Chapter 1


The jolt of 300,000 volts of electricity from the stun gun woke me up and rang my bells. I was in bed in my apartment and this was the first thing that happened to me that night.

* * *

My mother didn't want me to move away like I did, but I'd insisted on my independence and moved off to a big city all by myself. I knew it all and I arrogantly assumed that bad things only happened to other people. On my 18th birthday I collected my things and headed out the door to my old car and left my safe, former life behind.

I had saved up enough money for six months rent and the apartment manager took the money to make up for the fact that I didn't have any credit. I quickly found work through a temp agency as a receptionist and my temp job quickly turned permanent. Life was good.

I made some friends and we hung out from time to time but I never managed to find a boyfriend since I really wasn't looking anyways. My life revolved around going to work, going to coffee and movies with friends, and cuddling up on my couch and reading Nora Robert's novels.

I never realized that I had someone stalking me.

* * *

The room was blacked out when I came to, I couldn't even see the streetlights. I found out later that he'd put a pair of goggles over my eyes that he'd spray painted black to keep me from seeing anything. When I tried to say something I found out that I was gagged. Then I tried to move and realized that I was tied up with my wrists cuffed to my ankles and the cool air of the room told me that I was lewdly displayed to my attacker.

I heard him moan an approving sound and felt the warmth of his lips on my breasts, kissing them and then teasing my nipples. I was ashamed that this monster was making my body respond to his attentions against my will. He spent what seemed like forever kissing almost every inch of my body before I heard him start to undress.

I tried to scream and the goggles filled with my tears when I heard his belt buckle come undone, then his zipper, followed by the sound of his pants crumpling to the floor.

He caressed my feet and my ankles, stopping to touch my fingers, as I felt his weight move onto my bed. I cried with all my being as I realized the certainty of what was about to happen to me. I remembered my senior prom with Ryan when I told him that I couldn't have sex since I was saving myself for the right man and the right time. I actually laughed a little at the irony of depriving myself of such a romantic time with Ryan to have my body taken now by a total stranger.

I felt the warmth of his hairy legs on my bare skin as he reached across me to my bedside table and then he leaned back, settling between my legs again. I wondered what he was doing for a brief moment and then I heard a "click" that was followed by his squirting something all over me. The smell of it told me that it was my baby oil that I kept by my bedside. His hands smoothed the oil into my skin and then I felt him squirt it onto my pussy where it soaked me and ran down the crack of my ass onto my sheets. He poked a finger into me as he massaged the oil into my pussy lips and I thrashed and screamed trying to stop him.

I was so surprised when actually stopped what he was doing! He got up off of the bed and I heard him walk across the floor, then he walked back. I heard a strange whine begin to build and then he poked me in the side of my ass with something. The world turned into pain and color as his stun gun discharged into me again. He was teaching me a lesson.

Some time went by and then he got onto the bed again. I trembled as he squirted more baby oil onto me and rubbed in me again, but I didn't dare scream or try to fight him. I heard the oil squirt again but didn't feel it hit me anywhere and then I realized he was rubbing it on himself.

I tensed as he moved on top of me and I felt his cock slip in between my oiled pussy lips. Everything felt so slick that I knew he had oiled up his cock, too.

I felt my heartbeat throb in my head as his cock slipped into me. My untouched body gave way for this horrid intruder who was about to become my first lover. The pain was awful as his slickened cock drove into my equally slickened pussy in one thrust. The sudden fullness I felt in my belly took my breath away as my rapist consummated our mating.

I was a little detached as I thought about this man as my mate, his cock driving into my pussy, him mounted on me like an animal, humping me. Involuntarily, I found myself pushing my pussy up to meet the downward thrusts of his cock. His cock plowed me deeper and more slowly in answer to my body fucking him back. My emotions ran the gamut of being disgusted with myself, hating my rapist, and being utterly and completely fascinated with each new sensation of simply being a female mating for the first time.

His breathing became ragged and I felt his cock swell inside of me. A million thoughts went through my mind as I realized he was about to come in me. I was unprotected and in the middle of my cycle and this beast was about to fill me with his bastard seed and there wasn't anything I could do to stop him!

He moved from on top of me to sitting between my legs and then he slipped his cock into me again. He caught up my thighs in his hands and I felt his cock plow into the door of my womb. I was terrified as he became to me a mindless machine pistoning a cock into my body with a building fury. He pounded me so hard I thought that he was going to kill me.

He suddenly seized me and held himself deep into me. His cock began to throb and pulse and dance inside me and a chill went through me when I realized that he was filling me with his seed. He just sat there for I don't know how long with his cock pulsing sperm into me and softening as the clock ticked on. I was utterly wasted when he finally pulled himself from me and a torrent of his sperm flowed out of me to puddle on my sheets.

An hour or so went by with him wandering around my apartment before he came back and mounted me again. I was seriously sore by now and he knew it. As if he cared, he pulled out and oiled himself, then he stuck the tip of the baby oil bottle into me and gave a squirt. He mounted me once more and this time the pain was gone. The sound of his cock plowing my pussy reached my ears and I lost myself in considering this man as my mate again.

We were just two animals mating, I told myself, a male succumbing to his needs and a female catering to them. I kept my mind in this clinical kind of mode as he fucked me much more slowly this time. I surprised myself when I felt a little pleasure to start to rise in my belly, but then he unloaded himself into me again and it was over.

He lifted himself from me and I heard the click and whir of a camera as he made himself some memories for his filthy scrapbook. Then I tensed as I heard the whine of the stun gun...

* * *

When I regained my senses I found that he'd undone me and took the cuffs and the gag with him, probably for his next victim. I thought about calling the police, but what the fuck would they do? They never catch 98% of the rapists anyway so why put myself through getting poked and prodded?

I did go to a free clinic to get myself checked out for STD's and, thank God, my rapist was at least a clean rapist. Fear of AIDS or herpes or some other crap had had me in fear until the doctor came back and told me I was just fine.

The following month the same doctor made a lie of that statement when he told me to expect company in eight months.

So here I am, my belly swelling and my breasts sore with the milk my baby will be suckling soon. I'm still working and my boss has told me he'll cover my maternity leave with 75% pay, which is very kind. I can't have an abortion even though it would be so easy. My baby's father may be a rapist, but my baby is still just a baby...and how could I kill her because of what her father did? It wouldn't be right.

I know my rapist went off to do this to someone else and that I wasn't likely the first, either, but I can't bring myself to call the police. He'll get caught someday and I'll read it in the paper and go to his trial. He'll recognize me and see our daughter in my arms and maybe he'll want to talk to me. Maybe then I'll testify against him.


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