Money Problems


Some twenty years ago, after budget cuts threatened to cancel the prom and their senior week, the seniors at West End High came up with a temporary solution to their money problems. It seemed simple at the time, hold a raffle to raise the cash, and that's what they did. It's a tradition that still lives today, although the raffle has undergone some tweaking over the years.

The premise at the time was simple, sex sells, so they sold chances to a perverted raffle, its winner getting the opportunity to have sex with a hot senior babe. The one trick to the raffle was to keep it hush, hush.

No one was supposed to know about the raffle until they were seniors, and after they graduated they weren't supposed to talk about the raffle to anyone. The whole thing worked on the peer pressure factor, basically it was a you talk, you die, mentality. Everything seemed to work fine for the first twenty years, and then there was this year.

That's were I come in. My name is Deputy Duffy and I work for the Vermont State Police. I first got wind of the raffle from the scorned girlfriend, of one of the finalist, a couple of years ago. Damn scorned woman. She spilled everything she knew about the raffle, one night after I stopped her for driving an uninsured vehicle.

After bringing her to the station and doing my duty, the naked women offered me a deal. Well I had heard that line before, so I reached for my zipper. She only laughed, which was strange, because usually they waited until after to do that. She went on to clarify her deal. She said she had a story that would blow the lid of our small town, in exchange I would forget about her insurance problems.

I quickly told her forget it. Then she told me about the raffle anyways, it sounded like BS, but it also was a bit titillating, or maybe it was just the glistening messenger. She even said she had a sister, who was a senior girl, and a bit of a feminist, and well the whole raffle thing just pissed her off, so she would probably be willing to work with us on the case. Her sister had already told her a little about this year's raffle, which she went on to tell me about.

This year there were 72 boys and 85 girls in the senior class. The raffle was headed up by the head football cheerleader and the football captain, who also got to pick an enforcer, just to make sure everyone complied with the raffles rules. The raffle had simple rules. The senior boys would select a list of the ten girls, in the senior class that would be their dream fuck. They called it, (the top ten-fuck girls list.) I know, I laughed when I heard it too.

They sold tickets, only to the senior boys. One dollar a chance, as many as you could afford, and then a week before the senior beach party, which was a week before the prom, 10 male finalist would be drawn. (The lucky ten.)

Then the night of senior beach party, which was held at the high school. The two boys in charge of the event would escort the lucky ten, to the youth center, which was located right in back of the high school. She also said they had an (in,) with the center's director, who's payoff was he got to watch.

The head of the football cheerleaders, who was exempt from the list and the raffle, by the way, was in charge of the ten girls. Her job was to escort them to the youth center and especially to make sure they went through with their duties, once they were there.

Once inside the youth center there would be another raffle. Two of the ten lucky finalists would be drawn, and then they would get to draw a name from the ten girl's names. Then the four would go into the backroom along with the head cheerleader. The two girls would have to perform a girl, girl show first, for the two lucky winners, before they would have to perform oral sex, on the boy that drew them, to its completion.

Then for the next two hours, they would have to fuck each of the boys, as many times as they could, anything goes. But wait there's more. Back in the main room, the two boys in charge would draw a name from the remaining eight girls, and whomever they drew would join them in the directors office, for some lap dances, and some oral sex, and if the girl wanted, she could do more.

When she finished, I quickly asked her why in the world the girls on the list would even go to the center in the first place. Her face became cold with fear as she told me how some girls who didn't show up in the early days were raped and tortured, and their houses burned down.

Honestly, it sounded like an Urban Legend to me, but judging by her face, I guess it worked. I finally asked her if she made the list, as she was quite attractive, especially without her clothes on. She hesitated for a while, and then just shook her head back in forth, but I had my doubts.

I also had my doubts about the raffle, but I thought about it and figured it might be worth looking into, so I let her go. Of course I still got my blow job, just in case her story was indeed a tail, and speaking of tail, when I met her sister, I almost fell over. When her sister said, feminist, I never pictured a five foot, 100 pound, sultry looking brunette, with sparkling hazel eyes. It's no wonder why she made the list.

Although after speaking to her for two minutes, it was clear that this girl was not going to be reclining on her back, in the back of Billy, football playing, Smith's car anytime soon. I also found out later that she only agreed to work with me, after she found out that she was on the list. From the information she provided, I double-checked the when and where of the raffle, and went to work.

The when: It was the same night as the beach party, the last school dance. It was only two weeks away, so we didn't have long to prepare.

The where: The Youth Center. I knew the youth center well. The department had done some charity work for it in the past, that helped keep it alive. As the youth center's soul purpose, get kids off the streets, was a worthy one. I knew there was rumors that the director had some affairs with some of the girls there, but he always waited until they were adults.

So technically he wasn't doing anything wrong, by the laws standards anyways, and there had never been one complaint against him, in the fifteen years he was the director there, so I was still a little shocked that he was involved in something like this.

I enlisted the help of my fellow deputy, Deputy Johns. He was a bit of a surveillance nut, and also an admitted voyeur at heart. So after-hours one night, we rigged up the center with the best equipment we had. Our plan was to tape the whole thing as proof, before moving in. We would also use the sister, who we called Jane Doe, as our witness.

Jane Doe came to us a week before the event was supposed to take place. It seemed the she finally found out about the rules of the raffle, once they got to the youth center. She was in hysterics, it took us an hour to calm her down and get her to finally tell us what was so upsetting.

Finally she went on to tell us about the two girls and the two guys, and the blowjobs for the two senior boys in charge, which we already knew. She then went on to tell us the rest of the night's festivities. It seemed like this years senior class did a little tweaking of its own.

She went on to say that now after the finalist were in the back room and the two boys in charge were in the office, the remaining eight boys and six girls would have their own contest for the next two hours.

The plan: With the youth director monitoring the events, the eight guys are going to be lined up in two rows of four, and the remaining six girls will dance their way from one end to the other. Then the boys vote for the one who did the best job, usually the one who showed the most skin, and the remaining girls would have to dance again, round after round, each time with the winner being excluded from the next round. Until there is only one girl left. The lucky girl has the envious job of having to strip off her clothes, if she is still wearing any, and provide a hand job to anyone of the boys who wanted one, and they are also free to release themselves on any body part of hers they wanted.

The Bonus: Finally after the 2 hours are up, and all the boys had left, all the girls had to pose for a naked photo and then a naked group photo, taken by the youth center director, even the head cheerleader had to take part in the pictures part, and then the pictures were to be buried until the classes 25th reunion.

After her story, I led Jane Doe to the bathroom, to wash up as she had been in tears, while telling her story. While I also had to regain my composer, as I had to hand it to the senior boys, they sure came up with some interesting rules this year.

I will tell yah, it took all my training to talk Jane Doe into going through with the event and not chickening out, as we needed things to go off without a hitch. She only seemed swayed when I promised her that those involved would pay for their sins. Finally before she left, she also said that if she was picked to have sex, oral or otherwise, she was out of there, as she said several times that she was saving it for marriage. Two days before the event, were we ready to roll. Jane Doe's sister called me and told me that she talked to her sister and straightened her out. Hearing her tone, I didn't even have to ask her what she meant.

Finally it was the night of the dance, Deputy John and I drove over to Jane Doe's house and gave her some last minute encouragement, although she was as nervous as I've ever seen someone. She was literally shaking to the bone when she left for the dance.

Jane Doe's sister, who we called Snowball, (don't ask), came along with us in the van. She would serve as our identifier as she seemed to know all of the participants. Snowball, who worked afternoons at the high school, had done her homework. She had files on all the parties involved. While reading the files, we proceeded to the youth center.

We parked in the ice cream parlor next to the youth center and checked our equipment. We had a color monitor of the main hall, and the office and backroom. We also had smaller black and white ones, equipped with sound. The first thing we saw was the youth center's director also testing his video equipment, which erased any doubts I still had about the validly of the raffle. I settled into my uncomfortable chair and waited for show- time.



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