said my sister as I climbed between the icy sheets. She then scooted back in bed to press her body up against mine. Trapping my right arm under her, she pulled my left arm around her. Patty is 5'5" and without any unwanted body weight. She has a cheerleader's body although she got it that way by following all sorts of athletic endeavors. She has a pretty little upturned nose and a dimpled smile that she is always sharing. Her bra was a 34b the last time I checked. Her curvy body and tight butt pressed up against me had the expected results on a fourteen year old boy.

Even though it was my own sister I could not help myself. My five and a half inch wood started to appear. Out of embarrassment I scooted back a bit to make room for it. The movement did not help matters much because my dad's baggy shorts shifted and my prick popped out of the rather large leg hole.

I could not move my right hand down to adjust things nor did I want to pull my left hand from its resting place around her belly and just brushing the bottom of her right breast. Besides, she had a tight grip on it. "What are you doing?" she asked. "I'm cold." With that she pushed her bottom back. I groaned as my rapidly rising hard-on glanced off her butt and slid up her low back. "What are you doing, you pervert?" asked Patty.

"I can't help it." I said, feel miserable about myself. "I tried to move back." I continued as I once again scooted my butt back.

"Don't do that!" complained Patty as she reached behind my waist with her left hand and pulled me close again. "Just don't stick it up my ass, pervert." I was once again tucked in close to her, my bare penis sandwiched between us, tucked between the top of her ass cheeks and low against the small of her back. I felt nervous all over. I could smell the light scent of Patty's shampoo. My hand, resting against her breast, seemed to caress it with each breath she took. My rod became super sensitive and throbbed where the head of it rested against her skin above the underwear.

"Will you quit that?" complained Patty. "Are you twitching it on purpose?"

"I can't help it; it's doing it on it's own."

"Well it's annoying me."

"Well what do you want me to do?"

"Here;" she said as she reached behind and grabbed me; "put it here." I gasped as I felt her hand wrap around my erection; a first time any girl has done that for me. She then parted her legs and flipped me forward between them to be clamped tight between her thighs. I never felt anything so erotic in my life. A cold sweat swept across my skin as I savored the feel of the rippling muscles of her warm thighs caressing my pecker. I could not restrain myself and gave it a twitch.

"Perv, I felt that." Patty said and she chuckled slightly as she gave her thighs a series of quick squeezes.

"Patty, don't." I gasped, but it was already too late. With a groan I felt the excitement of the situation overtake me as my cum boiled up from my balls to blast out of the head of my cock and coat her thighs.

"Eeeeuwww;" she exclaimed; "you little perv! Look what you went and did!"

"I'm sorry Patty;" I said, now totally embarrassed as I blasted a couple final spurts; "I couldn't help it. You were squeezing me and..."

As she flipped off the covers and sat up she said; "Quick; we've got to clean this stuff up. I don't want to wet the sheets...damn, it's cold in here." As I sat up and turned on the bedside light I saw Patty run her hand through the glistening wet mess at the top of her thighs. "Look at this shit."

"I'm sorry." I said. My penis, still sticking out of the leg of my underwear, continued to ooze from its tip.

"Oh crap! My underwear is wet too."

"I'm sorry."

"Find something to clean me with." she said as she wiped her fingers on her underwear.

"I can't find anything." I said as I glanced around the room.

"Shit, I can't sleep in these." she said as she raised her bottom and slid her underwear down her thighs, pausing to mop up my semen before yanking them all the way off. I also was a mess. While all this was going on my penis had been softening and dribbling out more of my stuff down my shaft onto my own underwear. Seeing Patty pull off her underwear gave me a peek at her light brown bush. My hard-on immediately started to return.

"Man, you got it on yourself." Patty observed. "Well, get them off so we can get back under the covers. I'm frozen."

I slipped them off and wiped up before dropping them on the floor beside the bed and pulling up the bed clothes. Once again we lay on our sides.

"Um...Patty..." I started as she scooted back toward me. My cock was fully hard again. I couldn't help it; we both were now without any covering on our genitals and I had that image of my pubes in my head. The head of my prick bounced off her ass and slid down this time.

"Shit, I thought you would be done after what just happened."

"I'm sorry. I can't help it."

"Yeah, yeah; you already said that." She once again took me in hand and returned me between her legs. "Try to control yourself this time."

This time it felt different. I could feel some scratchy hairs on the top half of my penis as it was shoved onto place and something warm and wet was touching it too. "I'll try." I replied though I had my doubts. She also grabbed my hand and once again wrapped it around her, though this time my hand was cupping the lower half of her right breast. She wiggled slightly to get more comfortable which caused my rod to shift a bit, settling into a warmer and wetter place.

I held my breath as I took stock of my new situation. I was acutely aware of a pulsing sensation felt by my penis. I could feel my own heartbeat in my taut flesh but I was also aware of Patty's pulse. I could feel her heart pounding under my wrist and its rhythm matched the throb felt where my meat was nestled. I also felt a hard knob forming under my left thumb. I flicked it slightly, initiating an almost inaudible moan from Patty and the realization that it was her erect nipple.

I exhaled with a sigh and twitched my cock with the biggest length expanding throb I could muster. I could feel my penis puff and inch out like a worm trying to burrow into its damp confines. I immediately realized I might have gone too far and braced for Patty's reaction.

I waited. It didn't come. Maybe she didn't feel it? Maybe she thought it was just a strong uncontrolled twitch? I could only hope at the other possibilities. Emboldened I tried it again. Squeezing my cheeks I tried to flick the head of my penis as hard as I could into her moist slit.

This time I got a reaction but not the one I expected. Patty gave another of those almost inaudible moan/sighs and I definitely felt pushing, squeezing from her pelvis along with a slight flexing of her butt. I could hardly believe it; she was responding. Now I tried another quickly followed by a fourth. I got the same response from Patty with an added barely perceivable rocking of her pelvis. The extra movement caused my penis to sink a bit deeper into her slick folds.

Now I forgot to think about the consequences of what I was doing and repeatedly flicked my prick into the center of her pleasure while adding a slight pelvic rocking motion of my own. Patty definitely started moaning now and pushed back with each forward thrust of my cock. I found myself gently pinching her hard nipple and rolling it between my first two fingers.

With us both now rocking our hips my penis was now sinking much deeper into her slit. Its head began catching on the edge of some place wet before sliding along her furrow to bump into a hard knot. Patty was now openly moaning every time my cock head made contact with that knot. I was really pushing into her with each stoke of my cock. Suddenly, the head of my penis caught on that wet rim and this time deflected up, popping through a tight ring.

Patty let out a loud; "OHHaaaah!" I stopped moving and savored the feelings of my cock head just inside the entrance to her pussy. We both were breathing heavy. Neither said a word. She was so incredibly tight. I then felt her tilt her pelvis and my hard-on slipped deeper into her heavenly cunt. We both started a gentle fucking motion as I ran my hand down her belly to bring it back up under her t-shirt and grab her bare tittie.

As I toyed with her erect nipple our fucking became more intense. I could hear the sloppy squishing sound our union was now making and the smell of her pussy wafted up from under the fluffed covers. The smell of her sex drove me wild. We were both rutting like the animals in heat that we were, grunting and moaning with abandon.

"Oh, Pete, you perv." she said and turned her mouth in my direction. I met her half way in a passionate kiss. Our tongues soon battled as I pounded into her. I felt a tightness in my chest and then my balls.

I knew I was on the verge. Patty started bucking wildly gasping; "Oh, oh, oh, oh..." and then emitted a high pitch squeak, arched her back and went into a series of whole-body spasms. As she jerked on my fully buried pole I pulled her as close as I could and blasted my cum deep into her sucking vagina. I felt her pussy clamping down on me, milking my cock as I shot heavenly load after load as deep in her as I could.

We both stayed in a crotch-lock for several minutes until my twice satisfied peter softened and eventually was pushed out with a satisfying grunt from my sister. "Shit, that was nice." whispered Patty. "You sure know how to warm a girl." She then rolled over and flicked on the light.

"We better clean up. I don't want to sleep in a wet spot; and besides," she said with a giggle; "what would Mom and Dad say if they saw cum stains all over the place."

Grabbing the earlier discarded underwear, and on one knee with her other leg outstretched to the side, she wiped away my cum that was starting to drool out of her red and swollen snatch. I had a perfect view of her slit, with her puffed up lips gaping wide and her engorged nubbin prominently peaking out of her matted bush. I caught a better whiff of that musky scent emanating from her sex. I leaned in for a better look and smell. Patty made no move to hide her cooch from me but just waited to see what I would do.

"You do smell nice." I said, looking up to see her smile at me. Looking back down, I leaned in and stuck out my tongue. Pausing just a moment I continued to my goal. As I took a swipe at her lips she pushed her pelvis out, moaned and grabbed the back of my head.

Enjoying my first taste of pussy, I ran my tongue, once again, through her rubbery lips and up over the bump at the top. "God, yes; you're good." Patty said as she lay back on the bed and scooted her crotch toward my mouth.

I dove in with relish, licking and sucking her snatch. I found that she especially enjoyed my attention to her sensitive button and after only a couple minutes of sucking on it brought her to another body wracking orgasm. After licking up the last of the juices expelled from her hole, I climbed her body, pulled the covers over us both and fell asleep in her arms.

Our folks woke us early. The morning was awkward and a bit scary, dealing with our parents, what with us both naked but for our oversized tee shirts; but their extra length hid our bare-assed state.

We said nothing to one another about the previous night, other than a knowing look and quickly shared grin. Eventually, to my disappointment, our folks were able to procure other lodging and dry our clothes.

It wasn't until later in the day that my sister was able to steal a private moment with me. "About last night; I've got a bone to pick with you, Perv." she said with one corner of her mouth turned up. "This isn't finished."

'I sure hope not!' I thought as I knowingly returned her smile.



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