Let me begin at the beginning. I am a math teacher at Washington High School. I have worked there for the past 5 years. I have seen gorgeous female students come and go but knew that one slip up could cost me my job. No sex was worth that, or so I thought. This was one of my better years.

Students were less bold than in years past. The fact that I was 6'2" of solid muscle with a booming voice didn't hurt either. Working out at a local gym did more than get me in shape, it intimidated all the students. All of the 17 year olds were scared of me except for Tracy.

Tracy came from a bad home. Her father left when she was young and lived far away with a new wife. Tracy was a typical punk kid. She had pink hair, about 7 earrings in each ear, an eyebrow ring and a bellybutton ring. She had one thing that was not typical, a killer body. She wore baggy clothes and ripped jeans but her shape showed through. She was thin with a C cup bra, I would guess, and a fine firm ghetto booty. She liked to goof off and misbehave in class.

I liked her body but hated her 'screw you' attitude. She even told me to fuck off once. She spent a lot of time in the principal's office with her CD player listening to loud rap music. Like any male I watched her and she made my cock hard but I wasn't about to lose a $30,000 a year job for her or any other student.

My interest peaked when I was chaperoning a school dance. My job was to keep students in line. Tracy was there and looking hotter than usual. Instead of her baggy clothes she wore a tight tube top with no bra underneath. Her pants were tight and showed her pear shaped ass off for all. Even her beautiful face looked better than usual with her hair still pink but done up.

My pants began to tighten as my rod grew. Then I saw her dance and thought I would shoot my load! This girl was moving it all. She was getting down and dirty and the guys loved it. Her big tits were jiggling with every movement and her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric. I couldn't take my eyes off this chick and could tell immediately she would be dynamite in the sack. Her flat stomach and slamming curves kept my cock hard as a stone all night. She even yelled to me once, "Hey Mr. B., how's it hangin?" I nodded in recognition.

Once I was home I pounded my cock fantasizing about her riding me. This young punk girl could probably show me some new tricks! I didn't have chaperone duty for a while so I was restricted to watching Tracy in class.

One day early in May, after missing a few classes, Tracy came to see me alone after school. "What can I do for you Tracy?" I asked. "Um... How did I do on the last test?" she asked sheepishly.

This was out of character for her. I fumbled through my grade book looking for her test. "Ah, here it is 40%" I said. "We've had this talk before so I take it I don't have to give you the lecture on applying yourself again?" I asked teasingly.

"I just need to know if it's too late or can I still pass the class." she stammered.

I didn't have to look at my grade book for this one. "Tracy I've been warning you all year. Now it is too late. Finals are in one month. Even with a 100% on the final, your grade would only be 62%. That is not enough to pass." I told her.

"Please, is there something I can do anything to pass the course?" Tracy pleaded.

"You will have to do it next year." I said.

Tracy wouldn't accept this. "I have to pass this year. I have to. I'll do anything," she begged.

"What's the matter? Why do you care all of a sudden?" I asked.

Tracy came clean, "If I fail my mom is making me move in with my father and his bitch wife. They hate me and I hate them so I have to pass this year."

My mind was filled with endless possibilities. I scrawled an address on a piece of paper and handed it to Tracy. "What is this?" she asked.

"I have to go to my brother's house to check on some things. That's his address. Meet me there at 4:00 tonight and I can retest you on your last test." I said boldly. "Oh, and one more thing, Do not tell anyone. Grades are supposed to be final and if parents and students knew I was retesting they would all want to take it. OK?"

"Sure thing," she said with a smile.

This was one test I couldn't wait to administer.

Tracy showed up at 4:15 in typical fashion. She wore her ripped jeans that showed her underwear and a baggy shirt. I saw her coming and let her in the door.

"Mr. B., nice digs. Your crib rocks!" she yelled.

"This is my brother's house. He is out of town so I am watching after it."

"Mr. B, give me time to study. I'll cram and take it at say 5:00?" she asked.

"I have bad news and good news for you Tracy." I stated. "The bad news is I can't retest you on math." I stuttered as my mind anticipated the next words out of my mouth.

"What the fuck! Were you jiving me?" she yelled.

I continued, "There are other ways to pass the course." I said.

Tracy responded, "What do you want me to do, suck your dick?" she asked with her usual boldness.

"For starters, yes." I returned just as boldly.

Tracy's eyes grew wide as she sat there speechless. I took the chance to jump on the offensive.

"Look, the facts are you deserve to fail. Blame yourself. However, if you could accommodate me I could accommodate you. I won't force you. You can leave or stay." I blurted out.

Tracy stood there for a few seconds. "What the fuck?" she said. "I've had to suck dick for less." she smiled. She approached me and knelt willingly. The anticipation alone gave me a hard on.

"Ok, but this better get me a 100%. And don't tell anyone." she pouted.

"Oh, it will. And I won't," I promised. I unzipped my pants as her head neared my crotch. I unbuttoned my pants and fumbled with my underwear. "Oh, damn it let me do that." she demanded. I was turned on by her boldness and wondered how many cocks she had sucked.

Her hands quickly pulled down my briefs to reveal my flaccid cock. Tracy put her hand around it to feel it. "Oh, your much bigger than any cock I've had. What have you been feeding this thing?" she asked jokingly as she continued stroking it. I wanted her to get down to business.

She started licking it around the head moistening the tip. I had pleasant shivers up my spine. This girl was no rookie! She moistened the cap and slowly worked it in her mouth while watching my reaction. I put my hands in her short pink hair and pulled her closer. Half of my cock went into her throat and gagged her for a second. "Damn, your big." she repeated. "Shh, take it all." I said. Tracy took the hint and went back to work on my hard dick.

I sped up the pace by pulling her hair closer. Tracy cooperated and by now 6 of my 8 inches were down this punker's throat. Her tongue worked its magic on my cock head. I felt an orgasm coming. I sped up her head so I was speed fucking her mouth. Tracy grabbed my ass and pulled me in even further.

I couldn't believe that this little bitch who was disrupting my class all year was about to get a fat load of my sperm in her mouth. My whole 8 inches were down her throat when I started to cum. I arched my back and held her head tight to my cock as I emptied my load into Tracy's sweet mouth. Tracy pulled my butt in even more engulfing every inch and swallowing every drop of my salty cum. Even after I finished Tracy held me to lick my soft cock clean.

I slumped back in a chair while she lapped up the mess on her fingers and ate it all. "So how was I?" she asked.

"100%" I replied.

"Cool, I pass the course?" she asked.

"Not yet. You need a 100% on the final." I reminded her.

"When is that?" she queried.

"How about tomorrow after class in my room? Oh, and wear a skirt would you please?" I said with a wry smile. Tracy returned the smile.

"Ok, I'll be there." she said as she left the house.

Tracy was in my last class of the day and she came wearing a skirt. I couldn't teach because I had an obvious hard on all day. I gave students some work to do in their seats and I tried to grade papers while trying to forget about Tracy. I soon heard tapping on a desk.

I was about to say something when I noticed it was Tracy with a red sucker she was licking tantalizingly. While the class worked she parted her legs slowly and showed me her hot pussy with a smile! My heart was in overdrive and a student asked me if I felt well because my face was all red. "Just indigestion. Get back to work." I bellowed.

Meanwhile, Tracy gave me a peek of her neatly trimmed bush for a while longer. Finally, when I thought I would explode, the bell rang. Students ran out of the school like prisoners being released from Alcatraz. All except for Tracy.

Tracy went around the room pulling all the shades down and closing the door, She sauntered up to my desk and crawled underneath. "You wanted to see me teach?" she asked. I felt her hands on my firm rod. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my fat pole. Tracy lowered her head and bobbed up and down a couple of times. I couldn't take it any longer. I couldn't wait to get her to my house or my brother's house. I wanted her now.

I pulled this temptress up to a standing position while I remained seated. Tracy's face showed shock. I put my hand under her skirt and put my index finger into her juicy cunt. This young pussy was sopping wet. As she moaned I worked her clitoris with my finger while watching that other teachers didn't enter the room. I was ready for her now. I remained seated and I lifted her small frame in the air and placed her on my lap facing the rear of the chair straddling myself.

Tracy opened her knees willingly as I reached down and brought the head of my cock to the mouth of her snatch. She let out a big gasp as I pushed it deep into her body. "Ohhhh, you're huge!" she muttered. I grabbed her head and pulled her face to mine and rammed my tongue down her throat without warning. I grabbed her hips and began to gyrate my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. Tracy moaned with every solid stroke.

I reached up to her blouse and pushed it and her bra over her sizable tits. They bounced up and down with every stroke of my rod like firm bags of Jell-O. I took my mouth from Tracy's to suck her tiny pink nipples. I squeezed her big tits and watched her body writhe in pleasure from my 8-inch kielbasa.

I knew I was going to cum soon. My balls contracted and I wondered if she was on the pill. Before I could do anything else I arched my back, pulled her hips tight to my cock and blew my load into her hot, wet cunt. Tracy put her hands on my shoulders and continued to ride me like I was a stallion.

After I'd given her all I had, the teenager said, "Holy shit Mr. B.! You blew my fucking mind. That was awesome!" And she gave me big wet kiss.

Tracy passed the course and I eventually left my 30-year- old bitch wife for Tracy. Tracy and I now have a kid. Needless to say, the Washington School District fired my ass and are investigating me criminally. I sure hope they don't find this story.

The End


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