The night began like any other. I was in my apartment alone. Since I moved to a very rural community for a job as a high school Art teacher my life was boring as hell. The pay was great so I had to take the job but I needed a woman badly. I taught in a farming village of about 2,000 people. It was peaceful but finding a woman with more than three teeth in her head was difficult. I lived in a building that had been converted to an apartment. I had the upstairs and Candy had the downstairs.

Candy was an exception to the rule. She was 5'3" with medium length blonde hair and a bad habit of wearing short t-shirts with no bra when she hung her laundry on the clothesline. She had a pair of D tits on a 120-pound frame that made my cock rise. Her breasts were large and her beautiful ass was round but her 21-year-old body was still very tight without an ounce of fat. She was the embodiment of the girl of my dreams.

She was single and I asked her out once but she told me she was getting over a bad relationship and that she wasn't interested in dating at all. I settled for videotaping her hanging out the laundry and sunbathing and masturbating over the tapes. I'm not a stalker or anything but the nearest playboy magazine is sold 40 miles away! For the next 2 months not a day passed that I didn't finish by masturbating while dreaming of Candy.

Around 2:00 A.M. one day I heard some yelling downstairs and some things being thrown around. I figured this was the 'bad' relationship she was in and I tried to go back to sleep. Minutes later I heard more screaming from Candy. At this point I had to investigate. I grabbed a big wooden baseball bat I kept at the front door for just such occasions and crept downstairs. I heard her yelling "No, you son of a bitch!"

A male voice boomed, "Shut up bitch. The nearest house is half a mile away no one can hear you. If you scream again I'll just make it more painful for your worthless ass!"

I held the bat tight as I crossed the threshold and entered her apartment. I heard a lot of panting and grunting from both of them and I spotted a black ski mask on the floor.

"Stop struggling whore! That's the last time I tell you nicely!" the man hollered. The voices were coming from the bedroom. I peeked around the corner and saw a shocking sight.

Karl, the tall, thin, 55 year old farm hand from down the street, had handcuffed Candy's hands and tied them to the bed frame. Karl had blindfolded her with thick gray duct tape and had Candy flat on her back on the bed with her huge breasts writhing under her t-shirt as she tried to escape. Karl had his back to me and was undoing his pants. He dropped his pants and his underwear as I mustered up the courage to do something.

I was planning to stop this heinous scene when I turned and saw him stroking his 3-inch cock. Suddenly this bondage scene turned me on and I paused for a minute frozen by fear and wonder. Karl took about 3 seconds to mount her and shove his small weenie into her hole.

After about ten pumps and one loud groan he was done. Karl arched his back and stopped stroking. He had ejaculated in Candy. Enraged at what I had just seen, I swung the bat and hit Karl in the back of the head with a thud.

Karl collapsed unconscious to the floor not knowing what hit him. Then it struck me. I had a gorgeous girl tied up with her tits bouncing made me horny as hell. Candy laid there silent apparently afraid of what Karl threatened. I pulled my pajama bottoms of and climbed on top of Candy. She didn't even try to resist me because of her fear. I climbed on top of her shapely body and pulled up her t- shirt to reveal two of the best breasts I have ever seen. I licked and sucked them trying to fit them in my mouth. I also licked her nipples and smacked my lips noisily with pleasure.

I then mounted her chest and put my hard 8-inch cock between her massive mammaries. Only my red swollen cock head was visible as I held her tit flesh together and titty-fucked Candy's huge melons. I slid off her and moved between her legs. I placed my cock head at the mouth of her vagina and teased he rubbing the head of it on her pussy lips. I then shoved it deep as Candy let out a loud moan. My 8-inch lady-killer was too much for her. I shoved it deeper with every stroke as Candy moaned lightly with each one.

I reached under and grabbed her shapely Jennifer Lopez like ass for leverage. I laid my face on Candy's and pounded her for all I was worth. She tried to remain silent at first but as I hammered my rod home into her hot juicy hole she began to scream loudly in pleasure and she hooked her legs around my torso!

This was too much to handle for a man that hadn't had sex in months. I ejaculated into her pussy while squeezing her titanic tits. I gave a few last thrusts and grabbed my pants and went upstairs. I then dialed 911 and reported hearing 'noises of violence', downstairs.

The police arrived in half an hour and took away an unconscious Karl who still doesn't know what hit him. He is spending 7 to 10 years in the state penitentiary. Candy was taken away by a police car, and moved out the next day and I never saw her again.

I still teach school here and am looking for a female partner. A consensual female partner.



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