Mellissa and her mother had gotten involved in a car accident when Mel was fifteen years old. Carol died in the wreckage of our car. Mel suffered brain damage leaving her with the mentality of a five year old. Mentally she would be five years old for the rest of her life. The jury award was enough to afford me to stop working and take care of Mel myself.

It had been three years since the accident and one night I heard some moaning coming from Mel's room. I thought that she had gotten out of bed and injured herself somehow. I went into her room and stopped frozen at the sight of her in her bed.

Mel's nightgown was pulled up to her waist and her panties were no where to be seen. the top of her gown was unbuttoned down to the waist and her tits were fully exposed. She had her hands between her legs and was frantically rubbing her pussy. Instead of pleasure on her face she was showing frustration.

I immediately knew what was happening. The therapist had warned me that this might happen. He told me that although Mel was mentally five years old her body was not. It would continue to mature. and it appeared that it had. He had said that she would have sexual urges and that I would have to deal with it. He refrained from saying just how I was going to do that.

I watched as Mel groaned and rubbed her pussy hared and faster. She just didn't know what she was doing. She had these feelings surging in her body and I guess the pressure had built up so that she tried to do something about it. She just didn't what, or exactly how. I think she had those sexual feelings in her pussy and she was trying to rub them away, just as if she would rub a sore or bruise.

I found myself standing beside her bed looking at her. I looked at her and for the first time in a long time I really saw her. She was no longer that thin fifteen year old wondering if she'd ever grow enough tits to have a training bra.

How could I have missed her growing up and out? Her tits were nice sized with hard nipples. Her body I would have to say was lush. If I had seen her as a stranger on the street my first thought probably would have been that I would love to fuck her.

As I stood there I could smell the sexual juices of her pussy. It was a heady aroma. One I hadn't smelled in such a long time.

Her hands were still busy in her pussy working away. I could even hear the sounds as her fingers worked over her sopping pussy. She was not aware that I was there. Her eyes were closed and she was shaking her head back and forth. I could see that she was even crying with her frustration. I felt my heart go out to her and it hurt to see her like that.

I reached out a hand and touched her forehead. Her eyes popped open and she froze for a few seconds staring at me in horror. She snatched her hands away from her pussy and grabbed her nightgown and covered herself. I had scolded her before for touching herself or showing herself and she thought she was in trouble.

I smiled at her and told her it was okay. I told her that she was not in trouble and that I was there to help her. The fear left her face and she tentatively smiled.

I unbuttoned her gown completely and took it off of her. Then I started rubbing and squeezing her tits and nipples. I could see that she was enjoying it. She gave a deep sigh and settled back smiling. I rubbed her firm tits and worked over her nipples for a bit.

Then I bent over and kissed one then the other. Her breath caught in her throat for a minute. Then she started lightly moaning as I sucked a nipple in my mouth and licked and lightly bit it. Back and forth I went, working over one then the other.

Then I stood up and moved to the end of the bed and climbed in. I laid down right between her legs and she raised her head up and stared at me.

With my face right at her pussy I could really smell her excitement. It was heavenly. I placed my hands under her ass and squeezed her firm ass.

Then I slid my tongue up her slippery slit tasting her juices. Her head fell back to her pillow when I did that. I kept licking her pussy, lapping her pussy juices like a dog. I then pressed my face to her pussy and began jabbing my tongue in and out of it.

Mel really began moaning. Her head was moving side to side again but this time it was not frustration. I sucked her clit into my mouth and started flicking it with my tongue. Mel pressed her hips to my mouth and groaned. I felt her cumming.

Her pussy gushed juice. If my mouth had not been plastered to her pussy I bet it would have gushed out five feet. Her cum just squirted into my mouth. I continued sucking her cum down and licking her clit until she stopped cumming. Then I started licking her pussy again helping her to calm down.

When I stopped and started to raise up she yelled out for me not to stop. Actually what she said was a loud, firm, "NO!" and reached out and pushed my head back to her pussy.

Again I started licking that lovely pussy. It did taste so very, very good. But I have to say, my tongue was getting tired and sore. I hadn't given it a workout like that in several years.

I rose up, ignoring Mel's protest and unzipped my pants and pushed them down. I grabbed my raging dick and placed it at her pussy. I pushed it in until the head was lodged inside. Mel was raised up again and looking at me with wide eyes. Then she smiled.

That smiled was wiped away when with one lunge I drove my eight inch dick all the way up her virgin pussy, which was no longer virgin. She let out a shrill yelp and tried to push me away.

I lay on her, kissing her, rubbing her head until she quieted down, and letting her get used to the dick throbbing inside her pussy. ever so lightly I began moving my dick inside her. I was only moving about and inch out and back in letting her feel it hoping the pain would go away soon.

It wasn't long before she was wrapping her arms around me and trying to kiss me back. How I kept from cumming I'll never know. Her pussy was so hot and tight around my dick. When I stopped to rest I could feel her muscles squeezing it.

I then started pulling out further and further. It was not long before I was drawing out almost all the way and pounding back in. Mel may not have known what was going on but she certainly liked it. She was throwing her pussy right at me. Then she let out this screech and came. Her pussy clamped down on my dick and she came and came. I drove my dick right up her pussy and held it there and poured out about three years of stored up cum. I came so much that it was oozing out of her pussy.

When she stopped cumming and I stopped cumming I slid my dick out of her pussy and lay down beside her. She was gasping, trying to catch her breath. I felt like I had just run a marathon myself. I held her and kissed her and rubbed her back and head until she settled down. Then she went to sleep. I lay there holding her and I fell asleep.

When I woke up it was to find Mel sitting cross-legged on the bed holding my hard dick and rubbing it lovingly. She must have really liked her new toy. Then she...

Well, let's save that for another time.



  • Anonymous said:
    1 year ago
    This was a very creative story, and took some courage to write. Thanks for sharing, and I will search for other stories from you.... Joseph